Thursday, March 31, 2011


(c) KirlianCamera

i swear...

i will never ever get an abortion in my life. EVER.

even if i'm pregnant now or whatever the 'bad' situation is, i would never turn towards the option of abortion.

would like to make that clear to myself and the world. =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

new boy crush: cam gigandet

watched Burlesque yesterday night.

realized I kind of want to go over the movies I :) Like what I did last spring break, but I guess not as long and etc.. (look at my March 2010! 80 something entries!)

Letters To Juliet: Basically about Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), whose engaged, goes to Verona for a 'pre-honeymoon' and findd a letter written by Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) in the 1950's, seeking for 'Juliet's' advice on what to do. Sophie's reply to the letter encouraged Claire to go search for her lover. Claire arrives at Verona with her grandson, Charlie (Christopher Egan), and the adventure begins.

It's just a nice movie to watch when you don't want anything too intense. I don't have much to say about it, but just very nice screenshots...definitely. It's predictable and just one of those romantic chick flicks, etc.. Typical. I wouldn't high recommend this, but it. =) Quite nice...I guess.

Amanda Seyfried bugs me (I, for some reason, started not liking her...haha).

Charlie St. Cloud: Another really predictable movie. Too lazy to type up the plot, so I will briefly summarize it: Charlie St. Cloud got into an accident where he lived and his brother passed away. Well, not really passed away, but is in between the two worlds. After the accident, he has the ability to see 'ghosts/spirits' and he would meet his brother before sunset at a place and they would practice baseball. Five years have gone by and Charlie continues this, keeping his promise he made with his brother before the accident. Things change when Charlie's old classmate comes back for sailing and etc..

Movie features Zac Efron. I would say it's kind of like Letters To Juliet...for whether I would recommend watching it or not. It's just one of those movies I would Like, I won't hate it or love it, but only like it. Those movies where I would just throw it on when I'm bored and not interested in seeing anything special.
The brother thing reminded me a bit of Raise Your Voice (for some reason) and yeah. Felt like I knew what's happening, could obviously guess and basically..the answers were all laid out. The movie is different from the book though. =)

Leap Year: I rewatched Leap Year last night as well. Felt like seeing the view in Ireland again. I still like it. =) I'm biased though..Amy Adams is just gorgeous and Mathew Goode is charming. xP

Flipped: Many have probably heard of or read this book in elementary. I actually quite like the movie. ~ It followed the book pretty well and I just like the plot. Watching puppy love just brings back the memories. The main girl is from Resident Evil, the White Queen whereas the cute. xP
Not a very

It's not amazing, but for some reason...I loved it. I do recommend watching it. =) Just for watching. Has a nice moral to it.

G-Force: was cute. As expected, it was aimed for kids. I actually expected it to be a little more cuter...better. Normally, I like these films, but towards the middle...I just wanted to get it over with. I mean, watch it with your younger siblings, it's quite funny at times. As expected, these films are predictable so yeah...enough said.
Prefer Despicable Me and Megamind more.

The Da Vinci Code: Yeah, it took me a while to get to this movie. I didn't really have that 'mood' to watch anything serious. I love these kind of movies, the kind that twists facts into something entirely false, but makes it so believable. It got me all excited.
Acting-wise, was pretty good for me. I just really liked it. I think the plot was what makes me love above all things.
I haven't read the book yet so I can't exactly compare (though it's always best to read before watching).
The timing wise, I think the ending was quite rushed. If you watch it, you would understand that the Church part seemed rushed. The first half took a little too long and the ending felt like they were just jamming information into you.
By the middle-end, you kind of expects what he was going to say and knew what's going to happen. The ending was a given after the I guess it was kind of an anti-climax. I know they wanted to make the end more excited and would pump up your energy, but it kind of backfired least for me.

Now I need to watch Angels & least finish it. Har har.

Princess and The Frog/Tangled: HIGHLY RECOMMEND. ENOUGH SAID. <3
I love both and forever will. :P
The music in Princess and The Frog was nice. I love how you can't hate the characters. The 'spoiled brat' girl was so cute. The prince was quite charming. I guess the only character I did not like was the impostor...As for the 'bad' guy, I, for some reason, quite like him. Haha, maybe until the end...he freaked me out a bit. The croc was just adorable! ~ and I cried at the firefly part. D:
No one could be as chivalrous.

