Thursday, September 30, 2010

so weird

Right now, it still feels so weird being a grade 11. Just a while ago, I was just a grade 7, loving school and everything. Now, I'm dreading school, dying of a cold but still refusing to stay home and sleep because missing a test will mess up my life.

After ToK, I continued to reflect on the first month of IB. I'm still amazed that a month has passed and after a few more, we would be gr 12...then we all would be graduating! Isn't that weird? Like, I still can't settle on the fact that I'm a grade 11 and already, next year, we would be graduating and in about 2 years...we wouldn't be high school students. We would be university students!

Everyday, I have to remind myself that I'm already in grade 11 because to me, I just think I'm a grade 9 or 10, just going to my classes with a bunch of new transfer students. If it weren't for the overload of younger grades students, I wouldn't be able to think that I'm grade 11. (Yay for the shorter grade 8s and 9s for making me feel less short, no offense).

Anyways, so far, for me...IB is quite chilled. I haven't had TONS of homework that would cause me to stay up late late. In fact, ToK and Bio has gotten me to sleep earlier than before. -cheers-

Still, I know IB. I'm still waiting for that moment where I would be bombarded with homework. Still waiting for that hit in the face and I will cry like crazy, dying in stress. Waiting, waiting.

Head hurts...

cliff hangers...

are evil!!

Another week of waiting...darn weekly updates. OP OP OP OP OP OP.

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends

Day 12 - How you found out about Tumblr (blogger) and why you made one

I found out blogspot from Mr. Kwan in IT class. We had to make one to do our assignments on (here was mine: Supposedly, we post our assignments up on blogspot and then he marks it on there. That was...until Mr. Kwan created his forum thingy, thing. ...hmmmm, wonder if my account is still working?

Anyways. why I made this blog was because I though Melody was so cool so I decided to follow her -stalk stalk- :D And to spread my love for anime to everyone~not.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Everything is collapsing. In my mind, and all around me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Oh my gawsh, Glee's BritneySpearsEpisode!!

To be honest, I was a little disappointed, kind of wanted something more? I was expecting Quinn to sing something, even though her voice doesn't exactly match Britney Spear's voice. Didn't really like how Rachel sang "Oops I did it again" because I don't think her voice matched, I would prefer Santana or Brittany to sing that...

Anyways, I'm still amazed by Brittany. Even though her role is always the 'stupid' one, she was amazing! Her dancing, singing, and everything. Seemed really like Britney Spears for a moment in the beginning, but yeah. Her dancing. Amazing. As expected of a contestant in 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Awesome episode, Sue is funny as ever. Will...just creeped me out. I don't particularly like him that much in the second season and towards the end of the first season, he's so...uptight, haha. Becoming so needy, his teaching is being affected

I think I'm a Gleek.


I think cold is getting worse. Voice change and intense coughing. Ah, and the headache is still clinging onto me, unwilling to let go...Now I feel even more tired. -sigh-

Gossip Girl is so wonderful...

Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

It changes so currently...

Happy: Vermin - the GazettE
Sad: Taion - the GazettE
Bored: Notion - King of Leon
Hyped: Misery - Maroon 5
Mad: Mayakashi - the GazettE

Monday, September 27, 2010

07 08 09

Been sick the whole long weekend! Still sick and this sucks. I had to do all my homework on Sunday, cramming, which wasn't pleasant at all...especially since I was really confused with a stuffy brain. Actually, I didn't procrastinate the whole weekend, I just ended up sleeping most of the day. Even though my dad was back, I just kept sleeping and sleeping...and continued to be tired. I had a horrible headache the whole time with a scratchy throat. Thank gosh the headache wasn't as bad today...this morning. For the whole weekend, it felt like someone whacked the back of my head with a metal rod and then stuffed that metal rod down my throat. Yeah.

A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.


Short term goals for this month and why.

To get enough sleep, do my homework and not procrastinate, while enjoying what I enjoy doing.


Something you’re proud of in the past few days.

I haven't slipped and fall down the stairs while I was sick. Also, I'm proud of the amount of food I can eat recently.


Today, Mr. Peters was awesome.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"You got me a ticket?"
"We don't need tickets...I'm Chuck Bass."

