Sunday, January 26, 2014

Unexpectedly Caught in a High Fever

So last night, after running errands with my dad and having a good bonding time with him trying out tea and buying stuff (it was a whole new experience! Watching the Chinese method of tea serving), I was feeling so much better and honestly thought I was getting better too.  Unfortunately, when I got home...I felt this chill on my back and that made me feel really weird with that odd tingle.  Despite being an avid anime watching these last few days, I abandoned the readings I was suppose to do and the episode I was watching and went to bed at 9pm (which shocked Mr. A).  I went to bed shivering and dressed in fuzzy pants and a fuzzy coat, three layers of blankets, socks, surrounded by my stuffies, and a heat-pack ready to be used if needed.  After sleeping for a while, I suddenly woke up feeling like I was being burned and went downstairs to my dad to find that I am running a high fever...

So much for going to bed early! Needless to say, I had a fever after sleeping for two hours in and ended up staying downstairs.  I had to drink the awful NeoCitron and, thankfully, had some congee made for me while I caught up on How I Met Your Mother and Community.  Ah, the Dean definitely made me feel soooo much better, hahaha.  I miss the Dean...and definitely, this new season has such a odd atmosphere to it...and these depressing events happening. I can never stop feeling CHANGed out by the CHANG. Ugh! And I feel there is a lack of Dean appearances.  Anyways, after a painfully long night...and being stuck at home all day (ruining my hopes of seeing Mr. A), I feel much better now and surprisingly, did end up doing one module for co-op (the one I missed last night after finishing my Compsci lab!) and did my discussion post for Cmns 110.

Time for a little anime and bed time!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being a Hermit For a Week in Bed

So, for almost a week, I have been at home dying from a cold that I probably got from my brother.  Runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat and all that junk that requires me to have a tiny plastic bag next to my bed so I can constantly fill it with disgusting phlegm-covered tissues.  A little tmi, but anyways, thanks to this cold...I was able to catch up on some childhood anime and manga!  Yes, I have actually read a manga and finished this series with 31 volumes plus 26 episodes.  First off, I must point out that the anime and manga are very different.  I watched the anime back in elementary and the manga was only finished last summer in July 2013 I believe.  Before I forget, the anime/manga I am referring to is Gakuen Alice!

The anime is such a happy thing to watch (especially when I was sick in bed and no one wanted me around) with such a light-heart mood. It leans toward the comedic side, aimed for child viewers, while halfway through the actual manga, it takes a more dark and serious turn.  Despite craving for a second season to the anime, I know it's likely not going to be possible due to the drastic difference.  Anyhow, the manga was awesome...I ended up filling that tiny plastic bag with tissues soaked in tears, as well as killing my sleeves and stuff animals by spewing out tears everywhere.  Even now, after a few days, I still get pretty emotional when I think about the events that happened.  It's happy ending though, I guess, that gives you the closure you need (I even ended up reading the Chinese raws to fully get the ending).

Enough anime talk, I also should mention...I am so behind on my readings!  I tried my best to keep up with my online courses and actual course readings, but let's be's hard to focus when you're sick! The materials just won't's surprising how I even manage to read through 2 modules (one extremely long week 3 module) and continue to follow up my goal of doing one module a day for my recently enrollment in a co-op workshop online session.  Essentially, I am taking 4 courses.  Anyways, so much for trying to be ahead of the course...

Discussion assignment going to be due, article analysis due next week and comp sci labs are due (one is tomorrow).  I am so dead...I think I ended up putting off comp sci so much is because of my previous html knowledge...from Neopets.  Time to focus I guess...(despite feeling so lonely and isolated this last week D: no time for freedom)

Back to the bed!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Keeping Up With the ?? Family

Recently, my little brother has been sick...and has come to the stage where I am in bed, sick as well.  It's funny because my dad, whose been around my brother the most to take him to the doctors and pick him up from basketball (before his cold got worse) is perfectly fine.  On the other hand, I was barely around him, and only see him when I go downstairs to get some tea or food.

-sigh- I also have this huge pile of readings I need to do in order to catch up...but I'm barely going through my modules for one course, and my assignments are still staying there waiting.  Yes, I do go to school twice a week now (three hours in total), but I must say...two only courses might be the end of me... -sigh- let's hope things go well.

