Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I attempted to fix my time, but failed again! -sigh- Plus, I need to do some 'back-to-school' shopping. D: Think I need more line paper and maybe this year, I will start using my binder right and maybe take notes in a notebook instead? Maybe. xP
As for pencils and pens, I still have my last year ones, which are still full of ink! I think I should maybe get more led...hmmmmm...

Aside from that, I should buy a few more jackets...that aren't black. xP Yupyup~ and maybe some colored shirts since I realized practically all the clothes I wear are black. =S I think it's pretty hard for my parents to tell the difference from the clothes I wear today and the day before. D: Plus, I need new runners! It's really hard for me to find the perfect pair of shoes, but I guess I'll somehow manage doing that, and a new bag...
These days, it's so hard for me to find a decent bag that looks right with me and isn't too overpriced. D:

Anyways, my sister's books came...o-o''' They look SO heavy!! Still weird knowing she's now a university student and that my brother is coming to RHS. Which sucks. xD I'm never free from them. D: Once my sister leaves, my brother comes. -sigh- Summer is almost ending, I don't think I have accomplished anything...-sighs again- Plus, I still need to go and make sure my IB schedule is correct and changed, and my fee as well! So much to do and haven't done with so little time. ):

Monday, August 30, 2010

a few more days

a few more days left and we're back to school. going to be IB students!

-sigh- i doubt i will really be able to get my time back in order before school starts so the first few days, i will definitely be dead...looking like some flesh-craving zombie :D look forward to that!

right now, just drinking milk tea (yay!) and chilling. i've been REALLY hungry lately, for no particular reason. can't really concentrate on the things i need to do...and plus, i've been avoiding all the stuff i actually need to make sure is done. not good. still feeling very out of it...so tired D: though i am sleeping!

anyways, this blog entry has no purpose to it. D:
i do have a few things to blog about, but i'll probably save it for later...when my mind isn't blank and chilled. :P blogging will probably my sanctuary when IB starts. going to try my best to treat IB like normal school stuff, just to keep away the stress and pressure. it's all about the mind :P

-sips tea-

Saturday, August 28, 2010


songs I have been obsessed for the past few weeks.

Edith Piaf.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I felt like I should share the girl who annoyed me so much today. Well, technically, she wasn't what got me so irratated...she got to me annoy myself. :P
So basically, in Watermania, there's the high high high diving platform/board and this girl just wouldn't jump...she stayed up there for more than 17 minutes, I swear.

My friend and I watched her for so long! I sat at the edge and then I started narrating her...and then freaked myself out and annoyed myself. The end.

Man, that was so pathetic (for me)...and in the end, the girl did not jump! We were planning on leaving, but didn't know when we should so I said we should when she jumps. That girl was like, pushing people off and wouldn't go. It was so amusing. >w<''~~ -sigh-

There were these guys who were doing flips! I was truly amazed and it made my day....until I started freaking myself out with my annoyance and then looked really retarded to anyone who passed by me.
Back in the ol' days, jumping from a diving board was impressive enough. It was cool!


Came home from swimming! Yay!

Still loving the feeling of afterswim! :D Nothing feels better than a breeze brushing by you when you step out of the chlorine-filled swimming centre. xP

So tired now. D: Wish I had tea, but it's all gone...
Brewing another pot of tea is too troublesome since I'm like...half-dead at the moment plus, it would be too hot and chinese tea doesn't fit me mood. ): anyways...

Thursday, August 26, 2010


A storm is brewing...
I'm getting this eerie feeling. Not good.

I only hear the thundering and grumbling when I'm back in China, but here? Never.

