Saturday, April 30, 2011


3 hours and something resulted to a depressing ending. D:
I think it was 6 more minutes till 4 hours? 2 over times.

We lost, 1-2. D8
If it weren't for Pekka Rinne... =3=

Anyways, I think I'll just go to bed...D: mood killer...

Glamorous Sky

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

8:35 pm

Doing my biozone intensely, no kidding.

Listening to my playlist created in March 2010. I still love the songs and I feel like the music. This is one of the reasons why I love music, I never get tired of these songs. They always bring back a memory of mine. :)

Anyways, I should be working and I blog way too much. Does anyone still follow this year old thing?

(c) TimeGlass - Hengki24

It's raining. D:

Canucks owned tonight!

As you may or may not know, I don't follow hockey (I learn who win or lose from facebook statuses...haha) nor am I really interested.

Today, while waiting for the TV to resume to the special Glee episode based on Lady GaGa's 'Born To Be', my sister and I decided to check out how the game is going on. It was my first time 'watching watching' a game and following it till the very end.
I got in some stupid dispute with my sister and resumed the viewing on my laptop. Live streaming!
I was actually feeling very intense and my hands were sweating.

It's amazing. I think I'm actually hooked. I was hugging my Dippo the whole time and when Burrows made that winning shot that broke the 'trend', I froze and didn't know what was going on for a moment. I screamed and ran downstairs to scream at my sister that we won and etc..

This is one of the most amazing game! Although I have seen Crosby's amazing goal for the Winter Olympics and the reaction still makes my heart pound this very day (was watching it earlier), this game is spectacular!
I actually watched more than just the end. First game I have ever watched. Had the intensity, the climax, the everything! Especially the happy ending! I can't believe how happy I was that I jumped down a few flights and killed my feet!
Especially since this is the game that defeated the 'trend' and destroyed the Black Hawks.

Guess whose going to be following hockey as a Canucks fan? Someone whose name starts with a 'J'. ;D

(Could hear all the honking, screaming, cheering, and got a bubble tea to celebrate!)

Monday, April 25, 2011

while making a baby...

While making a baby for biology tomorrow, I decided to lurk on facebook (and take a break from my How I Met Your Mother marathon. Almost done Season 5...I'm insane now).

I came upon a facebook page: Ulzzang Contest
No offence, I find those people trying to be Ulzzangs very shallow. Ulzzang is basically a term (Korean I think?) you use to call a beautiful girl or 'hawt' guy. There are many internet idols or Ulzzangs these days. And people like...are fans over them, following their facebook or journals and just places where they can upload pictures of themselves daily.

I think it's because of my discovery of Ulzzangs last year that got me a little over Korean things.

As you may or may not know...I am a little anti-plastic surgery. Like, of course, I know people do plastic surgery after terrible accidents and I don't mind that. But if people do plastic surgery just to look 'perfect' because they're unsatisfied with their nose or their eyes aren't big enough, I honestly hate that.
I just think plastic surgery is just a way for people to escape from reality and encourages others to do the same. It's like a drug...

Anyways, the Ulzzang contest on facebook is encouraging people to take pictures and post it on facebook for people to vote and 'like'. The more 'like' you get, the bigger chance you get winning. And I just find that shallow, sorry to say. I mean, putting a picture of yourselves to millions of people to see...and if they don't think you're 'pretty' enough to qualify as THE ulzzang, they don't 'like' you.
How awful the girls who didn't get enough 'likes' must feel? Seeing themselves get compared with another girl side by side.

Another point that horrifies me about Ulzzangs is just that...people photoshop and put on SO much make-up, it's insane. They become an entirely different person. You can google some Ulzzang tutorials (Came across a few anti Ulzzang forums and they showed these before and after photos). -sigh- How can anyone live by pretending to be someone they're not...
so without make up and photoshop, they can't live?

When will the message: 'It doesn't matter.' finally reach everyone?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

never tire of five for fighting music...and bubble tea

Some of the few I listen to a lot. Suggest listening to Chances, Slice, and Story of Your Life (which I could not add to this playlist due to some content disabling by the 'owner')

(and I think 'World' malfunctioned. Stupid youtube and playlist. Won't play my track nor let me embed 'good' videos. -sigh- more and more censoring is ruining our lives!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

haven't exactly blogged blogged for a long time -ish

explanation for my previous entry was because of this conversation i had with someone.
so glad i did. if you're reading this, please know that what you have said changed my entirely. it was something i needed, for sure, and what you have said made me feel so much better about myself.

i'm sorry if i have been acting cold and seems unhappy. sorry i can't be sincere towards you right now, but know that before 'then', i will make sure all this will go away.
but no matter how depressed, inferior and awful i feel, whatever i say towards you is true. each word. i may feel down, but no lies for sure.

thank yous so much for your words. you don't know how much they mean to me. -heart-

been watching How I Met Your Mother.
addicted for sure.