The best thing in the whole world...

Nothing like a nice bubble bath and tea to help relax your mind and soul.

Well, I had no bubbles so I had to use bath salt instead. I'm too scared to take one of Nicole's bath bombs...haha.

This definitely did help ease my headache a little. Hopefully, I will be better by Monday. It's going to be very painful for me if I have to wake up around 6am and go to bio @ 7am to sit there and learn about numbers, then go to math and learn about more numbers. Ah, and to a test about numbers and lines. Thank goodness I have English at the end of the day. I actually love English class, hopefully, the student teacher will be okay...=S Please don't make IB books more boring than it should be -crosses fingers- I still haven't touched the Metamorphosis...

(c) carmine-voleme

Friday, September 24, 2010


Favorite super hero and why.

I don't think I actually have a favorite super hero. I love Lelouche from Code Geass and Allen Walker from D. Gray-man, but I don't know if you would really think of them as super heroes. If they count, then I think I have way too many super heroes I like...

anyways, to make it easier, I will say I love Doug from Up. I think he's a super hero :D Well, a super dog. Saving his 'master' and making the world a better placed, filled with laughter. Doug is such a gentledog and is also very courageous. I think I could probably rant on and on about how wonderful Doug is if I don't have this stupid headache.

I think I wasted my Pro-D day. I got enough sleep, yet so tired and in pain. Aching everywhere. -sigh- Need to do tutor homework!! Can't concentrate since I keep looking out the window every minute, checking to see if my dad is back yet.

what made my yesterday...

the man who smiled at me early in the morning as he passed by me on his bike :D

I feel the stiff shoulders, the about-to-be-really-sore-and-disgusting throat, the extra heavy right shoulder, the giant rock clogging my throat, the little sniffs once in a while, the soon-to-be-loud-and-heavy banging in my head, the foggy mind, the restless and stressed out limbs that can't find the 'right' spot anymore.

Ugh. I hate this. Ruining my weekend, great.


A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

Taken by me -smugface-

Have a sudden urge to become a very, very despicable least for a day. Not sure how that will turn out...

Think I'm coming down with a cold/fever?
Darn stupid brother who passed it on to me. As if the contaminated, but very yummy, Ritz cracker Samantha gave me wasn't enough. (Haha)

Today: I learned, I felt, I experienced, I moved, I worked, I spoke, I stood, I sat, I did, I didn't, I went, I saw, I heard, I thought, I realized, I noticed, I ate, I drank, I remembered, I forgot...

What was listed above, something significant happened. Well, it's not exactly that big of a deal for some of them, but's a little something. Hopefully, I'm making sense. -yawn- so tired though it's Pro-D day tomorrow -cheers-.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

It's not 'a habit' I wish I didn't have, it's 'habits' I wish I didn't have. Honestly, I have plenty of disgusting habits (haha!) which I totally despise, though I can't change.

1. I bite my nails - since I was little, I already started...I really hate that because I want pretty nails. D: I tried stopping, but I unconsciously sta
rt biting my nails while I'm watching anime or movies and something like that.

2. I bite my lips too much. They're chapped and I always tend to bite it...gross, yesh, I know.

3. I pick my fingers and thumb is sore right now.

4. I fidget, draw, do sudoku or crosswords while listening. I can only concentrate that way. I have to listen to music in order to draw and do homework as well. It's just the way I work. Not exactly convenient, especially since teachers don't really allow ipods and all that.

5. I over think things. Not good.

6. Procrastinate too much. That says it all.

7. I absolutely can't handle pressure at all. My anger will rise when I get nagged, bugged, or just yeah. I don't like people pushing things onto me last minute or just...having things go wrong last minute. I need to work at ease with no pressure, that's when I work best and happy. If I'm under pressure, I usually end up feeling angry, stressed, depressed, worried, anxious and then start getting a headache and usually, end up with a cold or a fever. It just happens.

8. I eat too much candy. Cavities. Ugh.

9. Usually, I just assume people should knows things about me and should understand. I suppose that's a bad quality since not everyone pays attention to the little details of me. Haha.

10. I notice the little details. Makes me extra sensitive to everything which results to my over-thinking and causes problems. That's why I complain so much.

