Monday, April 29, 2013

been trying to reconnect and get good sleep

haven't been sleeping that well lately, until just recently.
been paranoid about things i guess and haven't really figured out what it is.

i haven't blogged in a while.

what have i been up to?
i've been just trying to get things done and plan things for the near summer so that i won't be bored and will occupy myself. occupy my mind so i don't think stupid thoughts.
by the way, dad will be home soon! yay!

also need to start taking care of myself.
trying to get back to my sky routine since i have been having very sensitive skin now...especially after the humid winter weathers.
crazy pimples, super dry and oily skin. i feel gross myself. haha.

trying to get back into my series as well!
rediscover myself and become that happy self i once was...once upon a time.

time for bed.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

time to grow up...

growing up and moving past the silly mistakes..

no chance at all

Not being given a chance at all. And this whole time,  my senseswas correct.  Whats the difference between that and giving up?  Hows that change?

Just noticed change and chance only differs in one letter,  'g' and 'c'.

How can i rest then?  Knowing everything i dont know,  realizing the problem isnt just anything.  The problem is me.  I know that.  Stop denying.

So much unsolved issues and problems lingering.   Yet,  i haven't even finished  and its too much already.

How yo find the solution then?  How to be the solution when theres a problem within.  When im a problem myself?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

time to cry

been dying to travel and go somewhere instead of being trapped here.
seize the opportunities...i was told,
and here i am...trying to. but failing.

found this deal to go to peru for 7 days 6 nights for about 1.9k + round trip to JFK airport
so around 2.5k on groupon...
machu picchu, i crave to go there...
and with only 12 hours left for the deal, i can't find a second person who is willing to go.
who wants to see where i see.
all these people around me and not one person can go.

-hits head against wall-
-sigh- time to hate my life again.
so much for an awesome summer and new beginnings.
stuck here once again, school, work..homework, exams.
same thing over and over.

and all i can comfort myself with is: there's always next time.
there isn't.
it's always like this. urgh!