Thursday, April 29, 2010

the black shaprie artwork is coming off my planner and it's just so annoying to keep reapplying the!

Socials was hilarious. 'Someone's' essay was totally good...==''' not. I didn't think it was as amazing as Ms. Ho said. It souded more like that 'someone' had nothing to write and decided to BS the front and try to remember and/or cover up the stuff her forgot, AKA. not answering the actual question. x . x'''

Anyways, I spend most of my afternoon stalking cell phone models. My dad asked me if I wanted a new cell phone, but I'm still thinking. In the end, the one that actually looks right to me is the Sony Ericsson one in black, but it seem so...typicals, compared to other people. I actually really like Japanese cell phones. They're just so pretty and sleek. While I was googling, I found some pictures of these REALLY cool cell phones made by some students in Korean universities. ...I just realized they're concept phones from Pantech. xP So techincally, they're just ... models, not actually yeah...really going to be made for mass production.

From top to bottom: Wavy Stream, Waterfall Fish, Simplice Section, Cell Dot, and the Lily Tower.

I stared looking at some more concept stuff and found some interesting things!

Apple's iPod TiMPO! They're hoping to actually produce 10 years later.

This is REALLY cool. The people in the University of Tokyo has tried to incoporate high rate camera into a cellphone, allowing the device to track motion and input gestures. Basically, a touchless cell phone!

This is Meizu's M9 Android model. It's for testing purposes. Anyways, Meizu has released M8 which is kind of like the iphone so yeah, here's the M9 version using 3 types of virtual keyboards. The design isn't final though.

This is Sony Ericsson Shio Android model. It's touchscreen with a strong camera at the back.

This is for the Xperia smartphone, the Android 2.xplatform to replace the 'ugly bar'.

I feel like I'm blabbing on and on. I will probably post the pictures of Sony Ericsson's tablet another entry, or you can search it up. It looks quite sweet, Sony Ericsson's Maino. I like~

(c)concept phones

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


No on notices my haircut! I cut my bangs. D:
I suppose I should take it as a compliment xD Since my skills are so wonderful, you can't tell the difference between the original stylist and my skills! xP Anyhow, it is shorter, and my attempt to kind of...make it more bangs-like, but still swift off to the side. Yupyup~

So shocked that so many people are obsessed with the whole Duck song and the Badger thing. I look on msn and I see a few people with the: 'hey, got any grapes?' on their pm! It's very amusing.


For the math quiz, I did some very very VERY stupid mistakes which I now hate myself for. I am now 100% sure I got the last question part c wrong, for sure sure! I think my B. (the triangle question) is wrong. Well, I forgot the volume formula for that and I took a guess. Other than that, I think I did okay...hopefully. x . x'' -sigh- I have such a weird memory.


Ah, I want to share that today, when I walked home from school...I saw a crushed snail shell. It was VERY gross and scary. I was freaked out by it and heart did skip a beat. Why? Because before that, I saw a tiny dog poop surrounded by flies.
At first, I was walking and noticed a funny shaped thing on the floor. My 'Joycey-senses' tells me to avoid it and when I tried stepping around it, all these flies flew all over the place. It reminded me of the scene in Resident Evil 3 when Alice opened the closet door and a swarm of flies flew out and this dead body was hanging there. Like, that swarm of flies scene...was kind of like how the flies on the poop was like. Reeeeaaally freaked me out.

Another video to share, kudos to PYL:

Spent lunch watching these orange videos and it was hilarious! All those puns - someone should show Mr. Eastwood! xP Anyways, I completely forgot about this other video I wanted to share. Probably blog about it later. =D

Such a nice and pretty day! So warm and the wonderful breeze~ I also saw a cloud in the shape of a whale when I reached the gate of my house! It was so cute~<3

Monday, April 26, 2010

very entertaining videos

watch till the end to be completely entertained. =)

My favorite part is when he says 'badgers'. =D

This is so cute!


Today, I am not angry, but more of...upset actually. A little annoyed as well. Recently, some....unnecessary dispute appeared and finally it's over, but I sense something coming up soon which is really really annoying. I honestly don't believe I need any drama, which is why I'm quite glad my 3 years in high school wasn't as dramatic as my elementary years.

Even though I'm a bit upset, I think it really helped when I talked to one of the most amazing person I've ever met, during this weekend...well..the break we just had. xP So yeah, I'm glad. She's pretty, inside and out, and very very nice and understanding. It was really nice to just talk to her and hear about her advice on things and how she handled her troubles and everything. Anyhow, I think that talk did change my view on things.

So right now, here I sit, typing up this blog entry with a headache. I'm worried about the weather because it's raining...and weather reports said it will rain probably throughout this week so I'm totally doomed when I walk to school. If you see me soaked, don't be surprised.

Okay, I just realized I'm really not focussed. I keep going all over the place and it's not really a good thing, at least not for now. Anyhow, I still feel 'blah' and all that. Still not very happy because I feel like people just keep upsetting me, though I doubt anyone really notices. I guess no one really mean to upset me, but then...I kind of hope everyone could just be more aware of their what they do and what they say. Of course, I'm not saying I'm perfect here, nor am I trying to be a hypocrite since I do know I'm not always aware of my surroundings. I do know I upset people with my words and action so of course, I'm trying to change that.

Sorry for the boring entry, but just to let you guys know why I will be very up and down. Plus, the weather does have an effect on me. o-o By the way, I notice that sometimes, I might be using 'affect' and 'effect' wrong...x . x''' Time to restudy that!

I will probably blog another more...interesting entry. =D


Sunday, April 25, 2010

sweet dream

I just remembered that Thursday or Friday night, I think I had a wonderful dream! I definitely remembered it was fantasy and maybe a little romance, but it was just so wonderful! I am now feeling a little depressed and disappointed that I forgot the whole concept of this dream beacuse I remember waking up, feeling really happy, and wanting to write it then...but I obviously forgot. Anyhow, I hope I will suddenly remember, though I doubt it.

It did revolve around school..shockingly, but did not turn into Hogwarts or moving staircases or talking paintings, sadly.

I suddenly have an appetite for a parfait. D:
I am so craving for a Pavlova -drools- and of course, who could resist the temptations of a Crème Brulée~ D:
Life sucks when you can't cook. x . x''


I love the color scheme and just the MV itself. The song isn't too bad itself. xP I think I'm addicted. Anyhow, I really love all the contemporary dance in this video. It's just so beautiful. I'm no dance expert, but I very much love the choreography =) [I love the choreography for around 2:45 ish...where they pretend to play the violin. I have a thing for that...ever since I saw this dance revolving musical instrument. Anyways...]

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was brougth near tears where I was listening to Cassis then Guren and then Taion. I should share them one day, but yeah. D: Wonderful, wonderful lyrics. VERY beautiful and exquisite lyrics. xP I'm in love. Anyhow, I am amazed at myself. I'm actually doing homework! On a Saturday...willingly! I tend to push my work till Sundays or so, but yeah. I'm working, but I suppose I should take a break and see what's on TV.

I was watching Legend of Seeker this afternoon. I feel so lost. D: I think I should probably rent the whole set one day and watch from the start...I will probably do that for Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries as well...maybe even 24 and CSI. If I watch CSI, that will take me a lifetime! xP Anyhow, time for my so-called break. =)

another want.

Ever since I became a stalker, I have also became a fan of Kaoru-chan on DA. She is just AMAZING! I REALLY want to go to the Japan Expo in Paris, but as is in PARIS! -sigh- Oh, how I wish to stalk those amazing artists that will be there! I feel like I'm completely missing out! GAHHH!!