I just listed like...10 habits. Of course, there are more.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A picture of you and your friends.

I'm not a photogenic person... so I don't really have a photo with my friends.
I shall leave this blank and come back to it again whenever I take a picture?


For now, lets go with
the picture below:


Monday, September 20, 2010



` V e r n i n ; got leaked!! Listening non-stop. High high high! Definitely motivated me to do my homework, not to mention...


Having an eargasm...haha, I'm being VERY fangirly at the moment. -cheers- In Love.
I can't believe Vernin got leaked 2 days before the release of Red. This is so tempting me to want Red, thank gosh, the cover art is not that appealing to me, so I will restrain myself...totally! (Waiting till I'm older and don't have to spend my dada's money...then I will collect all Gazette albums and concert CDs)


The meaning behind your Tumblr name.

Ummmm...I don't have a Tumblr, so my blog name, Enfinitia, shall make up for it! Don't know why the font is this tiny o-o... OH! The font is Arial. Let me change it...So yeah, now it's Verdana, no idea if it made any differences.
Oh my gosh, I have 6 msn conversations flashes at me....

Anyways, took my 20 minutes, haha.

So, Enfinitia is actually the name of an imaginary floating land from one of my fictional stories. Inspired by Castle In The Sky by Hayao Miyazaki. There is no meaning to Enfinitia actually, I'll probably make one up one day. The story is horrible and terribly written so I will rewrite that one day as well.
As for my user, pocky_meji. It's my Crunchyroll account. I was obsessed with Pocky back in grade 7, still am, and the brand, Meiji. The Japanese candy brand. I didn't realize I misspelled it and wrote meji so there you go, pocky_meji.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

(this is really awkward..and I don't have any recent pictures ummm...please refer to the picture below...I know you want to punch it :D so do I, so do I...):


1. I do not look good in photos, nor do I enjoy being captured by a camera
2. I should be doing homework right now
3. I have 5 tabs loaded with new manga series I found and is interested in, planning on reading them while working
4. I'm not capable of drawing whenever I feel like it
5. The weather sometimes affects my mood
6. I rarely get sick, but when I's seriously horrible
7. Somewhat a risk-taker, yet when the 'moment' is gone, I'm a scaredy cat
8. I dislike my bangs and must fix day
9. My existence is pretty much a contradiction itself
10. I can't handle pressure well at wouldn't want to see that
11. Group work only works when everyone is chilled
12. Can't handle noises head hurts
13. I do not like the heat...I get all stressed and grumpy
14. I'm scared of the dark
15. Prefer random snacks over real meals, not a healthy person.

30 challenge i came across from Tumblr...listening to The Beat 94.5 online and it's playing 'If You Could Read My Mind' -Stars on 54. Classic.

Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 02 - The meaning behind your Tumblr name.
Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends.
Day 04 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have.
Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.
Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why.
Day 07 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.
Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why.
Day 09 - Something you’re proud of in the past few days.
Day 10 - Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.
Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12 - How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one
Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14 - A picture of you and your family
Day 15 - Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16 - Another picture of yourself
Day 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18 - Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot
Day 24 - A letter to your parents
Day 25 - What I would find in your bag
Day 26 - What you think about your friends
Day 27 - Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28 - A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30 - Who are you?

hopefully i can keep this up!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Love the way you lie // Dynamite // Teenage dream

Nothin' on you // Hey soul sister

Maybe I am...

addicted to twitter.

Not good! But I've been following this guy, Voldemort_7, or something like that and he's HILARIOUS!! Some of the stuff he says. Like, he insults Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber and all that. I find practically anything is funny, so I don't know if his humor is fit for all.

I think that's kind of like Mr. Peters, his humor is unique and yeah, don't think everyone will find it funny. For once, my sister and I laugh at the same things...and she has absolutely no sense of humor and she gets the joke a bit slower, then laughs at it for 5 minute straight. Ugh, not fun telling jokes to her.
Mr. Peters with his straight and serious face while telling us ridiculous stuff. Haha.

Anyways, aside from 'funny', I just woke up! I know it's 8 am-ish, but I supposedly took a nap around 6pm or something and slept non-stop till now. So technically, it's not a nap anymore. -sigh- Now I'm being distracted although I should start my tutor homework!!