Tangled I loved because the main guy was not a prince, but charming like any other princely characters. Rapunzel was gorgeous with both blond and brown. I love the lizard thing and the horse (who believes in justice like no other). Everything is just so nice! I love it! Honestly, watch watch watch!

I just like films like these. Christina Aguilera is an amazing vocalist. That's for sure. The singing is amazing. The dancing was impressive, very different. The plot was not exactly original and quite predictable. I think the only thing impressive I can comment about is the singing, the music, sung by both Cher and Christina.
Aguilera's acting did tick me off a few times...because it was so...bad and fake. I'm sure you will probably know when I'm talking about (the pleading and etc..). I have no idea whether it's intentional (sarcasm) or real...either way, it was unnecessary.
Overall, I still like it. I guess it's another movie you watch because you watch.

I mean, definitely watch for Cam Gigandet. ;D

Movies I watched this spring break aren't very that impressive. :S Kind of disappointed. I think animation is starting to become more appealing to me than live movies...
at least for animation, you will always be impressed with the tech part of it and music will always be notable because it plays such a big role.

I also watched Kimi Ni Todoke live action...not recommended. It sucked, I mean...I love Haruma Miura, but he just didn't fit the role for me...and the main actress was not well picked either. They took out some good parts and it just...-sigh- I did not like it and am disappointed.

I guess that's it? Sorry for the long entry!

Monday, March 28, 2011


after my few days of isolation ...
which i really needed.
i feel much more refreshed. 8D
i guess turning my cellphone offline, not going on facebook or msn or stepping out of the house is great for my health...once in a while.

still missing my pappy, the stupid poo who gets to pedo little kids halfway around the world, my k-grade bud I, losers in Asia and Oceania, and my beloved whose leaving me D8

guess i need to take the rest of this week to finish/start the to do list mentioned in the entry below.

not a wink of sleep

no sleep...up for 24 hours.
drank a white chocolate mocha from waves.
just came home earlier from rc to buy a latte from starbucks.

so dead.
cant sleep! must use this opportunity to fix my sleeping hours!

i was scared of sleeping in case i overslept and break the promise i made with my mom. -sigh-
so yeah. x . x''

to do: start homework
pay my cellphone bills
start homework
start homework
get my L
start homework
read my script
start homework.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 episodes of criminal minds

is way more than i can handle.

i think im paranoid now..

the song i pwn at singing on rockband lol

sometimes..i wonder:

what i do i really want?


why do you do this to me?
leave me hanging for weeks, perhaps it's been a month already?
kept leading me on, bit by bit...
i feel like a donkey following a carrot bait, dangling in front of my eyes.
when will you let me reach the excitement? the climax? the moment i have been waiting for?

another high hope this week, another let down again.
yet, in the end, it's obvious that i can't completely say it was a let down because it gave me some sort of 'happiness'.

so should i thank you, or not?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what makes me love dance

feels like a Saturday

windows opened.
cool breeze, warm weather.
watching XxxHOLiC Rou.

Brings back the memories, the good old times.
with my blanket.

this is a moment where i wish would last forever. not kidding.

(excluding the fact that i have classes later)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

day 2 of spring break?

second day of spring break is already ending? that's crazy!
i'm so glad we have 2 weeks of spring break this year! i really need it.

whole 6 hours shopping!
metro town, pacific centre.
bought a pair of jeans from bootlegger
went to aberdeen.
had ramen (tonkotsu ramen, i believe). delicious!

so full. home
listening to symphony's orchestra. ~

Friday, March 18, 2011

spring break is here~

without realizing it, i unconsciously called you. lol. meant to call my sister for food.

first day of freedom-ish, feels like i should do something. i napped. and now...

after telling someone and my sister, i think i should probably blog this out since i kind of use this blog to keep track of my 'memories' ...

yes, i think my long titles are back! the long titles that are irrelevant to my entry, harhar.