-crosses fingers-

edit: nothing happened. Yesh! :D
then my swimming date is secured for tomorrow! Thank gosh nothing happened, doubt I could sleep with a thunderstorm growling out my window. D:


I feel that sometimes, I think too much or perhaps I'm just way too sensitive about things. =S Well, actually, I never really thought of myself as a sensitive person. I do think too much about a certain thing, over analyzing and all that annoying stuff. Although that may be a good thing for certain situations, I tend to over think for useless stuff. Of course, I never think at school. :D Which is one of the key reasons of my current grades. -evil laughter-

I suppose why I tend to not study or try in school because if I do, and for some reason I don't do well, I will get super disappointed and then start ranting about how unfair life is because I wasted time. If I don't try or work or whatever and I do bad, it's easier to comfort myself by thinking: Well hey, I didn't even try...I'll probably do well if I did!
And of course, if I did do well, I will be all smug and think I'm quite smart. Haha! xP

Anyways, back to the over thinking. I think overthinking about certain things is one of the reasons why I'm starting to lose faith in humanity. Or many it's because I'm reading way too many mangas and watching way too many animes and dramas.
...then again, it could be that I'm right and what I'm thinking is correct.

I feel like I'm BS-ing so I'll stop being my head bursts. D:

I really hate how I'm not able to smooth talk my way out of things when I really need that skill. At times, I can be such a smooth talker and can easily work things out with my mouth, but when I really do need that skill for an emergency...I end up messing up and then...ugly ending.

Just like how when I need to remember definitions for terms or whatever during a test, it in the back of my head, but I just blank out. However, my excellent and awesome memory is clear and bright when I have to talk about anime and list out all the details. Fail, man. My dad claims that it's because I fill my head with anime stuff so that there's no room for other things, maybe, but earlier...when I was talking to someone, I couldn't remember the name for some Gintama characters (Kagura and Shinpachi). -sigh-

I've been entering short entries recently so I decided to blab a long one. Not that I will BS.

Hmmmm...what makes a person interesting?

Because they're smart? Because they're different? Because they have stuff you don't have? Because they're 'in'?

Just been thinking about stuff lately since I can't sleep at night. No, it's not because I refuse to sleep. Seriously, my eyes get SO tired and I would close then and try to drift away to dreamland...but it doesn't work. D: Sucks to be insomniac, no kidding.

I'm still very p'ssed off about how people over-rate themselves and TRY to be smart. Though it's none of my business, just...such eyesores! Bah!
And when I think more about these things, I feel that I'm overthinking and I'm such a horrible person. Then I would think about horrible people and then blah blah blah. I'm droning. Gah!

Ah, great news though, I finished 2 and 1/2 books. ;D Yay to the 2 weeks of happiness~~ and they're thick with tiny words. :D I feel proud. Still a long list to go though. Bleh.
Night night, to those who could sleep. I still haven't made any progress to the 6 weeks of tutor homework...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lychee green tea is my DRUG

(c) spring tea - jojobatanesi

beautiful life~

eating cheesecake ( white romance ) while drinking tea. this is life. :D

[cheesecake lover<3]

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

schedules, schedules!
my rhs stuff FINALLY arrived! -sigh- i had a panick-attack, which i shouldn't...
there's something wrong with my stuff, since i had to change my schedule and so my fees are wrong and -sigh-. need to go check. i also realized i don't like my homeroom (39) sucks, sucks, sucks!

anyways, wow, another school year begins. for some reason, i really don't want to go through the school year and just wish i can suddenly become einstein or something and create a time machine to fastforward everything (probably to prom ;D). i know supposedly, i'm suppese to enjoy high school and missing out is supposedly a 'big deal', but i'm sure if i do successfully create a time machine to send me forward 2 years, i will definitely not regret it...
1. i'm lazy
2. it's IB
3. IB exams, EE, world lits...
4. i'm lazy
5. my head will explode
think that pretty explains everything.

wow, i haven't been out of the house at all for 4 days maybe? i have no idea. will be going insane. anyways, my progress so far...1 assignment done out of 5. hooray!
ah, as you have noticed, i'm suddenly fond of not typing with caps...although this sudden and weird liking will fade away in about...a few days. :D who knows, i might even start typing in all caps the next few days...annoy the heck out of whoever reads this.

