Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I came home around 1:20am ish. It's been about half an hour, yupyup. I went with my sister to Central to look at the Swarovski tree then went to Tsim Sha Tsui to see the Tiffany & Co. tree again alone with the harbor view of HK with all the lights on the buildings. SO SQUISHY! xD But totally fun. Sadly, we missed the fireworks and yeah...we were squishing on the rail and looked at the lights when like...3 yacht came around. Show-offs...yeah! xD
One was totally rented =3='' Haha.

I still don't get why people would drive the yacht over to where we were....people started cheering and going wooooo! when they were over while the guys next to us were saying how they were such show offs. Totally true. xD

It was amusing. Lots of lang jais...;D

Anyways, it was awesomely madness! xD I also went to Lan Gui Fong...which is the street filled with pubs and bars and everything! So cool. Awesome day today. Also my Godmother's birthday! <3
We went to eat at Pokka Cafe for lunch. :)

It's SUCH an awesome day, don't know how to describe, yupyup.

My back hurts...I'm going to go read some manga while finishing up my Godmother's blueberry cheesecake (WHICH IS THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD! NO KIDDING!) and then sleep. Good night and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

another blog in a while

I haven't been able to blog, but now I will probably be able to daily until the 26th...will be going back to mainland China (Shen Zhen) to visit my grandma!

Blogging from my new laptop! A sony white one<3
In love for sure! Sadly, I will still my original laptop...which I have grown attached too.

Anyways, today...I had ramen for dinner, Mos burger for snack and ate at Cafe Lagoon for brunch. Sister arrived early in the morning. :)

Sharing the good news. xD Still haven't really shopped shopped. Got half the souvenir ish.

Now, I am ummm...drinking a Kowloon bottled milk from Seven Eleven and chilling! xD
Bottled milk after shower! That's the life :D

This time, for Christmas, I have been staying at a suite on the 71st floor :D
Awesome view, totally! Usually, we stay on the 30s...because now, we have to switch and take two different elevators to get to our rooms...=='''
My dad had always prefer the lower rooms in case any of us had an 'emergency' (washroom) and had to like...kill ourselves waiting for 2 elevators. LOL! Yeah, that's actually the legit reason. Anyways, somewhat glad for this nice view...except when I'm super tired =3=''

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

blog access!

I suppose you guys can all guess...mainland China blocked blogger too! I couldn't blog during my stay so I was typing up some blog entries on a microsoft document. Thinking about it, I guess I won't post all of them up. One of them (typed up during my birthday) was quite an angry one...
yes, i was VERY angry and unhappy before, during, and after my birthday. Haha.

Would love to share my day with you!

I actually had a whole day to myself! After eating a somewhat breakfast with my brother, I went to buy a ticket to watch Narnia 3 and then before the movie...I had to wait 45 minutes or so. I just walked around...tried calling three stupid people who didn't pick up...and then people-watched for a bit. I did some window shopping as well.
After watching the movie, I walked around 2 malls...just walked and window shopped a bit while I got a green tea frappe and people-watched. I spotted a "leisure centre" and sat at the bleachers (with my newly bought belated birthday present for Jenn) and did some crosswords, listened to music and stalked guys playing soccer! xD
Sat there for hours...I must've seemed VERY creepy...but whatever. I was alone and it was very chilled. I then remembered someone's suggestion and pulled out a notebook and started sketching the buildings. I drew 3 buildings...took some pictures with my cellphone and sketched a bit more. Sometimes, I would pause and watch the guys play soccer and yeah.

So lonely here D:
People my age are all in school and I feel like such a rebel without a uniform (totally want uniforms!) and everyone are with their friends. At times, I felt like approaching some students...but I feel like such a creep. So yeah...don't want to scare people.

Anyways, after was acutally 5:30pm or so and I went to a cafe to eat dinner. I walked a bit and sat down in front of a fountain till now. I finished eating around 6:30pm ish. Sat there till 7:20pm or so because I started sketching. I feel like an oldiee...sitting there. I was just people watching again and thinking...and sketching. Wow, I am such a creep.

Anyways, it was a nice day...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

alone for once!

It's so shocking...I had a meal alone! I have never been alone before. At least, I have never eaten alone in HK before!

Anyways, I had a cheese burger (no tomato) at Mos Burger. A small fries and a cup of English milk tea. It was so good! I wish I took a better picture of it...the one I took was very unflattering to the burger. xP

I wish I had someone to share the happiness with. D:

Anyways, I will be meeting my godmother at 6pm when she's off work! Looking forward to it! xP I miss her so much.

I actually have a really hard time -sneeze- communicating out my feelings to people. Like, I don't really know -sneeze- how to express my gratitude towards my aunt and uncle...I seem so robotic (feel robotic as well) and 'fake' in front of them. It's not on purpose. And with my godmother, on the phone...I feel very strange and I just don't really know how to say out things and I just feel distanced. D:

Kind of weird. Just a me thing. I mean, this isn't only with people in HK, but just in general. I can't really express how I think and feel...D:
This sucks. Gotta work on these stuff. Let's just say...sometimes (most of the time), when I say something and I look like I'm joking...I'm not. Or when I'm saying something and looks serious...I am actually joking. Of course, when I look mad...I'm 90% mad for sure. Just letting you all know. Haha.

