Saturday, July 31, 2010

dead and hungry D:

Ah~~ I changed my layout to black again. :P
I miss the black, it was such a shock for me to change the layout to white with such light and fluffy kind of bg. Anyways, I decided to stay simple and black...until I think of an idea of what to photoshop and get my hands on a FIXED computer =3=. Stupid viruses...

anyways, last time in class (summer school...), we were talking about death...ish. Technically, 'us' does not include the whole class, just the people sitting around me. xD
I realized I will never let myself die of starvation or be burned to death. I definitely don't want a death to do with with fire. I rather freeze to death and watch my fingers turn numb and fall off than be burnt to death.

Since there's a lot of amazingly delicious food around the world, letting myself starve to death would be the saddest thing ever. I will die of regrets, most likely, instead.

Someone was saying how they didn't want to drown to death since it's supposedly a horrible feeling. So is jumping off a building because you will feel the horrible impact before you die. I remember reading somewhere that you're still alive for 10 seconds or so and then you'll die. That 10 seconds must be the worst 10 seconds of your life...

Haha, JS told me she wants to die from an atomic bomb because you won't feel it...o-o'''

Anyways, such a depressing topic. D: ish...

LONG WEEKEND! Yesh!!! I woke up at 3pm in the afternoon, filled with happiness and energy...

I spent hours and hours watching anime xD Yupyup~ life sure is great without Summer school -rants on- ! While I was watching, I could hear fireworks being set off. Feel like I'm missing out...but then again, I don't exactly regret not going since I'm not really a crowd person. Rather prefer sitting at home in my big comfy chair, drinking tea, and watching anime than pushing and shoving people, jumping up and down, trying to see the fireworks.

Yup, definitely not a crowd person...especially with my height... -frowns-

Haven't gone on msn much lately either. Well, I have been appearing offline. I noticed that msn is really consuming too much of my time and I really don't like to talk to people who waste my time. The constant flashing of orange bugs me like crazy. Especially when I'm reading manga or watching anime or just doing something important, but had to pause because of that annoying flash, and click the tab to realize that the person was just saying 'lol'. Yeah, great. =3=
--Really annoyed of people who have nothing to say to me, yet starts a conversation and then stop halfway, making me wait like...10 minutes for a 'lol' or some stupid icon face. I hate that...makes me feel so desperate to talk to them. -fumes-

Anyways, that's why I'm not too big of going on msn. Plus, I could end up spending a day talking to someone for hours and hours and take up much of my working dad. I suppose my dad is pleased that I am a msn-addict no more. :D Yay~!

So hungry D:

a blog in a while

I haven't blogged for so long, which sucks! Lately, I have been so bored...SO SO SO bored!
There's absolutely nothing to do. Anime hasn't been interesting me at all, lately. I'm not reading any new mangas, only following the 'once a week update' mangas and Claymore. I haven't found the time nor have I been in the mood to watch a movie. Like, after I get home from summer school and eat, then chill on the computer for a bit (check email and all that), there just isn't enough time to watch a movie and feel at ease without worrying that I'm forgetting to do something. -sigh-

Well, at least there's only 4 more classes of summer school left! After that, I will get to relax at home and do all I want~~ watch movies to my hearts content. Not to mention, go to the beach and just accomplish my to-do list...well, at least most of it.

I decided to blog after spending 2 hours, I believe, playing crosswords and doing sudoku. It's so nice. I miss my daily newspaper D: I've been trying to walk by the bus stops on my way to Burnett, but the ones I pass by don't have any newspaper stand. One of them have the Metro, but it's too far-ish, and might get me late (since I wake late).

I really need a getaway ~ I want to go travel, most definitely. After looking at my friend's Europe trip pictures and reading Melody's blog entry about her trip...I am jealous. REALLY jealous -cries-. I'm so bored here. D:

I've listened to this song for a year and a half now and still loving it (his eyes are just gorgeous! xD):

Saturday, July 24, 2010


inception. inception. inception.

it was WICKED!
I LOVED it SO much. Definitely worth $10 bucks (though I didn't pay xD Muahahaha~~a treat from a friend :P).

