Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little piece of me.

I have decided to put my music player in an older post, 5:53 am, so if you want to listen to my playlist...go to that post =)

Sometimes, when I don't want to open my itunes because I don't want to have so many tabs on my sidebar, I would just open a tab on my internet and just play the music. =D Anyways, isn't it empty without my music players?

I shall go do math and hunt for some kind of anime to watch.

I'm out.

drinking green tea out of a 2L bottle feels refreshing. =D

Yes, I am now drinking cold green tea out of this 2L bottle while doing math homework! xD

I finished doing my lab prep and that reminded me what I wanted to share! This movie I really want to watch, Salt! Angelina Jolie is in it. =) I kind of want to watch this in the theatres actually. Clash of Titans! I really want to watch. I was invited to watch on Sunday or Monday with some people, but to be hoenst, I refused because I kind of don't want to go with some of the people. I feel so mean for thinking that, but seriously, I kind of had enough of a few people. It's best if I 'take a break' from them, especially since I have been so p'ssed...I don't want my temper to ruin the last bit of friendship that exist.

Anyways, yes, I should watch a movie. Pyl is so broke from spending so much money with me so you can come over to my house and we will watch Lord of the Rings together! Haha! Or Matrix. Probably Matrix because it's more creepy and I can't watch it alone. Pyl, I'll get my people to contact your people. Haha!

It's funny how Tiffany and I watch all these movie trailers, but we never actually WATCH a movie together at the theatres. Course, I did watch Law Abiding Citizen, Gamer, Zoolander, Daybreakers, Surrogates, IRobots, Resident Evil 1 with her, but I don't know...o-o Kind of weird how we never really went to the theatres together though we have so many movies we both want to watch.

Anyways, here's Salt:

Youtube changed! o-o It surprised me when I was trying to find the code to embed the trailer of Salt. Anyways, doesn't it look good? xD

Youtube changed! xD It looks cool o-o

Earlier, I killed a spider. I feel icky D: And sad. I'm a little I'm quite amazed that I actually killed it. When I was younger, I was really brave and usually kill the bugs to 'protect' my sister. But then as I got older, I started to notice how gross they gross that I don't want to touch them because I end up shivering a lot and getting goosebump, so now I'm scared. o-o Weird, I know. I feel so mean to the insects. D:

I had a title I wanted to put, but then I forgot now since I took a nap. =(

-sigh- I had something to say, but I forgot...
Oh, wait...I remember a part of it now, suddenly. xD


The movie was quite good. The idea and everything was cool. Some parts are a little disturbing and I had to look away. I was actually okay with the fighting battle parts, but I couldn't stand the other parts when they're playing in
Society. I think I'm becoming a fan of Gerard Butler. I think I love him best from Law Abiding Citizen.

Anyways, I realize I still have quite a lot of movies I still need to watch, but maybe during the 4 day break, I won't go that hardcore. I need some more rest and probably finish up Gintama since it's ending.
Now, I feel like there's not much animes left. Did I mention:


xD I'm planning to read the manga since it's ongoing. -sigh- I wonder what I planned to say in the beginning, before my nap? o-o Anyways, I will continue to think and I will blog whenever I remember.

I miss my dad D: Didn't get to talk to him for a while.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2nd day of school

I am amazed that I actually fell asleep at 1am yesterday! Then I woke up around 4am ish to take my morning shower, as usual, and then fell back to sleep. For some reason, around 5 or 6, I couldn't sleep. I suddenly woke up and ended up tossing and turning. I fell asleep, then woke up, then fell asleep again.

Anyways, enough about sleep. I felt sore all over this morning! No idea why, but I felt like I just went mountain climbing, sky diving and kayaking or something, all at once, and died. Haha. Yeah. Today, I will so not take a nap. Yesterday, when I woke at 8pm, I thought it was 8am in the morning and it was just a rainy day so I was so freaked out. =='' Not cool.

2 more days and I get my 4 day break again! I really want to watch movies, but my sister is home. ==''' She is totally p'ssing me off. Plus, I miss her computer...we totally bonded. My movies, my sony vegas pro 9.0, everything is there. D: -sigh-

I love the doodle I drew on my hand during Planning today. =)


So angry. So many problems! -sigh- I think I probably complained countless times about my problems, but seriously..I really can't stand it! And it really doesn't help when people aren't being very considerate. This is, once again, another time where I would love to leave...even though it's 1:08am in the morning. Once again, I can't fall asleep. Once again, I'm bored and have nothing to do. Once again, I'm playing Sisen, trying to find something to do. Once again, I'm p'ssed.

Even though I'm tired, I can't fall asleep. No idea why and honestly, I think if I keep taking night cold medicine for it's body is going to keep having that side effect! And aside from that, there's none at home since I already took the last of it, leaving on the daytime cold medicine.

I think I'm sick again, from today after school's rainy and windy walk. Well, not exactly sick sick...but a headache is definitely lingering around. Hopefully, the other symptoms don't start to appear because I really don't want to be sick again. I'm already feeling hot all over and having a headache, probably the worst symptoms of having a fever/ pretty much...I'm already feeling the pains of having a fever/cold.

I watched Claymore again. I want to continue watching, but as you's getting late and I don't think watching Claymore this late is really beneficial for someone who has photographic memory like me...
That's why I tried looking for cute romance mangas to read and I'm loading an episode of Gintama, hoping that will keep me 'happy' and block up all the horror.
I took a nap from 4pm ish (whenever I got home) to 8pm. I actually planned to wake around 6pm-7pm, but then yeah. I messed up my time even more. Plus, not like I can fall asleep now anyways though. I'm a light sleeper and my sister takes the longest and noisiest showers ever...she plays music and all that. No idea what she's doing in the washroom, but she occupies everything. I can't brush my teeth or anything right once again, I have to wait...AGAIN.

I feel like I should call my dad soon, but I never really got around to it.
First day of school and I'm all worn out. This sucks. Stupid rain and wind. I hate being an insomniac. It keeps coming back. Everytime I think I'm all comes back. Before, listening to music to fall asleep helped, now it doesn't. I changed pillows before. I tried sleeping in a different bed. Nothing really helps. I think being too parinoid also affects my sleeping...-sigh- I guess I'll stick to tiring myself until I think of something else. I don't think the cold medicine drowsiness really works anymore for me. D:

Anyways, I'm out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

end of spring break.

I would like to announce that...

I watched 24 movies during this spring break (10 days). =)

The movie names are on the right side.
Aside from the movies, I have also watched 50+ episodes of Gintama, 2 Durarara! episodes, 2 FMA, 2 Yumeiro Patissiere, 6 Claymore episodes, and others...

Ah, don't forget, I probably read 15+ series of manga...some oneshots, some new series, but I can garauntee I read over 2000 pages of manga. Plus, I read some short stories online as well.

Praise me! xD


The reason why I'm blogging 5:30am in the morning was not because I stayed up watching Claymore or Gintama. Neither is it because I had nightmares BECAUSE of watching Claymore. Actually, I'm suffering from insomnia. Seriously, I have tried sleeping since 1am. Didn't work out so in the end I gave up and opened my laptop to play Sisen (this Mah-jong game I always play) and resume to watching Claymore.

I even doodled in my sketchbook! I looked through some of my sticky pictures to get some sweet dreams. I texted Jenn, I took a shower. I did everything, even fluff my pillow!

By the time you guys read this, it's most likely after school so if you see me with panda eyes at school, this is the reason!


Talking about eyes, I actually really love my eyes. Well, not physically since I don't think my eyes are pretty, I wish I have silver eyes or green...something unique and exotic. Anyways, I love the way my eyes work. I love how I am able to see through people's facade, past their masks and everything. Seeing through people's fakeness, their lies and false kindness have definitely helped me. Allows me to make sure I don't get too close to some people and I won't be used.