well, basically, i just wanted to blog about how today, i had an experience...a not good experience.
i think i might be thinking too much and i'm probably being too sensitive, but i was followed. from the bus to my home ish? well, outside my street (i like in like..a of those dead end roads...circular thingy)

like...why i would think this was because the guy and i kind of had eye contact when he first got on the bus. i actually thought he might sit next to me, but this man who was walking ahead sat down and so he was at the back or something.
the route i use to go home, it's not very often someone goes the same way because most people around my area have cars so you barely see people walking unless they are walking the dog or something. it was just creepy having someone behind me...a man, and he didn't seem like he would really get off at my stop either so i was a little freaked out.
i called my sister before a made a turn to the shortcut and kept trying to get her to stay on the phone (she didn't know what's going on and we were in a fight so it was confusing) and i couldn't say anything...not even in chinese since he was asian and i suspect he might understand.

anyways, when i turned into area, i believe he was gone. thank gosh. i guess i was just being too suspicious, but not exactly the greatest feeling. better safe than sorry.
if i was mistaken, sorry asian guy... i'm a little scared of bussing, haha.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


suddenly feel so empty and alone. no idea why, just suddenly hit by a wave of misery.

speaking of misery, listening to she will be loved. feeling that way as well. what a perfect song to describe my mood...i think.
One day left~ and spring break. so close, yet so far. thanks math test!

(srry lyrics video)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

there are dark circles under my eyes and eye bags. why do i feel fat?

i can't believe i never embedded this video!
such a shameful act from a fan. watch this pv, it is amazingly beautiful. the passion from Ruki.

when watching, please notice every detail. (sorry for the not so awesome quality of the video and sound), but listen to when the music stops. when the music begin...the timing.
notice the illusion created in the pv! (so cool how aoi was reflecting think they're just the reflection in the mirror - since they both play guitar - but it's actually two different members) ~~ just please notice their awesome ingenious moves!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Was just listening to Alice Nine's Stargazing and realized how I still love the Gazette more.

I realize that I have converted into a more Gazette styled jrock listener. Not too sure, but I'm more fond of deep lyrics and the Gazette music style.

Not saying Gazette is better than Alice9, because the vocalist in Alice9 has an awesome voice, but I am now more use to Ruki's deep voice.
I guess my taste have changed. I remember how I use to love Alice9 much more, or about the same, as Gazette.
Now I am converted!

Anyways, just wanted to point that out.

kind of random because I'm listening to this instead:


I'm at home because I missed school.
I mean, at first...I was thinking of going to school, but then my art project came up. I ended up working on it (no rest or stopping! ...except to get something to drink or to get more supplies) and I still ended up working on it till 3am.
So tired. I still thought of going to school, but maybe miss TOK (it was people's presentation and I already went) and so I would still have 4 hours of sleep, compared to the 3 hours of sleep.

I woke up at 6am (as usual) and realized I really can't do this. Even if I miss TOK and get that 4 hours of sleep, that history quiz will be doomed because I have tried taking a history test when I was powering on 4.5 hours and I did REALLY bad...

And so, I called in sick and decided to go to school around 9:50, just in time for the Japanese presentation! It was a skit. I didn't want to let down my groupmates by not coming and ruin their presentation. Plus, I would have 5 hours and 30 minutes (or so) to sleep!

I set my alarm on that time. I set my alarm at 10:30...
I kept switching off my alarm when it ran. My tired, blur-of-a-brain...I reset my 10:30 alarm and switched to 11:15 since even if I miss Jap and have a chance on getting a 0 on that presentation...I should go to art because that was the purpose of my hard work! I HAVE TO GO.

And so, after convincing myself changing the alarm was right...I went back to sleep.

And guess what? I woke up to a phone call from pyl whose was calling during ask if I wasn't at school today.
Yes, I have switched off my last alarm automatically. In my hands (which is how I was able to pick up the phone faster) was my cell because I was in all battle-mode to make sure to switch off my alarm before it got annoying.

-sigh- Anyways, how I realized I missed art as well because I was asking pyl what she was doing in Japanese (since I thought it was funny how she was able to call in class), but she woke me up from that trance by letting me know it was lunch.
And so, this is why I'm at home, on my laptop, typing this up because right's my spare, no point going to school when it's my spare!

Now I'm going to miss volunteer as well. -sigh-
Today sucks. I'm so going to finish reviewing math early! I guess I will use this chance to brush up my art! And whatever comes...

