Sunday, February 27, 2011

what have i been listening to: 6 minutes till Monday

a korean song that can get me listening to korean songs again.
praise-worthy. strong voice, love!
beautiful girl.
under rated compared to over rated korean stars.

(c) spark - SongOfTheDay

what have i been listening to: sunday

scarlett Johansson, my girl crush <3

time to live a healthy life stlye...hopefully.

1/4 year resolution: no more manga/anime.

Friday, February 25, 2011

what have i been listening to lately...

never thought this day would come...

where a guy could cause my heart to race like this. that i would cry just at his elegance and beauty.

i am wordless.
my heart is thumping like it's going to burst out!

oh my gawsh, oh my gawsh!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday February 24

Creating a soundtrack for stacking chairs, scooping soup, saying goodbye.
Sang at night on the streets with all my might.
Touched, Rubbed, Held hands.

Acting silly, being crazy, walking and waiting.

Ran on the bus, sat on the bus, acted drunk/high on the bus.
Was like drunkards walking down the street.

Got off 4 stops early, walked like crazy, jay-walked slowly...ish
Sat on the sidewalk.
Watched the stars.

Ran. Sat. Sang. Watched. Knelt. Waited.

Waited outside someone's doors. Called and said: "look outside your windows". Called and called.

Acting drunk, acting high, acting like a maniac.

Best. Time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

two completely different

Movie trailers I am obsessed with. Two completely different movies.

I think I will be like that when Prom comes 8DDD

and this one here, is AWESOME.
Jim Sturgess, need I say more? 8) Also, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris...also the girl Saoirse Ronan (From City of Ember and The Lovely Bones). Mark Strong is in it as well~ and last but not least...PETER WEIR DIRECTED IT! <3 yeshhh!

very very awesome sound for the trailer. make it just that much more intense, as if the torture and lethal things going on in the Gulag is not enough!

Monday, February 21, 2011


ran on the minoru track

in the




what am i thinking? what am i waiting for? what am i doing?


a little miss needs to start bringing her usb =)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


went to Seattle.

bought a pair of Adidas 'cause mine died.

my brother is now a shopaholic

suddenly feel a little depressed. such a mellow mood. -sips milk tea-

at peace.

sorry to anonymous caller that called me when i was in Seattle...

i need something to do, besides homework

thinking of ranting on my blog, but too lazy to

such a nice weather

i think im claustrophobic ish...

wish i was in love...

yet when i was, i wanted to get out of it and be free. being tied down to thinking about one person is such an awful thing, especially since you know they don't/you don't know what they're thinking.

my request for love:

i have been telling people that i want a boyfriend for years.
but i would never just say yes to anyone who just asks (i reject).
my request is:
for the guy to like me when i like him
for the guy to confess to me when i like him
for the guy to like the stuff i like (at least some of it)
for the guy to be considerate and aware
and the list goes on...

reason for the first two:
it shows that we are on the same wave...

i would refuse:
even if i like the guy...but he confess after i have 'given up', i would still refuse. shows that he is slower and just not on the same wave as me.

hopefully thats not confusing...and im not asking for too much...


Just listening to my playlist with songs I listened to since a few years back.
Bringing back that 'refreshing' feeling I love.

-sigh- What a nostalgic feeling...

100 years - five for fighting
makes me wish i'm in love and not just reliving the memories i've had.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A state of happiness

I have not actually blogged for a while, other than the entry for the link to the EE pdf file. Well, at least it felt like I haven't blogged for a long time.

First of all, I would like to mention how awesome the whether has been both yesterday and today.

This is the whether I love.
Absolutely love, even more than snow!

For a while now, I have been trying to search for this 'feeling' I get. It's like this refreshing feeling that runs through my entire body. Don't exactly know how to explain, but I just feel SO relaxed, yet energized. I mean, I would lie on my bed, sit on my chair, or whatever...and I would feel like the happiest, luckiest, 'insert word here'-iest girl in the whole world. Definitely my state my happiness.

I would always get that feeling when I listen to a certain few songs. I don't know.

Anyways, it's really weird, but yeah. That's my state of happiness. Hopefully, it would last...the happiness and the weather. (I wonder if it's the weather, the music, or just the mood?)

Time for me to continue my mood travelling.
I have been trying recreate these feelings I get when I do a certain something when I was younger. :P
Hard to explain...and weird. Don't judge!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IB EE Info

Includes all the subjects you can write on, the details. It's basically the full info on all the subjects (the ones Mr. Vicente was giving out)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011



just wanted to say that aloud.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

sunday afternoon

and there's a lot of waterworks going on.

sitting in my chair, with a blanket, and dippo...
i think i should get a box of tissues.

-cries some more-
7 hours well spent.

i should be working on my bio lab. and studying for math.
(thank gosh for collab and spare and moved lunch)

"An eye for an eye"

That's how I live, and is the reason for my actions (most of it at least).