Of course, there are downsides to this awesome ability. Seeing how fake some people can be disgusts me so much. It makes me want to run away and just leave because I feel so sick. It is amazing how fake some people can be, to one another and how people use others so obviously, but no one seems to notice! I wonder if I'm fake? I hope I don't seem that way to people. I feel like sometimes, I feel so unapproachable. Am I unapproachable? Like, usually, when I'm at school or just sitting in class, people won't exactly come and talk to me. (Like in chinese school, no one approached me). Well, of course I should take initiative, but hey, I don't bite...hard.

Aside from all that, I really don't like how some people follow others. Like, sometimes at lunch, when one person leaves, there's like 3 or 4 other people trailing behind that one person. What's with that? Aren't they all friends? So why are they all following that one person. It's so annoying seeing that in the hallways at school. It makes it seem like we have some heirachy or something where there would be a leader, a king/queen and followers.

And I really hate it when sometimes, people say hi to me. No, not that I hate people saying hi to me (don't stop greeting me!), but I hate how people who never really talk to me, says hi to me. Like, they're only doing it so it seems like they're popular and knows a lot of people. Usually, I would be staring in awkwardness and saying 'hi' back really slowly in a questioning sort of way. It bugs me how people use me. ):

I don't like how people use me to talk to when they have no friends and all that. Then, once a friend comes along, they just abandon me and talk to their friends. Way the make me feel like back up! I don't like how people use me solely for homework/project purposes. I end up spending all my time and effort in helping them, ditching MY homework/project, and then in the end...what do I get?...A 'kk'. Where's all the manners these day? Nobody says thank you's, you're welcome's, and bless you anymore. Yes, no one blesses me when I sneeze and that makes me feel very VERY sad. D:

Anyhow, so yeah. When I really can't help someone with their homework and I apologize, they make me feel so guilty in a way. Don't know if it's on purpose or not (probably not), but I do feel really bad. else do people use me? Well, there's a moment (last year), where this girl used me for music. I was SUPER obsessed with Korean music (before it got this hit), and I am always up to date! I always have the newest songs, the lastest news on everything. That's what happens when I get obsessed. ;D - Well, that girl, she would ask me for 'any good songs' and then I would spend my time, searching through my 500+ songs to find some for her and send it to her. Then, she would say she 'gtg' and then leave me. Sometimes, she would say thanks, but usually..she 'gtg', so she just says bye...And even at school, she doesn't even talk to me! I felt so angry, so then I did stop soon after.

I complain to much.

Complaining 5:48am in the morning. I'm such a loser. -sigh-

Still not sleepy so I will go watch some Claymore and think about maybe eating breakfast.

Good morning everyone!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last day of freedom!

-sigh- I have just wasted my last day of spring break! I feel sad, but hey, I did manage to watch a movie! xD I rewatched The Last Mimzy which was airing on YTV. Also, I saw a bit of the Higashi no Eden (East of Eden) movie and I'm starting Claymore.

I'm probably doing the most stupid thing by watching Claymore at night. Seriously, I think I am insane, especially when I have this stupid photographic memory that will definitely give me nightmares tonight!
BUT, Claymore is SOOOOOO good. I'm shocked by how I managed to not watch it! Of course, it's SUPER gory and somewhat actually very scary. The yoma (demons) look much more horrifying than the ones in D. Gray-man. They somewhat resemble zombies actually, and those mutated humans in I am Legend. Anyhow, I still love it. Though it's creepy and all that. The drawings are wonderful actually, such a relaxed and peaceful style of drawing. The characters look so gentle.

Anyways, I LOVE it! Haha, I shall continue to watch and finish what I started, hopefully. Tomorrow is school!

Goodbye, Spring Break!

some fragments of my memories

I was trying to find the Higashi no Eden (East of Eden) movie, and came across my favorite movie when I was young - Titan A.E. I LOVE it SO much and was SOO obsessed with it. I think this movie was what got me into the whole astronomy thing. I feel the movie should have been REALLY successful, it's way WAY too under rated. If you have the time, you should definitely watch it. I believe it might still be my favorite movie xD of course, along side of Pearl Harbor. =)
This movie's graphics is actually quite amazing and the whole idea is so creative for something made back in 2000.

As I was thinking back about my childhood movies, of course, I can't forget The Little Vampire. Haha, I made pyl and narada and michelle watch it with me! xDD
It IS good. It's the movie that made me love vampires since I was in Kindergarden or so. I know for sure I watched this before I watched Titans A.E. Rollo Weeks was my first crush! xD Now, rewatching, the things seem much more fake, but you have to give credits to them..the costumes are really nice. I remember how I love the 'flashbacks' because they look so realistic and all that. The flying...ehhh, needs some work.

The Little Vampire was actually a film adapted from this German novel. I think I might actually read the book series one day, they seem much more interesting since the it's a little different from the film, much longer.
The trailer I found was too bad quality and bugged me, so I found the first part of the movie. Sadly, I can't embed it so I shall leave the link.


I think I probably got around to watching Titans A.E. later than The Little Vampire which is why I actually loved Titans A.E. a tinsy bit more than The Little Vampire. Still, I will never forget my first love, Rollo Weeks. xP He's so cute! Probably one of the best vampires. =)


I have once again, cut my own bangs...this time, 5:53am in the morning. Very abnormal, I know, but I was so caught up in reading this new story one of my favorite author wrote! She kind of stopped writing for a while, so seeing her update was so awesome. I was also re-reading some awesome stories and forgot about time.

Anyways, I just came to blog about how I cut my own bangs again. I'm proud since I don't think I really mess them up. Well, you guys can judge on Monday. Anyways, even if I did mess up, at least it's not bothering me anymore. My bangs are growing way too fast and long. The ends curve up left because it sits on top of my glasses frames and having little bits of hair from my bang stick out bugs me a lot. Now it doesn't, but my bangs scatters. ==''

Man, I hate my hair, have I ever mentioned that?
I have SO less hair, it's not even funny. If you touch my head, you can only feel a REALLY thin layer of hair. -sigh- I was born with less hair and now I'm loosing more (yes, I spell loose with 2 'o's because I think it looks better that way, though I know it's wrong).
I feel my hair dying slowly, really, but you probably won't believe me. -sigh- It's also brown! Dark brown? I use to want to dye it, but then yeah. It's brown...o-o undyedly brown. Is undyedly even a word? My dead hair sucks. D:

Anyone want to buy me a wig? Joking.

A little piece of me.


This is a movie I have been looking forward to lately. It seems quite good and interesting. Hopefully, it won't disappoint me. =)

Office 2010

Something VERY amusing. I came across it, once again. xD

Alice in Wonderland 3D

I have watched Alice in Wonderland 3D today! Yay! Haha.

Well, to be honest, I actually thought 3D might be better, but I guess not. I think maybe after visiting Hong Kong Disneyland's 4D and Ocean Park's 4D, my standards have raised again. I think it would be a REALLY awesome experience to watch the part where Alice falls down the hole in 4D, making you feel like you're actually falling. Well, I wasn't exactly sitting in the middle of the theatre, due to the large amount of people that filled up the theatre. It actually suprised me quite alot to see this many people still watching Alice in Wonderland since it has been out for quite a while.