I love art. I just have to mention that...again.
We're going to be starting on our first project! It's an autobiographical piece and I'm still trying to get more ideas on what I should do. I flipped through the IB Art Book (which are outstanding works done by students and were sent to the...somewhere...and printed into this book) and they are AMAZING!! If you get a chance, you should really look at some of the stuff in there. It's so creative, unique and so deep!!

Anyways, I shall start working or read some MLIA for a bit. Haha.

(c) Heaven on Earth - Megson

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i believe...

I am quite a dramatic person. I realized I sometimes do make such a big deal out of the littlest things, but I guess that's just a part of me. Or maybe the movements of my arms makes things seem more dramatic? Haha. Yeah, I totally bombed today's test. I'm so worried because I couldn't double-check it and the fraction numbers were so's killing me. Plus, the last page, I totally rushed it and my calculations seemed so wrong...I'm scared I will make a mistake.

Oh gawsh, I feel so dizzy, my headache is really taking a toll on me.

This whole day, I've been feeling so out-of-it. Feel like I can cry any moment, especially after math. I don't think it's the math test that caused it, just I'm not feeling too well? I slept at 9pm though.

Anyways, no ToK tomorrow at least. I have to do 2 artist research for art (I'm decided which 2 to do from the 3: Dinh Le, Marisol, or Yong Soon Min). Aside from that, History write up!

Honestly, a reason why I really don't like our grade that much is there's some people who tries too hard. :S Like, trying too hard to be 'smart'. Even Mr. Miller mentioned to us before we started writing our stuff (to let him know where our writings are) that there were some people in other classes trying too hard, trying to sound smart and sophisticated. I think because of these people who are trying so hard to be smart, they sound so cliche.
Like in one day, I heard least 4 different people use the 'tree' example. They kept referring to that question where it asks us 'if a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?' that one.
I heard that in ToK and in History. Honestly, it really bores me hearing people say the most cliche things.

Anyways, enough ranting, I'm trying my best to stress relieve so my headache will go away and I can work on art with a happy face! Such a bad day.
I dropped my burger and had to buy another technically, my lunch was worth $7 + a vita lemon which is $1. Great.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


(c) autumnal - nikosalpha

IB art

I think probably one of my most favorite course would be IB art. I seriously enjoy it, even though we have to do research. On Friday, 2 more research pages are do...well, 2 more artist researches are due. I just finished yesterday Frida Kahlo (my first!) and yeah. Seeing everyone in class' work is so inspiring! Steal ideas was what Ms. Swanson suggested and I shall do that...if I still remember.

Aside from art, I love English! I always enjoy Miller's classes. They're so amusing and I just never seem to be really bored, I tend to listen to what he says. Unlike History.
I'm sorry, but History is like socials 10 (you guys probably understand). I ended up doodling and playing sudoku and all that again this class. Our history pretty much turned into a really shallow (no offence) ToK class...and then once again, we kind of 'wasted' time on this talking, not that I don't love discussions, but then...we have A LOT of things to do!!

Someone was saying how the Japanese people are changing history, by hiding the fact that they did such things to the Chinese people (and many others). I really disagree with that because...they're not actually CHANGING history itself, but just hiding a part of it which alters people's perspective of things (propaganda!) they're changing people's opinions and views, not actually history itself.

Everyone was all doing the whole 'deep ToK' thing...and Tony pretty much stopped the discussion with his one line. Thank yous!

Anyways, I really mentally prepared myself to suffer next year since this year will be slacked for history. Please prepare your minds too because you will be seeing a really, really horrible face next year!

I just finished the booklet of safety stuff for Biology and so I'm pretty much done. I will maybe read Dubliners later tonight, before I sleep or during 3rd block. For math, I'll probably do one or two questions and just review for the test. Supposedly, my sister said the tests aren't that bad.
-- the awesomeness of having an older sibling is their experience helps calm your times.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love math.
I can't believe I just said that, but yeah, I love math...CLASS. Mr. Peters is SO awesome! He's so funny, my stomach hurts from laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
I think Samantha and I were probably the only people who laughed the hardest...hopefully not the loudest. Gah~~

Anyways...about the cow thing, if you want to know...his cupboards...he actually have a cupboards filled with cows...-nodnod- My sister bought him this weird cow pen that goes :MOO!! and flashes lights in the nostrils last a 'thank you' gift kind of thing. Yupyup, he claims that we need a certain level of maturity before we can witness his cows.

