Tuesday, October 30, 2012

maybe tsunami here?

living in an area that's under sea level, teachers through elementary and high school has been telling us...if we have a tsunami, we're going to turn into a puddle of mud...

after the recent panic on facebook status about the earthquake and potential tsunami news spreading around, it totally stirred the paranoia in my sister. emergency classes? yeah, going to be signing up.

i really don't know how i feel about this.
there was a moment where i started freaking out, like my sister, i packed up my favorite stuff animals and a few set of clothes, emergency food and etc. ....just in case.
that year they said we would have an earthquake or something.
in the end, nothing happened and every one cooled down again...never worrying.  i remember how during SARS moment...everyone went to buy masks...during H1N1, every store was sold out of hand sanitize...
after that phase of panic, when nothing happened, every one went back to their usual routine...

huge amounts of bottled water being bought? that phase was over.

for one thing, i know my sister is always cautious and even when the phase died down, she was still slightly wary of it...not just completely ignoring the fact that there might be a chance.

and after news about hurricane sandy, i thought about what i would do if this piece of mud was covered in water?
what would i do? what would i grab first? what would i think of?
i was reading on facebook, if you haven't seen, the post about what Dr. Richard Teo said before he past away (R.I.P)...
it made me think i was thinking about my belongings and possessions first.
well, technically, i see my stuff animals as a part of my family that has been with me in the darkness...so i guess that doesnt count?
but if anything really happened, my sister and family would be what i think of first. the safety of those who are close to my heart...

after talking to a friend about another close friend who has gone away for school in the east coast...made me miss her even more.  made me wish she was back so if anything happened in the east coast, i won't panic...and if anything happened here, she wouldn't be all alone there worrying.
so glad my dad is back for now. he's the chill kind of people that does not panic along with every one...ever. don't know if that's good or bad? at least i know one person in this household won't freak out and can actually think calmly.
anyhow...after all this information intake today, i am just grateful for the people i have around me.  for the stuff animals i have and for the possessions i'm fortunate to own...

if anything does happen,
i think i will be happy if there's peace in my mind...worry-free. so please do that for me?

tea and hammock

back to the good old stuff to keep me going.

researching automaton toys to sketch for the upcoming major project that is due before the final!
building an AMT, most likely out of cardboard (since we are not allowed to use wood or anything fancy any more...), with a partner and yeah..
doing the initial research and planning.

also, at the moment, needing to finish up the 102 midterm project! well, second project.
i got side tracked by 9gag! haven't been on there since forever....
kind of different compared to a few months ago.
so crazy...the pace social media changes are on.

still thinking about the courses.
considering double majoring in business and iat - design. would definitely be helpful and fun.  i already know i won't be graduating in four years since i am considering three-four terms of co-op or more.  perhaps even field school. have been looking at italia school design since day 1 and i know it's hard to get in.
really need to pick up my game. should devote free time to learning how to use the programs properly!
-sigh- hope i do end up doing that.  my skills, ultimately, are lacking...

here's some hammock:

goodnight. hopefully i will be sleeping fairly soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

the 20th birthday surprise celebrations are over and now it's halloween

andy and i have been planning a surprise for my sister for her present. i can assume we have succeeded with the new sephora cinderella collection (thank gosh there were new shipments of the compact mirror!) and a whole bunch of her favorite candies along with two black and white rice plushie.
sounds silly, but the two plushies are mega adorable i was actually thinking and convincing myself to keep them... :(

anyways, the day after, the 26th, was a surprise dinner planned by her friend at mad greek! i love greek food...i love kalamari...
the ribeye andy ordered was the best and kalamari. haha.
the rack of lamb was reeaally good, better than felicos. and yeah, it was fun. so glad she was happy and surprised. had to lie and cover up saying i'm going to dinner with just andy and give her present earlier to make it seem like andy won't be there, etc.
plus, i specially called and ordered her favorite white romance cheesecake! :D hehe. so glad that turned out well. made the walk from my house with andy worth it!

anyways, it was a great night. really happy.
expensive, but well worth it.

now, as for the real birthday. i woke up to both my sister and dad waking me for work...which i did not have. i'm assuming my mumbling was misunderstood.
anyways, had gourmet burgers at red robin for dinner.
went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream
walked around and got spooked by nicole and a pathetic spider (she got scared which scared me)
all in North Van so it was a nice drive -- always think driving at night downtown is so pretty and comforting.

they're watching conan movie right now and i'm watching so xxxholic:kei before i got to bed.
poor andy has swollen cheeks and can't keep me company. -sigh-

feeling so lonely...not that i should have company though. been kind of off today...all day. feel like something is wrong and my eyes just can't focus at all. at the moment, im touch typing...and yeah...
cant keep my eyes open, not because i stared at the screen too long or too tired (because i was out and took a nap). hopefully everything will be okay tomorrow.

good night, world.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

first all nighters since?

ended up staying up till 7am and thinking i will get only 1 hour of sleep..i overslept my math class, then my 102 lecture, and finally my 100 lecture. i woke up and since my mom busted in my room, but then passed out....

dang, i'm too old for this.

had work today and sleep and tired...sore all over, but that medium iced latte i made myself is keep me up to finish my math homework and 102 deliverable until i pass out for good.
definitely not missing my lab...my presentation day.