this year, i will start being more active! ...after i'm able to get off this chair and go down my stairs. :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

eating takoyaki <3
microwaving is still cooking. I'm a chef :D

Saturday, August 21, 2010

i just finished watching the new Rou OVA and rewatching Shunmaki OVA. wow, CLAMP never cease to amaze me. i adore the whole xxxHOLiC idea. every episode/story gives me the chills and they always tend to make sense...like you can apply somehow in your life. well, most are superstitions :P and because it's applicable to life, it gives you chills.

anyways, as you may or may not know, i love CLAMP. one of my inspirations. i love how they link Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLiC together. and they have the same characters from Card Captor Sakura and Chobits in Tsubasa Chronicle as well. it's just so cool seeing the characters reappear and they are linked together somehow. plus, CLAMP's art is something i always loved when i first laid my eyes on their work. the characters look very plain, yet they are so detailed at the same time. the detail lines and decorations is something CLAMP is well known for, most definitely. X/1999, i remember redrawing a scene from volume 9 or something, of Kamui with his black wings...that was the most painful thing ever! T ^ T especially since i was a total amateur and shading wasn't my thing...plus, using a led pencil didn't help.

every one of their characters (girls) have amazing detailed hair. Yuuko (xxxHOLiC) and Chi (Chobits) are some examples. anyways, enough ranting, i just love xxxHOLiC, can't get enough of it! also, the new Tsubasa Chronicle OVAs are AMAZING! SUPERB!! the good quality definitely helps it all. i still love the Tokyo Revalation OVA a lot...man, the costume design and the story and idea is soooooooooo good. <3>


(left is kamui and his twin from Tokyo Revalation and right is Yuuko from xxxHOLiC with her exquisite costume and hair and totally famous smoke surrounding her room. Ah, the the adorable Mokona, which you have probably seen somewhere...white manjuu)

been in such an awful mood the past 2 days or something. still mad/grumpy though. :S
really glad to have some peace and quiet/chilled 2 days to myself. i haven't really done anything, but i have finished watching another hk drama and i have finished watching gintama! yay!

but now i don't want to finish gintama D: too epic. again, i have nothing to do...
thank gosh i heard news that there will be another season of gintama because if i have to live in a world without gintama....i don't wana live. D: haha, i have been using that a lot o-o'''

anyways -sigh- ...today will be another chilled day.

tutor homework, tutor homework, why won't you go away?
6 days left till it's due.

Friday, August 20, 2010

if crying makes me the victim, then i'll cry all the time.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I finally got my swimming date! Bussed from RC to Watermania with Sam and it was awesome! Totally fun. I love the feeling you get after swimming and showering and you step out of the centre. The awesome breeze~~

Then lurked around Silvercity since the movies started and got NY fries and frozen yogurt instead. Haha, didn't taste like yogurt at all, I swear!

Swirl w/ oreo crumbs<3>
I learned that I have a crazy pepper issue while Sam have this huge ketchup thing. o-o''
After that, my sister finished her movie with Dom and I had to leave my wonderful beloved. Then we got mango mochi slush and yeah...went to E. Canteen to get spaghetti and came home. :D Replied to my email and stalked my friend's blog (depressed after reading it D:).
Now I'm tired and sleepy, still. I doubt I'll sleep, have been drama-ing (anime is on pause!) and then reading. I read till 5am last night...morning! So addicted. -sigh sigh sigh-
So yeah. I'm dying of lack of sleep. PLUS, I think I should really get started on my 6 weeks of tutor homework. Definitely not in the mood to write poetry analysis. Darn that!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

eating spaghetti

I emailed the person mentioned in the pervious entry. I feel so much relief already...even though I'm not sure if it will be opened or not. At least I know I tried and perhaps...it might be opened when the person's gone? Thanks for the comment, Mr. Tom.