Aside from that, Mr. Peters is also a self-claimed Harvard student and he is supposedly a farmer...who drives a tractor, yet also owns a Ferrari or Lambo. Oh~ he's so awesome!!


Other than my new-found interest for math class, I realized how much I DESPISE Bio. I really hate Mrs. Chan, no offence...not that the 'no offence' helped. Okay, so me and Jennifer's last names are the same so we're right next to each other. Mrs. Chan put me as away/missed class/late which technically means I'm skipping...but OMG...I WAS THERE LIKE...ONE OF THE EARLIEST! THE FIRST TO EVEN SIT DOWN IN CLASS!! Gosh. I know it's in the morning and she probably made a mistake, but aren't you suppose to double check things...especially since attendance is just SO important, says the principal and everything (more important than grades and blah blah blah).

Thank gosh Mr. Miller told me or I would've been like a loser, losing marks and all that for nothing and without knowing!! Gosh. THANK YOU MR. MILLER~ This is why I love Miller. Haha, he's so awesome! Greatest English teacher, for sure. I don't know what others think, but I think he's a really good teacher. Sure, he's laid back and lazy and all that, but you really learn and you can totally tell he's really smart.
-- So annoyed with people saying how he's such a hard mark (he's reasonable!) and we're doing nothing and he's just talking and talking. Honestly, I'm didn't do THAT well last year, but I still really like him. There's some people who proudly claimed they BS-ed their work last minute last night...and when they got it back, they start complaining how they got such a low mark. Ummm...hello? You BS-ed it, remember?

I'm ranting. ...continues.
Sure there are some teachers who do have faults and stuff, unless it's terribly unreasonable, I would think it's my fault. I just don't like teachers who like...favorites or hates certain students for absolutely no reason at all. Don't like teachers who judges a student and labels them as "smart" or "stupid" because of one thing. -- This is reason why I like Ms. Wan because even though I did do bad on several tests, she would still say hi and stuff and would never like...pity me or think I'm stupid. Treats everyone the same.
As for Ms. Ho, even though she does like me more...for a girl student, I still don't super like the fact that she does favoritism. Like, for me, all she does is just ask me how I am and stuff, obviously, she adore male students...-cough- so yeah. That's like...ridiculous favoritism that annoys practically EVERYONE. -sigh- She's a smart person, just...not super good at teaching. Yes, she has a lot of different club works, but still... A teacher is still a teacher.
Can't hate her though, she's too nice. Haha.

End of rant.
Time to go start on my art homework! Yes, we have ART HOMEWORK...research!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Must concentrate! Do homework, do homework! That's what I keep telling myself, but I just keep finding something amazing and I would persuade myself that I will RIGHT after whatever I find. -sigh- I'm deceiving myself, knowing that, I feel ridiculous.
Why must homework be so boring and tedious?

Ah~ I remember, I have to share that my sweats arrived! It was shipped quite fast actually, well...the shipping was like $20. -sigh- Pricey, pricey. I never knew...if not, I would have reconsidered everything. Either way, I'm satisfied because my sweats so soft and comfy -rubs against cheeks...jkjk!-
Abercombie & Fitch, what more can you ask for? <3 To be weird, the sweats smell so nice. HAHA! xD -obsessed-
Anyways, the totaly was $103 or $104...2 pairs of sweats (one for me) and each should be about $40 so yeah...the tax and everything. -sigh-

I feel guilty now.... So I will cherish these pair of sweats and wear them with a smile!

Now, homework. Homework. -goes on facebook- ... harhar.

ichigo channel

That's what I get for reading sappy shoujo mangas. A cliche storyline and a few heartaches. xD
Been spending some spare time to read Ichigo Channel and it was pretty good. What you usually get from a shoujo manga. Of course, probably half of the reader (including me) wishes the heroine would end with the self-sacrificing awesome guy who ends up being in his own little world with his one-sided love because the heroine just can't help, but love the main guy and can't accept the awesome guy's love. The awesome guy will either find someone else (either the best friend whose always been there, but he never noticed her) or would forever watch over the heroine.