I am quite disappointed in this movie actually. Once again, I believe my expectations for the movie was too high. The ending was something I wasn't very happy with. Johnny Depp suddenly dancing was VERY sudden and random, though amusing. I don't like how she just went back home and then started talking to each individual like saying how Hamish doesn't match her (which I don't mind), but I don't like how she starts talking to her sister saying she will have her own life. Her brother-in-law is lucky. The crazy old aunt should talk to someone. Her mom should feel assured because she will find something to do with her life. Then, she suddenly starts telling her dad they should trade with China! And suddenly, she became an apprentice (which is probably unlikely because I think that time period...women still don't sail? Isn't this time period very alike to the one of Pirates of the Caribbean? Where the women marries and then blah blah blah? They don't sail?). I felt that the ending was quite random! Aside from that, even if they stuck to that ending, I was hoping Johnny Depp would reappear on the ship as a sailor...letting her know he has followed her home and gave up being the Hatter. Of course, that's highly unlikely since this movie wasn't exactly romance from the start. Hey, I could only hope/wish. Well, I guess it's probably only me since it was Tim Burton, I though it might be darker and more of a twist. Of course, it didn't fail to entertain me since the movie was very enjoyable to watch, all that effect.

Anyways, I was just quite disappointed. The effects were awesome. I love the twins. I LOVE the Red Queen. Her blown up head and makeup is very cute! xD And yes, I pity her so much. Her whole life, everything was a lie, like the people around her. They all fear her and the man she thought that actually loved her turns out to be a backstabbing loser who tried to murder her in the end. Their parents favored her sister, everyone loved her sister. I love the Red Queen.

The White Queen. I personally love Anne Hatheway. I actually quite like the idea of how her makeup contradicts the whole whiteness of the whole palace. Her palace is so beautiful, the cherry blossom definitely stood out from the whole whiteness of the palace. So pure. It reminded me of the Snow Queen from Narnia!
The Red Queen's palace kind of reminded me of the academy in Soul Eater. Of course, nothing is the same, but I don't know, just the style.

It's funny how the White Queen pretends to be graceful and elegant in front of people, but when the dog came, she ended up running towards him and stopped twirling when no one was in sight.
I think you have to know about the original Alice in Wonderland to understand this movie. My idea of what's going on is:

The original Alice in Wonderland is the 'prequel'-ish story. Alice was there when she was a young child and she thought she was 'dreaming' which is why in the beginning of the movie, she thought she was dreaming and it was 'that dream' again (the one she took a nap outside and her sister went to wake her up). That's when the White Queen was still ruling, though it didn't show in the 1st Alice in Wonderland, and that's when Wonderland is still Wonderland. That's when she met the Hatter and had the first tea party and did all that. Now, in this Alice in Wonderland 3D movie, she once again returns there. The Red Queen has taken over, making it Underland. The Red Queen hates Alice because in the prequel (the storybook), although Alice helped her paint the white roses red, when they were playing that flamingo golf, Alice beat her? Well, Alice insulted her, but managed to escape...when the Red Queen wanted her head off.

Now, in the movie, to defeat the Red Queen, Alice has to slay the dragon thingy, Jabawockee? (xD), and she's the chosen one because she is able to visit this world and she has done most of these things before.

I guess that's what happened, but if it wasn't then I'm sad that Tim Burton missed out some stuff. I love the talking door and I wished the Catipillar did his famous smoke 'o's and vowel thing. That's kind of his signature thing, isn't it? They missed the signing flowers! And I LOVE the tea party when the Hatter and March Hare and the mouse started celebrating their very happy unbirthday day and sung that song, it's my favorite part! Well, that is..if the story and movie aren't related, if they are then ignore this list of complains. xD Making a movie is hard, so I do appreciate it.

Also, if the two is related, story and movie, then that means when Alice met the twins in the past..they wore that silly hat and were chubby and short and they wore those...farmer jean jumper suit thingy, now they don't wear that jumper thingy and grew bald and taller!
Hilarious thing I noticed was that they carried the White Queen's staircase in order for her to get on/off the horse. I find that very amusing because they're in the middle of the battlefield. Another thing I noticed and pyl pointed out was that Alice was tasting what the March Hare made and threw at her, she said it was salty and her threw salt right after.

What I LOVE a lot was Ceshire Cat of course. His eyes are so pretty. So cute and I just love how he evaporates and vanishes into thin air. So mysterious, magical and all that. I do wish he is more 'riddle-y' like how he was in the animation. Anyhow, I just love him. I still REALLY want that Off The Wall Alice in Wonderland shirt, but it's seriously too expensive for a T-shirt! -sigh- I don't think I will ever convince myself to buy it, even though I do have money, but after spending $55 on 2 CDs, I think I should lay low.

Ah. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Madhatter's hat! In the beginning, during the party-celebration. His hat had nothing on it, then, after being burnt...his hat has this tiny little sign that says 10%. I have always been staring, since the hatter first appeared, at that tiny little 10% sign. I find it so cute! xD I think it means that after being burnt, this is only 10% of the hat, it's not 100% anymore because if it's minus 10%, then it would say -10%.

Anyhow, the movie was enjoyable. The graphics was awesome, of course, it's awesome from Avatar in a different way. I'm not completely satisfied because I think some things could be done better. I'm glad I did manage to watch it though. Now I feel more 'complete', haha. Tim Burton is always as amazing. I just love him.

I'm so contradicting D:

I want to watch Clash of the Titans (SO BADLY!), How to Train a Dragon, The Bounty Hunter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and much more. So going to be broke!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Because of MLIA, I ended up searching up Dislexic people (no idea why because I know what's Dislexia) and I just realized there's so many amazing and brilliant people who are and were Dislexic. o-o Wow.

Ex. Walt Disney, Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightley, Thomas Eddison, George Washington, Hans Christopher, Tom Cruise, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Di Vinci, etc.

So hard to find anything decent these days, how disappointing...

I'm very angry that Reborn could be like this! could they just make up a stupid filler episode and think THAT will just BRUSH us off?!? There's only ONE episode update a week, can't they just make a proper and decent episode? Seriously, I absolutely HATE fillers! Such a waste of time and they're so in the way, getting in the way of the plot developement, lagging everything!

Of course, I know that fillers are needed in order to give more time for the manga to take a few step ahead because some animes are catching up to the manga too fast. Still, like ESPECIALLY for Bleach. RIGHT before the grand grand ULTIMATE battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra, they suddenly put in this stupid filler! At least around 20 episodes were spend on this filler and when it was finished, I thought: Finally! I can see the best fight I will ever witness...BUT they put in another stupid battle saying there's ANOTHER 'following' filler series.

Seriously, I'm so p'ssed I don't even continue Bleach anymore. So I can't believe Reborn could put another filler episode after that GREAT disappointment with the Choice Battle. They build up all that anticipation, making teh Choice Battle sound SO AMAZING and COMPLICATED, spending 2-3 episodes to explain all the rules and the origin of this whole Choice battle. Then, they spend 5 episodes talking about the rules AGAIN and choosing EVERYTHING and nothing amazing happened. I just completely wasted hours of my disappointing. Now I bet they're going to go 'train' AGAIN and that would take another 10-15 episodes, I assume?

-sigh- Animes can get SOOOOOO disappointing these days. These mainstreams. Honestly, Bleach and Naruto will be ending soon, can't they just END it already. It's been centuries. Elvis chased Naruto since gr. 8. They spoiled everything about Itachi to me in gr. 8 and this year, I have caught up to Naruto (which is REALLY HARD), and there's practically no progress.

Man, there's like only one update a week and all they do is BS the chapters. They spend like what? 3-4 chapters arguing who will kill Sasuke and in the end, there was NO battle. Sasuke leaves. Great. Waste of my time. -sigh-

That's why I love Gintama. It's an anime filled with little stories put together. The battling arc when I got high, was of the most amazing moment I've seen and felt. Nowadays, you can rarely find any decent battles. Man, the beginning of Reborn was okay. Naruto around the middle and beginning of Shippuden was okay. Bleach was okay around the Espada stuff.