Monday, March 14, 2011


from art...waiting for my sucky glue to dry...cant believe i forgot to buy crazy glue!

eating a popsicle while planning and reading music.
lost butterfly

take your time to read (kudos to helen)

i can't imagine what it would feel like to be in that situation. -sigh- don't know what more to say...

was going to blog about how i might have fallen in love at first sight, but realized how insignificant that is compared to the message in the link above.

take your time to read it. blog-worthy, time-worthy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

how can someone be like this when people are dying in Japan?!?

yes...this entry is to bash a person. no, shes not humane AT ALL. how can she say such dehumanizing words?


Vague translation by me:

The big Japan earthquake 'shook' well ! Quake again ! ! ! Japanese people (MB?) should die ! ! ! Japanese should all die out ! ! ! I love to watch One Piece, once kill a boat of Japanese , , I love to watch Naruto, once kill a village of Japanese , , I love to the earthquake in Japan, Japan directly disappear ! ! Revenge ! ! ! ! (Some kind of curse saying Japanese should die and cut off their generations).


I am MORTIFIED by this. How can ANYONE say this?!?!? Such hatred filled in this person...i honestly don't know what to say...totally offended, even though I am Chinese.
I feel ashamed this very moment.

when i give up in love...

...i watch this:

best romance film <3>

still reading tweets on what's going on in Japan.
Hopefully, they can find and rescue as many people possible during these few days, these few critical days
survivors, stay strong!

aside from mentally supporting them, i wish i can help out physically.
good to know many of the Japanese artists are actually helping out at the shelters when they're not tweeting on twitter methods and ways for people to get help or stay safe! -tears up- so touched. i know Gazette are and many others.
We must all stick together!

i hope Hawaii is also okay from all this. i don't know much, but i hope the meltdown radiations did not affect Hawaii...D8

Saturday, March 12, 2011

T A T ~ pray for Japan

-tears- still really depressed about Japan. D8

i had this bad feeling and couldn't sleep since i first heard about the earthquake. devastates me that before i slept...there was 1 death and when i wake up to go to school...there are 300 deaths.
now that im awake for another day...
how many are there?
scared to check...

i just read Aoi's tweets (since Ruki tweeted 3 times) and im crying. D8
im so glad they're safe...
saw that Yamapi is safe as well, and Miura, as well as Miyavi.

a girl tweeted to Aoi and Ruki:

On Saturday 12th March 2011, said:

[[Aoi]] Isn't there something to wrap yourself up with? Anything will do so don't lose body heat. Don't give up. RT @ dei_uru @ Aoi_theGazettE @ NHK_PR Aoi san, Ruki san, this is from Sendai, thank you so much. My entire family is missing. I can't stop crying. There is no gasoline anywhere and I'm cold being in a car. I want gasoline. It's good to know that everybody from the GazettE is fine.

...[I think the next tweet came after a while]...

I panicked and didn't understand anything, sorry. I don't know what to do. Sorry. Thank you for spreading it around. I connected to the web for the first time now.

[[Aoi]] How is everything!? Are you safe!?

[[Ruki]] All of us members are praying for your safety from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that somehow, no further damage than this will occur.


That totally made me cry. And I know there's a lot of people out there who are in her situation. Hopefully everyone will find their families.
Please help swear aware-ness and don't spread false information to cause paranoia!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

i feel so small...

right now, at this very moment...
several earthquakes are hitting in Japan.
it's causing a tsunami...a big one to hit...
from what my sister said, the earthquake was 8.2? (i hope i remembered wrong) EDIT: Its 8.9 magnitude!! D8

i just read a few short and vague articles about what is going on.
i feel really sad right now, honestly.
i mean, today...i feel extra emotional so knowing that a culture i admire so much and love is going through something so horrible this very moment (and i can't exactly do how i couldn't do anything for Haiti and when China was in distress)...i feel so awful and powerless.

at times like these, i feel so small. so insignificant.

i just hope everything will be okay, hope everyone will be safe and there won't be any casualties. minimum damage possible!