I suppose it's either time for math, or time for GOSSIP GIRL!<3

New Obsession!

not new, but just an old one reappearing

Saturday, September 11, 2010

one of my favorite songs and my favorite scenes ever.


Feeling guilty for ditching, but I will definitely feel guilty and terrible for breaking a promise. D:
-sigh- Either way, it's my fault. Should have stuck to the promise from the start, then I wouldn't have to ditch. -sigh-

Trying to do last minute tutor homework, but was distracted by the NEW UPDATE OF HANA TO AKUMA WHICH WAS AWESOMELY AWESOME!!

I also realized I didn't answer 2 questions yesterday for English:
Marriage : yes or no? when?
Children : yes or no? when?


IB homework:
-Math questions / get graphing calculator / prep for quiz (?)
- ToK diagram / read that thick thick booklet
- Begin reading Dubliners (which everyone has already started)

Not too bad. :D
I feel so chilled~

Ah, please note that I have a spare 1-3 so if any one need me to buy lunch for them or coffee (in the near future), just let me know. :P

Friday, September 10, 2010


(c) boraboras @ deviant

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rejuvenated !

Took a nap, did some math, consulted, decided...

TOTALLY rejuvenated!

I guess I have somewhat an idea of what to do now. All that's left is for things to fall into their places and I will go with the flow, go where ever life takes me. Wow, sounds quite cliche. :S

I feel so at ease now and more relaxed. I can definitely sleep better without waking up in the middle of the night, worrying and fretting about how I can't decided (which happened for 2 nights in a row...). Definitely much more least I feel happier. Less grumpy, not to mention. I was so tired when I came home (early ;D) and I could barely stand just staying up for another hour or however long it takes to do math...even to read manga! Which is why I took a nap and yeah. Woke up, finished my math (which was shockingly really easy), and called my dad to talk.

Now, all that's left is to eat something since I'm very darn hungry.

One problem down, time to fix the whole bunch piled in the corner...collecting dusts and rotting into some sort of weird disasters.
I don't know what I want now...

darn it darn it darn it

Darn it. I hate Ms. Ferguson.
I can't even sleep right now, just thinking about it! It's so unfair, I feel so would I know if she hasn't changed any of my information?!?! The more I think about it, the more restless I get. I'm up 2 am in the morning, for Pete's sakes!

This sucks. I'm so talking to Mr. Vicente tomorrow and it that doesn't work out, I will totally be living in 2 angry, restless IB years...groaning and moaning, complaining and ranting about how unfair this is. This sucks.

I hate her.

I'm so going to make a big fuss out of this (lol. My dad and sister recommends this) unless I die. Please support because I won't be doing this with no reason. I know there's a lot of students this year, but I'm from RHS, aren't I suppose to get first priority first? I talked about this 2 months ago, after we got that course listing thing. That's unfair! Ask anyone and they would be able to prove that I've selected the courses I want. She must have freakin' deleted my data...she can do whatever she wanted and no one would've known. That's unfair. > : O


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Need to change schedule, but they won't let me.

I don't know whether I want to change or not anymore...I'm sure I will feel less pressure and more at ease with this current one, but I feel it would benefit me more if I change it. =S
I still get my credits, I will just not be ahead. I don't know what I should do -sigh- Plus, if I change it...might cause more trouble and find a bigger disappointment in the little tiny hope that's still shining at the moment. -sigh-

What to do?

I'm tired already and it's only the first day of IB.

English is enjoyable.<3


I'm up...early. Sipping some over-sugared milk tea, in replacement for coffee since I'm not in a coffee mood. I'm totally going to be dead for school. That nap messed up me, that 4 hour nap. I slept earlier for another hour or 2 and I'm up again. Probably will go grab a coffee if I really can't stand it during 3rd block, maybe take a snooze?