If you think about it, so cheap. They all wear the SAME clothings. Even ignoring that, Bleach...Ichigo uses the SAME FREAKIN' MOVE EVERYTIME! Zetsuga Tenshou this! DARN, it doesn't work! Let's pull out the FREAKIN' AWESOME hollow mask and use Zetsuga Tenshou...AGAIN! Been like what? 200 something episodes? Still the same move...

Naruto...All Naruto can do is the kage bunshin no justu (the duplicating jutsu) and he ALWAYS use that. Then he uses the same old Rasengan. Rasengan this, Rasengan that. Man, he developed his WICKED AWESOME and probably THE most powerful technique that can blow out Sasuke in ONE hit...Shuriken Rasengan (lame name, I know), but he doesn't FREAKIN' USE IT! Man, he even got his SAGE mode! So SO disappointing.

Pure BS, man. Anime...totally disappointing.

I guess that why I'm watching animes or shoujos. Though Shoujos nowadays, the guys look the same...the plot is all so cliche and yeah. Love triangle, rebellious guy meeting nerdy girl, strong girl standing up to popular guy, blah blah blah. Same old, same old.

So hard to find anything decent.

That's why I love Fullmetal Alchemist...though there are some boring talking episodes, practically most of them have SOME fighting and it's not BS. EVERYTHING pieces together. Gintama is quite decent.

D. Gray-man and Code Geass, forever will be my favorite. PURE gold. MASTPIECES! No bs-ing. WICKED WICKED fights and SOOOOO clever!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bright Side.

My sister came home! - Great news. They stunk a lot. D:
I tried carrying her backpack up the stairs and I was already dying. All her clothes were dirty and she had all these bruises on her legs. My sister tanned A LOT and she's sick. D:

Their first night, the stove broke and they had to sleep in the yurts even though it was -30 degrees Celsius! It's amazing. Anyways, I'm really proud of her.

By the way, I hate the dentist! I have to go back 2 times or so because I have so many cavities. D: Oh gosh, I think I should lay off the sweets for a while...NOT! Now I know how honey-senpai feels. D: Honestly, I feel like how he looks like, the picture on the left, right now. =(

Ah, my title of this blog just reminded me, I want to watch the movie, Bright Star! I just realized I forgot about it. Shame on me! Well, my sister showed me the trailer a while ago, so I guess that's why I forgot. Maybe I should rewatch the trailer since I kind of forgot what it's about. There's also these two other movies I want to see. I think they haven't come out yet!


(I also finished watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest...FINALLY!)


Precious, based on the novel, Push, by Sapphire, is a book about a young, obese girl whose pregnant with her second child. She lives in a horrible home with her mother who constantly abuses her, mentally and physically. She was raped by her mother's boyfriend whose also her father and already had a first child with him.

I'm sure you guys have heard of this movie since it has been nominated in the Academy Awards. When I was watching this movie, I was so disgusted and I was crying so much. It's just so depressing and horrifying to watch her life. No one could help her, no one understood. Especially when back in those days, there was still a difference between African-Americans and Caucasians. When Precious sees herself in the mirror, she sees a thin, blond Caucasian girl. When her father rapes her, she imagines herself as a famous celebrity, filming a music video, in order to leave 'reality' and escape into her fantasy world. It's just so sad.

No matter how hard she tries, her mom constantly scream at her, calling her fat, calling her stupid and telling her how she can't ever learn. There was SO much swearing in the movie, I was horrified by the way they live. The way they speak weren't even proper English. Precious is 16/17 years old and she can't even read or write properly!

So many things going on. It's so sad. D:
When she had her first child, it was on the kitchen floor! Her mother was kicking her. She was molested by her father since she was 3 and raped when she was 7. The novel is a novel, but I'm sure something like this is going on right now, at this very moment as I type out each letter in this entry of my blog. It's so heartbreaking to know. I feel so fortunate and a little angry because I never really realized how lucky I actually am. Lucky that I'm able to live under a roof with enough food, I have education and everything Precious didn't. I know this all sound so cliche, but it is truly how I feel after watching the movie.

It's so sad. Oh gosh. =(
A movie that you DEFINITELY
HAVE to watch. I know the whole idea is so sickening, but it's such a powerful and strong movie. The acting was magnificent, of course. This film is a masterpiece, unbelievable. Even though the whole idea is so disturbing, it was worth it. I don't really know what to say...-sigh-

Of course, Avatar is a masterpiece, but this is another one of those great movies with wonderful acting and a powerful message. It is a masterpiece in a whole different way. MUST watch.

The Duchess

Although I have to wake early tomorrow (well, today) for my dentist appointment tomorrow, I just couldn't resist not watching The Duchess. I loved it, once again. The fashion was amazing, the acting was fantastic and the music was, again, wonderful. I love kiera Knightley. Her acting is always wonderful and she's just so gorgeous!

The Duchess is based on a true story about Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. I really do pity her, her life is so tragic. She had to suck up everything her ridiculous husband does and just live on, knowing he's cheating! First, she had to raise his daughter as her own, the daughter he fathered with a maid! Then, he has an affair with her one and only BEST friend and continues to let her live with them, even after Georgiana had requested her to leave. The duchess had to live with her best friend, whose having an affair with her husband and watch the duke treat his affair's son more fatherly than his own daughters.

It's so sad, and the ending made me cry. -sigh- Her life has no life. Even though she's one of the most influential women, the fashion icon, and everyone loves her...her husband doesn't. He's probably the only person in all of England!

Anyways, I recommend this movie, definitely. The music was wonderful, the acting was REALLY REALLY awesome! xD

Now, off to bed I go.

An Education

I FINALLY WATCHED IT! (Just like what I said about every other movie I watched during this Spring Break xD) An Education is based on an autobiographical memoir of a British journalist, Lynn Barber. I am so in love with the actress, Carey Mulligan. I love her character in the movie and her accent! Man, I have an obsession with accents.

Anyhow, this movie is about a girl, Jenny Mellor, whose very clever and very very mature for her own age. She lives with strict parents, goes to a strict school and lives a very 'boring' life. One day, she meets a Jewish man, David Goldman, and he takes her to a whole different world. He brings her to jazz clubs, bars, Paris and buys her all these stuff. His world amazes Jenny and makes her feel excited. Obviously, Jenny fell in love with David. Even after learning about the 'dark' things David and his friends does, Jenny decided to overlook them because his world is so...exciting. So colorful, unlike her 'boring' life and doing 'boring' homework which has no points to it.

I don't want to spoil, but I love the movie. The acting was amazing and so was the plot, everything was awesome. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but I absolutely love the movie. I love the way Jenny thinks, not that I agree with it...completely. A life full of excitement is something I'm also looking for...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Prestige

I have finally watched The Prestige, a movie I have been wanting to watch for ages! Once again, Scarlett Johansson is in it along with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman AND Michael Caine. It's a movie adapted from a novel written by Christopher Priest.

The music was very eerie, it actually spooked me out a little because it helped build up the suspense in the movie. The movie was awesome, very very clever, which I loved. At times, in the beginning, I was a bit confused because I couldn't exactly remember the name or remember the faces (my own fault xD), but once I got it after 20 minutes or was awesome. How everything work was very tricky, overwhelming, and mysterious. Magic is amazing. Obsession does bring the end of you.

I'm still so overwhelmed by everything right now. I just relyzed I got 2 hours..Haha. So yes, I finished watching this 2 hours ago. Anyways, the movie shows a great deal of hatred, rivalry, revenge, obsession, trickery with a pinch of spooky-ness. I love all the gadgets in there, the mechanical stuff they incorporate with their magic. The machinery makes the movie more 'old' and I don't just gives you that feel. I loved the movie, definitely.

