Sunday, January 27, 2013

worst time of my life? prob not

not really the best few days,
feeling so down and just sluggish and sick.

but today,
i overcame it. first few hours are the hardest,
after gets better.
but now?
its back again.
maybe its better tomorrow?

i dont know if i should be happy
or not
that i can do this.
that i get use to this.
isnt that a bad sign?

really couldnt do any of my econ readings.
not a productive day...
hope work is okay tomorrow
and the pain...goes away.

Monday, January 14, 2013

update: still living in the fort :D

my goal to stay in my fort for the entire semester is still ongoing!

during this first weekend :D - i am getting use to the new working schedule on fridays and saturdays, as well as my break.

finally, my childhood has ended...finished harry potter, the entire movie series.
was on a movie marathon and although i know the ending and have read the entire series long ago...following the up to date releases,
harry potter did not end because i kept postponing my time to watch the movie.
i watched it all.
it was a cry fest and just overwhelming to see it all.
of course, there were differences, like what happened to the elder wand, having grindelwald not killed and selling out dumbledore and the location of the elder wand. what happened with some of the events like with lovegood's betrayal and such,
it was good :)
they cut out some scenes, but what do you expect from a movie?
only so much could be fit in.
either way, still love the magical series and too bad i'm already in university...
my time to get accepted into hogwarts have passed. probably the owl dropped my acceptance letter. just my luck :'(

trying to get some overdue reading done..
getting my groove with homework back on :(
and so should my blogging habits be fixed once again...though i don't know if this is being followed anymore...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a new year :)

a little late, but it's a new year.
Happy New Year!

2012 hasn't really been the best year for me...lots of rough times, but i guess it's through these times i was also able to find/create some of the most unforgettable memories with people who truly care.

spent new years rushing home in a car with andy from pearl castle to get bubble tea...
all because of my craving.
ended up saying happy new year on skype in silence with one of my two long-time skype buddies.

stayed up till 6am and woke up at 430pm.
and up until now, i have only rebuilt my blanket fort,
eat dinner/brunch and watch chibi maruko-chan. i think it's an awesome new years :)

one more week of break for me and then it's back to school.

this term is going to be more difficult than the last...hope it treats me well.

blanket fort with chubchub