Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my lack of blogging

haven't blogged in a while again, trying to get back into my whole anime obsession again.
kind of working?  also, i realized my health has been kind of bad as i am prone to headaches...constantly. argh. -sigh- and some one around me having stomach problems is starting to worry me about mine.

totally excited about university.
i finally decided to go to sfu for the techone program (interactive arts and techonology) on the surrey campus.
a year before, i would have thought i would be going to ubc for sure. can't believe how things have changed. but i guess being excited for what i will be learning is a great sign?  digital designs, animations...gah, it sounds amazing already!

been also listening to maroon5 again. -dies- adam levine, why you so amazing?

had an amazing day today. the perfect date, thank you <3
totally made up for our 7 month anniversary. and you finally asked me to prom! haha xD yeah, i'm desperate.  but being able to meet Mr. Pudding, the prom penguin, i think a little damage to my reputation is fine.
also, i love how you believe in me, listening to my directions and going cruising with me
as well as trying teppanyaki (giving me your first :D) with me and trying the most delicious food you have ever had.

i love you.
and thank you for the most perfect day ever :)

wana cruise any one?
(and see the best views of richcity!)