Sunday, March 31, 2013

my korean phase?

I think it was pretty obvious I was obsessed with Korean music before, but has died down tremendously since Kpop when mainstream.
Now and then, I would listen to the old songs I use to love and follow up with a few songs, as well as some indie ones.

Recently, I have been listening/watching this one a lot:

My sister showed it to me and I just love how the lyrics and music video played out together. Although dramatic MV is not something new to Kpop industry, I just like this one...
peeking into my playlists and a few of the newer songs I like, I guess the trend is the emotional lyrics and similar styles.  I Remember - Bang Yong Guk, a few of Nell's songs and this one are pretty similar I a sense.

Anyways, I have been going crazy marathon watching Gossip Girl and keep my mind off some stuff.....

I'll face some problems later...soon.

Friday, March 29, 2013

out than in

feeling so out of it (yeah, the no-capitalizing thing is back)...
stomach feels twisted and queasy, but not sick
head just buzzing, but not a headache

no patience to watch anime
no patience to watch gossip girl
no patience to watch movies
no patience to listen to music
no patience to sleep...


i'll probably just lay here until my eyes die out.

what happened?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

my style: Hata Motohiro

i really love his music and believe he deserves much more attention!

the Hata Motohiro songs i have heard so far just fits with my indie jap music phase...the nice breezy sunny day where i would just lay there and drink milk tea in my room
blog, write, look at pictures
eat a popcicle
feel at bliss and just...happy.

yeah, i definitely like his music.
reminds me of the connection i felt when i heard sleepy.ab's works.

anyways, i really should get back to that essay which is due in a few hours...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

back in my groove

Okay, I think I will start typing normally! Haha, today I ended up oversleeping my comp sci lecture and lab, so I spent the first part of my morning in bed...
Sadly, it wasn't all comfy and fluffy because for around 6-7 hours, I have been having this awful headache and nauseous feeling.

Ended up falling back to sleep while trying to read econ.

I did, however, watch Howl's Moving Castle and remember how in love I am with the master of all genius, Hayao Miyazaki, and my fascination with the Japanese culture just started building up. So right now, I am seriously considering just planning a trip and go for it.
Finding the right travel buddy is really hard.  I seem to find people who are interested, but never someone who is fully committed. -sigh-

I actually finished homework pretty early so I caught up with How I Met Your Mother and played around with my tamagachi from the app on my phone.
Oh yes, I finally got off my butt and started using my S3 after such a long time...having it sit in its new packaging for so long and hearing everyone around me tell me how I'm ridiculous...letting my new phone wait while using my old old Galaxy W.

Time to consider going to bed after eating some food and finishing up Gossip Girl.
Oh, did I mention how my team and I won third on our first Case Competition? That's right! I guess I will rave about that in my next blog...
...still feels surreal.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3:30am and kimchi noodles

coming back from going to the washroom and entering a room that smells like nongshim's kimchi noodles...ahhh ~ the nostalgic feeling.
now, with some anime and my blue starry night light on the wall..
things would be perfect!

miss the hardcore anime watch,
the patterns my star light produces on the sky blue walls, next to the huge moon light.
i miss the kimchi smell lingering in my room as it was too "sketchy" to open my window at night to air it out.
who wouldn't miss the spacious room where i can roll around when i need a break and then continue my hard core anime watch?
the absolute silence that allows me to be in my own world...
opening up my closet to find a fuzzy jacket to feel cozy in.
the layers and layers of blankets stacked on top of each other to keep me cuddly.

and of course,
watching my two doors for lights, in case i'm being checked out.

i miss all that..

back in the same spot again...

don't know if i'm the one putting myself in this situation,
walking back to the same spot,
but...i'm here again.
deja vu

i need to go on a trip -sigh-

Sunday, March 3, 2013


talked to two of the most important men in my life.
don't know if that resolved anything...
if anything is fixed or got through...

but at least i feel better?
feel like some things did get through.

i miss the old times.
i really need to stop holding onto to the past and look forward.

if only i could do that...
but i feel like once i do, i won't be myself anymore.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

bad luck

been having the worse of luck one could have...

things are still spiraling downhill since as i get busier and more things pile up.
time to take a step back and re-evaluate my situation to make some changes.
i know thats what i should do,
but i'm so tired.

had an awful fever last night,
haven't had one as bad as that for a long time.

still having this weird empty feeling inside and sometimes,
i have been finding myself just staring at nothing (or at my coin dozer game), i feel so alone.

-sigh- it's that moment again where i really wish i can leave
since nothing is worth for me to stay......