Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snuggling, Blankets, and broke from Christmas

Like most people, or most people I know, I am broke from Christmas shopping.  I have been told that those who shop for Christmas earlier on in the year feel the effects of Christmas least it won't be a huge blow like this...I probably spent $300-$400 on Christmas shopping, excluding the baking.

This is mostly due to winter babies and probably the increase in people I am gifting, such as co-workers, as opposed to the year before.  I also feel like, after such an awkward year last year, I wanted to make it up to some people with a better Christmas gifting.

Anyways, in order to somehow help out my crazy splurging the from the last few weeks of December (and the future spendings), I stayed home these last two days. I have been eating out way too much...probably all the money I earned from my part time with CUPE is gone...Anyways, eating at home and such is definitely a money saver.  Eating out so much, I feel broke.

What did I do the last two days? With my digesting issues ongoing...the first day, I had a horrible time with a headache from the moment I woke up.  Refusing to take Advil, I roamed around house like a ghost to bother my dad.  I also spent quality blanket time with my stuffies like Chubchub and bother people via my cellphone.  Today, I basically did the same, minus the extreme headache.

I think I probably most happy with today is actually getting out of bed and going to my closet and wardrobe to empty out old clothes for donation.  There are a few pieces I was reluctant to donate due to some sentimental feelings towards them, but I let go...knowing I won't wear them...such as my childhood PJs and such.  I also watched many movies: Painted Skin, Painted Skin 2, Ip Man, Stephen Chow's The God of Cookery, Stephen Chow's Tricky Master, Spy Kids All the Time in the World, Hero, and Infernal Affairs 3. Think I spent my days well.  Feeling the anime mood coming on or something Japanese related...time to ease back into dramas and such.

Long day tomorrow! Good night, after an episode of Persona. :)
Hopefully I will keep up my blog.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Untouchable - VAIN and last day of school

After Untouchable's members left to serve in the obsession with KPOP just disappeared.  Especially with DBSK disbanding and then BIGBANG changing so much, I ended up heading towards Taiwanese music again (now Japanese ish again).  Well, it was classical...despite my soft spot, always, for Nell.

Now, Untouchable is back.  With a touch of reggae and the distinct voice of the rapper in the front.  Can't help, but fall in love with the sexy sounding music -laughs- I love their rap a lot.  Such soulful rapping...and cool MV (or I'm just bias)

I haven't blogged in a while, but today was the last day of classes.  Officially free from classes, but real freedom is 3 finals from now.  After the 10th, I'll be done.  Maybe just work, but still.  I need to start saving up for my trips! Watch me work my butt off since I've been such a shopaholic lately and oh my gosh, Christmas shopping -sigh- going broke.

By the way, got a new laptop.  Coming on Thursdays! -cheers- Time for bed since I slept at 4:30am last night to finish up the group essay.

Good night.