Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011


this week was probably one of the most fun week i've had so far in the school year, yet it was the most depressing as well.  just me, definitely.
so tried and so not feeling well, yet i still love this week...D: wish i could've enjoyed it some more.
i mean, nicole's birthday was yesterday!
i got to bake!
biology was fun yesterday!
today is the last day of IOP!
did pretty well on my history essays!
quite chilled and got some sleep!
plus, some funny moments came up and i got closer to certain people as well as got to know others.

time to finish editing my tok essay!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

such a beautiful day

wish i could go out...blame my own procrastinating habits. -sigh-
(c) icekuran

Friday, October 21, 2011

time to re-evaluate my life.

thank you so much for always being there for me.  been 7-8 years and you're now someone really important to me.  all the support you have given to me.  thank you for listening to my countless ranting about school, friends, family and everything. can't express how much i love you. not only did you open up my mind to certain things, you've also made me feel better with how i am.

thank you so much.

Enjoyed the Botswana Global Dinner very much :) Thanks for the great time!

Monday, October 17, 2011

it's during the times of need...

when you figure out who truly cares and who doesn't.  it's during the times of need when the people, who actually love and worry for you, step out and lend you a hand.

after being in high school for the 5th year now, i thought i knew who were my friends and who wasn't.  i thought my ideas of who cares and who doesn't was already figured out.
but when i really needed help and try to look for help from those people i thought would help, i realized i was wrong.  after being denied, i would always get upset and slightly angry because of this shock. i know not everyone has to help you out and it's an honor if they do, but knowing that i am wrong about who i think cares about me after being with these people for 5 years..kind of upsetting.

of course, it is times like these when the people you never really noticed because they don't seem like your 'best  friend' or whatever the term is, they reach out.  again, i would also experience shock and feel like i want to cry.
really thankful for those people around me.  those unexpected surprises that just makes my day.

an now, i feel like i need to re-evaluate my thinking.  i somewhat love it when i'm incorrect and it's because of something unexpected that has proven me to be incorrect.  this year, i feel like i'm learning so much more about myself, my interests and my personality.
i thought i knew, but guess i was wrong...
even though i don't know what specific career i want to pursue, like how i use to want to be a surgeon for sure, i now feel like i know what i'm interested. still on the path of finding out what it really is, but through this, i'm learning more about myself and feeling more certain than i did when i was focused on 'surgeon'.

time to sleep, survived on nothing but a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.
there goes my health!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


enrique iglesias and math portfolio :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

kind of just killed my friday

was actually planning on not going to school on friday, but ended up going.

i baked egg tarts, but the crust kind of failed. i think somewhere in the middle, the measurement for butter went off?

i was home alone for basically the whole day/night...

did not do any homework (going to enjoy my morning tomorrow...or today now)

really, really tired

still listening to mat kearney

wondering: why am i doing all these things?

wondering: why am i thinking and worrying about things that makes me feel even worse and more stressed?

talked to many people i haven't spoken to for a while.

noticed and appreciate those special 3 who noticed something. although all 3 don't read this blog.

he's still in my mind and now undeniable is playing (great timing, just when i'm mentioning him)

good night world

Thursday, October 13, 2011


what i have been listening to non-stop.
-sigh- internal turmoil! D:  when this happens, i'm normally moody.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pet peeves

after knowing me for many years and/or reading my blog, do you know what my pet peeves are (or what the main one is)?

Think I'm gonna...

stick with my sleep after school and wake up late to do my homework idea. might work better that way.
-sigh- i didn't eat for a full day (proper meal) since i chose sleep over food. :(
feeling so sad, but too scared to leave my room...


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Though I totally messed up my IOP with my stuttering and babbling, I am SO SO SO grateful to those of you who helped me out by asking questions! I went all over the place and wasn't able to follow the sequence I originally planned, making me unable to cover all areas I have written down (so I was only 7:40 something) and I didn't cover all the aspects of the criteria...

so thank you guys (though none of you will probably read this): kwok, anthony, carol, and alex. I don't think I missed anyone... o-o'''

major memory loss, but now that history and IOP is over...

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Whether I am an apple fan or not, can't deny the fact that he is an amazing man that has changed the way this world is and will continue bring new changes because of what he has done.

Freaking out

IOP and World history test.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Think I was just proposed to by a little boy...

(disclaimer: not my image)
Think I was just proposed to by a little boy in my clay class, Nikoli (Nick-oh-lie).  He kept making things out of clay for me as presents like a bandage for my thumb, etc..  Eventually, began making a ring for me.  He's so cute, oh my gosh.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 dis-likable aspects of me

1. impatient, very impatient
2. mood swings :( - especially when i lack sleep and is 'high' on caffeine
3. sensitive when certain issues crosses over to my pet peeves
4. quite a slacker
5. needs to follow my schedule or my world falls apart
6. temper is irrational
7. easily annoyed

There's probably a lot more, but I guess I should go grab something to eat before I think about my oral presentation. Slept for 12 hours again. Wow, 20 hours and now 12.  Hopefully, I will finish studying math early today and finish outlining what I'm going to say for IOP (to make sure Ms White approves of it) so I can sleep early.  So much to do! And art!