Anyways, back to the main I was stalking Kaoru-chan once again, I realized her journal entry states that she's selling storybooks! Amazing artists + storybooks = amazing book of amazing arts by THE amazing artist =D

So yeah, now I want to buy! But sadly, it is quite pricey. D: Especially since you have to pay in Euro. With shipping and tracking, the two books are 29€ and without tracking it's 26€. So that's around $38 dollars or so with tracking. -sigh-

And yes, I really really REALLY want BOTH books! Her art is so amazing. It's just so pretty. The coloring and all that. Her style is very...innocent, so pure.

Here is Eclipse (A fanart of Kurogane and Fai of Tsubasa Chronicle):

(sample page)

This is the Secret Garden:
As you can see, it's Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicle) as Alice!

So pretty! I want D:

Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay, I just have SO many things I want to do. I wish I have so much more time to spare than I do now. Books! I have so many books I still need to read/finish, so many mangas I need to read, so many movies I need to watch, so many art projects I need to finish, and my stories! I haven't finished my stories yet and I feel absolutely horrible I didn't get to finish it! Gahh!!

Well, good thing right now is that I'm reading a manga and re-reading another story I adore A LOT. Not to mention, I just finished stalking and added 2 more books to my 'must-read' list. x . x''

There has been 3 stories I read and absolutely love. Recently, since the last summer, I have taken a risk and actually read my first...smut/mature manga...which was REALLY shocking to me. Of course, I skip the 'rated' scenes, but yeah, the manga was AMAZING! It was about a girl who was forcefully sent back in time and was suppose to be made a 'sacrifice' because her blood was pure and all that and she was a virgin. Her blood suppose to be used as part of a curse for this queen to use on this prince. The queen...technically, the only concubine of the current king, wanted her son to be the next king, but there was a line-up of princes that are placed ahead so she wanted the curse to destroy them all, etc. etc. So the girl ended up falling in love with one of the prince and stuff. It's really good! She had to decide whether to go back to her time or stay in this time period and live with the one she loves and help guide the army. Ramses of Egypt, also falls for her and stuff happens.

Wow, I just made it sound boring...=='' Anyways, was awesome! Aside from that, another 'rated' manga I read was another amazing one! I cried SO much at the end, it was so...realistic! I will probably talk about it in another blog entry. xD

So, back to the wonder 3 stories I love...I have practically read each of them like...5-6 times or something. I think these 2 authors are amazing and should really be publishing.

One of them is about vampires, and yes, it is WAYYYYYY much better than Twilight, not to mention, more well-written than the Twilight saga itself.

So it's about this girl, Anna (full name: Elianna) and she was just in a cafe reading. A guy walks up to her and starting flirting with her and wanted to treat her to coffee, but she senses that something was off so she rejected. After, when she was leaving, it was late and she was suddenly pulled into the alley and was raped. The guy turns out to be a vampire and to 'destroy the evidence', he threw her in this vault FAR FAR FAR from society and hidden. In the vault was a vampire from millenias ago. He's one of the 'Ancient One's and was the most powerful. A few of the people who worked for him decided to team up against him and plotted to destroy him, which was why he ended up being locked in this vault. Even though he's so powerful, he still couldn't break the vault and kind of just gave up. And they bonded and he talked to her and try to help her forget what had happened.

The rated part was her flashback on the rape which became her nightmare and such. So finally, Anna knew she won't survive and told the old vampire, Alexander (real name: Cael), to drink her blood and escape on his own. She remembered that before she passed out, she heard a melody and decided to see if that was the tune of the buttons to the password. Finally, she managed to get it right and unlocked the vault. Alexander refuses to let Anna die after she saved him, he carried her and escaped. And so on...

It's so sweet, the way he cared for her and such. It's soooo good. I make stories sound boring because I get so obsessed and wordy. x . x''

The other story is about this girl whose dad owes money to this mafia boss, Nic. To pay him back...she agreed to be 'his girl' for a week. Each time she disobeys him or angers him, he adds a week and that's supposedly how it works. The girl, Victoria, hated Nic so much. Hated how she has to listen to him and such. Things happen and Nic started feeling that he's caring for Victoria more than he should. Victoria also realizes she loves Nic, but he keeps being so on/off to her and she's feeling really hurt. And also the fact that his work and he has to kill people is just horrifying for her to think about. So yeah, once again, they go through obstacles.

If you realize, they're all love stories and yeah. They're not those cliche, mushy stories though which is why I adore them. There's actions and such so yeah. Like for the Vampire one, there was a vampire war that occured and many many attacks. For the mafia one, there was some kidnapping here and there and the problem where Nic has to choose whether to let Victoria go or stop doing this business because Victoria went to his enemy, Paul (this very kind old man) and borrowed money to return to Nic. Etc.

Wow, I spoiled a lot. I suppose no one is going to read these stories anyways, so yeah. xD Whatever. Anyways. I kind of base the type of guys I like on stories and mangas xP. Time to find that Italian mafia boss! Or that Navy SEAL with a Boston accent. =) Perhaps a 5 millenia old Greecian vampire? ;D


I dislike it when people start a conversation with me and has completely nothing to talk about. Forcing a conversation is honestly very pointless, obviously because there was no point to begin with! I hate that orange blinking tab...

The Vampire Diaries.

I ended up watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries and fell in love. I have always favored Damon over Stephan because of his mischievious smile and that...'darker' feel he has. Anyhow, this is absolutely my favorite episode, I suppose. I think I did manage to watch season 1 and parts of the other seasons, but because I wasn't very hyped about the whole Vampire thing since the Twilight craze was going bersek so yeah...I think The Vampire Diaries is quite a good series. Anyways, why I love this episode is because of this scene:

I just love how they 'flirt with their eyes'. xD Such a strong and beautiful moment. =)
The music was vital to this atmosphere, of course, so I'm in love with this song, All I Need. xP

Did I mention why I want to watch Inception is because of my favorite, Hans Zimmer! xD He's also doing the music for Despicable Me AND Winnie The Pooh in 2011~!
OH MY GOSH! I forgot to mention...Hans Zimmer is also doing the music for THE LOST SYMBOL! I'm so SO looking forward to that. I think I should read the book before and find time to catch Da Vinci Code as well as the book. I'm still shocked that I haven't gone through that. Anyhow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hans Zimmer. Ever since The Last Samurai and Pearl Harbor. Well, Pirate of the Caribbean as well. xD

3 day break

For this 3 day break, I decided to chill and just relax and do my homework. Probably won't be able to watch a movie, sadly, but yeah. I think I might start up another art project, though I never finished my old art projects. I still haven't gotten that 'ding' or anything that will inspire me and give me the idea nor motivation to continue/finish my art projects. -sigh-

Anyhow, I do look forward to next week for no particular reasons, but yeah. I think I should go watch a movie next week actually. I have been meaning to rewatch Avatar 3-D and watch How to Train a Dragon 3-D as well. I have heard many MANY positive feedbacks on how amazing How to Train a Dragon was and I was just reading this blog of an artist, whom I very very very much admire, and she said she watched it 5 times...or was it 3? Big difference, but yeah. She was very obsessed and said the 3-D made it feel like you're flying as well. Of course, I think I might just watch Clash of Titains at home. Once again, hearing from people and that artist, it was very disappointing idea-wise. The graphics were great, but the ending final battle was a huge disappointment.


Aside from what I plan to do. Yesterday was such a nice day! It was sunny and the perfect breeze accompanying it. I was chilling with my awesome friend. We just talked and laid on this bridge of this playground which is somewhat my 'secret' place. I was just really nice, staring at the sky and such.

I should really do that more often...

Sadly, I couldn't watch a movie with my friend ==''' I felt bad for not planning something to do, but I guess the chilling part was quite awesome and she won't mind. xD Anywhow...

I shall go and waste time until What A Girl Wants comes on YTV. xP

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 movies

I am stalking movies, as usual, and I noticed...this year, 2010, there will be a lot of horror movies coming out! I'm actually not really happy with that news because that means I will have to be more aware of the trailers being aired on TV. x . x''' How bothersome.

Like, Predators is releasing. Nightmare on Elm Street, The Last Exorcism, Saw VII, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Piranha 3-D, and etc..

The good news, well...for me, is that there's some movies I find quite interesting.
I have already mentioned Creation before, and it's already released this year. xD I want to see Oceans...which is another Disney documentary...kind of like Earth, which I went to watch in imax with my sister and it was amazing! xD

There's also some pixar animation: Despicable Me, which I look forward to. Ummm....Shrek 4, Letters to Juliet, Salt, The Losers, Step Up 3-D, Takers, The Eagle of the Ninth and etc. I didn't exactly go through all. Of course, I realized there's a new Narnia coming out soon, Deathly Hallows Part 1 will be out, most definitely, as well as Eclipse. Not to mention..there will actually be a Paranormal Activity 2!

To be honest, I don't think the Paranormal Activity 2 will be any good. Actually, horror movie sequels tends to be somewhat...disappointing. In fact, more sequels are quite disappointing to me. I get so hyped about some sequels and they always go 'blah' on me. Like...Matrix. Well, I know Seed of Chucky sequels are scary. I'm not sure about the whole Alien Vs. Predator thing though...Saw, most definitely, has awesome scary sequels. Of course, I will not be watching any of these...maybe, just maybe, Resident Evil: Afterlife...just because I watched the first 3 movies and I must 'complete' my set.

Anyhow, 2 movies I will end up watching, but not looking THAT forward to is: The Last Airbender and Beastly.

For The Last Airbender, that's because the main character, Ang, should be Chinese! Like seriously...D: That's what I expected...not saying there's anything wrong with the other race, but yeah...=\ Anyways, I'm not too sure if they can make the movie as funny as the cartoon. The cartoon was split into 4 I'm not exactly certain if they can fit 4 seasons into 2 hours while covering every detail and important aspects of the cartoon...

As for Beastly. Let's just say, I LOVE the book. I saw some snip-its, interviews and the short preview trailers for the movie and I'm quite disappointed already. First of all, I personally don't like Vanessa Hudgens, no idea why. I just didn't think she will fit the role. When I read the story, I didn't think of someone like her as the main girl. As for the 'beast', Alex Pettyfer (I think I spelled his name right), he's actually quite 'hawt' xD. He does fit the role, but what I'm not happy with is the 'beast' transformation!
-Beastly is a modernized version of Beauty and the Beast. The beast in the book was described as furry, and all...beast-like. Of course, movies are always different from the original novel, but still! At least he could seem more like a furry beast and have a more...bigger body (beast sized) or something. Like, for The Wolfman, I'm sure they made the werewolf more wolfy. They should've made him more Wolfy. D:

The problem with the current 'transformation' for me is that the 'beast' form actually resembles a zombie to me, more than a beast. Like...just some bald ugly zombie...not anything near a furry beast. He seems more..bald naked o-o''. I really really don't like it and I just can't stand looking at this beast form. -sigh- But of course, I will probably end up watching it and then judge the film overall. So yeah. =\


a great morning.

Yesterday, I started eating CEREAL for BREAKFAST! First time~ since a long time...which is why I even remember the time, 10:30 am, which was when I took my first bite!

Anyways, I also ate breakfast TODAY! I was eating the K cereal or something. My sister's and mom's. So yeah.

Isn't it so pretty? xD When I opened Google and first saw it, I was in awe~ I literally just said: 'Woooooowwwww!'
Such a nice picture/logo thingy to represent a great morning! It's so enchanting. A forest swirling above you. The birds just reminds me of Enchanted, the movie, and perhaps Snow White as well, when she was lost in the forest (and then stumbled upon the 7 little dwarves' cottage). Let's just say, this enchanting logo work resembles a scenary from a fairy tale. =D

Anyhow, I need a title for my poem! Gah!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This morning, I came late because I was actually not feeling well. Perhaps my sister's cold kind of catched on to, yesterday's windy rain weather didn't really help much either. So therefore, this morning, I overslept and ignored my alarm and that came with a headache as well. My head was pounding like crazy. I'm so scared I'll be sick again because it takes me forever to get completely well. Colds tend to linger for a week or two until it completely goes.

Anyhow. Science fair! It was very VERY squishy. Mr. Kwan was very nice to evaluate a lot of groups...even though he had a game. I had to remind him to leave because it was 3:20 and his game was 3:30! He had to get there and change. I feel bad because I kind of asked him to go help my group evaluate and in the end, we had another teacher, Ms. McDicken-Jones, instead and he was also dragged around by other group members since he's an easy marker -cough- he doesn't even mark! -cough-. Anyways, now that science fair is out of the more worries...I hope.

love the silhouette. xD
I also love 'Lost Things' that stop motion video which was so cute! And amazing~ if I ever have the time, patience and props and all that, I will totally attempt to create my own. Anyways, for now...I can keep on dreaming~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

amusing etsy

a break-ish

Glad I didn't really have homework today and tomorrow either. I kind of need this 'break' to just chill, relax and read some manga or something. I haven't actually been feeling well today, afterschool.

My legs are dying out on me! Plus, my stomach has been hurting lately...o-o I'm more out-of-breath. I should really cut down the junk food. x . x'' Gah.

After talking about The Scarlett Letter...kind of want to watch the movie. Well, I saw snip-its of it since it was on TV. I went back and forth because there were some...inappropriate scenes. I never saw the ending, but I pretty much know what happens. The acting seems quite well done since I was creeped out by the lady, but yeah...I didn't actually like the main actress and just the whole concept about her and her student and stuff. It's just wrong and things just get complicated. Which is kind of why I want to read the book instead, since I probably won't watch the movie...even though it won Oscar(s)?

Anyways, oh...I just forgot what I wanted to say...scratch that. I should really work on my English poem! I'll probably need to edit it some more. I actually changed my poem A LOT. I need to fix the beginning though, add a line to the first stanza and make the beginning a bit more stronger and the ending much more powerful since the original 'We Are Many' was very powerful. Good luck to me on, I need to find crayons!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Act II.

Here I sit, in my big comfy chair with my warm blanket...once again. xD I sit in silence, with no flashing convo's and no music playing to fill up my room. I sit here, in silence, reading Julius Caesar!

I just had to share that I'm finally on Act 2 Scene 1. YESH! Haha.
To be honest, I actually quite enjoy reading plays, I think I would enjoy this even more if I didn't ahve to rush it all in one day and finish it by tomorrow's English class. I'm still depressed that I forgot all about this until yesterday night (when I was working on cutting out the my science fair project photos) until Yammy reminded me.

Anyways, I didn't do much today. Had Domino's Pizza for dinner! I was drinking a cup of aloe and now I'm drinking water because I realized I have to read out the lines aloud to actually get it through my head. I can't really read these days, they just don't stick to my head...everything I listen to or read, they just keep coming out the other ear. So yeah.

I'm just taking a break. Internet is just so distracting. I was on Etsy, because of someone...haha!, and I found a cool bag I quite want. D: There so many things I want, but they're so pricey...but then again, they're hand-made and one of a kind. VINTAGE! I SO want vintage! I love looking at vintage stuff..the necklaces and everything~ Of course, Vintage fashion is always wonderful to admire, but I know I will never look good in them. Blah. One day...

And so, I suppose I should continue reading my wonderful Shakespearean play~ =)
I love Shakespeare. :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I keep replaying this song again and again. For some reason, I think I'm addicted! Such a pretty tune. I actually haven't been listening to the lyrics so I'll probably search that up when I have time. The MV looks VERY cute. I love it. So artistic ;D So...magazine collage-y and stuff. xD Anyways, yes...I love love love love the tune. =D

Nothin' on You - B.o.b feat. Bruno Mars

a day for...

It's such a nice day, a perfect Sunday. I woke up feeling happy and awake, even though I didn't sleep for 12 hours! I took a wonderful shower and went downstairs to eat Vanilla ice-cream while watching some TV. Up to now, I have been reading manga on my chair with my blankie~
The window is opened and nice cool breeze would sometimes blow into my room and that's when I thought...

It's such a nice day to just cuddle up on my chair and watch Pearl Harbour. -sigh-

Yup. I jsut had to share. xD
Well, I was listening to Tennessee so I thought of Pearl Harbour. -sigh- Hans Zimmer is amazing. I love practically every movie I watched with his music.


Okay, I'm obsessed with his music! J.Reyez, that is. I think he should be more popular than now. He writes his own lyrics, creates his music, films his own MVs and directs them as well as edit them. I think J.Reyez (Justin) is amazing, being famous and doing what he likes...all on his own! Even though he's doing an amazing job and having fans already, without being signed to a company, I still think he should be signed to a company...and hopefully, soon. Anyways, yeah. I love how his songs all have some kind of meaning to it and everything.

J.Reyez is more like a rapper so yeah, not really sure if it's you guys' type of music.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Dress // Run Devil Run

I had to put them up. Even though my Korean music obsession phase is way over, I do listen to them once in a while when people starts playing Korean songs -cough- my sister -cough-.

ke$ha's (Basically, Run Devil Run was by Ke$ha, but the company or something, didn't like how it sounded and so SM (SNSD's company) bought the copyright for this song. Somehow, Ke$ha's demo was released):

Here's SNSD's version (personally, I prefer Ke$ha's version...I like her voice more):

This is the ultimate famous Korean song that (I think) got Korean more popular, Wedding Dress - Tae Yang.
Here are 2 English covers.

This is the version Jenn likes more. By Jason Chen. (I think his lyrics sounds wayyyy too needy and desperate. Very selfish ==''):

I prefer this version (Jenn doesn't like his voice...prefers Jason):

Which version do you prefer?

Here's the original, of course, I love the MV since it's so sad (now I'm getting all teary-eyed and about to cry beacuse I'm watching it...again):


This morning, I was completely freaked out. I absolutely hate crows. I'm not okay with birds in general. Seagulls, pelican, dove, etc. etc.
This morning, I was walking to school. I was listening to music, as usual, to keep myself occupied. Suddenly, this crow that was silent and I never knew I was next to it, suddenly 'kaw'-ed and flew away to his/her 3 other friends. They 'kaw'-ed some more and flew seperately and like...landed on these wooden posts that supports the street's electricity and was staring at me. It was like, they spread out to keep a close watch on me. I was so freaked out and quickly walked out to Gilbert!

I also saw a snail. So scared because I was almost going to step on it, by accident. I'm not good with insects. I changed so much from how I was before, the little girl who touches worms, ladybugs and ants, etc..


Today, our group's social presentation was a success! I thought we did wonderful, even though we didn't incorporate a lot of information about the bison hunting rules and stuff. It was quite well done for a skit that we never rehearsed before.
I doubt Ms. Ho really cared whether we had A LOT of information incoporated because she loved the whole thing! It was entertaining, of course, based on the reactions from the class. I knew Vasco wearing a dress would be VERY entertaining...since it doesn't fit his character.

Sorry Vasco (though you don't read this blog), I have ruined you image. D:

So yeah~he did play his role, which was forcefully assigned to him without an option by me =D, really well and yup.
My wand...if only I had more time, beacuse it would look so wrinkly and such. I realized my singing sucks. Especially when I am trying to hold in my laugh and can't stop myself from smiling due to embarassment. I messed up on the phrases, not that anyone noticed...I hope. Plus! I realized...when I talk, I sometimes slur some words together or general. That sucks.

30 hour famine! It's so amusing and entertaining for me to eat delicious food in front of the 30 hour famine people. xD Man, I feel evil, but who cares~ It's so awesome.
They're watching Ponyo!
Which reminds me, I haven't watched Ponyo! THat's like...a sin to me. As a Hayao Miyazaki fan, I must watch ALL Ghibli Studio creations. Not that I mind, since the drawings are always so cute and wonderful. The themes are of the story are ALWAYS meaningful, which is why I love love love! Miyazaki is just so...amazing. How he's so creative. His worlds!

Who in the world could think up of a giant cute, fluffy totoro with a giant stomach that rides a cat bus and uses a giant leaf as an umbrella, even though it doesn't shield him from anything.

Who could think up of a giant moving castle that has a magical door that could take you to different worlds even though you're not there. Like, when you open the door, you look like you're at a different world in a different house although you're still INSIDE the moving castle. And, not to mention, the whole entire castle is supported by this cute, tiny little flame named Calcifer!

I can go on and on. I guess his popular ones are Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro and perhaps Cats Return?
I love Miyazaki!

please watch the video below, it's a must-watch. MUST MUST watch!
(you can just watch up to 3:45...unless you want to continue)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Are Many

Of the many women whom I am, whom we are,
I cannot settle on a single one.

They are lost to me under the layers of a dress.
They have parted for another dwelling.

When everything seems to be set
to show me off as a women of courage
the timid girl I keep concealed in my being
takes over my actions and occupies my limbs.

On other occasions, I am dozing
in the midst of men
and when I call upon my enlightened self,
a foolish child completely remote to me
bind my inferior intelligence
in a thousand tiny chains.

When a pedestrian was assaulted,
instead of the paladin I summon,

a felon bursts on the scene,
and she is I. There is nothing I can do.
What must I do to single out myself?
How can I put myself together?

All the books I read
Lionize dazzling hero figures,

always brimming with self-assurance.
I die with envy of them.

But when I rouse awake my gallant person,

out appears the same old menial self,
and so I never know just who I am,
nor how I am, nor who we will be being.

I would like to be able to touch a bell
and awaken my real self, the truly me
because if I really need my proper self,

I msut not allow myself to fade into the background.

While I am writing, I am far away;

and when I return, I have already left.
I should like to see if the same thing happens
to other women as it does to me,
to see if as many women are as I am.
When this problem has been thoroughly explored,
I am going to school myself so well in things
that, when I try to explain my problems,
I shall speak, not of self, but of geography.

Supposedly...this is the poem, We Are the point of view of a women.
I failed, terribly. But I'm too tired and lazy to re-do everything.

This will do, for now.


My CDs arrived! I was so happy during lunch. It's so delicate and amazing! I love love love~


I realized I am stressed.
I have headaches, back pains, sleeping problems, and eating problems. I can't focus, I'm always fidgety and everything. I'm sensitive and get irratated a lot.
I'm depressed a lot and always very very tired.


I'm glad I'm drawing to relieve my stress though...if it helps, that is.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I miss my dad, of course. I did talk to him a while ago and yeah. He said he will come back in April and it's April already! Now, he says he has to wait until April 22nd passed and had his check-up before he can come back. My dad recently had surgery so yeah. It's nothing big, but still worried though. D:


Aside from that...GREAT news!
Today, my sister received an acceptance e-mail (letter arrives later) from Queens University and she's accepted for the Arts department! The Science department hasn't responded yet, just like how UBC's Science department replies later after the Arts. Now, she's deciding whether to go to Queens or not. I think she really wants to go, but is still a little uncertain about leaving. Of course, she's going to Queens for her undergrad. I think after that, she'll go to McGill for med school...maybe.

Anyways, I'm happy for her. From what I know, she was accepted by UBC, of course. I don't think she applied for any other schools. Not SFU since she's aiming for Sci and Arts...and SFU is more of tech and is famous for their business program thingy.

She didn't apply for any states universities since she didn't take any SAT classes and stuff. I know a classmate of her's got accepted to Princeton or something! Amazing, right? So hard. Well, I definitely won't be going to the states for my undergrad unless I magically got scholarship for that, but I doubt it...not taking SAT classes. Maybe I should...o-o'''

Anyways, I haven't even decided what I want to do yet so I'll just go with the flow and wait to see what happens. I am a little interested, lately, in the film industry...but it's going to be really hard. Lots of competitions. But, if you think about it, practically everything has compeition...unless you want to go into Forestry o-o''' the easy and (no offence) boring way out.


As usual, ANTM has a lot of cat fights and all those annoying fights with girls screaming and swearing at each other. This episode was one of the ones with extra more drama...well, I don't follow every episode for this cycle. This cycle, I actually don't really have a favorite, but I definitely don't like Angelea (sp?) and Alaysia. They're so grrrr. Jessica is pretty but a little stuck up and yeah, a know-it-all...ish. Brenda, sadly she left, but I thought she was pretty...has that edgy-ness to her look prob mostly due to her haircut. I actually like her haircut, so yeah. Raina seems more like the sweet type of girl so I quite like her.

Anyways, yeah. I love last season more though, the petite models. I love Nicole! She's just so pretty and nice and unique.

Actually, I didn't mean to watch ANTM, I was hoping that Gossip Girl will be airing! I miss the last episode aired so I was hoping to watch it. I hate Jenny. The End. Man, she just gotta learn to back off! Nate and Serena are together, Finally! And obviously, like all dramas, there's so going to be some troubles stirring up ahead for Nate and Serena...involving Carter.
Blah blah blah.
The last episode I watched was when Blair was planning to sacrifice herself to help Chuck and save Empire. I was so shocked (not really) and heartbroken to see Chuck do that. D:

I'm quite amaze I chase Gossip Girl. xD I wish I could watch it from Season 1. I kind of start around mid 3rd season, but I do know what's going on and yeah.


Aside from that...I am still upset about how bad I did on my science quiz. Not exactly angry...more like...angry at myself because I failed my own standards...which aren't really high.

Today, I was not tired. I felt a bit more withdrawn. Glad to know people noticed, people who I don't hang with all the time is able to tell, which really surprised me so I appreciate them for asking.

Plus, so tired from yesterday's volunteer! My first volunteer actually...ish. Afterschool till 5:30pm or something....a little over 5:30 and when I got home, it was around 6:00pm - 6:20pm or so. And then I spent my day working on my English poem literary devices analysis thingy and spend long long long time talking to Ian about it...trying to analyze every line of the poem. Which is quite amazing how it did take a while. I was also trying to find something to eat!

Anyways, I was quite surprised I didn't read any manga or watch anime because that's just not like me.

I overslept this morning which sucked. I had to take a quick shower and walk outside with my hair damp. And yeah...I am still very very shocked I don't have a pink pink shirt. Like I literally have no pink in my closet, I even have something salmon-colored! Thank god I found a pink/green tank-top...which no one noticed. xD

Did you know...I actually have a lot of blues in my closet...ish? xD Yeah. I had something yellow, I had orange and stuff, but just not pink. Weriddd....

(I have that 'wonderful feeling' right now. I think it's because of the breeze, the warm sunset view I see from my window and the nice weather with my awesome, relaxing music. Feeling the motivation to draw...though I probably have no time to.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Are Many

It such a beautiful poem and I would love to share it. Very well written, of course. The figurative language is so awesome! xD
Originally, this poem is Spanish, but has been translated to English.

We Are Many

Of the many men whom I am, whom we are,
I cannot settle on a single one.
They are lost to me under the cover of clothing.
They have departed for another city.

When everything seems to be set
to show me off as a man of intelligence,
the fool I keep concealed in my person
takes over my talk and occupies my mouth.

On other occasions, I am dozing in the midst
of people of some distinction,
and when I summon my courageous self,

a coward completely unknown to me
swaddles my poor skeleton

in a thousand tiny reservations.

When a stately home bursts into flames,

instead of the fireman I summon,
an arsonist bursts on the scene,
and he is I. There is nothing I can do.
What must I do to single out myself?
How can I put myself together?

All the books I read
Lionize dazzling hero figures,
always brimming with self-assurance.
I die with envy of them;
and, in films where bullets fly on the wind,

I am left in envy of the cowboys,
left admiring even the horses.

But when I call upon my dashing being,
out comes the same old lazy self,
and so I never know just who I am,
nor how many I am, nor who we will be being.
I sould like to be able to touch a bell
and call up my real self, the truly me,
because if I really need my proper self,
I msut not allow myeslf to disappear.

While I am writing, I am far away;
and when I come back, I have already left.
I shoudl like to see if the same thing happens
to other people as it does to me,
to see if as many people are as I am,
and if they seem the same way to themselves.
When this problem has been thoroughly expored,
I am going to school myself so well in things
that, when I try to explain my problems,
I shall speak, not of self, but of geography.

-Pablo Neruda

Very pleasant, yet not...

This poem speaks of truth...truth of humanity, I believe.

science quiz...

I'm angry at my Chapter 4 Science quiz. I got such a low mark...I'm super upset with it. It's really really bad and not because its Asian fail. If you're talking about Asian fail, this is MAJOR Asian fail.

What's with the Asian fail anyways?

So...basically...I got a whole question wrong because I forgot the brackets for the hydroxide...
And I got 5 marks off because of that stupid mistake. The Lewis and Bohr diagram was major fail...and wow, I never knew the diagrams worth 1.5 marks. Usually, on normal tests...1 mark for the diagram and 1 mark for naming the compound, isn't that how it usually works? Or is it just my hallucination. I also did some other stupid stuff because I wasn't reading the questions properly.

Man, I really did really REALLY bad on this ridiculous test that marks really funnily (does that make sense?). I feel that I could do so much better than I did if it weren't for those stupid mistakes I made.

I still don't get how a question where you have to draw a diagram and name the diagram (worth of 2 marks in total)....the diagram would worth 1.5 marks and the naming is only 0.5 marks. It's only fair make them both 1 mark, isn't it?

How do you grade a diagram 1.5 marks? If it's right, it's 1 mark and if it's wrong, you lose that mark. What makes a diagram 0.5 marks? She didn't make the 0.5 marks there for effort as get it because you tried drawing, but it's just there. So if you got 1 mark for the diagram and she took off the 0.5 marks...what makes the mistake you made worth 0.5 mark and not 1 mark? What makes a mistake worth 0.5 mark? What kind of mistake is a 1 mark mistake? What kind of mistake is a 1.5 mark?

So how could Ms. Semi tell that my error is an error of 1.5 marks and not just a 1 mark mistake. How come that mistake 0.5 mark worse than just a 1 mark mistake?

Blah, whatever.
What I'm also upset about with Ms. Semi is that yesterday night, I worked so hard on the 1st lab and the 2nd lab and began rushing the 3rd lab. She told us to hand in the 3rd lab.
I did my questions in pencil...does she want pen or pencil? Does that even matter? I don't get what's the big deal about doing things in pens and pencil? I'm still so confused about what she wants because last time, when Brigitta was doing the lab with me, she ended up using my pencil because she said she had to use a pencil for the observations. Tony asked her if it was okay to use a pen for the observation and she was a little upset.

Does this apply to the rest of the lab or just the observation part of the lab?

I really don't like how she's not explaining everything clearly and when she's upset with something, it's our fault. I'm not just upset with her because of my horrible quiz mark because I have done really horrible in tests and all that so yeah.

I'm use to seeing 'blah!' marks. In the end, I suppose the classes I actually do enjoy is IT and Socials. Even though Ms. Ho does go off track, I do Well, I have fun, it's a class that I can get high at. xD Plus, Ms. Ho is really nice in general. We have pointless projects! Which are very amusing.
I do like English as well. I prefer just listening to Mr. Miller talk though because the things he says are not BS, but you can tell he actually knows his stuff. He's very amazing, says my sister and I agree. He's very wise o-o. Haha and I can tell he truly loves English. Like, the whole entire thing. I do wish to have Ms. White for a year or so and try to see how she's like, but I want Mr. Miller again for one of my IB years because I know I will learn A LOT. He is amazing. xD

I miss art though. Such a nice and creative class so I'm glad I'm taking it next year. I thought I would be taking it alone, not that I mind, but it turns out...Kitty is taking it too! Kitty's art is really really nice. So reborn styled and stuff and she's really amazing in the whole art area. xD So next year, I can admire her works...LIVE! I hope I can handle though...taking 8 courses though.

One thing for sure, I can't wait till gr 12 when I make it and can go to Global Ed! That's a definite course I will absolutely KILL to take. I want to get in Global Ed because I will get to experience something I will NEVER EVER get to do again, I will make new friends with different people and I can help others who are in need. The experience will definitely help me become a more understand and better person instead of moping around all day. xD Anyways, yupyup. That's why when my dad told me I can go on one trip (like my sister got to)...I chose to rather go to Global Ed than to Stratford or Florida. Florida, I could always go to when I'm older or's something I can do with my family. As for Stratford, although I love Shakespeare (just an interest of mine since I was younger), I could always still go to Stratford when I'm older. It's not something that's only reserved for school and ONLY schools can go to and blah blah blah. Plus, I want to go to Stratford in my later years, when I appreciate English and understand while loving it way more than I do now. I think that will make the trip much more enjoyable and etc..

I procrastinated again..

again and again.

Once again, is seems like this cycle will never end.

Anyways, so last English class, we had to write. This was the question we had to write a responsive writing/paragraph(?)/essay(?) on:

Do you feel that you're the same person.
To all people? All the time?
To yourself? All the time?

Something like that.
I, obviously, do not think I am the same to all people and to myself all the time since my moods often changes the way I feel about myself. And of course, I am not the same to all people because sometimes...there are just people I don't like and can't get along with.

I'm really moody. =='' I realize probably the only time I get high is during socials with Emma, Kitty, Jenny, Melody and Vasco. No idea why. Sometimes math though.
I'm so tired, just thinking about being high sucked the last bit of energy I had, out of me.

Feel so drained everytime I walk back home and to school. BUT, I have improved! Well, walking to school. I use to take 30 minutes to walk to school, now I take 20-15 minutes to walk to school, isn't that amazing? xD

Hmmm...I really hate how sometimes, some people treat me differently when other people are around compared to when no one is around. It just so...angering. Haha. I also hate the fact that I always use the word 'hate' although I know it's a very strong word. Sometimes, I actually do mean it when I use it...actually...most of the time (like how I hate unresponsive people who completely ruins the fact that you're trying to start a conversation or share something special with them and they're just like...yeah...which motivates me to do the same, lol.)
-I think that's the reason why I end up feeling so inferior to others and uncertain of myself all the time. I find that people seem to look down on me. Like, no one will actually think I'm 'amazing' or 'talented' or whatever, not that I am. But the thing is, I feel like sometimes...people are making it seem like I can't ever be 'right'. Like what I say and what I know is always 'wrong' or have some kind of problem to it compared to their answer or thoughts. I have to be wrong...I can't ever be right. That...really p'sses me off...A LOT.

What makes a person right and what makes a person wrong? I hate biased people. So stubborn and annoying. They just can't view things from other people's point of view and just won't accept that they're's just me. Joyce can never be right. Feels like that's a fact that applies to everything.

This kind of happened before with a friend of mine. Like...everytime we have a test/quiz or whatever. My friend and I would always have closer marks and I would be like..lower 1 or 2 marks or so. And what got us fighting is that...everytime I got a higher not just by 1 or 2 points, that friend would kind of make it seem like it's ridiculous I'm doing better and's just not right for me to do well. But now alls well since it's all solved and we talked it out.

Talking about bias...I should work on the social script or work on my English homework...
I'll probably blog later.


Monday, April 12, 2010

blogging addiction while drinking bubble tea with a list of to-do's next to me. =)

I realize I have horrible problems. Like how I just can't concentrate. I was reading a short story and then finally decided to do math since the short story had the work 'scientist' in it, which was close to science, which kind of made me feel like I have done something science-related so I should take a break and do some math! After reaching up to the wordy problems, I gave up and then decided to take a washroom break and get some Haagen-Dazs' Vanilla & Almond (which I love...yes, I do love the chocolate almonds in there xD) so it might help motivate me to work. Instead, I found that my mom brought home bubble tea!

Yay~ so here I am, drinking bubble tea. I put away my math and decided to do science since it's second block. Instead of working though, I couldn't resist and had to blog out this...which is completely useless. Hmmmm...maybe I should start tweeting! xD JK JK, not likely. Tweeting is oppurtunity to let people stalk my no-life life. D:


I had to share that recently, there's a classmate (who I shall not name) that has been staring at me lately. We're friends, but due to some reasons, I have distanced myself from this fellow classmate. Just the fact that I feel...if I got any closer to this fellow classmate, it will ruin the friendship that's left since I don't think our personalities match. (I still have my horoscope obsession!). Well, so yeah, the classmate has been staring at me. Everytime I kind of just turn around to scan the room (a habit that helps me observe things and gives me ideas), this classmate would always be looking at me. And it's really weird.

Just a few few few few minutes ago, I realized this classmate thought I might be mad at 'this classmate' (LOL! Sounds weird since I don't want to expose gender and name). To be honest, I don't think I am mad at this classmate, it's just...yeah...personality compatibility I guess. These kind of things really matter to me. Especially when I start getting close to a person and realize that in truth, our personalities don't match like I thought, I would kind of...withdraw. Not entirely end a friendship because I withdraw to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Anyways, so yeah. I was meaning to share that staring problem for a while. It's been a while. Hopefully, it will end because I don't like eyes on me. I prefer blending in the background and observe than be observed. Makes me feel very cautious because I don't feel like a ninja anymore. D: ROFL!

Anyhow, I had something to say, but once again...I forgot. I shall think!

Ah, I wanted to blog about how I hated my life. LOL! life doesn't 'suck'. I'm quite a lucky person to be blessed with what I have. I get to go to school, I have a roof to live under and I'm fed and dressed...all those daily needs. Why I hate my life is...I don't feel like...I'm living. There's actually a lot of problems going on in my life...that can't be seen.

BY THE WAY...I DO NOT LIKE BLACK! Haha. I had to make that clear. My favorite color is NOT black. I feel more secure wearing black, gray and white. I love black clothing because black absorbs heat and I usually get cold so it really helps. xD

So yeah...-sigh sigh sigh- laptop just shut down and blacked out on me which freaked me out. Now I'm using my sister's netbook. I guess it's a sign for me to start doing my homework...OMG...IT'S ALMOST 9.


angry angry angry.

Yes, just as my title has hinted, I am angry!

Anyways, I am also commercial obsessed-ish. I had something else to say, but I forgot...

Oh wait, yeah. Ummm...I realized I should stop stressing myself by stop telling people animes/mangas to read because they never take my recommendation. I think by stop telling people what's good and letting them miss out on amazing creations by superb artists/mangaka, it will definitely reduce the amount of hair loss I'm having right now. In the end, when they do end up watching/reading whatever I did...I'll just be like: 'Hah! I've seen that already.'

I always tell people, oh my gosh! This is so good. Blah blah blah...but no one ever listens and think I'm retarded or whatever. So recently, I have been stopping (yay me!) and today, Kitty told me she saw this anime that I have seen last summer or last last summer and I was happy we get to talk about since I adore that anime with awesome awesome drawing! It's like..more on the simple/peaceful and water-coloring style kind of art so throughout the anime, it was VERY relaxing and you just crave for more. It's not much of an action one, no romance and not really comedy. Don't know how to describe it, but it is fantasy-like. It's actually very interesting and unique. The characters and everything in general.

Enough about anime, since Melody doesn't like

The funny commercial I have been watching and laughing at recently:

Sorry about the awkward commercial, but I had to share. It's hilarious. xD

Time to start science or math!


Recently, afterschool, I have been trying to start homework right away. It's kind of working...ish. Well, I tend to watch The Simpsons and an episode of Fairly Odd Parents or just 2 episodes in a row of Tyra Show.

I love watching Tyra Show. xD She's just so awesome.
ANYWAYS, as I was microwaving my Pillsburry Dough Boy (did I spell that right?) mini pizza, I saw the commercial I wanted to share!

The Gerber 'New Generation' commercial. Isn't it cool?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

mayonnaise obsession.

I always knew I love cheese A LOT and yesh, I have a cheese obsession. Recently, I think a mayonnaise obsession is starting to expand as well...

Ah~and I realized I have a short temper so I get mad easily. But the thing is, I forget it just as quick.

I forget in 5 minutes and remember in 2 seconds =D

amusing commercial - which my uncle showed me during the summer and I remembered now because I saw this on TV 2 days ago xD My uploading of this blog delayed because as I was searching for these commercials, I ended up watching some other videos by this make up guru. I usually watch bubzbeauty and she's REALLY pretty. I also watch MichellePhan (i think that's it) and I have seen her in a make up section in the Seventeen magazine. Although I don't wear make up, nor am I interested (though I think they're pretty...the wide range of pigments), I find it fascinating to watch people put on make up...making it seem so easy.

These babies can own me anytime x . x''' - technology sure is amazing ;D

awesome simpson cola commercial xD

there was this other baby commercial I saw on TV I find really cute and awesome, but I can't remember. I will probably remember after watching it and 2 days after that.

Time to go to bed or something...

Umi Bozu

I promised myself to blog about the Umi Bouzu. xD
You may be wondering, 'What the heck is Umi Bouzu?!' Well, he is a character from Gintama. Oh gosh, she's rambling about anime again. Haha. Yes, I am.

Well, supposedly, Umi Bozu is the strongest member of the Yato clan. I guess, one of the two strongest...supposedly. He's the father of Kagura and Kamui and basically, just like all Yato clan members, he's bloodthirsty as well. I guess he's not as crazy as Kamui. Just so you know, Umi Bozu lost his arm because Kamui suddenly rebelled against him and decided to test his strength so basically, Kamui cut off his own dad's arm.

In the past, Umi Bozu was the only Yato member that rebelled against The King of Darkness, which is why he's one of the two. They fought for 3 days and 3 nights, but they never really settled out who is stronger. Their battled ended with the Umi Bozu saying, "Wait, I have to take a dump."

Here's the before and after pictures of the Umi Bozu:

From cool and dark looking, to this old geezer below. Not to mention, I found this hilarious gif that was a hair commercial from one of the episodes.

(gif was corrupted so I removed it D:)

For that episode, they made this dramatic story about this planet ending because it was too polluted and stuff to live on. The central core of the planet that controls everything and provide the health for plants and all that is trying to destroy the residents of the planet because THEY are the cause of all these pollution corrupting the planet. THE Umi bozu appears and tries to save everything blah blah blah. In the end, that commercial (the gif above), appears and it turns out...the whole thing was a commercial.

The supposed message was: Don't give up. (the product name) is the new growth lotion!!
Trying to say that if the planet can be lived on again since plants can grow again, why not hair? I laughed so hard...and then I realized I wasted 20 something minutes watching a hair commercial and was VERY amused...

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I created a new blog. -laughs-

For no reason at all. Not that I will give this one up, like my Source of Evil. Hmmmm..sometimes, I feel like this blog is more like a review than the actual review blog.

And yes, I did change the name to Enfinitia. =) So short, compared to Stable.Heartquake. Haha.

Anyways, I wish to watch a movie, but I probably won't.

Got to work on my IT webpage! I'm doomed doomed doomed.

I shall go find something to eat.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I just wasted my Friday and I feel sad about that. I ended up sitting in the couch with a blanket and my bunny, watching mindless television. I don't even know what I ended up watching. I saw some snip-its of ANTM the ending so I could see the fake pictures and stuff. I watched The Next Star, I made myself to. At first, I was only listening to one of the finalist, and she...honestly...wasn't good. I tried to give it a second chance and forced myself to watch another and yeah, disappointment. No offence, I just don't think The Next Star finalists were any good. I think one girl was okay, but I missed her performance. Well, most of the time they were singing, I only hear screaming fans and all that. Either way, I don't think they're good...=='' Even the past contestants didn't do much as in, not much fame anyways. I don't even know who they are. Like for American Idol, I do know Adam Lambert and David Archuleta. xD And some other, but I can't think at the moment...brain dead. You can't really compare, the American broadcasting and the Canadian.

Aside from that, I did manage to watch this movie: 13 on to 30 or something. It's about this girl (1980s?) who turned 13 and she kind of wants to fit in with the stuck up, stupid, plastic popular girls (they made these girls all stereotypical) and yeah. Her good friend, Matt, is all chubby and nerdy, likes to take photos. So those girls takes advantage of her, making her do their homework, and pretending to be her friend by going to her birthday party and told her this popular guy she likes, some football jock, will be going. They go, told her they're playing 7 minutes in heaven and got her into the closet while taking the finished assignment with some of the food from her 'party' and left, leaving her in there.

Matt opens the closet door and finds her blind folded, about to kiss her and she thought he was Chris (the football jock). He was a bit upset since he thought she wanted to kiss him because she knew who he was and actually liked him. She finds out what happened and thinks it was Matt's fault and he did something to make them go away and shuts herself in the closet. Matt's 'dream house' birthday present was in there and it has these 'magic powder' on it and while she was being angry and thumping the shelf behind her, the magic powder fell on her as she was wishing to be 30 year old.

She wakes up and she's 30 years old and with this naked guy beside her, which freaked her out like crazy. Turns out, she's in the future (30 years old) and is the editor of Poise (this fashion magazine she LOVED). She became friends with the popular girl that was in charge back then and etc. Thinks seem so idealistic and perfect and all that, everything she wished for. Slowly, she starts to find out this isn't what she wanted and what an evil person she actually was. She slept with a co-worker's husband, this hockey player, and Matt wasn't her best friend anymore. After the party, it turns out things happened. She became the 'head' of the popular girls and dated the jock, Chris. She was prom queen and all that and now she's working for her favorite magazine!