Eating spaghettig and thinking about my swimming date! Which was postponed. D:
I think I should get a new swimsuit or something o-o''' Hmmmm...too lazy to shop though. I'll see what I can do then. Anyways, my sister is watching inception now ;D I'm so jealous. I think I'll be watching Salt soon.


-sigh- Stuck. Don't know what to do. I feel like I should say something before it's too late. D: But I don't know how to say it, when to say it, or what to say exactly. :S Like, me and that person talked, then didn't talk for a long time, then started talking again for a bit...and now we're not talking. There were so many chances for me to say something, but I ended up shying out and missed them. D: Now it's going to be too late...and everything will be over. ):

And for sure, if I don't speak up, my last chance will be gone. D: But even now, if I do speak up, seems kind of late. Feels like such a waste, such a pity...

Friday, August 13, 2010

METEOR SHOWER // weird order

Just had a weird dinner. o-o'' Had bacon and egg for dinner, haha! And this morning, since I woke up late (I'M SO SORRY T ^ T), I ended up eating shredded pork chow mein for brunch. :P Well, had bubble tea first before that. Anyways, yeah.
Was suppose to have ramen, but stupid store was so full. D:

I tend to eat cereal (when there's no snack) as a midnight snack o-o'' Hmmmmm...

Anyways, I should really stop slacking and get to my tutor homework before the last week comes around the corner and I'm doomed. -sigh- Have to write 3 poetry analysis...D: I seriously am not in the mood to write...
Not that there's anything else to do anyways. D:


Went out around 12am and bought a drink, then drove to Gary Point to watch the Meteor shower. Supposedly, it was the brightest shower...and it only comes once every 300 years. Sadly, Gary Point wasn't dark enough...have to go somewhere like Cyprus or Whistler to see it. -sigh- Either way, it was gorgeous!
Not really like a shower, more like...a lot of shooting stars. There was actually quite a lot of random groups of people. Was somewhat dangerous since you can't really see where you're going. Next time, I'm totally bringing a blanket and a flashlight! Haha.

Just have to note how boring I am with Pretty Little Liars now. The acting sucks...and it's kind of messed up. I read the plot on Wiki. -sigh- Nothing to watch. Maybe I should start Degrassi? Anyways, Gossip Girl, when will you be back? D: GLEE!!~~~~~~~~ D:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the last song

Okay, I just finished watching The Last Song...more like, I watched the first half and skimmed through the rest. The movie sucked. It was awful, especially after reading the book. I didn't want to watch the 'sad' part because I knew it wouldn't be as good as what happened in the book. =='''

The acting was at times, horrible, and the rest was just plain mediocre. This whole movie just defeated the main part of the story...I didn't feel the strong music passion Ronnie, the main character, supposedly had in the book. Things just happened like that. In the beginning, Miley Cyrus was just plain flirting...I can't tell whether she's actually disgusted by the arrogance or she was pretending.

Instead of focusing on the struggle with music and her father Ronnie suppose to had, practically..the whole hour and half was on what Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth did on their dates and how wonderful and sweet of a boyfriend he is. Scratch that, they didn't even show how sweet he is...most of the screen time was just them kissing. Some rain or some scenary, then more kissing. A few dialogue, more kissing. This sucked. I just wasted my time.

They cut out so many of the scenes, they rushed really sad and strong parts of the book. They redid some of the stuff. Sucked like crazy. I am so not impressed. Miley played the piano so fast...just like that. She stopped getting mad so easily...and she played piano so quickly...like, there was no struggle! Ruined everything...EVERYTHING!!

This whole movie was just to show off how hawt Liam Hemsworth is...how s*xy Miley suppose to be and all that. She practically changed her outfit like....10 times or so. Most of the screening shows her wet...they starts fooling around, she's wet and then has to change. Are they trying to send everyone a message that Miley is hawt when she has wet hair clad in wet clothes? And then Liam will kill Miley, for the oh...I don't know...the 10th billion time? Wow. ==''

I totally DON'T recommend this movie. I tried my best accepting Miley Cyrus and wanted to give her acting a shot, but nope. Didn't work. She sucks. Seriously sucked.

The only part I probably liked was the Dad and the little brother. The dad was funny and the younger brother was cute and that's about it. The guy who played Marcus sucked and was like a total loser. They rewrote the whole Blaze and Marcus scene and cut off most of Blaze's role just to let Miley kiss Liam longer. BS! Grrrr....I'm so angry. They ruined a perfectly well written book with this horrible movie!

Go watch The Notebook if you want something sweet and romantic. (my reaction is so strong it's because I spilled a lot of tears for the book)

If you like Maroon5's She Will Be Loved, please do not watch...Miley just ruined the song for me. Great. Still a mystery why she's a singer with her whiny voice. Man, throw me a mic and I can even sing better than her! ... and my sing...is not pretty. LOL!

oh great

My happy mood from when I woke up, just diminished in a second. Great. THANKS NICOLE!

Such a booger.

Anyways, been listening to One Republic since last night. I seriously have nothing to do, but hey, I'm going out tomorrow! Hopefully, turns out successful! > : D And I will have fun, for once in a long time. I really want to get away for a bit. -sigh- I have said that many, many time, but it never happened.

Also, I realized I'm such a critic. o-o'' Haha.


So bored. I shall go surf the TV, if it's not occupied. ~ 3 hour car cruising last night...SO awesome~~<3

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

really need to do something

Oh gawsh, I really need to go out and do something!
Spent 3 days, I think, at home chasing OP the anime and now I have just finished catching up to the manga.

I cried like a loser for 2 episodes straight, and then cried last night/this morning throughout 5 chapters (about 50 something pages) and then stopped and was amazed by the awesomness...then cried again at the flashbacks. -sigh- SO good. Well, then again, I am quite emotional and I cry quite easily. The first time my sister heard me crying, she thought I was hurt and turns out, it was because of something I saw/read...and now, she's just like =='' meh.

Still, it takes some awesome genius authors/mangakas to be able to create something REALLY good that will make me cry, laugh, admire all at once. :D

Here's a REALLY well made trailer of the recent episodes I have been watching. I've been obsessed with this youtuber today, watching his/her videos. They're REALLY well made :D -admires- Yay for Sony Vegas 8 xP So realistic<3

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

finally caught up!

Yesh, I have finally caught up and watched the most recent episode, 461. Ace still hasn't died yet since all mainstreams take FOREVER to get to the point by filling it with flashbacks and random fillers and all that stuff.
I don't mind watching Luffy and Ace's past though and learning about Ace's true background, which I already spoiled for myself. It's really, watching it. The loneliness Ace has felt, no wonder he loves Luffy so much. I always thought Luffy would be Gol D. Roger's son since they resemble each other more, but turns out Ace is...and Luffy's dad is Monkey D. Dragon. Anyways, still, they're both amazing.

Poor Ace, his execution is made public! Oh, the humiliation. D:
Marines trying to make him an example for the other pirates...and etc. -sigh-

Enough anime rant...I suppoe I need to find something new to do. Well, I will resume with my sci-fi fantasy reading and search for the one piece chapter that continues where the anime left off.
Man, I have no life. D: Really need to get out more.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Stupid gloomy mornings.


