Friday, February 28, 2014

the good luck in the bad luck?

So today and yesterday, I have been experiencing the worse of luck since a very long time.

If you know me well, you would know that I always misplace things all the time (my room is insanely messy and cluttered), especially my upass to bus.  Just my upass, I had four or five scares..."losing" it to find that I dropped it in the car when I got off the car or even just leaving it in my room. Oh, the failure.  I would end up frantically calling my dad and retracing my steps for twenty minutes or so to hear from my dad that it was on my desk or on the car seat. -facepalm-

Anyways, so as you can sort of tell from the foreshadowing...yesterday, on my way to the mountain to take my midterm, I dropped both my student ID and upass (and I just spontaneously bought a vinyl and was about to purchase An identification is required to take the exam so thank gosh for my driver's! That morning, I was also woken up 7 AM for no reason by my mom in panic.  She scared me like crazy to a point where I legit just shot up from my bed, thinking I overslept my midterm! (Which isn't a possibility since it's in the evening)
I also only had two eggs that day...since I spent the night with a grumbling stomach from having cheese...

As for today,  I overslept my tutorial, the only one of the two days I go to school.  I was also still sore all over my body, just aching (probably from stress and anxiety).

So what is the good luck in this bad luck?

Well, for yesterday, I managed to finish my midterm early and made it to the student registrar to get a new student ID.  There is also only two days left of February so I didn't really lose much, plus, I was able to get my upass without going up the mountain once more to get it.  I also finished the same time around as my friends and had some bus buddies to go home with. They waited for me to grab a sandwich as well so I got some food in me before going home to an empty house with an empty fridge (grocery shopping took place after, much later).

For today, turns out, tutorial was cancelled!  I actually forgot and just e-mailed my prof about the absence.  As embarrassing as that may be, at least I didn't bus all the way up to find out about that news!

Time for go finish up a lab! Good night with some sweet music :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

into the music

To keep my mind off stuff and forget the midterm stress, been listening to music. Definitely helped me wake up this afternoon! Super happy I stayed up watching the last Olympic event and watch Canada take Gold! :D Super proud.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

building up the emotions

Today is a day of fluctuating emotions day.  Began the day of being rained on by snow and the excitement of my adventure coming near starting building.  It's really happening! I can finally leave this place for a while and see family, go back to where I grew up, and by myself as well!  My first step to independent travelling...

It's also my first time going back when friends are and the idea of going around with friends and hanging out, that's just so )#(*(*@_$(*#$(@!!

And now, I'm at a point where I am overwhelmed with emotions (no idea what) and I feel like bawling.  Cry my eyes out.  I think it really has something to do with going back to some music I use to listen to.  I am revisiting a band that I always have a soft spot for...and listening to their old and new song.  The vocalist...his style is so different from his first band, and it's so distinct...not the soothing/nell-like type I love, but their music..oh god, it just makes me feel.  A rush of emotions and nostalgia hit me in the face.  I love this feeling...ish.  Anyways, needed a distraction from all the stress (upcoming midterms) and issues (problems mentioned last post) and now I finally found something!

"..I hope you find, I hope you find your dreams."

Friday, February 21, 2014

After the Reading Break..

So this was the first week of school after reading break and I think I am sort of adjusting well.  Still kind of in vacation/lazy mode where I am so not on top of my game with due dates, but I think I will manage.  A tad bit more on procrastinating and did pull a few all nighters before the first day of school to finish assignment, proposals and an essay, but it's all good.

And totally doing a bad job realizing next week is my first midterm of the semester and there's two more, plus another assignment, the week after.  And of course, another online group discussion summary that was brutal and drove my crazy last time. Something about me and group work.

Wish I stop procrastinating my anime watching and such, re watching things and not getting through my list, even for dramas. -sigh- This is why I never get things done! Also need to think about souvenirs for relatives...
And need to think about a whole bunch of things that's causing me a headache...literally.  How do you pick a time to do something "bad" or I guess ..not the best thing to do.. where there's never a good time to do it.  In the summer when there's time and freedom and no one will see you? Now, right away? Or later...and figure it out later.  I chose the last option a few times already -sigh- and it's making things worse..ugh.
Semi-sleepless nights!

Anyways, I also need to start adjusting my lifestyle since I am so out of shape! I have been so breathless from even just going downstairs. Oh, the embarrassment of running up to stairs to catch the skytrain...and then panting like a freak for 10 minutes after...-facepalm- oh gosh.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a sad day and i'm not okay

So my dad left this morning, I actually woke up super early to get dressed and such in order to grab a quick breakfast with my dad before his flight.  Unfortunately, unlike the usual routine, my sister had school and my brother had school so my dad's friend dropped him off and I had to say goodbye at home...and cry at home alone.  I ended up going back to sleep, as recommended by the papa bear, and woke up to an empty house. My mom went out too when she went to drop off my dad.  The instant effects of when my dad leaves was felt once I woke I lulled myself back to sleep until 2 and kept trying to sleep every time I woke up.  That is, until I couldn't sleep anymore and sort of woke up around 4 or 5pm where I began watching youtube videos...and then opened my laptop to resume my drama marathons.

Finally, around 7pm or so, I decided to eat something and sort of get out of bed.  Despite still being in bed, I am wide awake and not productive.  So much for my plans on getting back to work.  I heard from my TA and e-mailed my ex-manager about some cut me some slack. I will just mope and be sad and lonely for today, until tomorrow's brunch and after...a hard core essay prep cramming session.

-sigh- I miss my dad.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Adjusting to the 5-day weekend

This is the last week my dad will be staying and it really makes me sad just thinking about it.  This semester, I only go to class twice a week and I'm not working anymore, it's going to be so lonely being in this empty house all by myself for five days straight.  I'm still hoping to get a job, but to be really honest, despite how good it feels to get a paycheck...I'm just enjoying the fact that I get to rest and watch anime and do the stuff I use to do and enjoy doing.

Maybe during reading break I'll look for a job, or I might just look for one after my trip back to Hong Kong.  I'll the end, I do find myself looking around occasionally or a job.  I'm just not really job searching constantly like I did in the past.

Also, I was hoping to take advantage of this time to start blogging a bit more or writing my stories again.  Or maybe start my film-marathons. Probably get myself back in shape first and focus on school, maintaining good study habits, and co-op!

Here's what I've been listening to and what I have been watching: