Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Someone sent me this...

So I am tipsy from Wings Wednesday.  Had a mojito, vodka martini and margarita.
I think my tolerance has increased due to Japan!

My good friend sent me this song just because she had the album; I finally opened it to listen to it to calm the mind! >< And it the effects of a clay mask!
I got my box and finally have another Korean mask to try aside from the Innisfree one (which I really, absolutely hate the packaging of...).  Anyways, done Kiehl's too!

I think I will go wash it off...but yeah, I miss my Lana Del Rey so I think I will put the other replayed song up soon.  Way too busy with work and SEY and co-op search! My thinking is all weird and fragmented so I will just end this.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I have been so in love with her voice, so it's on replay.
Brings out this feel in me; I can't seem to explain.

Haven't blogged much since midterms are over, meaning it's crunch time for SEY! Some issues came up and just made me so stressed, but it's all worked out! Sadly, I notice my time spent with people I care about is reduced since I am occupied 6 days a week for sure, with exception of Sunday being my only homework day...

Now that midterms are over also means my final papers are due soon, while starting next Saturday, I will be having to commit to the semi-final and final rounds for SEY.  -sigh-
Can't believe this semester is just blowing by so quickly...

(I still find myself caught it drama! Just my luck ): but at least now, I am a neutral party!)