The sound effect was awesome, definitely. The graphics was spectacular. I did not find it disappointing...because as you know, these movies (with awesome trailers) will either turn out AMAZINGLY AWESOME or horrible...(like Knowing...that was BS. Definitely BS).
The acting was quite good as well. The Japanese samurai guy from The Last Samurai, Ken Watanabe, was in it! I love him and his movies. xD He's good. ;D

Ellen Page was in the movie and she, of couse, did well. I thought the acting was good and everything was perfect. I love everything...the effect, the sound, the plot, the layout, the theme...everything! The whole idea is just so amazing and twists your mind into knots, getting you to think. THe beginning was awesome, definitely. The Ending is so eerie and wonderful. It's so scary and haunting. I LOVE THE ENDING. I'm still thinking! A character is just so hauntingly amazing and she's the reason you doubt everything.

I think it was much well filmed than Shutter Island, of course. It was definitely better presented than Shutter Island because Shutter Island...the idea, was wonderful, but was filmed in a very confusing way (well, for some people...I thought it was AWESOME!!!<3>w<'' (Not to brag, but I'm proud of that fact! Muahahahaha~~) Anyways, I definitely recommend to watch, definitely. It's worth it. Worth it. Worth it. Worth it. I love the idea. It's so overwhelming. After the movie, I was shivering. I tried my best to talk without stuttering and I was just so..excited. So scared. So happy. So...I don't know! Hyper. I don't know. I was like...hyperventilating (is that how you spell it? Whatever. xP) But yeah. It's just me, I get excited WAY too easily. xD (Like the Prestige and Avatar and stuff.)
My heart was leaping, was thumping so hard. I was holding my breath the whole time towards the end. I forgot how to breathe!

I love how I leap into the screen, into the movie and I'm just like....SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!

Anyways, I shall stop my rant. Definitely watch, go go go!

(I now
love Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3~~Go Leonardo DiCaprio~~ xD)

I shall blog about something stupid tomorrow that I discovered last night!

Dirty Dancing

Okay, Dirty Dancing 2 is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING<3
I love it SO much. One of my favorite movies now. I will try and find time to watch number 1, of course, since originals are always the best. I really need to overcome the fact that it was film from back in the days. The bad quality bugs me...

Anyways, please do read the 2 entries below because they are wicked awesome, not to compliment myself, haha.

Oh my gawsh...I still can't get over Dirty Dancing 2. Gahhhh~~ -screams- SO GOOD!<3
Diego Luna, my love, you have the most s*xiest hips ever. <3 If it's with him, I will definitely dance again. The chemistry in the movie~ so strong (of course, there are other movies with strong chemistry), but yeah. I love the Cuban music in there, of course.


Friday, July 23, 2010


No kidding, it's THE best movie ever!!
Please watch and be awesome:

so in love with...

Okay, I am officially in love. Not even kidding.
My fangirly hormones are crying out again...>w<'''~~~ -sigh- I definitely recommend watching this (sadly, the embed is disabled):
[ link ]

He's SO hawt...Diego Luna. Who doesn't love a guy that can dance?

I fell love at first sight when I saw the part (the first 10 seconds of this video). I love! LOVE LOVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I noticed how people nowadays talk. They're just talking, they're not really...speaking.
It's amazing things changed so much compared to what it was before.
Amazing, yet terrifying.

Now, you don't know whether when someone is saying something, do they actually mean it or not. When you're speaking to them, are they hearing or listening. Will they just forget or engrave it in their mind.

I always try and make sure I say what I mean. Of course, no one can resist a sarcastic remark, but yeah. So far, I think it's working out for me...speaking the what I think. Well, speaking the truth. At least, I can guaruntee that I have no spoken a lie, other than under certain circumstances -cough-. xD
And as always, I'm trying my best to keep the promises I made. Although it kills me to know I have a slight, slight chance of not being able to keep it.

What I really despise it when people say one thing and do another that obviously contradicts what they just said. I'm not sure if people are really aware of it, but they're doing it! Don't make promises you can't keep. Don't speak empty words, taking the power away from those single words.

Empty words.

They're being tossed everything. It's actually really scary.
Everything that's done so often seem so special anymore. For instance, I...myself, say 'I love you' to many people. Sometimes jokingly, as 'I love you's mean 'I like you'. Of course, sometimes...they do have meaning, but to me, 'I love you's just don't seem or feel very special. My 'I love you' isn't 'I love you' love isn't 'love'.