Oh wow, I forgot to mention her name. The main girl is Jenna. In the future, Jenna was actually selling out some of Poise's monthly edition information to Sparkle, their rival magazine, to secure an editor-in-chief position for herself. She stopped contacting her parents completely. And she was just, very very very fake and evil. She also had a nose job. xD

So yeah, Jenna fins out she really didn't want this life and tried to change it and stuff. She did contact Matt and was trying to figure what happened with him. After being around him longer, she realizes she loves him. He loves her too, all along, but he had a fiancee and they were going to marry.

Anyways, yeah, it was quite an enjoyable movie. Not exactly a must-watch. Not really a depressing movie, but not really a happy one o-o. Well, it was suppose to be funny, but I actually didn't find it that funny. =='''


Ah, today's Suicide Awareness presentation. I felt so bad for feeling sleepy and tired. I was yawning, but I tried to answer. Our class was silent and dead so yeah, I felt bad that we didn't really answered him. ^^''''
I never knew dark and depressing drawings are a suicidal signs. I like drawing dark and twisted things. Well, it's a style and it just comes to me, the twisted stuff. I'm trying to approach different art styles to see which fits me. I also do get quite depressed when I don't have anything to do and I feel like I'm just wasting time or just...sometimes, things just seem so pointless to me.

I still don't like the fact that I'm going to school everyday. Sitting there. And just like that. I don't really listen to class (once in a while I do) and I just read the textbook once afterwards and I learn things myeslf. I feel like, all these hours I spent at school, I could be travelling! Maybe during science class, I could actually be scuba diving in the caribbeans! Probably experiencing things myself is a better way for me to learn than just sit there and read the textbook.

Hmmm...I have thought of dying. Well, disappearing...actually no, I have thought my brother never being born (which is really mean, I know D:). Like, if he wasn't then I would be the youngest! I would get to be spoiled and all that and I don't need to care about my grades (not that I do) and my parents won't really mind and would say: 'It's okay, she's still young.' Haha!
-I have thought about dying like...after I die, will I be reborned? Reborned as a human living a different life? Reborned as me, exact same me, in a different situation and what difference will it make. Will I even be living again, or will I be in a different world for the afterlives. Is there heaven? H*ll? Where will I belong?

The unanswerable questions.

Of course...I have been emo before, but I will just keep my hands off that topic before I reveal scary things that are inappropriate for happy readers.

You know what's sad? I have mentioned it before, but no one actually knows anything about me. I swear, in this whole entire world, no a soul know anything about me...which is somewhat funny since I'm the type who blurts out everything.

No one in this world know...
what's my favorite color
what's my favorite song
what's my favorite anime
my fav movie

my fav book
my fav drama (asian and western)
my fav belonging
my fav drink
my fav food
my fav actors/actresses (xD)
what I do in my free time
my fav manga
my fav online stories

who inspires me/the people I look up to
my fav place
where I want to go

Of course, you all know one of my favorite brands: Vivienne Westwood! xDD

I shall go lurk around the net. I didn't blog for a while, I noticed. o-o shockingly!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enchanted palace.

I have just read an article about the Enchanted Palace exhibition, the Kensington Palace, which was formerly Princess Diana's home. It's amazing. I so want to go see right now! I can't believe I didn't know about this till know, though it opened March 26. D:

And the key thing I love is that Vivienne Westwood is one of the designers!

"The first time you walk into the room, it has an aura of sadness, but also incredible beauty," said Wilmont. "She tried really hard, but she had many miscarriages. She was a very loved queen, and we wanted to try to capture her spirit."

From the article,
here. Read that if you want more information and click on the dot to see the official site (which I haven't checked out yet).

So pretty. Fairytales, magic, everything! I want to go. D:


I feel like I wasted my 4 day break, but whatever. Too late now.

Anyways, I didn't get to blog yesterday, but I watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and Matrix: Reloaded. Matrix me, was bs. I feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life because nothing really happened. It felt so 'bleh' to me. The two twins in white with the new effect/power looked cool, but yeah. I felt like I have seen Matrix 2, parts of it, before. I guess I look forward to Matrix 3. -sigh- Too bad Reloaded was such a disappointment to me.
As for Lord of the Rings 1, I loved it. I'm quite amazed by how wonderful the costumes and make up were! Orlando Bloom looks awesome as an elf. I LOVE the elves. I love how gentle and elegant they are. So mystical and...light. Their long blong hair and their natural culture is just so beautiful! I love the graphics in there, of course, and all the scenary. It's amazing. Again, the make up was amazing so I was quite frightened by the orcs. They were...pretty scary. Haha. I can't wait to watch the 2nd movie! I don't wish to watch alone since I know I will be a little freaked out at times, wonderful make up and graphics!, but then usual, I will end up watching it alone. -sigh-

The gorgeous Miss Dior Cherie photos I have mentioned before. I love it. <3>

Monday, April 5, 2010

so awesome!

I have just finished another anime series, and I finished stalking it on Wikipedia, which is what delayed my blogging about this awesome news!

I'm SO in love with this anime and I totally cried. It's an anime set in 2056 where humans are now living in space. We live on this huge spaceship that is is like a minature Earth, kind of like Wall-E, but more Earth-like with mountains, seas, a natural looking sky and such. There's A LOT of music in this anime, along with robot fighting. Like a mixture of Gundam Seed with Haha.

It's really good actually. I love it, but I don't think it's exactly an anime for everyone. Like, if you don't love watching robot fighting, then I guess you shouldn't watch this. Somewhat very guy-ish, more of a Shounen. The music is fantastic in here though. (not in the Academy-award awesome music way xD)

Anyways, Macross Frontier! Awesome awesome awesome! I can't believe I delayed myself from watching this! It's awesome!!! xDDD
I want more, of course. I think I shall go stalk the November 21st, 2009 release movie and then wait along with the other fans for the upcoming 2nd movie to conclude everything as a sequel. I wonder who the guy, Alto, will choose. I actually love the pink hair girl more, Sheryl, which is really shocking because I tend to hate annoying, useless pink hair girls. They're usually the weak princess that stands there like an accessory and do nothing, but cry and stay the symbol of peace while everyone her dies, trying to protect her since she's the 'only hope'.

Sheryl was such a different character. She's all confident, a little snobby which makes me laugh. She's strong, independent, and tries to do the best she can with all she has. Even when she was dropped to the lowest pits of h*ll, she still strives to survive and sing with all her might, doing what she loves. =) So awesome!

I was actually quite annoyed with the other girl...oh my gosh..I just forgot her name. Wow..ummmm...-thinks- I had to look at youtube and it's Ranka! She has green hair. Haha. She's very VERY cute, but then I got so annoyed with her. She's so weak and thinks like: Why me? I really wanted to slap her because at first, she wanted to sing and let people know 'she's here!' and now that she practically replaced Sheryl and ended up having some sort of influence over the enemy aliens, Vajiras, she's all weak and like: Why me? Why are they using me like a tool? SO annoying! In the end, I guess she's okay...the END END. I loved her in the beginning, but in the middle, she got so annoying.

I hated how she kind of replaced and stole everything from Sheryl.

Here's some music from the anime.

(this one is very short xD And cute!)

This song is very very relaxing and peaceful:

I love the 'fast' part so just try and listen to the middle (I suggest):

This one sounds really nice/catchy! (I suggest listening to it longer tahn 1:00 =D to actually enjoy it, that is):