If you're nice to me, I will be nice (maybe nicer :D)
If you treat me like trash, I will make you feel the same way (eventually)

Just a forewarning. So yeah...
I think I just realized I hold grudges for quite a long time...ANY WAYS.

On the bright side,
if you're my friend...I will stick up for you until the day I die (unless there was a lie involved. Liars are intolerable).
if some one trash talks about my friend, i will expose the evil of the trashtalker. harhar.
if you're in trouble, i will help for sure - no worries
if you need me, i am always avaliable. homework can be sacrificed.

and etc..

time to eat brunch.
just wanted to let everyone know how i work. of course, there are exceptions at times...

anyways, if i ever do something 'weird' or you don't understand...think back to "an eye for an eye" and remember what you did/for to me. :D

wow...that sounds evil.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the pains of a glasses wearer

i was just asking my dad when i can get contacts. i have been wearing glasses since grade 4 or solidly in grade 5.
at first, i thought it was so cool. in fact, i actually tried my best to damage my eyes (now that i think about it...i was REALLY stupid) because i thought glasses was cool. both my sister and dad had glasses and my dad's side of the family all wore glasses (now some wear contacts or had sugery). in my mind then, i just had to get glasses. end of story.

after years of wearing glasses, i realized how i actually really don't like it.
the annoying process of finding a new frame because the old frames are outdated. you have to try on different pairs, hoping they would match your face shape, not to mention...your clothing as well.

when it rains, you have rain droplets covering your entire lens and you look like an idiot who can't see, but if you wipe it off with a 'bad cloth', you make your lens blurry and they stain afterwards.

when you eat ramen or whatever, you lean down and both your lenses fog up.

when you watch a 3D movie, you have to wear glasses over glasses and throughout the movie, you have to constantly push up your 3D glasses because it won't sit still.

when you go swimming, you're blind.

in the school lab, you have to wear goggles/glasses over glasses. the constant pushing up of the protective eye gear becomes very annoying and distracting (at least for me) when you're doing a lab.

if you're lazy and don't wipe/clean your glasses often, stains accumulate to the point where if you don't clean won't be able to see things clearly, but blotches.

when you take off your glasses, you have this funny (to people) habit where you would be pushing up your glasses...or in this case, pushing up nothing.

if you misplace your glasses, you're blind.

you should be aware of dangerous sports like hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, etc.. sports that will expose you to flying balls which would crush your glasses on your face.

when you take off your glasses, you look awkward to people who have seen you your whole life with glasses.

after wearing glasses for so many years, you have this little spot for your frames (don't know how to explain this properly).

you now see the world with frames.

and these are just some of my issues with glasses.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

from a Gleek


obviously, i haven't been blogging much recently.
it's not exactly that i have been busy, but more like tired. i fell asleep at 9pm and slept till 6am. which resulted to my awful history test...
did not look at any history things at all.

anyways, aside from that. recently, i'm supposedly depressed. or so i have been told.

time to work on the stupid mitosis flip book (which i have done in grade 9, but have lost so yay me for doing another one again)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011


(c) Dingyninja

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a little part of me: digging

Digging back to the past, I only just realized how much I have changed! My style of music, my writing, my thoughts, my surronding, dressing style, and basically everything.

I mean, there are so many 'what if's I have thought about...
What if I didn't do this? What if I didn't do that? What if this didn't happen?
My lift would definitely be entirely different.

To be honest, if you ask me right now whether I am happy with where and who I am right now...I don't really know how to answer that. I feel that the person I am now have actually been able to help people out, which I am really glad. At the same time, the person I am now does not exactly satisfy what I desire. I still feel there's some sort of restraint inside me that's holding me back. What if...?

If you give me the choice to go back in time and change what I have done before that I regret even till this day, I don't know if I will change or not. What I have done, the regrets I have carried along with me till now, have made me the person I am now.
I feel that just a few more steps...I might actually be able to let go and move on. Perhaps the thigns I have did before will finally decide to release me and I will be the person I wish I was.

For now: choices, choices, choices!

Make the right choice. What is the right choice?

Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Rabbit year.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lucky luck?

My right eye have been twitching non-stop the entire weekend (last week?) so then I thought it would be REALLY bad this week since for girls, right eye twitching is bad luck while left eye is good luck. For guys, the opposite.

Instead, today, when I missed my biology...the test (quest) was postponed to next class! The math quiz (first one) was open book with a scientific calculator! The second math quiz was pretty decent (I totally died on the last bit).
I mean...I fell asleep when studying...couldn't handle the pain and the tired trance I keep going into. I went to bed thinking I will wing it and fail these two quizzes.

So does that mean right eye twitching (which was suppose to be for guys) means good lucky for me?

Nice day too. Sunny sunny sunny! First time waking up to the sun on a school day...leaving the garage and into the nicest day ever! Clouds in blue sky, chilly breezes, yet warm sun rays. My kind of days~

Strawberry ice cream puffa!