-sigh- not too bad. have some mogwai music to keep me company and more tea.

sporting this awful cold sore on my tongue...definitely going to tone down on the cold drinks and start intaking more liquid to keep hydrated! also, need more sleep. i hope that's the reason for my sudden bursts of pimples (no worries, it's not that horrid), but yeah...

to eat
to drink water
to sleep
to rest and watch anime!

to do homework :(

almost le sister's birthday and totally excited!! -- one thing though, really annoyed with how i'm getting the feeling of people changing around me. like not the growing up change...or the influence from others change...but the: "Hi, I just met you and this is crazy...but I think you're awesome. So friend me maybe?" -a few convo later...."...I crossed my heart and I hoped to die, that I'll only talk to you one more time..."

haha, okay, sorry about the lame lyric lines.....
but yeah. is it my personality driving people away? :( -- any who, no time for that...me papa is coming back in 2 days! pretty crazy.

do drop by to visit me at work if you want me to make you half decent free coffee (maybe)?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

midterm project two

yeah, i'm rushing it again. -sigh-

need to start getting my game up. it's not 15% this time...i believe its 20 or 25%

good luck to me? i need it. :)

this and some green tea to keep me going through the night. who needs coffee?
never thought i would dread using photoshop...

Monday, October 22, 2012

a day like this...

Today, it's not raining..it's not sunny...it's bland.

Back in the ol' days...I use to just spend my saturdays or sundays (in a weather like this) at home with my blanket on my big comfy chair.

I would brew some tea in my huge pink cup and eat any kind of snacks I find around the house or in my room.  with everything set, i would watch the new updates of animes.

in today's case, it was rewatching special A and the one new episode update of both suki-tte ii na yo and tonari no kaibustsu-kun. all three are shoujo and about romance with some comedy.

i should really get back to my homework,
but i guess why these few days...
the weather kept pulling back in time to a year ago, two years ago or ever five years ago ... is....i really haven't fully transitioned to everything.

the whole university changes...the huge lectures, constant lab homework on subjects that aren't biology or english, but computer design related really makes me feel it's unreal.
i guess i'm only use to doing css/html coding on my own time...and sketching 3d isometric objects like never...
what i'm doing, making logos, branding books, promotional magazine pages, taking diptychs and making a live-action web comic with coding and everything involved....just seem so un-school-like.
feels like it's just a phrase, a momentary thing...and in a week or two, i will be going back to my high school and sitting in my regular seat (although there are no designated seats) with regular group of friends...listening to the teachers talk...the teachers whom i have known for several years and truly connect to their students.

i miss that.

i miss those close connections you make. i miss staying in school for a long time with the people you know for 3-5 years.
i do love the fact that i go to school for only one hour...or three hours....or at most, on thursdays, for six hours. i love the amount of time i get to work on projects...instead of cramming them (though i still cram).
all the free time is just making me miss the old times. seeing every one move on..whether it's in person or from facebook updates. feels kind of sad and really makes reality hit hard to see paths separate.
anyhow, it's bound to happen. i knew it was inevitable from the start...but still doesn't hurt to reminisce?

probably can't handle taking more work shifts...but work really does help keep my mind off things.  except for those annoying/angry customers that just seems to want to add on to my anger.  won't be long until i explode on some one -- kidding.

dad is back on friday. i miss how i use to miss him so much and be so excited when he's back. now i really feel like i'm growing up.
nicole's birthday on saturday. she's freakin' 20! grown up for sure. still look like a freshman? yes.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

trying to maintain my good habits...

...is really hard.

attempting to sit through this sunday night and accomplish two homework..that aren't due tomorrow...a just a little that's due the day after tomorrow.
ah, the day after tomorrow...now i want to watch a movie.

after an afternoon of working: brewing coffee and making lattes and cappuccinos, i can easily convince myself i deserve a night in my cuddly, cozy bed...watching a movie or something before the disastrous midterm project week starts...continued by another midterm project week followed by another math midterm week.

surprised i'm able to start and be about 35% done my math assignment? math...my most despised subject.

i really do believe having a beautiful cover art, or just an image really does complete a song.  that's why i started getting into the habit of buying CDs and not just downloading one track.
fully experiencing what the artists originally intended for the audience really does add to the musical stimulation.
i just love those youtubers who adds a nice fitting picture with the instrumentals.
one, attracts my attention.
two, makes me keep the tab open and not sidetrack -- therefore, i actually listen to the track.
three, eye pleasing and ear pleasing :)

..hmmm..my blog feels dead.