The same thing for my 'I hate you's.

Ah, that also applies with my hugs. Of course, unless I squeeze the person to death or hug them passionately. -awkward look- Yeah. Passionately...for example...when my dad goes back, I give the hug of love! Muahahahahaha.
Anyways, I realized how I use some of the special words/actions so much that they don't mean as much. But hey, I don't hold hands with people, that's good. That makes holding hands meaningful to me...(I link arms with people).

Anyways, such a weird blog entry for the night/morning. Time for bed to prepare for another day of Summer School Phsyics! And another quiz...[which I will fail].

Blogging about death next time...haha!
(no center)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 more classes to go.

So embarassed today.

-sigh- I got a text from someone and was about to check, but I didn't realize my phone was probably unlocked during the process of being tossed into my pencil case (probably pushed open by some pen). Because of the unlock, my music started playing since I pressed the 'play' button...unintentionally and viola~

Worst thing first played Jimmy Eat World...and because of my frantic kept lagging and changed into Good Girls Gone Bad- Cobra Starship and for those who have heard of that is LOUD.

-hides in shame- The entire class was staring and not to mention...the physics teacher who was marking our quiz. -sigh- Sucks to me, definitely.

On the other hand, although I'm not depressed no more...I am quite cheery after seeing some amazing things :P Yay!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

failing & bored

I am so boooooored!

11 more classes to go and FREEDOM!

Honestly, I'm no kidding. Yet, surprisingly, I don't care. As long as I get the credits, I'm not even gonna bother with the whole 'OH MY GOSH! ASIAN FAIL! MUST GET 100%' deal. I already feel like I'm ruining my summer...why should I go bother with intense, hardcore studying?
Feels like I'm falling asleep in class. Emma does her math, some dude is sleeping while me and Bowen was folding origami today. Be proud Ian, I made an awesome tiny miniscule crane :D

Anyways, I'm just so bored.

This sucks. The fact that I'm doing so bad...and not understanding a single thing my teacher is saying makes it even worse. He makes things look so easy, but sometimes...he just goes on and on...never does it occur to him that he might be going too fast and there are parts we don't get. -sigh-...

maybe I should try?

I haven't been doing homework at all...nor any class work or any studying. Perhaps that's also one of the problems and when I say I do nothing at all...I do mean I'm doing nothing at all. Not trying to exaggerate or show off, but's boring plus, homework mark doesn't count anyways. =S Who can work under such boring situation? >w<

Yesh, I'm making excuses.

Anyways, time to resume to my stalking of the wonderful and awesome Gazette~~

[now I'm into centering :D]

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hamish & Andy

Watch, definitely not a waste of your time. :D


Sunday, July 18, 2010

weird 10 minutes

Cat Sh*t One

I think I just watched the weirdest thing...

road to the nameless liberty

2:30am in the morning and even though i have tutor in just a few hours and i haven't done my homework, i still think it's worth it. i'll probable think of some excuse or whatever. i did a lot of reading, maybe that will make up for that?

road to the nameless liberty.
the best.
i definitely need to go to a live some point in my life.
gaze fans are by far the most civilized ones i have ever seen in my life. compared to the crazy kor band fans and the crazy pushing, shoving, scratching, kicking people during the marianas trench live @ ozone...gaze fans are actually...people.

anyways, after watching for almost 2 hours...i feel that i understand them more! which i feel so happy and great about. just feels like i'm teensy eensy little bit closer to gazette themselves. and watching them perform and traveling is like i'm also there. the lives seem so hot and wild and fun. definitely am missing out a lot. -sighz-

aoi is just adorable. first the tony tony chopper drawing and the cute 'oyasumi dude' seeing him run around like an idiot makes me love him more. not to mention, i realized i kind of saw his boxers-ish when kai went into the change room -blush-. kai is so cute too! definitely skilled and his french toast...haha. tempted to try making some. plus, i find it hilarious that he always loses stuff...his disease.

reita~ so coolz. bassists are always cool. uruha and his shorts! not to mention his sake >w<''' ruki! i realized ruki is only taller than me by a little bit, 10 cm or so. i love his voice. so heavenly. beautiful. hauntingly beautiful.
they're all so gorgeous.
they're like...angels sent from heaven to bring pleasure to our ears and souls. xD
i saw from a youtube commenter: 'ear-orgasm'

Saturday, July 17, 2010

creep D:

I feel like such a creep. D:
This sucks.
-sighz- so depressed. Feels like I just got dumped and my heart is breaking. -cries-

Seriously, I didn't really get dumped or anything, but yeah...feels like it. Sucks sucks sucks. Bleh. I need to go on a trip!