-sigh- It's amazing how they keep outsmarting each other. All those lies, all those revenges they made and how sides just keep switching. One turns out more fortunate, then the other, then the other. It goes on and on, never ending until one ends...for real.

The Prestige, definitely the hardest stage in magic.

Love Happens

Another movie I just finished. Not exactly the best, once again. It was nice to watch, something more chilled out and stuff. I don't highly recommend it or anything though the music in there was actually quite nice. Very peaceful, once again.

There wasn't much love-love in it. More of, trying to open up and overcome instead. It was quite a cliche plot actually, to be honest. So I guess you can say it's an okay movie. Not much going on, there wasn't much to it. The ending message was very cliche, but very meaning: When one thing ends, another begins.

Famous quote: When one door closes another opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.
-Alexander Graham Bell

Anyways, I learned some new words from Love Happens. xD
quidnunc: a busybody (someone whose eager to know all the news and gossip)
poppysmic: a sound you make by pressing your lips together
sesquipedalianist: a person who uses long, unusual, sometimes obscure words in speeches or writing

The last definition was from the movie itself. The first two are from my memory, so they're very...confusing. xD

Anyways, I'll probably sleep...unless I want to stay up another 2 hours to watch another movie. Very very tempted at the moment. =)

Good night.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Yesh, I have finally watched Transformers 2! Watching robots fight is always interesting. The graphics and effects were awesome, as usual. I was near tears when Optimus Prime (hope I spelled it right) almost died. Same for that red twin autobot.

Anyways, this movie made me realize I really like the 'numb' moments. Like when everything is silent and you only hear voice and sounds from behind, but your ears feels like it's plugged and everything is in slow motion. Yeah, I'm weird, but I just really like those moments...for some reason.

Aside from that, I also learned that robots spit our yellow-ish, browny, sometimes green, substances instead of blood! That's so cool!
You know, I actually don't know the differences between the Autobots and Deciptacons (probably spelled it wrong), but the fact that Autobots are colored and the others are silver and rust and looking, metallic! So when this ancient Deciptacon turned out to be good, it was REALLY hard for me to recognize, even though they have faces. I only remember the good old bad robot because of his beard-like things. The MAIN bad 'master' Deciptacon had these blue pharaoh like metal things.

Yeah. So the only ones I actually recognize are the twins, BUMBLEBEE!, and Optimus Prime! Muahahaha!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Becoming Jane

I have JUST finished watching, finally, Becoming Jane and it is now one of my favorite movies! I absolutely LOVED it!

Supposedly, I think it should be watched before Pride and Prejudice, not that it matters or anything. Jane Austen is the author of Pride and Prejudice and this movie is a story about her and her love relationship with Mr. Lefroy.

I love the movie xD
So realistic, her choices. I love the character Jane Austen and how she wants to be independent. Her way of thinking and everything. I just love her. I love Anne Hathaway to begin with, so that made the movie much more enjoyable. Did I mention how I noticed Mr. Lefroy, portrayed by James McAvoy, has very blue eyes? xDD Yes, I am in love with him. Muhahaha!

Anyhow, I love the movie. Recommend it, definitely. The music was very peaceful and fit the film, not the best I've heard, but still great. -sigh- I love the movie. xD


I have finally watched stardust! It's very much like Ella Enchanted style kind of movie. Of course, I did not think this movie was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good, not that it's bad or anything. It was very enjoyable to watch, Makes me want to go on an adventure! xD

Doesn't the poster look awesome?

The storyline itself was quite okay. Obviously, the movie seems a bit more for younger kids and stuff. Some parts were really ridiculous, others were humorous. I actually have very mixed feelings about this movie. The witches looked very...hideous so I don't think their faces are suitable for younger audiences! Haha! Yeah, as I have said, it's kind of ridiculous. Some of the acting was very fake it makes me want to laugh, but then again, it's a fantasy movie!

The effects were quite nice. The magic fit well with the movie, at least to me. I thought the costumes were quite okay. What I REALLY liked was the scenery. Makes me want to go to Iceland and Scotland, since wikipedia says that where some parts were filmed.

Anyways, I suggest you watch this when you have free time. Not exactly a must-watch, but it's cute. Talks about true love and all that. xD


About to go to bed at 4:56am.

Once again, I am laughing. Gintama never seize to amuse me. Episode 156, the episode opens with someone going to this 'cart' thingy to eat. In Japan, they have stores on the street, supposedly, and like you can just go and eat ramen or oden and drink Sake. So basically, the voice of Gintoki entered and the shop owner made his appearance saying this episode will be about complains.

Throughou the episode, they only showed the shop owner and the guests that come to eat/drink are only heard. The staff made us, viewers, believe it's actually Gintoki, Gorilla (Kondo), Mayo-san (Hijikata), and Shinpachi's sister..whose name I forgot. No, wait, Otae. Anyways, so then the first guest was Gintoki's voice and he ordered Gintoki's favorite Strawberry milk stuff so it made us think it IS Gintoki. Then Hijikata and the rest. The staff made the complains follow the exact same plot line as the real Gintama characters.

But in the end, turns out it was some retarded, deformed looking people. Gorilla-san was REALLY Gorilla. Gintoki and Otae are these ugly people and Hijikata looked messed. xD Man, that was so funny. The comments below the video were saying like how they actually thought it WAS the Gintama characters.

Anyways, you guys probably don't get it so yeah. ><'' It was funny. =) Unexpectedly funny.

Good night/Good morning!

I was crying and then scared half to death then laughing.

Yes, once again, I'm up around 4am in the morning, watching Gintama.

Because Kagura couldn't sleep, she kept bothering Gintoki, trying to find ways to put her to sleep. In the end, she played the radio. On air, it was suppose to be telling you a story that will make you cry in 3 minutes. It made me cry alright. I was crying...and towards the end, I was so sad and thinking I might end up bawling, but then suddenly...I got a heart attack. After that, I ended up laughing like crazy. xDD

If you have time, you should watch it. Skip to around 3:07 (past the opening song). Watching one episode without watching the rest is fine because this episode has nothing to do with the plot. Not that Gintama has any plot to it...much.

Gintoki: Silver hair dude
Kagura: Red hair girl

Episode 153.

I want to be like Gintama and have long and ridiculous titles so I'm bs-ing my title right now to make it seem longer than needed.

I have been wanting to get away from here for a while. I use to think Canada is really boring and I want to get out, but now I know that Canada isn't really as bad as it seems. I guess I'm just seeking excitement in general. So, recently, I have been thinking about leaving. Maybe on a trip? Maybe forever? I kind of just want to travel. I'm sure everyone wants to travel around the world, but the feeling I'm feeling isn't exactly that simple. I don't know. Aside from seeking an adventure and getting away from everything...I kind of just want to travel around and learn, be inspired, and just...relax in general. I feel like there's still so many emotions I haven't felt yet. Maybe traveling around to different places will give me that relaxed and free feeling I get when I'm laying on my bed and my room is bathed in the warm rays of sunlight?

Since I'm born in Hong Kong, I absolutely love Hong Kong. I'm so contradicting though. I hate crowds and Hong Kong itself, is filled with MANY MANY people so it's super squishy. Even though it's hot and squishy, I've been thinking of going back and just be with my dad. Perhaps if I do that, my mom will also bring my brother back as well. I don't know, the only reason I'm not going back NOW is because I want to get into IB. I'm thinking maybe I should go to HKU and leave once I graduated. Since I really don't know what I want to do yet, aside from being an assassin or mafia boss, I think maybe going back will be a start of something new?