Monday, October 15, 2012

another feeling of the old times...

for some reason, the rainy weather has been triggering my feelings to reminisce about the past...

snuggling inside my warm bed and staring at the screen of my laptop, procrastinating and reading manga brings back the good ol' memories of what i use to do.
probably during the weekend or when i'm sick, but i really miss this.
this really relaxed feeling...something i haven't felt for a while and i have been trying to recreate.

my room all cool and no one is home, but me and my bunnyrabbit :)

i miss this a lot.

hopefully, i dont end up procrastinating from my homework now that i have a head start

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

died a little inside

raining and gloomy...
awful road  test.

yeah, i failed. -sigh-
i was mentally preparing for that...but really, after this, driving is starting to sound like a turn off for me. i know i shouldn't think it like this...but kind of scared.
i panic a lot.
probably don't seem like the type, but i do ~ sigh

despite all that, still very excited for my beloved's birthday.

currently waiting in front of the computer like an idiot for the clock to hit 12 and posting happy birthday while saying happy birthday. harhar.
this is what i spend my free time doing.

im boring and sad, i know.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

being almost broke

birthdays are coming up and i keep spending so much money on food!
oh, food...why must you be so expensive?

just bought my beloved a birthday present and his happiness is priceless so it was all worth it. :)
two paycheques? no big deal.
now, comes the new friend's birthday just seven days after my beloved's and then my sister's birthday.

did i mention driving lessons?
to be honest, i don't think i will pass my road test...i hope i do, but the lack of practice really is a problem...
-sigh- i just want to drive...and not be so tense...and just drive. haha

no more work for this week or next week until next weekend.  guess i can relax a bit...well, at least until i feel well enough to start preparing for my midterm for iat 106. really don't know what to expect.
then more midterm projects coming up!

my goal to keep up with my math? not going well. -sigh- another math homework cramming session again.  really need to motivate myself to leave my bed in the morning and attend those lectures.
warm, cozy bed or long, cold bus ride + dreadful wait for bus/skytrain...you decide.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

secrets and bad luck

i realized that i am actually really bad at keeping secrets, well surprises, and end up blurting it out.  secrets and surprises such as a birthday surprise.  i have a feeling i have been leaking it out and ended up blurting out that i made plans...

this is so bad.  imagine when i'm closer to finishing up my planning for the super ultimate birthday day?

i would blow up and probably spoil everything the minute before...

finally done my mid term project in a rush. 20% of my semester...
and just my luck, everything that could go wrong went wrong. the one hour wait to print 12 pages took forever and gave me a heart attack because 5 minutes prior to my turn, the printer jammed 4 times in a row. i could not get my project binded and had to go freak out about trimming everything and some how bind it despite the back to back lecture and labs i had...
my presentation needed more tweaking and edits...
had  to get things trimmed and binded within 30 minutes until my lab started and the printing place was almost closing so i needed to hurry to use the cutter
there was no glue or tape so i had no way of putting my sample business stationary in my branding book.

after getting a folder and xmas tape, i lost the business card sample, which is one of the main deliverable we had to hand in -- ran around the campus and the mall (all within that 30 minutes)

was late for my lab by 5 minutes and got everything done.  did not eat lunch or breakfast so went for a pee break to eat a subway bought by a friend -- who did not know what sauce i wanted to the subway was bland if not for the cheese

during the presentation class,
partner was freaking out
usb connected to every computer, but the presentation computer and had to use another computer to drag the pdf file of my presentation to another usb and then into the presentation computer.
on my turn to present (which is second), the presentation did not show our logo (because it was too light) and took a lot of time trying out the google doc version and pdf file and everything.
my partner turned the computer mac screen to show that the logo was showing, but then clicked the off button and turned off the entire computer.
mac loaded  the windows system for 10-15 minutes...

so basically everything kind of sucked and then our presentation was rushed in the last minute.

marks deducted? i think so...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 sleepless night and a zombie nightmare

haven't slept properly for 3 nights.  at least the big stuff will be over soon!
well, at least i can be a little more chilled next week until my 106 midterm comes up. plus, 106 lab homework is starting to be a pain. need to find a way to acquire solidworks program or work on it at school on one of those days -sigh-

-resume from 3:32pm after passing out-

treated myself to two coldplay CDs though i probably don't deserve it. harhar.
but great steal, despite the slight scratch on both covers. guess thats why they were sold together!

non-stop parachute to accompany me through the andy-less nights of midterms and assignments.

Monday, October 1, 2012

the storm is clear; time for a nap

first mid term is over. i bombed it.
but i got over it! yeah, the time thing really is an issue. i realized, towards the end, i was running out of time, so sad.

went to gym today and i am totally getting back in the system. feeling so good!
was stinky on the bus and while eating, but it's all good.
now is time for a nap :3
and prepare for a night or presentation prepping and more illustrator work. harhar

also attempt to learn/use dreamweaver. thank gosh for my basic html background :)