Get me mad, and feel my wrath. No joke there. Want to find the hardest person to please? Right here. Get on my nerves and when I'll be gone within a second.
Of course...that hasn't happened to anyone...yet. LOl.

I shall probably blog later when I arrive in Mainland China (gotta bus). Again, hopefully there is blogger there. Haha. Will be late since I'm meeting my Godmother around 6pm so we're postponing travel time!

Farewellz and night night to you all!
Ganbatte, everyone...on your studies!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello from Hong Kong!

Day 2 in Hong Kong!

Decided to blog since I have internet now. :D Will be going to mainland China tomorrow so I will blog while I can. Hopefully, China isn't retarded enough yet to block

If you need to contact me, my email is opened. Facebook will be blocked. D:
I will upload the few pictures I have taken. xP

So far...:
-watched 5 movies straight on the airplane
-epic: the bus driver was driving along side of another bus driver opened his window while the other bus driver opened his bus doors and they were talking! ROFL! xD
-spent $5CAD to buy a book of crossword (@ van airport) and I'm still working on it!
-feels like I'm getting fat...D: eating a lot!
-realized that once again, I am speaking more English in HK than in Canada...(people are nicer to English speakers...w00t!)
-avoided troubles by speaking English...
-gambling is very addicting...totally my thing!
-need to start shopping!

Hong kong is really cool actually! It's like Canada's Spring? Or maybe Autumn. I am wearing jean and my Nike jacket. My Abercrombie & Fitch sweats with my Nike shorts under, etc.. At night, there are breezes! W00t!

My left arm is numb...

Anyways, I brought my math review sheets, scientific calc, graphing calc, History reading booklet, my English novels, sketchbook, Bio stuff, and etc.. Totally an IB student. ;D If you could, please let me know (email) what's up in school! Thanks. :DDDDDDDDD -hint hint- :DDDDDDDD


Sunday, December 12, 2010

true friends

I can't sleep, but should.. since I will be leaving in a few hours.

Even though many people have said this already and I have seen and read about it in both animes, movies, and in's just different when you realize it yourself. Realize: You know who your friends are when you're in need of help.

Yeah, I already know that, but to actually feel it is completely different. Not only is it when you're in need of help...rather...when there's a big transition in your life, the ones who stick around you and notices are the ones who I, personally, think of as 'friends'.

I mean, you can't really tell and say aloud every single thing that's happening to your life. It gets tedious and it's pretty impossible since practically each second...something is happening to you and changing your life. Saying it aloud would be endless. For a friend to be around without you telling them, it shows that they notice you and care about you.

When I think back in my life, yes, I think about the people I have a great time with, but I also remember those who have stuck around when I'm not smiling. When I'm leaving, the people to say goodbye to me...or when I'm moving, the people who are moving along with me...or when I'm crying, the people who hand me a box of kleenex...or when I do something stupid that just made me seem like an idiot, the people who walks over to me and whack me.

I mean, it just nice to know people are noticing you. Well, I feel warm inside. =P

So...thank you to those who sticks around when something is happening in my life, good or bad...big or small. Thank yous!
Thank yous to those who just came into my life, but it feels as if you've been around since forever. Thank yous to those idiots who would whack me in the head for being a fool. Thank yous to those who understands and would just sit in silence with me. Thank yous to those who receive my long phone calls ranting about something completely stupid...and laughing about something not funny.

Thank yous to my friends. :P Though you're all idiots. Hah!

(c) Vladstudio

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

My sister just came home with my early birthday + xmas present! Oh my gosh! xD
Happiness overload! ~ My first perfume...Dolce & Gabbana. What an honor!

I still haven't removed the perfume from its packaging. I don't know how to touch it...or when to use it...or should I use it. Gah! xD So happy. <3

I have the gift set. Was going to upload the fragrance commercial...but a little inappropriate for this blog...haha. You can go watch it on Youtube. ;D

Friday, December 10, 2010

almost there!

My brain is already in vacation mode and even though I already knew I will be leaving this that it's here, it's hard to believe! I mean, everything feels like it has only been a month. Feels like it was just summer vacation a month ago...

Horrible thing: my sister is coming almost 2 weeks after! Totally sucks because now I will have no shopping buddy! Never had friends in Hong Kong (which is really sad) because I moved over when I was young. I'm sure Bruno and Justin aren't really the kind of guys who would go shopping with me. Haha! Not that close with them least, not close enough for me to show them the funny + weird faces I make...and the awkward stares I have at random times to make people feel funny..HAHA! xD

Glad my beloved will be there though. xP And I will be hanging around with my dad more and my godmother! I miss her so much. ><

Anyhow, the stupid internet connection keeps disconnecting. Gr.