-crosses fingers-

depression. depressed. so depressed.

worst reportcard in my entire life, no exaggeration. i mean, i had horrible marks, but this is the worst reportcard. i will make sure this IS the worst reportcard in my life though -attempt to think on the positive side-

i expected this, yet i was still washed in a wave of depression...
i mean, who wouldn't? i've got to admit...i did try my best to try hard. not trying to make excuses, but my attention-span is way too short. i can't focus and kept distracting myself. when i turn off the computer, i would doodle on the paper, feel sleepy, get food or something.

this term (3), i will try and change. i still haven't watched a single episode of an anime, but i have read chapters of manga...which isn't exactly helping.
i'm trying to study more.

time to try my best to try my best.
not saying i haven't...because i'm not those geniuses who can just pull it off without studying.
i wish, i wish. i mean...if i had photographic memory, wouldn't that be easy? D8

(i can remember details for certain things very clearly though...certain scenes of things i've seen's hard to explain).

i'm glad at i managed to keep up my A for English (my favorite subject) or i would really be kidding.
(and for art)

if grades reflected our intelligence, i would be the world's most stupidest kid...
i might be exaggerating...but to be honest, for someone who has internet as a resource and an older awesome dad and super smart cousins to ask for help...pretty stupid

...not that i really ask them for help since im lazy.


time for me to eat that dish of oranges my mom brought up.

hope everyone is happy with their reportcard, if not:
remember..the IB system does not care AT ALL about your you actually have 2 years to accumulate that 'trust' and show your teachers how hard you can work so they would predict you a high predicted.
and 2 years to prep for that one month of test. << which is what counts overall.

one reportcard does not affect your entire career.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

took a nap and woke up to study math

suddenly, i started thinking about my past feelings.

suddenly craving my godmother's blueberry cheesecake filled with love!
suddenly missing my dad again (might be because he called me o-o'' through my cellphone? long distance)
suddenly thinking about $#^$*@

"now you're trying to fix me
mend what he did
find the piece that im missing

but i miss
and i miss
and im missing him"

thinking about the past. not regretting, just...a little sad and lonely.

what if , , ,

feeling refreshed!

I was so...dull this morning. By Art, I felt all better 8D Good news, good news.


(though she won't see that, but just a shout out)

I should study for math, but listening to Broken Arrow - Pixie Lott (again) so check it out below...which is 499th post. Which makes this my 502nd post!

isn't that amazing? I post way to much. Don't know if it's good or bad.

so hungry.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

so tired. getting more and more tired...

To do while listening to Broken Arrow

- Japanese homework (catch up)
- Study for Japanese test
- Math reviews
- English question
- Biozone
- Work on Enzyme lab (that's not due)
- Work on TOK
- Art project!
- Call to reschedule Math Class

Monday, March 7, 2011

whats trending in my world..

going to be/is my all time for this week

2 weeks ish left

can't believe it's almost spring break! and it's for 2 weeks. still seem so crazy that 11th grade is practically more than halfway done!
next year will be intense, but i totally look forward to that.
it's the year where my knowledge will expand and my experience will increase. the year i grow! hopefully, physically as well. << got another height insult today.

i really hate biozone. D8

RNB <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

my accomplishment this weekend:

- ordered my script
- checked my report (just now and nothing is wrong! thank gosh)
- dropped by value village (but still need to find a clock)
- semi-cleaned my room

Saturday, March 5, 2011


i don't remember whether i posted something similar, but i just wanted to let people read this since i have told a few people already and this idea was inspired by something i read:

when i say: i want a boyfriend
i don't just want any guy. not a guy to be an accessory to show off with to my friends. not just someone i can call my boyfriend and put on a mushy show for everyone to see on facebook. not someone i can take photos with and make albums of.

when i say i want a boyfriend,
i meant someone i will be with forever. someone i can see myself marry, someone i can see myself spend the rest of my life with.
if he's not someone i can think like that of, then why waste my time being with him?
why waste the time to be with someone i don't 'love' instead of searching for my 'true love'?

when i say i want a boyfriend,
i mean i want to fall in love 'that' way. i want to be with 'that person' now. i don't want to waste time.

i am a romantic. 8D

i know that i am at the age where girls just want a boyfriend and that for me to think of marriage is a tad bit too early, but i don't feel that i should waste my time on someone i won't care for in a month or two.
when you're with someone you love, you would wish you had more time or that time would stop.
if you know you will think like that,
then use all the time you've got to find that person! you should be spending as much time you have with the person you love, so why waste it?

to the girls out there: don't waste your time on someone you can't see yourself marrying.
use that time to find your 'true love' and hold onto him. 8D

now don't you wish you have a 'boyfriend'?

movies today...

I watched Nancy Drew and Tangled today.

