Tuesday, January 31, 2012

we're growing up.

After finishing my university applications, it finally registered to me that we're really growing up.  Just a while ago, it was such a big deal going to high school, getting our lockers and meeting people for other elementary schools, haha. Now, we look back, and realized how it was no big deal.  I'm sure when we look back at how we are now, panicking like crazy about our applications to a point where the UBC site crashes continuously, we would think we are such foolish kids.

So many things have been happening these past few days in the last week.  Many deadlines, not only for application, but also homework and such.  History investigation, math portfolio, art projects, etc. etc..  Feel so much at ease, having to accomplish these things and never having to really see them again, at least for math.  Although I still have TOK essay left and need to revise art and History, most is done!

Main thing is, aside from school, many things have happened.  While I was thinking about what to fill in UBC application, the challenges I had to face and what has changed my perspective, I realized I did really grow a lot.
Just the other day, I went to meet up with my sister and her friends said that I look so different and much older and more mature.  My childish personality made me feel all smug, but to honestly think about it, I have grown a lot.  Maybe it's not that noticeable to the people who are always around me, but I feel that everyone has grown a lot.

Seeing everyone all dressed up in winter formal made me realize we're almost adults.  My first pair of high heels!  My first time putting on such luxurious make up and having a real makeover.  (Boat cruise was done in a rush by my older sister).  Yes, IB was a very tough journey, but I am glad I have taken it.  I'm not saying this as a person who has done very well in IB, but actually, as a struggling student.  The things I have learned in IB, I believe it was worth my time.  Although I may complain about my math portfolio, my history investigation and about waking up 6am in the morning to talk about knowledge, all the skills that I have acquired and all the knowledge I have learned through these experiences are definitely priceless.

Not to sound corny or cliche, but I really think it was worthwhile.  I believe that if I was in the regular classes, I wouldn't have found a reason to really do anything because everything would be too simple.  Also, the transition between university and high school would've been too great for me.  In IB, the skills we learned in history, we will need to use them to write a paper in university!  The world lit's we do for English are basically the greatest preparations we can get for university.  Not only are we having such great advantages over the other people, we are also 'made' to volunteer, making us a more well-rounded student.

Through all these experiences and 'torture' we had to go through, we met different people.  Got to know each other's skills and weaknesses.  Seeing our fellow classmates struggle opens up our kindness and we offer to help.  We are no in cliques, but a group as a whole, helping each other out.  The bonds we created in IB, I believe it's one of those that would last a long time.  Later, in the future, we would be laughing and thinking back: "Remember how worried we were about the predicted's?" or "Haha, the history investigation wasn't too bad...I write them all the time now!" and perhaps even "Wow, TOK in the morning makes philosophy class seem like nothing!"

All these experiences made us a stronger character and I believe it was worth it.  Perhaps the lack of sleep does make me a little cranky and ranty sometimes, but all in all, I still think it's worth it.
For those who are complaining: just suck it up and deal with it.  No point complaining, you had the option to drop in grade 11 and many did.  I'm sure deep inside, you want to stay because you know the benefits.

Anyways, I guess I kind of went off track about IB, but for me, it was a great part of my growing.  Looking back at how I was in grade 11, reading manga and watching anime all the time to the person who tries to balance homework and sleep.   I see a great transition.

Kind of lost my train of thought now that my music changed to a little more rock-ish.  I guess I should head off to bed.  I haven't really gotten much rest and might be getting sick.  Ah, and I should start hunting for my prom dress! Haha.
Good night.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

stressful time indeed.