4 day weekend! You know what that means? Need to read my script for EE and think more about World Lit (AKA Start). Also, start gathering my hours for CAS. :DD
Busy busy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

hungry, cold, and tired

those are the words to describe my current situation.

thanks to a lazy, fat somebody...
i had to bus home with my laptop, bag, and sleeping bag stuffed in another bag and forced my two stuff animals on my two friends due to the lack of arms.

my clothing wasn't exactly the ideal ones for a cold morning.

and no, i have not eaten for the past 31 hours and 30 minutes.

have tutor in a few hours...math and english.


and i lost the awesome mouse to my laptop.


(not a morning person)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Please go check out his new music video! I love Chester's voice and he is just too under rated!

Funny and attractive <3 Haha~ what a girl wants ;D

should be doing Japanese, but too distracted by Youtube.
Got so much more videos to share, but i guess I will do that tomorrow.

Been through so much today!
Just had to say that.
Had such a moody and upset day from morning Bio till lunch. When I got to the middle of English, I felt much better.
Just needed a break.

A little tired of people putting me down directly and indirectly whether it's intentional or not. Not just through words, but actions and tone...etc.. -sigh-

also...other things have been on my mind for a while...every minute, i'm constantly annoyed by something so yeah...i hate this. or so i say with a smile- ish.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


during my naps and sleeps, i have been having very weird fantasy dreams.
well, not exactly fantasy since last night was somewhat horror? just a terribly creepy atmosphere arose at a certain 'scene' and freaked me out to the point where i woke up because the after effect was so realistic. woke up when i was sitting in the corner, crying, and listening to music...o-o''

as for my nap earlier, it was realistic up to the point where i left richmond centre with someone and the rest seemed like something from Miyazaki's Spirited, the spirits and the bath houses, etc.. It was cool, yet heart racing for some reason since something was chasing after 'us' and we were running out of time.

the night before yesterday, i did have this weird-ish dream that was suppose to comfort my depression for the global ed interview...

i think these 3 dreams were all romance-tied. just had to point that out.
think it's probably do to my excessive shoujo manga reading...har har

i blog way too much.

again again again!

i thought it was over, i thought it was done.
but today it happened, and my insanity has just begun.


no more! please D: before i really go insane.
i mean, the people who i obsess to and who were with me then, probably think i am insane.


just this one, and my determination dissolved! what a weak resolve. what a weak facade...
just this one, and i have given up.
just this once, it starts again. -sigh-

Monday, April 11, 2011

could listen to this all day~

been in such an accent mood lately. probably because i've been so heartbroken and the kooks cheers me up.
still worrying.

many things i have done in the last 3 days that i regret badly. i missed seeing someone. i messed up something that meant so much to me. and i was so obsessed that now it backfires double the pain. anyways,,,

love my open window @ 11:40pm...which my mom deems dangerous, comment.

time to shave my head!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

for once...

i realized that for once...i actually don't have math homework because i finished in class. this is really weird. o-o''

i think i will go do some review?

now that ^ is even more weird. wow, i have gone insane.

(i usually worry about the word i will look over those)

classic ♥

never get sick of this


I failed.

that's all.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I did it!

Bussed home with a mannequin head! :D

so so so so so depressed

it was the best day and the worst day.

i never thought that fate would impact my feelings to much, even knowing the fact that i'm a romanticist. never knew that i would be so affected by these 'coincidences', as some of you call it.
so happy.
before spring break, i thought i fell love at first sight.
during spring break, i thought i would be over it and was almost over it.
today, thought i might see him again and it was 'the last chance' before i forget completely.

for some reason, when i was buying starbucks while explaining to a certain someone about him, he just walk right past me, in front of me! i was shocked...i mean, i kind of forgot about him, and just as i was speaking of him, there he was!

after that, it was just countless bumping into each other at the mall. how small can a place be?
perhaps i'm thinking too much into all this...
probably am, but i was happy. i am happy.