One things for sure, I will definitely keep blogging. Probably insert more photos actually. I will be taking a lot of photos with my camera phone! I realized I have been using my phone for EVERYTHING. Not even kidding. My ipod died so I use my phone for music, for phone calls obviously, and for taking pictures now. Since my phone has 2 cameras (one is the sucky camera where you can take 'self photos' and one is an awesome HD camera that is 5MP. :D

Much more convenient too.

I am already missing people. D: Man, I even miss my sister already though I just saw her a few minutes ago and I'm not leaving yet.
Feels like I'm saying goodbye as if I won't be back...or will be gone for a long time. ):
Goodbyes are hard.

Left a few sour feelings behind...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dark of the Moon

stuck with

Okay, I am now forever stuck with Hoyce. Thanks Mr. Peters...

For those of you reading my blog and is in my math class: HOW COULD YOU GUYS NOT DEFEND ME T ^ T

Release your inner insults you have been holding in!

Anyways, Mr. Peters is such a funny ol' guy. Haha, delusional.

2 school days left!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


2am in the morning and I felt like cutting my I did!

welcome back, bangs! <3

Monday, December 6, 2010

out of the zone

Today, feel so flowy. Morning was just terrible for me. Horrible morning, stupid class, pointless homework for a tiring night. Block 2 (spare) and the second math block, I felt 'high', haha. Must be that Green Tea Frappe! Then, during lunch, I felt all bleh (not that it was horrible since I had an awesome friend to talk to) and English was just...dull for me.

Powering on 3 hours of sleep isn't the worst for me, but it definitely isn't really the greatest. I almost fell asleep during dinner...face flat in my steak.

Came home and slept from 7:35pm to 9:35pm.
I hate this.

Agh. It's already 11:32pm and I have no idea what I have been doing. Don't feel like doing History, nor do I really have the class time to actually work on it (Art...can't do other homework and now History is second block!).
So want to skip TOK, though Mr. Young is very nice. When will this week be over?

I need someone to come and slap me in the face to wake up because I feel like I'm somewhat asleep. -Yawn for the fifth time now-

Going to be a long day tomorrow. Going to have to face all that #@*U&#@O*!#!*U)@I#*U8YR83e. Going to have to suck it up. Going to have to forgive and forget.

Who am I kidding? SO not going to happen. Me, forgive and forget? Might be one in a million chance in my next life, but definitely not this one. I feel that I live to hold onto grudges...and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm just one of the honest ones.
(totally something I need to work on...says daddy.)

am I making any sense to you? Wah?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 hours and 15 minutes left...

to finish tutor homework! I was so tired and slacked yesterday. Should have done it throughout this week. Was busy-ish though.

Yesterday, I finally know how it feels to run after a bus. Not awesome at all. After getting on, for some reason, I started freaking out because I thought I was on the wrong bus. No idea what's going on with me then.

Anyways, it's really scary for me to walk home now...o-o'' There's this part where it's completely pitch black and I can see nothing at all. No lights pierce through there. I tried taking out my cellphone to light up the way, but it had no effect. I just somewhat jogged out of that place and got into the street light. -sigh- Freaked me out...

Reportcard talk! I just need to state that...I may have no done well in other people's eyes, but I am proud of what I'm getting. I'm not in Principle Honor Roll...neither do I care.
Just first term! I shall begin brushing up and asking for help on the two subjects I totally bombed on.

Second term is also the sign for me to take out my excuse: "It's only the beginning on the term! I can always catch up!" xD
For now, I will resume to my chilling, adapting, and planning (to chill for my winter break!). Hah!

Just saying.

In need of a movie!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reportcard Day: "Hey!"

"How many A's did you get?"

no decent conversation after reportcards...


Bus home #2, SUCCESS! Muahaha, I am so proud.

Thank gosh today was over. Sadly, in English, had to write an essay. Ruined my afternoon. -sigh- Thanks to the field trip tomorrow, I don't need to do my homework! Yay! xP Shall slack off a bit and get started on Day 2 homework so it won't pile up though.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So much to do!

I'm so tired today. Had to rush over to the bus stop during lunch and go home. I got off a bit too early and ended up getting a bit lost and had to walk home carrying my math textbook and biozone. Totally died when I came home. I had a little snack and was watching probably 15 minute TV before falling asleep on the couch. -sigh-

I have so much to do! Technically, it's not homework because I actually have no homework! Just that in the morning, I have a Bio quiz, then a math quiz (have absolutely no idea what we're learning so I have to look over everything). During my spare, 1-3, I will be going to aberdeen with kwan and JK...then come back to take the Math test. Then it's lunch and I have to go see Ms. Ho for my homework as well as find time to visit the library (I might just do it after school).

When I say it out, it's actually not THAT bad, but like...I have a feeling I will be forgetting (I have been forgetting things too much!). I also need to get my sketchbook today, but once again...I forgot. -sigh-

My dad left today. ):