I know, I know. Since the start, even before Ace made his first (AWESOME) appearance, I knew he would die. As the episodes bring me closer and closer to his execution, I feel more and more depressed. D: My heart turns sour when he flashes back to his memory and just listening to the words he say about Luffy! He's the best big brother anyone could ask for. He's the commander of the second division of the Whitebeard crew, which is the greatest pirate crew at the moment...closetest to finding the one piece. -sigh-

Ace D: Why? Why Oda-sensei? Why must you kill off my most favorite character of all times? Ace is like, the best thing that has ever happened to One Piece, and still is. He died for Luffy, I know that D: And his powers are so cool! Fire~ xD Plus, his constant worrying for Luffy totally contrast his cool and laid-back personality that was supposedly given to him. -sigh-

-continues to sulk, rant and moan-

Watching Luffy trying so hard and doing all he can, risking his life to intrude the impenetrable jail, Impel Down, is so touching! And when Boa Hancock, whose so hawt! She's gorgeous!, tells Ace that Luffy is coming, he's all worried and heartbreaking that Luffy is coming because it's so dangerous. -sigh-



Seeing my beloved Ace in pain, breaks my heart. He's so tortured that he rather be killed...and he hopes to die in order to prevent an all-out war that was caused by him. D:
He cried! THE 'Fire-fist' Ace cried! I cried seeing him cry, it's just so heartbreaking...


Even though just a few moments ago, I was laughing about some stupid panties joke Brooks made.
The upcoming events will no doubt, break my heart even more...shatter them until tiny shards, then smashed into ashes..dusts...whatever. -sigh- Why? D:

P.S. Prepare for further ranting/bashing/complains of hearbreaking. ):

Ramen date tomorrow! Well, today, I suppose. Ramen date, followed up buy bubble tea :D How Asian of me!
Sadly, swimming has to be reschedule...darn it. Either way, I'm satisfied with Ramen and bubble tea. Might even sneak in a cheesecake eat-a-thon if my stomach is big enough. =P

(Been eating so much with my siblings these days, nice to have a break from them ;D)
Ace D:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

new adventure at night involving a police...

Haha, I just came home ish and just experienced something. o-o'''

Was pulled over by a police car for speeding. Let's just say it's not me, but I won't name any names. ><''' It wasn't too bad! No one got hurt and stuff and it wasn't too fast =S Was caught in that curve, like...the highway you go on when you go straight on Gilbert and pass the Mall and then pass the McDonald and the Petro-Canada gas station...><'' Yeah. -sigh-
It was...weird, but a very nice police guy. Let's just say, I will be riding a safe and slow car from now on. =) That's good. I feel my brother is still scared half to death...><'''

A $138 lesson learnt. My dad just laughed.
(I, myself, will never experience something like this because I'm cool :D Yay!)

Another off my 'to-do' list ><'''

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Cove

I have just finished watching this Documentary that has won the Audience Award for the Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and I also believe it has won an Academy Award as well. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY recommend you watch it and help spread the word around. I'm am still in shock and terrified by what I just saw. I cried so much...watching the beautiful blue waters of an amazing lagoon turn pure red. The underwater camera showed nothing but blood red. Watching from the camera high above, it was that little cove, filled with blood red water and the poor dolphins. D:

Please help spread the word and help.

I suddenly just lost all respect I had for the Japanese. As you know, I'm a crazy Japanese anime, music, and fashion fan...but now. Well, I know not everyone in Japan knowsa bout this, but like...those fishermen...what they did. -sigh- Their actions doesn't define every Japanese, but they definitely made a huge impact on my impression of Japan itself and how people can be so cruel...so...I don't even know what to say. What they're doing is just so wrong. So evil. It's disgusting...I felt as if my stomach was twisted multiple times in my body, then pulled out, and minced or whatever...and stuffed right back in my body...

Not really pleasant.

Please watch and support!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Officially free. Even when school was over, I was miserable during that one week break between provincials and summer school. I was dreading to go to class. -sigh- Finally, I am free. Yay~!!

This is the first time I only have 1 month summer break. Every year, I would always have a full 2 month ish 3 month break in Hong Kong. I feel so adapted there, it's as if I have lived there all the time. Of course, I still can't get use to bussing or taking the MTR alone. =S I feel so unsafe and insecure there.