Talking about trips, my dad asked me and my fellow siblings whether during the winter holidays, we want to go back to HK or go on a cruise to the caribbean. I really can't decide. =(

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, I have been obsessed with Gazette for a bit. Before, only the music, but after socializing with some INSANELY CRAZY Gazette friends, I have been converted. Now that Helen has given me sources to stalking, I have also been officially converted into a stalking fangirl. :D

And yesh, I have just seen Aoi's attempt to drawing a no haired Tony Tony Chopper! Chopper would cry if he knew that Aoi only drew him because he had no hair. Chopper is one of cutest character ever!! Anyways, Aoi is so sweet~~ drawing/doodling to support Ruki~~ (who has an absolutely amazing, wonderful, s*xy, mesmerizing voice -droolz-)

Of course, aside from Jrock/Visual-Kei stuff...I have been listening to Rap! Eminem. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Eminem? I love his lyrics...all his rap songs have such meaning to them and it's about his life, not some made-up bs. I was crying, watching some of his videos and stuff. I love Eminem. xD

Mayakashi (Deception) - my recent obsession from the album, Before I Decay (which I'm trying to obtain. xD) Do you hear the mad skillz? The Guitar is SICK! > : D In love love love love loveeeee~~~

"The kisses were made in deception and the wounds were forgiven
When I noticed it, again there was no one here ..."

-my favorite line~ the lyrics are gorgeous<3

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Okay, I just read about some crazy ACTA bs stuff and decided to share. I suppose it could be real...after watching Eagle Eye and all that (Simpsons The Movie), it's highly possible something like this could happen! So here's the link to where I read:

[ link ]

more information here (and there are many more links on that blog/journal):

[ link ]

Seriously, if this is true, will ruin everything and I will be bs-ing/complaining everyday, guaranteed :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

bored bored bored.

I feel terribly bored practically everyday. While I have been suffering, sitting in a hot, stuffy room...doing physics/ friend was going around throughout Italy and etc.. Well, she's back now~ which is awesome since I will have someone to share music and go 'anime gaga' with...but still...stuck here for the summer. This sucks.

I've been doing some reading and music listening. Not much anime action going on, which is really weird and unlike me.
Plus, my sister got her N...we could go around and all that now, but...just ain't the same without my dad. =S -sigh-

I can't exactly say I'm going through some harsh, rough time...nor can I say my life is chilling.

Listening to Eminem brings me to tears.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Muahahahahahaahahaha~ the perfect movie for me, no?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

recent obsession

I am once again, obsessed with this song by Placebo. It's been a while and when I relistened to it one day, I just suddenly fell in love once again so yupyup~
I love how the beat, the drum, beats at the same time as my heart. It's like listening your own heartbeat.

The song gives you such an eerie feeling...
and i love the cover<3
Helps me relax-ish...takes my mind off the 2 quizzes I'm taking tomorrow. Pleasant!

"if i only could, make a deal with God"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

summer school, 250th entry

First day of summer school and I actually like it!
Realized I live closer to Burnett than to RHS. Well, the walking distance is definitely shorter...well, it feels most definitely shorter~

Doing sudoku and crosswords! I went to eat sushi with a friend after summer school and managed to pass by a bus stop ;D Yay~ I miss my daily dose of 24hr. -sighz-
So far, physics seems so easy! o-o''' Well, hopefully, it stays this way. I definitely don't look forward to the everyday quiz that will start on Wednesday. Darn that!