Monday, January 16, 2012

studying for bio. yes, i am actually studying.
drinking tea, trying to hold up and planning to go a little earlier so i can read the text in my locker. -sigh- fail. anyways, really should start changing my lifestyle.  probably said this many times, but yeah.  i guess i really need to get my butt working and get things done...
aka university apps. oh, uni apps, why are you so long and tedious? whenever i sit down to do them...once i get to the program section and i have to choose what i want to do, i just freeze and up settle down on the decision to do it later.

so lost.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

been so long :O

Went to gym today!  First time in a while and I feel out of shape!  Thank gosh for the caffeine before I left the house...or I wouldn't have ran as hard as I did...
To be honest, I didn't plan to go, but since I didn't really have homework for tomorrow, I decided, why not?  Plus, I also have a second motivation, haha!

Anyways, after the two intense day and the not so intense day yesterday...my 13 hours of sleep actually made me more tired and so...I think I should moderately increase my sleep.  Also, I missed 2 meals yesterday thanks to the sleep so I was starving today!

Yes, I have been sooo hungry lately.  Still think it's my growth spurt.  Watch me grow!

My memory has been pretty bad lately, and so if I'm forgetting something, would be nice to remind me.  I guess I should go off to bed.  Maybe after a one shot, but yeah.  Still got TOK essay, Jap homework, History stuff and ummm...other many miscellaneous stuff.

Night, world! And sweet dreams.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

yes, i'm procrastinating...shush!

been at koerner library for 2 hours already! found the books i need and man, they are sure killing my shoulders!
as if my laptop wasn't killer enough.

still so overwhelmed by the amount of books the library has! man, if my future home will hold half of what koerner has, i would die happy.
ah~ which reminds me, my favorite scene in beauty and the beast was when belle was in the beast's library and was picking out books.

anyways, should really focus on my H.I., but i mean, this is joyce we're talking about here...should probably know i'm the master at procrastination.
although i wasn't entirely productive yesterday, i was able to catch up with an old friend x) ~ oh, how i love you! we need to skype more! - but i guess it's because we didn't talk for a long time that makes the few conversations we have special and meaningful.
now, we have so much to talk about and i get all giddy during the conversation.

anyways, i miss reading my manga. yes, i read some yesterday.

random, but i realized i'm not as scared when watching criminal minds...should i be even more scared now?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

hate the change of plans

raining so much

first week of school and i'm dead tired.  feels as if the break never happened!
anyways, really hoping to finish my H.I. part B well this weekend.  also need to study for Chile test (which should be okay since my H.I. is on Augusto Pinochet) and also need to retype my part A (with my source titles now).

SO behind in art! totally stuck with not knowing what to do.  think ms swanson could tell and isn't too happy.  she's probably leaving me alone because she thinks i know what i'm doing and is just busy with my own thing, but it's not working!
really need to take some pictures.  maybe tuesday night?

and grad transitions...meaning, university applications!
maybe i'll just quickly do the SFU one and use that as an example? lol. predicted out on 20th so i will be waiting.  speaking of 20th, that's the day we are assigned our math portfolios and arghh! deadlines!
nts: see me yasui about japanese topic.

time to prep for tutor and heading over to ubc for sources!

here's one of the song i've been listening to a lot:

Monday, January 2, 2012

schools tomorrow and i'm not exactly feeling super well for the last day of winter break.

ever feel like somethings missing?
even though you can't think of what is missing and you know that everything is there and right...it just doesn't feel perfect.
ah ~ just started raining.
anyways, guess i might just be going through a mood swing thing.  kind of want to be alone, but at the same time, i also don't want to.  wish someone knew what i wanted so i won't be so confused. x . x

guess it's time to get my butt back in gear for school.
oh history investigation, why must you be so time consuming?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 has been a loong year.  Many things happened, whether it was good or bad, it helped me grow as a person.  I got to know some people better, gotten closer to others, while some good friends drifted apart from me.  Guess this is all a part of the process of growing up.  Especially now that we're all getting older and starting to go our own separate ways, to different universities or the different paths we choose to take.

Hoping 2012 will be a great and amazing years.  Really need to start trying to achieve some of the goals or fulfill the wishes I have set out to do.

Thank you for taking care of me this year!  Hope everyone will have an awesome 2012 :)