Of course, what's holding me back is I don't want to leave my sister. I also don't like the heat and my chinese is very very shallow at the moment. -sigh- So much to think about.


Right now, please don't ask me about it, but my family is selling our house. So yeah, I have been very p'ssed whenever people are 'looking' at our house. THEY KEEP TOUCHING MY CLOSET. I HATE people touching my stuff. >=|
-I hate myself for actually wanting to sell my house in the beginning. I'm very VERY paranoid-ish about and earthquake happening and all that. I thought that maybe if we sell the house, I will feel less sad about the loss. Now, I regret it because I love the neighborhood of course.
My 'secret' place is also nearby.

I don't know, now I just don't want to sell the house anymore. Hopefully, no one will buy the house. Maybe I should mess up my house? HAHA! My mom obviously wants to go back and be with my grandma and my dad is already there for work so I think if we do sell our house, we'll probably rent or buy some place and then wait till I grad or something and then my parents will move back. Such mixed feelings.

I think I just want to get as far as I could. I really want to go to London and check out Vivienne Westwood's first store. I REALLY want to buy a long trench coat and hold a brown breif-case like suitcase and a Mary Poppin umbrella. Then I will go and twirl around the light-post under the dark starry night. xD That's a goal of mine and I will totally succeed doing that!


I'm going to the dentist on Friday...supposedly. I hate the dentist. D:
I think I probably got more cavities. My mouth is filled with cavities, surprisingly...NOT! Haha, as a sweet-lover, I eat candy and sweets 24/7. -sigh- happiness comes in a price. For me, my teeth are the payment for the joyful moments I have with sweets. xD
I have been watching an anime that made me REALLY want to be a patisserie. Some point in my life, I will try and learn to do some pastry cooking. =)


Been everything really my fault? Sometimes, it seems like I'm the cause of everything. At the moment, it feels as though standing for what I believe in is wrong. Maybe I'm being a brat, but I feel like some people are making it seem as though everything is my fault. I probably will end up ignoring it anyways, just to keep up my mood for the rest of my spring break. I shall let no one and nothing spoil my spring break! Muhahaha!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Piece of Me

Here's a playlist I just created. I spend SO long making one, then it I had to RE-ADD everything..AGAIN! And yeah. I got p'ssed. Haha, but alls well! Here's some of my favorite songs. It's a mixture of a whole bunch of genres/languages. (I realized it's so hard to find classical music! I have some Chopin favorites D:).

Relocated to the bottom of the blog =D

I'm officially insane, yet still awesome because that's just how I roll. =D

Yes, I think I'm insane now. I have officially successfully messed up my time! I just woke up and took a 10 minute 4pm, haha!

Yesterday, I ended up sleeping around 7:50am...or should I say, this morning? xD
I still believe it's worth it!
Either way, this is bound to happen. Every break, I always manage to ruin my time. You can say it's a traditional thing for me. Except this time, I did not go through a crazy mental breakdown while messing up my time. Thank god I was able to tune out the 'scary' moments of Shutter Island and fill them with funny scenes in Gintama.

Did I mention why I ended up watching from episode 131 to 146? Ah, that was because around 131, it was kind of a horror arc...with ghosts. I got so freaked out so if I stopped anywhere near that, I will DEFINITELY have nightmares so I had to 'continue on'. Then, I arrived at that fighting arc and I went insanely hyper and yeah. =D
Hey, if I stopped around 131, I doubt I will get a wink of sleep...instead, I will be suffering a torturous night. My imagination will once again, bring me into a painful nightmare...which I will talk about..ANOTHER TIME!

Anyhow, I must share that earlier, I thought I was crazy..seriously, I thought I'm actually hallucinating and I should go to a mental hospital.
I woke up around 4pm, as you all know, and I went over to close my night light (don't ask why I opened it even though when I slept, it was already daylight) and after that, I went to my desk. I usually wake up to check my desk for any sticky notes I left the day before to remind myself to do stuff, but instead of a sticky note, I found MILK TEA! Yes, milk tea was what I found. I thought I was dreaming so I took a sip and it was real...or so I thought!

Then, I went to talk a 10 minute shower and I brushed my teeth and all that. I went back in my room and on my desk, the milk tea wasn't there! I went to put on my glasses and then I started freaking out that I'm hallucinating and going crazy. I rushed to my brother's room to see if he took it, but it wasn't there. Man, he was smiling when I asked him about it.

Anyhow, turns out my brother and mom went out and got food while my brother had one of his wisdom tooth pulled out. Oh, and the milk tea was downstairs. I'M NOT CRAZY! Haha. xD
Werid thing is, my brother told me he tried waking me up telling me there's food, but I was like: SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!
I still refuse to believe I actually shooed away food. =\ That's more like what my sister does. Oh my gosh...maybe it runs in the family. o-o

I shall leave now, my microwave is beeping at me! Haha. xP




My magic moment totally faded away and now I'm SO into fighting. Definitely.

Watching two Yato member fight was TO THE EXTREME! I love how Gintama isn't like Bleach with all that stupid fillers! Same for Naruto. All those stupid fillers, lagging the whole series. At the moment, since Kagura's brother, Kamui,'s kind of a fighting arc for this series. It's SO extreme.

Yato clan is a whole different kind of species, you can think of it that way. They are not human, they look like human, but with paler skin because they're very very sensitive to the sun, which is why they always carry an umbrella. On their home planet, it always rains so yeah. Yato clan is the most feared clan and the strongest. Fighting runs in their blood and they are ALWAYS ALWAYS thirsty for blood.

Kagura wants to deny her blood, fighting against it, not wanting to be a part of the battlefield while her dad is FAMOUS in the universe for being the strongest. Her mother passed away and her brother left to go fight strong people. Her brother even fought her dad and cut off his arm and all that. He craves blood, he craves to be the strongest, to fight. Basically, the Yato clan members end up dying in the battlefield because that's the only place they belong.

Earlier, I was watching Kagura fight one of her brother's subordinate and because he was hurting her friend, Shinpachi, he 'beast', no 'monster' within her unleashed and she went all out insane! It was one of the best fighting I have ever seen. I just LOVE watching the Yato clan people fight. Pure intense. I think next, Gintoki will be fighting...either with Kagura's brother or the King of Darkness or whatever..that muscular old man whose about to kill this kid and blah blah blah.

This is all episode 142. =D

I think I won't be sleeping...I'm hooked. Why am I typing this? o-o


I am so high even though it's 5:14am in the morning and yes, I stayed awake till now to watch Gintama and I'm proud.

At first, I was laughing like crazy...5am in the morning. Then I went high, and now I am completely in love. Man, love at first sight really does exist!

After watching 139 episodes of Gintama. I have finally reached episode 140 because 140 comes after 139. =D Kagura's brother, Kamui, has finally made his appearance and he is so amazingly 'hawt' and cool! Man, he's EXTREMELY strong and you can see his eyes have no spirit in them. He's soulless and a pure complete Yato clan member. You can tell, just by looking, that he gives off this murderous aura. He's so bloodthirsty.

I sound creepy, but oh my gawsh~ I'm in love! So amazing. Throughout Gintama, I love Gintoki of course...Okita, the sadist, KIND OF Hijikata, the mayonnaise freak, and yeah...Oh, and that blood thirsty yukata wearing, dark butterfly-ish guy with left eye bandaged and has a completely evil and twisted look!


The picture above is Kagura's brother. Obviously, it's a fanart so I shall go take a screenshot picture JUST for you guys to see. =D

Sorry the quality of the pictures aren't HD. I'm watching the episode online so yeah. I doubt there's really really high quality for anime so it's rare to find any. One of the few animes with AWESOME AWESOME graphics (quality-wise) is 07-Ghost, Phantom~Requiem for the Phantom, and Durarara! Well, there's probably more, but I can't really remember. The Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation OVA had REALLY REALLY good quality as well, way much better than the actual series: Tsubasa Chronicle.