I have 2 spares! So happy. I really wish I can keep them, but I have to change my schedule, darn it. I'm filled with bitterness recently and I think the 2 spares would make me such a pleasant person to be with...but no.
3rd block spare on day 1 and last block spare on day 2, how wonderful is that? I most definitely prefer my day 2 at the moment, over my day one...even though the spare is much more useful on day 1 (time to do last minute homework/studying/sleeping).
Day 1: Bio, Math, Math, SPARE, English
Day 2: ToK, Jap, Art, History, SPARE

-sigh- My eyes eyelids aren't heavy though. My shoulder ache, but my elbows need stretching. My fingers need to move, but my wrists are sore. I should probably take another shower before I go to school in order to be awake.

On the bright side, I get my daily newspaper back! Yesh!
See you all later in Bio~
(Awake to txt Jenn before she leaves to Stratford. They're at the airport~ Lucky ducks who starts school on the 16th or whatever. D:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Thanks for being such a jerk. Thanks for making me wait. Thanks for being a snob. Thanks for ignoring me. Thanks for torturing me. Thanks for that stuck-up attitude. Thanks for feigning innocence. Thanks for not feeling guilty. Thanks for not even caring.


you son of a...

First day

I woke up, but I'm still tired.

Sitting in front of my laptop, eating a burger with a fork and knife while sipping coffee like an adult. I feel like an IB student already. :D

Wow, it's amazing how time passes by so fast. -reminisce-

Just a while ago, I was still that naive little girl who gets tricked so easily by Nicole, believing...idolizing her every word. I thought she was the coolest person ever and had the coolest thing ever, and whatever she did, was the best. Even though my dad got us the same thing, but just because she had 'that' color, it was a better color (although sometimes, I got the better stuff...I just didn't realize it).

Now, she's in university. A freshman. It's so weird. o-o'''

And my little brother, the one I deceived into believing he has to be my servant -evil laughter-. Now he's in high school! He's not that adorable little boy with the awesome, flawless skin who can look like a girl any day. D: Who would dance to some music while cleaning and wiping up the table. -sigh-

Just when I thought I would be free with Nicole leaving, my little brother comes along to haunt me. Will I ever be free?

Man, I feel old. D:

-finish eating-

Monday, September 6, 2010

oh noes!

I think I have messed up my time again...-sigh- Well, you probably already know that so...: I think my attempt to fix my time last night failed. D:
Today is the last chance and I better do it right. -sigh- I was side tracked by something. =S

On a side note, I have a feeling my thing is coming back. -sigh- Probably not, but I guess I'll find out in a month or so. I just feel a little wonky. =S
I also realized the correct term for it, and why my classmate back in gr 5 said I had a disease. Realized I actually had Bell's palsy. o-o''

Sunday, September 5, 2010

kill me

If I was told that there will be no more anime or it's illegal to watch/have any anime, I would die. Not exaggerating. I think I'll probably die of boredom...or depression. Go insane or something.

Hmmm...I'm beginning to think I'm addicted. o-o''


I've tried really hard to be someone I'm not...didn't really work out. Couldn't really change the fact that I love anime. I can't listen to hardcore metal rock music because it kills me that I can't understand what they're saying and only hear screams (though the lyrics are good!). I still can't shop and have fun. I can't wear pink naturally! I can't worry about my's really hard for me to be all 'NOOOOOO~I got a B!'...because I really do feel satisfied with getting a B for a last minute thing while watching anime. Can't not be lazy. I still can't happily eat my veggies and drink a lot of water, even if it means good skin. Can't stop my candy-eating and crazy snack-munching time. D:

Fail. Well, I guess you're all stuck with this me. :D Muhahahahaahahahahahaha! -anime rants-

I messed up my time again. Was sick yesterday and took a nap from 5pm ish 6pm to 9 or 10pm...-sigh- My hard work..! At least I'm all better-ish. Tummy is still weird. I'll go grab something to eat.


Practically everything I ate today is related to eggs. Egg tart, egg salad, and fried egg... o-o'''

Maybe I'm starting to have an egg obsession? D:
I miss my mayonnaise ):

Stupid, hideous bite on my leg. So itchy! My left shin looks like pork chop. You're welcome to make BBQ Pork out of it. = ='' Ugh.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

hope not.