Ah~ Hong Kong. I miss going to Hong Kong. Any kind of food you want, it's there. Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Western, etc. etc.. I'm sure if you put in effort to find it, there will be Mexican. xD

The best part about Hong Kong is messing with people! -evil laughter- Because I look like I'm from Hong Kong anyways, aside from the way I dress, people expect that I speak Cantonese, but then I end up speaking English and they start freaking out. So mean, I know, but you just can't help it! Of course, sometimes, it's because I actually don't know and like, naturally, when I do order or talk, it's in English. I don't notice how white-washed I really am until I go back to China nd Hong Kong. It's so weird.
Can't keep up.

Anyways, FREE FREE FREE~~ -jumps for joy-
I can watch movies, read, go swimming, go to the beach and do whatever I want.
Time to finish my One Piece. I'm currently on episode 383. Impressed, right? Just about 100 more episodes to go. I think it's about 80 more episodes to go actually. Anyhow, FAREWELLZ~~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

lyrics and poems and lyrics and poems and lyrics and poems

First, I would like to thank Mr. Tom for bringing me that 24 hours newspaper. Definitely made my day. THANK YOUS!! I finally had something to do in physics class instead of doodling/sketching designs. I'm out of dress designs, definitely not kidding. I have been redrawing chiffon dresses for the past few classes and it definitely doesn't help my craving for one. Chiffon...mmmmmm...dessert xD.

I would like to apologize because when emails starts to get too long to read and to reply to, it becomes a chore. I definitely know how that feels (sorry, my dear friend for the 3 weeks [or more] no reply!).

I suppose I should end my blog entry and resume my rushing-to-finish-my-3-weeks-of-homework-due-tomorrow-at-5:30-right-after-summer-school. :D
Had to search up lyrics and poems. Lyrics are practically ALL GazettE, but one Eminem (of course, I love him, but was too lazy to search through the stupid rubbish sites filled with ads for decent copies of his lyrics without typos as I am rushing to finish this assignment). Not Afriad. Awesome come back rap song. Strong, strong lyrics. Who doesn't love it? ~~

Time to finish my 2 poetry analysis, 'Everything has a price' essay, and wait for my 18 lyrics and poems to print out (5-6 pages). Ah, not to mention, try and finish Starman tonight (not that I have to, but it makes me feel happy and accomplish...and that's very, VERY important :P).
Oh, oh, I have to mention how, when I was looking at poems, I was reading some Shel Silverstein poems. I love him when I was younger, reading his funny poems. Where the Sidewalk Ends, Sick, Smart, Boa Constrictor, and etc..
They're so cute and funny, definitely a different style compared to the amazing genius, James Joyce, the beautiful English poems by William Shakespeare (filled with love and joy xD), and the powerful, genius as well, Emily Dickinson.~~ Classic poets, most definitely. Ah~ and of course, who could forget the amazingly awesome Pablo. Pablo Neruda. (Know him from 'We Are Many')

Anyways, farewell and good night~
[lookg forward to my date<3]

Sunday, August 1, 2010

onion head vs. tuzki

beggin' - madcon once again, but with an awesomely cute and wonderful video that matches up with the song. Woooooo`~
'I'm beggin', beggin' you~u~uu
put your lovin' hand out darlin''

room makeover

I need a room makeover... :(

Doubt I'll get one though since I don't think I can part with my homey, artistic room. xD I feel so special with the baby blue room...the ONLY baby blue room in the house, aside from the purple theatre/game room, my room is the only colored one.

I think my next room, I will make everything white. Not exactly the most original idea, but I think it would make me really happy. What I would REALLY want to do is have a pure white room with white furnitures and everything...and if I could, I would splat paint on the wall :P Some kind of abstract thing.

I would want a Mark Tobey thing on my wall, but I think having a full wall covered in Mark Tobey styled work...will make me go insane and bend twistedly. o-o'' Yeah~ :S

so obsessed with this...no idea why. xD
(sound so chilled<3)