Anyways, the really good looking guy that I absolutely adore because he's so twisted-ish, is Takasugi (I googled his name!):

This is Gintoki, the main character. That is his 'past' look. He is known as the White Demon because of his silver/white hair that stands out. He use to be a bloodthirsty samurai, you could say, but he was fighting to protect the whole samurai thing. He has given up his past and now lives as a no-good-useless loser. =D KIDDING...not.

Anyhow, there's SO much more about Gintama, but I will rant about this another time. I realized it is 5:42am...took me a while to take screenshots and stalk photos. Oh gosh, I still need to finish watching!

Adios Amigos, before you guys get tired of my anime obsession.
Good night/Good morning. =)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kate & Leopold

Ahh and Melody, I knew you watched The Illusionist from stalking you, but I never knew you watched Kate & Leopold xDD It's such a nice love story. So awesome, the ending...clever. =)

I wish I can meet the guys from back in the days. They must be real romantics xD Well, at least that's what I hope so. I absolutely love how guys all wear tux with this awesome long black jackets and their top hats! Anyhow, I just love Kate & Leopold. Watched it on TV one day and I am SO glad I did. A movie should really watch. There's comedy and romance. It's just so sweet. I really loved it, though you won't say it's THE best, but it's awesome!


Hmmm...I think I should watch another episode of Gintama since I tried stalking my sister and there's no news from her. I will probably watch another movie again. xD Probably Stardust or something since after The Illusionist, I am a little crazed about magic! xD Well, supernatural things. =)

Ah, I forgot to mention my recent obsession, which I swore to myself I won't collect...well, at least not now. I'm too broke!


I am SOOOOOOO amazed by the details of cards. I have been watching these card deck reviews and realizing how amazing cards can be! Perhaps I sound retarded, but you just HAVE to see the details on the backs of the cards. The ace, the jokers and all that! I never knew some cards are better at 'fanning' and handling than others. I have learned so much. Anyhow, at the moment, I'm still amazed at the phenomenon details of David Blaine's Split Spades: Lions. Look at how amazing it looks when you shuffle and play with the decks!

If you have time, go google the picture of the joker. It looks like a joker of course, but close up, you can see David Blaine playing cards, the bells on the collar have faces and it goes on. You can totally tell by the wonderfully amazing details put into this deck! Man, I'm crazed.

I love Bicycle's Karnival Asssassins, Karnival Renegades, and Karnival Midnight decks. If you have time, you should check this out:

Click here.

I can't really find much cool, short videos about cards since mostly, I watch reviews. You have to check out some people handling the Black Scorpion. It's a deck of black cards with YELLOW on it. I can't really say, its just amazing. The black spider as well. I should go google some pictures for you guys.

The colors just pop out! It's gorgeous. xD - Bicycle's Black Scorpion

On the Left is Bicycle's Black Spider and the left is The Black Tiger. I do kind of have a thing for black cards. They look so awesome!

That one is Bicycle's Centurions. I can go on and on with different cards so after seeing this one, I think I should stop, but I suggest you check out Bicycle's Guardians. Theory 11 Propaganda, Tally Ho Viper Fan, Ellusionist Shadow Masters, and the Bicycle Karnivals deck has amazing card backs. So you should REALLY check those out! Honestly, I am TRULY TRULY amazed at how people can make such amazing cards! Bicycle Fragment X and Ellusionist Ghost have really awesome Jokers. And yeah, I will stop for now.

I think I will be changing the layout around again. =)

The Illusionist

I feel like I just wasted a wonderful sunny day. It's not sunny anymore. D:
Well, the good news is, I finally got to watch The Illusionist and I actually really love it. The tricks in there were so..mysterious. xD I really really liked it. =D I like the music in there too, definitely helped add some magic into the mood. The music sounds so enchanting, so magical. xD

Anyhow, I just really loved it. I noticed I really love the fashion in that time period. I actually love like...movies from that time period, but only western, not really China. o-o I don't like the
旗袍 (qi pao) period actually...Just a thing of mine, but I do love ancient China dresses and all that. Anyhow, the Victorian era fashion are very very elaborate and detailed which is why I love it. The Elizabethan era fashion is one of my favorite as well. Just in general, I find the European fashion back then very inspirational and just really really REALLY pretty to look at. Definitely art. ;D

Of course, I actually quite like the whole Egyptian and Greek fashion as well. The simple linen dress which helps emphasize their elaborate gold jewelry. Oh, how I wish I can go back in time. xD Yes, this is one of those moments where I wish I can go back in time, to see things, to meet people and to learn the truth! =D

Anyways, I just love looking at photographs, photoshoots and all that, even though I don't dress up much myself. For me, it's REALLY hard to shop. I actually kind of hate shopping for clothes. I never seem to find the right thing that will fit me. I look gross in colors. So basically, everytime I go shopping and buy something, they end up staying in my closet and never see another ray of sunlight ever again because I end up sticking to my black, gray, white and MAYBE brown clothing. =D

This summer, maybe I should change my style and start wearing bright colors? I'll see. Anyhow, I shall go watch some anime and take a break from movie. Maybe grab something to eat. Ah, I would blog about Kate & Leopold next!



I think I'm starting to get tired of the blue plain background. Maybe I should go to black? I might use my old banner and do black.

Anyhow, I just woke up! Yesh, around late. Well, I think it feels great! The warm feeling when the sunlight seeps into my room, in between my blinds! I love it when some of the lights hit my face and so I wake up to a summer-like sensation. I always love that feeling...which is why I love weekends and breaks, I get to wake up to those kind of moods (which is great way to start my day!). When school starts, I wake up to a dull gray sky and by the time school is over, I get so tired, the sun just doesn't get into my mind. Instead, I worry about getting burned on the neck and head by the sun while I walk home.

Great news: I think I'm getting use to walking home! Isn't that good? Now, my dad can't say my pair of legs are useless. Since I often complain about walking, he would say: "Let's just chop it off!" Since he thinks my legs are useless, not like I use them.

Aside from that, hmmm...I finished watching Ice Age 3 yesterday as well. Plus, I watched some Gintama! Haha, it was so...stupid xD Which is why I love Gintama. It's different.

I noticed I really like different or clever things. I love watching things that happen and in the end, everything piece well together and then you'll be like =O while I'm like trying to piece everything together. Makes me feel so happy how I got it!

Watch Liar Game. It's soooooooo 'clever' haha! xD Liar Game is a Japanese drama that revolves around this young naive girl. She is suddenly invited to play in the game, Liar Game. Basically, you must play and just as the name has suggested, you have to lie. This girl falls for pretty much the most stupidest tricks and when she finds a penny, she would take it to the police office...very very honest. On the first round, each player is given $100,000 and you must trick your opponent for their money. Instantly, she believed her opponent, who was her middle school teacher, and she was doomed. She asked this guy, who was just released from jail, and is a well-known swindler. And blah blah blah.

I always make things sound boring so you should just go watch it. Whenever I watch it, I get so high and so scared at the same time because the guy, Kanzaki Nao, is just SO smart. The way his brain works, the way he figures out everyone's move is just amazing!

Aside from that, I loved watching Code Geass, once again...because of how amazingly, insanely smart Lelouche is and how he plans EVERYTHING. I loved Law Abiding Citizen, because he's SO smart once again xD. I use to love Detective Conan when I was younger. Hmmm...there's plenty more, but nothing comes to mind at the moment. O-O

I shall go watch some anime so I'll blog later before you guys get too bored reading my never-ending entries.