Aside from that, I think I kind of fixed my time! Yay~~!! I had something to mention, but forgot. -sighz-

Well, I made a friend today :D That's good. Though I might have scared her...ish. I hope not. x . x'' ~~ I'll probably end up hating summer school real soon. =3='''

I need to shop. D:

Sunday, July 4, 2010


another book finished. i started it...yesterday? or maybe 2 days ago...something like that. finally finished and ran out of tears as well. sure i easily cry, but was very touching and all that. i spent maximum 2 days reading this, of course...with fangirling moments, blogging, anime and all that stuff i always do. not to mention, movie and Russell Peters moments just to chill out and kill time.

i suppose i would suggest you read the last song as well. it was good. even though i had to stare at miley cyrus' face because my sister got the copy with her and liam hemsworth (if i spelled it right...his last name) on it.
this is why i HATE seeing movies or trailers before reading the book. the actor/actress' face is in my head and i can't imagine it anymore.

Good ol' Saturday

Nothing makes a Saturday relaxing, but a book and tea. <3

No movies for my today, with an exception of a little 'fangirling' time...
but lets not let that ruin the perfect image you have above. ;D

(c) relax - valyeszter

Saturday, July 3, 2010

okay, I'm messed.

I must link back to my previous entry and announce that my attempt to fix my time and stay up the whole night has failed.

Yes, I have just woken up.
This sucks.

On the bright side, mom's birthday tomorrow. -cheers- and a second ago...something happened and I feel really jumpy and happy on the inside. My heart is still fluttering just thinking about it though it's really stupid and completely idiotic. Man, I'm hopeless. xD

Sebastion Michaelis

Once again, I can't sleep and I think I might just skip sleep for tonight..or...this morning. o-o'' If that made any sense.

Well, I just got shivers. Definitely good shivers.

I realized that whenever I see or hear something or someone who is...or that is VERY good, inspirational, amazing, overwhelming, exquisite, etc. etc. and any other 'good' adjectives you can think of...I would shiver. I get this weird tingling sensation travelling up and down my body, giving me goosebumps at times.

When that happens, it will hit me as: 'OMG' or ... I'm in love<3 Something like that. Then internally...I will get all obsessed. Sometimes, most of the times, I would end up ranting to every single living being I know. :D Anyways, I also get this tingling feeling and shivers...which is the 'bad' shiver when something is terrible, weird or deafening. Like, seeing something horrible...I will just go: "BAHH! -closes window-", but when I hear horrible singing or whatever...then yeah. Bad shivers. Same goes for writing.


Anyways, I just got 'good' shivers, I suppose, after meeting Claud Faustas and Alois Trancy.

-goes back to reading TLS-

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pink Panther 2

Pink Panther 2, finished.

I managed to finish Pirates of the Caribbean 3 as well, this afternoon, but I also discovered my Matrix 3 copy died...D:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Princess and the Frog

Muahahahhahaha~I finally watched it last night or this morning. =D
I woke up at 4pm, not a shocker, and ready to finish my Pirates of the Caribbean 3...I was watching it yesterday, but the copy died so I had to re-'acquire' it again. Anyways, I don't care what people say about how the 3rd Pirates suck because I love it. xD

Wow, I'm surrounded by pirate-y things. OP is pirates, and I'm watching pirate stuff and yeah. 294 episodes of I want to be a pirate. D: I find it so cool~and I do love the way they dress. xD Anywhow...

Same for Princess and the Frog, I don't care whether the people say it sucks or it's boring or waste of money, I LOVED it! I cried with my sister. Man, the firefly...definitely my favorite character. He's so loyal to his love, a believer, not to mention, a very VERY courageous gentlemen. -sigh- So sad. I love the message in the story because although it seems VERY obvious, a lot of people nowadays...definitely adults, they understand that money isn't what's most important...and just...everyone is blinded by all these material stuff so much, they don't realize that it won't bring them happiness. And the thing is, there are shows and gossip and all that, spreading about how some really rich people are sad and stuff...people still don't understand that money doesn't make them happy. -sigh-

I guess showing this Disney film to little kids will teach them earlier on that marrying for love will definitely bring more happiness than marrying for money. =D

Aside from that, I just love it! I, personally, have a soft spot for Disney stuff and princess-y related things. Man, the girl in spoiled! Her princess bed, her princess dresses and jealous! I think the big difference from this compared to the other Disney princesses ones was that the prince played a big role! The other, the prince was charming, but they talked little and appeared little...not much of a character development compared to the frog prince-y. Of course, there's also the race difference and I think this definitely helped a lot of little kids open up their hearts that they can be a princess too. Yay~!

Enough princess babbling, time for me to get some breakfast or whatever.