Definitely recommend Tangled if you haven't watched it. I LOVED IT! IT WAS SO GOOD!
Well, I LOVE Disney so I'm biased. xP

You will NEVER find another chameleon that cool and chilled! I swear! <3 8DD

Nancy Drew, I don't know why, but I just loved it. I love the case rather than the acting and all. It was something nice to watch. Yeah, the case had a nice plot to it, quite predictable, but just something nice to watch (as I have said before).

Definitely watch Tangled!

a saturday morning/afternoon song

my temper...

i noticed i have a temper problem...haha.
and i think i will be deleting my kirai page soon since it's so..hateful. ugh. D8

perhaps its the good weather? or maybe the progress of my cold?
i am much happier. har har...and its the vita lemon tea!

either way,
I know i have some temper issues, especially with my dad especially. need to fix it.
any advice?

as for my temper in general...know that...when i get mad, i will be better in a few hours definitely!
like, not even kidding. i actually forget about it.
the problem here is...the next time i get angry, i remember the previous issues...
so i guess i get angrier and angrier as time progresses?

I guess that just means you all should avoid getting me angry.
unless i fix this. D8

either way...BANZAI to VLT!

Friday, March 4, 2011

mood kill

stop taking my stuff without asking. how hard is it to ask?

thanks for being biased. i feel so loved compared to the guy next door.

what have i been listening to: friday

the last 'what have i been listening to' 8D i did this for a week!
tell me if you want me to continue or it doesn't matter. i guess i did this to have something to constantly blog about.

i listen to mushaboom - feist studio version so the beginning of the mv was very different to me. i still prefer the studio version, so go check that out if you like. the beginning of the mv sounds way too numb for me.

finally friday!
im so tired. my throat is sore. it's been a whole week and my voice is still like this! i got different feedbacks. someone said it was 'cute' xD, someone liked listening to sick people's voices, someone said i sound sick, someone said i sounded like i'm going through puberty, and some people just said some thing. ha ha.

either way, i think my voice totally affects my mood since i have been mellow and calm this week (aside from monday). i have totally quieted down, which is 'out-of-my-character' apparently. either way, i miss my dad and im still me.
i guess this long, lingering cold is a great chance for me to save up my energy to burst out some other time, and a great chance to start a healthy lifestyle where i don't eat too sugary food nor drink too many bubble teas.

waiting for my medical examination report on saturday.
still need to drop by value village or some thrift shop for a clock to take apart.
met up with my EE advisor already so i need to scan the progress sheet
need to buy a film script from chapters
and get my L.

math test...i feel confident i did pretty well, but im scared to feel that way because whenever i do, i do bad. set a standard = feel down when you don't meet the standards. so my solution? dont hope too high so you won't fall too low.
my mark is my mark. be happy with what you get. if you're not, fix it for yourself, not for others' eyes. 8D

keep that in mind, everyone. don't let two measly little numbers knock your world off balance. don't let another pair of eyes, another voice, another idea control your opinions and reaction. 8) whatever suits you best, is the best.

(what an optimistic mood i am in - must be mushaboom)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

on time

i like to be on time. i expect others to be on time.
5 minutes late is acceptable...i guess.

if you can't make it, if you can't do it...say so from the start. call, message, text...don't just disappear.

this is where your sense of responsibility kicks in, if you have any.

i hate waiting. i hate being late.
i get mad at myself for being tardy, imagine what i would be like to the person whose not me...

(this does not apply to people who make me happy or has a valid excuse)

what have i been listening to: thursday

when im sick, i eat yogurt...i think.
well, the habit is starting now.

day 2 of missing dad. (if you count yesterday's half day...because that was double the missing)
math math math.
the hard part i don't get (with the squared sine, cosine, tan, etc.) is not on the test...but the other stuff, can i do it?
english. in my sister's bag.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what have i been listening to: wednesday

dad left today.
i made the call before it was too late and tears dropped before i could get a hold of myself. unintentional for sure.
thank yous for the peachy tissues, Mr. Tom.

a little empty today
just going to sleep it off for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

what have i been listening to: tuesday

medical examination today:
first time getting my blood retrieved through a needle like that
first time peeing in a cup...and it's difficultly disturbing
first time going through a medical examination

dad is leaving tomorrow and i could only study for my math test tomorrow...