I'm Amazing...haha!

Well, why am I amazing? I just realized that necromancy is a type of black magic that involves summoning the spirit of the deceased to ask questions, well, for divination. I love magic. xD

Anyways, why am I amazing? Well, I'm also quite slow because I realized it NOW, but it turns out...when I played Neopets xP, I named my pet Necromancii...when fine, there's not much of an amazement...but isn't it interesting? I just named my neopet black magic ;D Haha!

Man, I love that work Necromancy actually. It's so mysterious. Just saying it sound so alluring. ;D Well, to me it does. =D I'm just...weird that way...I think.


Anyhow, I am still ticked off by the way people treat. Yes, I'm making a big deal of it, but so what? If I'm not allowed to hold onto my anger, then why do people get to let out their emotions on to me? It's not like I'm letting out my anger onto someone. Of course, I don't want to be a hypocrite and do that, but still. I won't be seeing anyone during the break, most likely not, so I guess being mad at no one will be fine. I guess I will probably spend my spring break alone, catching up on things I never got a chance to finish.

Of course, I DO want to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D still, so I might try and find some time to watch that. I might even watch alone. =O That will be a first. Wish my dad is here so I don't have to bus...I actually have some kind of busphobia. I REALLY can't bus alone.
1. I tend to fall
2. I usually miss bus time/get on the wrong bus (I think)
3. Someone is usually with me to guarantee I'm going home so without someone, I will be dead
4. I just don't like bus...unless I'm in Hong Kong.

Either way, I just can't bus. I wish people can just understand that. I actually prefer walking than biking and all that. Of course, if the distance is very long, I refuse to walk. In the end, I just wish I can drive. D:

Back to what I was saying, I will just be mad for the rest of spring break at nothing in particular. Just in general, I want to be mad. Maybe it's something to do? I shall find a purpose to be mad like, how the quality of the uploaded anime sucks! Or how my sister's blogs are so boring! Or how my cold still lingers within me though it's been 2 weeks! Or how people just talk to me whenever they want to, but when I want to one gives a poop about it! D:<

Oh, did I mention I just finally finished Up? xD THAT WAS SOOOOOO CUTE!


I just met you and I love you :D
I was hiding under your porch because I love you :D
I do not like the cone of shame :(


Good Afternoon, my name is Russel and I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54, Wet-lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance?

My, my, I'm in love. Anyhow, it was so enjoyable and the music was so awesome! Totally makes me want to get a whole bunch of balloons and fly my house to some random place. =D
When I actually do that one day, I'll blog it out. xD

Now, I might go watch another movie or continue my Gintama-ing.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Had Enough...

You know what? I had enough of people's temper. Not saying I don't have a temper myself because everyone has one, but I'm really trying REALLY hard to work on mine and try to overlook things. Of course, I'm still that impatient person who can't really wait for things (even though I end up doing so) and I'm sure that probably won't change...which is why I wish I got more of my dad's genes since he's so awesome and patient with everything (which sometimes makes him boring xD). Like, sometimes, he could just sit there and read his books for hours and hours. Well, when he smokes, he's usually outside reading or just thinking. Of course, I can read for hours and hours myself without moving at all (other than flipping pages), but that's only when my 'reading mode' is on. Like now, I'm in my movie moment.

Anyhow, ever since my fight with NL in grade 8, she had awakened me and made me realize that it's always her whose apologizing to me and I never apologize to anyone. I reflected on myself and realized, even though sometimes, when it is my fault, I never say sorry. That made me change so nowadays, when I'm wrong, I would be apologizing. The problem here is, I do want to stand my ground and go with what I believe. I think I've been taking the first step and apologizing even though I don't think I'm wrong. It's really bothering me now because I don't want 'fights' or arguments to last long which will damage my relationship with people, so I end up apologizing, even when I think I'm right. I really can't stand for what I believe and just give in and apologize. So now it's just p'ssing me off how I always apologize first...

Not that apologizing is a bad thing, but just as I have mentioned, I'm apologizing even though I don't think I'm wrong. So when people suddenly get mad or whatever and treat like poop (that's what I think), I end up being the first to talk and all that. Like, just in general, the way people treat me: They talk to me whenever they feel like it and when I want to talk, they don't reply or they're in a bad day and just show me their attitude. "Like hey, I'm not your mom...I don't have to put up with that attitude of your's" what I really want to say, but if I say that...for sure it will cause a fight, making the matters worse. So in the end, I end up putting with it, though I feel like garbage and offended. Sometimes, I would try and ask if they're mad at me and stuff...though I honestly, I am p'ssed.

Like, if I do the same thing, talking to them whenever I want makes me feel bad and in the end, I will just that. It never last long, the 'defense' I try to put up. I've tried silent treatment, but I end up giving up on that too. I try avoiding, but then it never really works out afterwards. I just wish people will start respecting me because I'm REALLY trying hard to work on my temper. I'm sure that one day, if this continues...I will actually explode and trust me, my anger is not even a joke. I'm pretty amazed by how much of my temper I have compressed deep within me. The anger people have seen me shown, is not even 1% of how angry I can be.

Anyways, this is a reason why I wish to be a loner. If I'm alone with a wall around me, I won't be offended, I won't need to care about other people's feelings and all that. Life would be much more easier, but then again...I find human connection, their bonds and relationships are so weird and unique so I will probably continue...

unless I really had enough of this because no matter how interesting and amusing something is...I really can't put up with people's temper when I'm trying hard to not show mine.


Shutter Island

I watched Shutter Island! It was okay. Quite creepy at times, actually. I didn't think it 'sucks' as people have said and spread. The friend I watched with seemed confused, but I actually got it o-o. I guess there's some mixed opinions. Well, practically everyone has different opinions for everything. Some people, like me, thought Avatar was AMAZING, while some just thought it was okay and too over rated. Some people LOVE Twilight, but I'm one of those who somewhat...hate it because it's so over rated.

Anyhow, I thought the ending of Shutter Island was quite well done, actually. Well, the end end part, not when they tell the truth. It WAS creepy at some points. In general, I didn't think it was REALLY a theatre movie so I guess you don't HAVE to watch it in the theatre.

Other movie I want to see: Bounty Hunter, She's Out of My League and of course, Alice In Wonderland 3D. I also need to watch Sherlocke Holmes still!

I feel like I'm becoming a Gerard Butler fan. o-o
Yesterday, I watched The Ugly Truth. It was funny. Of course, a little...inappropriate, but definitely funny. ><''' Don't know what else to say...haha!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh my gosh!

I'm still crying...I cried like a loser at so many moments of the movie. Oh my gosh, I love it. Gah! I will totally be obsessed about this for so long. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music. So inspiring! Of course, this plot is definitely very rare and unrealistic (some parts), but it's amazing! I love it. xD


I love the guitar tapping part. I love the ending: August's Rhapsody in C major. That ending was very nice and satisfying and all that. So tragic, the whole idea. So Romeo and Juliet a way. But anyhow, it was awesome! xD

I will probably rewatch this again...another time. -sigh- I love the music. So inspiring. I think I probably said that 3 times already, but yeah. xD I feel sorry for the man though...from the way he describe 'parents' and all that, seems as though he had a horrible childhood being tossed around from different foster homes.
I thought the part when August exchanged guitars and had a little 'music exchange' with his dad was very awesome. So 'I-can't-describe' how they got along so well and connected, bonded, not realizing they are actually father-son. ><'''

Anyhow, I loved it. Muahaha, I feel so outdated and sad I never watched this earlier. =(

Time to eat...and maybe another movie xD
Adios Amigos!