Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good Things The Happen

Trying to blog more.  More about good things that happen!

So this semester, aside from that amazing A+ on my midterm that I got (and will totally frame) and broadcasted to the world + spammed on Snapchat, there are a few other things.
If you don't know, I have made a new girl friend! -cheers- and getting closer to a team mate as well; went shopping with her last weekend!

For today, I actually have a feeling I am getting sick...had headache and all that (which sucks 'cause I just heard from others that they are getting sick and I was trying my best to dress layers upon layers to prevent it), thus, I missed my tutorial.  Missed the first class ever this semester! Yes, I have been maintaining a perfect attendance...
Well, I made it to my second tutorial of the day (now, sitting in my lecture) which I thought I will miss and this brings us to something awesome today...

On the skytrain heading downtown to Waterfront station, a kind old woman offered her seat to another elderly man which prompted me (who was way to occupied doing SEY stuff on my cellphone, sorting out some issues that came up this morning.  That resulted me to delay my shower and morning routine so I was late to board the train) to offer my seat.  He kindly declined and preferred to stand instead so I sat down again.

The lady, after a stop or two, started talking to me.  I found out she's actually from Moscow and she was super friendly.  We talked about Canada, Moscow and people, briefly.  I would have loved to talk to her more, but I had to get off and turned out...she missed her stop at Broadway City Hall.  She was going for a walk! :)

Anyways, that conversation made my day; it was so lovely to meet her. Love these fate meetings!

Monday, October 20, 2014

RIP Oscar De La Renta

My heart just died a little to hear the news that Oscar De La Renta has passed away at 82.

Being a periodic fashion follower, I only have a selected few designers I really love and he was one of them.  He was one of the few legendary designers whose design I fall in love with.  I love the silhouettes, the intricate details, and the way his designs look on a woman.  He was amazing and brought such beauty to this world; it breaks my heart to think about the loss.

Very appreciative of the work and the legacy he has left behind in the fashion world.  Hopefully, in the future, I will have the honor to meet one of his works.

May your soul rest in peace.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


song that is keeping me up - porter is too good.
hu hu hu.

"I'm just trying to find what is important.
It is a way to lose track of life of their own."

Monday, October 13, 2014

more music

To take a break from my sudden constant listening of the soundtrack from The Fault in Our Stars, I suddenly remembered this song I saw a while ago...and now, I think this will be in my head.

Definitely better than songs that reminds me of a tear-jerking movie during stressful time! ):
Totally been remember how I cried three manly tears in the theater when I went to watch The Fault in Our Stars with N. -sigh- And Amsterdam....
Okay, no more feels..

Sunday, October 5, 2014

been a while again

So these last few weeks has been the most stressful time ever.  Lots have been happening and lots of emotional feelings.
I found myself, unexpectedly, getting very caught up with the protest in Hong Kong.  I have some very strong opinions regarding my position on this issue and a few political matters.  This whole situation made me realize that although I have always not want to be involved in politics, I should. be more involved and do something about it, rather than being the bystander (a position I really don't like) and neutral about the matter.  I don't think we should sit around and complain about things, not doing anything, and expect others to do it.

Not to sure what my move next will be, but my dreams and goals have definitely shifted from personal (to have a happy family, married and all) to something bigger (wanted to make a difference and help others).  Still generic, but...baby steps, haha. Of course, I still want what I wanted before, just I think I shouldn't be so selfish and thinking about only myself when there is so many things out there I can do.