><~ -sigh- i did entertain a certain someone by searching for him, looking over my shoulders, and almost bumping into him. lol.
i was doing a 'shoulder check' and scanning around, until i heard a : "turn around, turn around, turn around" from a certain someone and found that he was going to collide with me!

i'm so obsessed. D:
after all those 'coincidences', what made my day was that at the end of my 'day', he was on the same bus! what are the odds?

but once i am home and reality hits me, i started thinking sensibly and reconsidered all the possibilities...i realized this is all just fantasy and just me. -sigh-
felt like i just had a lemon.

D: -sigh-

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Feeling teary-eyed. Now I remember why I refused to continue watching One Piece avoid the fact that both Whitebeard and Ace died...
so I quickly read the manga to get over it (like that I did with Itachi's death).

Decided to watch some One Piece while eating instant noodles (late dinner since I took a nap), I realized I'm getting teary eyes, though it's not the purpose of One Piece. Obviously, it's for comedy and action, etc., but yeah...I'm WAY too emotional. D: This sucks.
Just hearing about how Whitebeard is gone and pirates are terrorizing Whitebeard's territories, taking advantage of his death, breaks my heart once again. D:

I miss Ace. D:

When Luffy wakes up, it will be more heartbreaking to see him hit reality and realize his brother is gone. =(
and that's my anime rant..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

awful day...

i can't believe i managed to survive the whole day on 2 hours of sleep and not pass out.
not only did i not get enough sleep, it turns out my hard work studying bio was a waste. i studied the wrong thing D8 focussed too much on mitosis and meiosis rather than the enzyme, the calculations, etc.. so basically, i bombed the kidding. -sigh-
that totally ruined my day though after the test, i felt much more at ease.

thought i was going to pass out at timmy's when eating my breakfast. had to prevent my face from falling straight into my french vanilla several times.

either way, math was enjoyable. i guess all that laughing sucked out the bits of energy i had from the caffeine...which explains why i'm so dead during english. and i LOVE english class...
(although my essay didn't turn out too well. :S i really need to improve my writing...structure and evidence.)

i feel awful during volunteer because i semi-snapped at the little kid. D:
he was frustrated and i was frustrated. -sigh- i guess i was frustrated because of the sleep and the fact that it's been weeks and he's still unwilling to do his homework, but just play around. and how when i try to explain to him the things he don't get, he gets annoyed and ignores me...telling me: 'it's so easy!' and 'it's so boring!' to avoid doing his work.
either way, i'm at fault though. no reason for me to get annoyed at the kid...-sigh- i'm awful today! -- on the bright side, i did manage to get him to complete ALL his homework today! -cheers-

time to rest a bit, do japanese, study history, and sleep early! (perhaps reach another sappy, romance shoujo manga? :DD)

Monday, April 4, 2011

heard some great news that made my day :D

a certain someone awesome is coming back on friday! :D
><''~ so glad, so fast...too fast. D: a day is not enough! =( ~ and i know many others think that too -hint hint-

first day back in school! a day 2 which meant i can go home early. no morning class which meant this is actually a short day!
i overslept and missed tutor class though...which i felt really, really bad about. x . x'' tutor called me and i guess we will be rescheduling.

HUGE bio test tomorrow and i have NOT touched my biology stuff at all! i even forgot where i placed my biozone. im so dead. it's 8:30pm and i am STILL slacking! well, i only watched the new episode of Gintama (which made my life...i can totally die happy right now after seeing gin's epic faces and know that zura, no...'zura ja nai, katsura desu', has turned into a women...lawl). had some food as well...and yeah. o-o'' read some manga... x . x''

time to get to work! -sigh-

Sunday, April 3, 2011

last bit of spring break

spending my last bit of spring break reading sappy shoujo one-shots. :D
rewatching a few of my favorite shoujo anime.

while reading my history materials and thinking about polishing up my art project (which I have not touched the entire spring break...sigh).

finished THOBA though...great news. :P

watching some anime, read a bit of history, watch some more anime, read some more history. that's how i encourage myself to work. :)

now...about bio...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Samskeyti Sigur Rós

as we sat there listening to the carolers. i wanted to tell Brian that it was over, that everything would be okay. but that was a lie plus i couldn't speak anyways. i wish there was some way for us to go back and undo the past, but there wasn't. there was nothing we could do. so i just stayed silent and tried to telepathically communicate about how sorry i was about what had happened. and i thought about all the grief and sadness and f*cked up stuff in the world and made me want to escape. and i wish with all my heart that we could just leave this world behind. rise like two angels in the night and just magically...