-sigh- Recently, my tummy has been all weird and I've been feeling queasy, which sucks. -sigh- The aching is so on/off, I wonder if I'm just eating wrong? Well, one thing for sure, I'm totally avoiding bananas. Ever since that summer school banana thing, I'm totally not eating any bananas in the morning I guess it's something else. -sigh- This sucks. D:
So much for enjoying food to the max!

Well, I took a nap and had a tart thingy and feeling alrightz right now...'cept a little headache coming around. I hope I don't get sick before/when school starts! D:

Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.

Just watched Step Up and Step Up 2 on TV. Feeling accomplished ;D.
Channing Tatum~~ @_@


MY TIME IS FIXED! Yay! -Cheers cheers & more cheers-
Well, I think my typing-with-no-caps-whatsoever thing is finally gone as well. -Cheers-
Anyways, I just woke up a while ago, after sleeping for 10 hours. So now I'm 100% refreshed ;D. My mom is definitely shocked and still somewhat suspects that I just didn't sleep at all, but I think my pimple reduction probably proved me right! Yes, this 10 hours of sleep reduced the tiny little pimples on my forehead that were begging my fingers to pop them. Sorry to disgust you all. Please forget what you just read if that somewhat ruined my cool image you had of me. D:

I went to oval yesterday, with my lover, and worked out. ;D I haven't moved for centuries and man was I rusty or what? I was jogging for just 10 minutes and was already worn out. My soles were aching and my legs were like jelly. Then I just walked for another 20 or 25 minutes while playing a hardcore mah-jong game, connect 4, and watching iCarly. Why the mah-jong game was hardcore was because the screen is so hard to see-ish. Maybe it's because of my short height? Who knows. Anyways, it was such a nice view at the oval! Plus, I exercised...-shivers- you're probably amazed.
I'm still shocked how I could have exercised, willingly, after weeks of sitting in a big, comfy chair with a blanket and my manjuu head stuffy to hug. o-o''' -stares at what I'm doing now-. So yupyup, no more PE!! -Cheers-

Aside from announcing that my time is officially fixed and something went wrong with me since I went to exercise willingly, I also heard some rumor of how Mr. Glier and Ms. Maitland is dating and spotted at the mall together? Hmmmmm...weird. Anyways, just decided to share that fact. Haha. ...


ANYWAYS, time to prepare for school! I should buy new shoes, but since I don't need them, I decided not to. :D
-itches- Gah, so itchy, so many flies and mosquito at the oval...and lets just say, I have red matches on my legs now. :)

Warning: If going to the oval to admire the awesome sunset view, please bring bug spray and kill those evil stuff...

Thursday, September 2, 2010


When I grow up, I want to marry someone...

whose as smart and cunning as kyouya (not to mention fashionable!)
whose as cute as honey-senpai
whose as tall and cool as mori-senpai
whose as mischievous and clever as hikaru and kaoru
whose as funny and awesome as tamaki

Maybe I'll just marry the entire host club. <3



My attempt somewhat worked? Well, now I have HORRIBLE panda eyes...which sucks. I look terribly dead and somewhat drunk. Haha. I have been trying to survive on milk tea the past few days while enduring my failure of an attempt. Now, I am drinking green tea instead, to calm myself.

Anyways, another reason for my lack of sleep is because I have been watching Forensic Heroes I again! Rewatch. It still manage to creep me out, but I'm not as creeped out by some of the cases I thought was horrifying before, like the plastic bags in the colored glass bottle one. Instead, I totally freaked out this morning by a case which I completely forgot! I believe it's probably because I was so scared when I was younger that I completely wiped it out of my mind.

Basically, the killer in this case, he/she kills these 'bad guys' who did horrible things, but the police doesn't have enough evidence to catch them. The killer is a fan of this doctor's mystery novels and he/she kills people the same way the characters are killed in the book. So when the doctor was on the scene to examine the body, he realized how the method used to kill was exactly the same as what he wrote...and yeah. ><''

Aside from that, I also did a little music stalking which I will share another time, after an entry on the amazing, legendary singer~!!

Need to pick up my reading again. D: And I need to shop!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010