My procrastinating habits from before is sure easy to get back.  I am knee deep into my jdrama and anime obsession...despite my mind being all over the place.  I must say, rewatching things sure makes me happy...taking me back to the good ol' times.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

bad rainy day and something nice

Today is the long day of the week in my schedule where I have class at Surrey campus at noon and another class in the evening at Burnaby campus.  I also had a meeting for Co-op advising prior to my math diagnostic test...where I was delivered some semi bad news about how I have over credits and is running on a tight schedule to do Co-op. Coming up to the mountain for my evening class, I have a heavy backpack with my laptop and two thick textbooks for sale.  I came half an hour early and awkwardly waited for 30 minutes randomly and finally sold the my textbook.  I guess from that point on it was better...not I have a lighter load to carry, a lot of cash in my wallet (over $150 with a $90 cheque in my bag), and one more class to go.  Probably will buy my textbook later when I finish my anime episode...and also grab food.  One thing that truly made me feel good happened 5-10 minutes ago, where I am sitting in the study carol I am in at the moment..and a deaf person came by every carol along the library and handing out this folded paper that display some sign language.  It asks from $1.00 to $5.00.  I decided I'll donate $5.00 and when he came by my carol, I noticed how nobody did (since he ended up collecting the little sheet of paper again) so when he saw that I was donated $5, he was really happy and thankful.  He thanked me in sign and I guess that made me really happy :) then he noticed I was watching anime and chuckled.

Anyways, I guess that made my day.  I also paid for my Co-op fee so I will be down for doing Co-op...and I guess I'll figure the rest of the stuff out! Friday to decide whether I want to drop Math or not...!

Oh and I need to get food.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A sad day...where i think i might be lactose intolerant

So it's been kind of a while where I suspect that I might be lactose intolerant...
I had an orange julius original strawberry banana, which was delicious, I found myself feeling queasy...just like the last three times.  There was also multiple times where I had ice cream popsicles and my stomach was also queasy.

I am so's been weeks and I guess I can't really deny it anymore.  Maybe it's something else, but for dairy consumption must decrease.  If you know me well, I love my diary goods.  I can eat nearly a box of ice cream sandwiches, devour most of the Haagen-Dazs ice cream tub and in general, I just love the taste of plain milk.
I also love point where a few unlucky people have seen me melt cheese on a plate to snack on...with japanese Kewpie mayo.  Either way, point is...I have grown up drinking milk.  When I was a baby, I recall, and my parents confirmed, that I drank at least 6 or 7 baby bottles (those tall ones, not the tiny containers) of milk.  I couldn't sleep without drinking milk and basically craved it.

-sigh- I am so sad.  Plus, my math diagnostic test is tempted to drop and the few courses I am interested in taking has filled I guess I shouldn't at least not now...I'll wait.
Wait until Thursday night to see how I feel.

Anyways, time to go back to studying and fall in and out of drowsiness

Saturday, January 4, 2014

head hurts and school is in two days

School is in two days and the stress level is so high, it's impacting the past...which is why I have a headache now.  -sigh-
Compared to grade ten year(?) I believe, I blog so much less...and no more movie "reviews" or whatever.  I should do that..but I keep putting it off...which is so bad. oh my gosh, even though I said that I will pick that up a month or so ago. I also left the fanfic I started during the beginning of the year left of hiatus...

Oh the bright side though, I am slowly attempting to fill out my passport application, after going through a mini crisis on trying to figure out whether I am considered a naturalized Canadian or not. After talking yesterday and sort of planning (search for great saver deal prices for flights), I am so pumped and excited to travel! If you know me for a while, you'll know I have this crazy desire to travel and go many places in the world to see things I wanted to see since I was young...but I bottled that inside of me and for the last two's bursting.  The density is to high.

I feel like I don't make sense half the time, sorry about that.  But anyways, I was just thinking - after taking my nap - on places I want to go before I graduate and places I want to go after.  I think I have come up with the conclusion that I will leave the European countries to after graduation and try to stay in Asia first.  Costa Rica, Mexico, and Chile (the countries in South America) , as well as the African countries, I still don't know about.  I am definitely, for sure, craving to go to Japan and Burma.  I think those two places are the two I will aim to travel to before I graduate...and Taiwan, as well as places in China (like Shanghai and Beijing) since I feel like I should know more about my own background, heritage, and the history of my people.

Ah, traveling.  It's getting me all pumped up again...time to go cool down with my hot cocoa and mystery shows.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Tad Bit of Reflecting

Before beginning the New Year, just want to acknowledge the many experiences in 2013.  2013 was officially the ending of my first year in university and the beginning of my second year.  I have done so many things this year that I would have never imagined myself doing.  It was a tough year, no doubt, and had many experiences in life that were so rewarding.  I remember thinking, and still thinking, 2012 was on of my worse years with the toughest times for me, emotionally, and so I looked towards 2013 for a better year.  I can't say that it was a year filled with happiness, since I know there will always be down times, but I think I have grown a lot this year.

In 2013, I have gotten closer to my friends, my best friend, and undid the mistakes I have done (like isolating myself and discarded some people).  I joined case competition and won third place in one of them, bringing me closer to two great people.  In the summer, I have finally left my comfort zone and quit my first job to try something new, as well as participating in Frosh as a part of the OC team.  Another intense one month ish training with people I knew and got to know even better, forming a bond that can't be described in words...experiencing some of the greatest time ever. I also felt so lost, changing from Graphic Design (IAT) to Business and ending the year thinking of Communication or something...just not knowing what I want to do.  In this year, I worked at Aberdeen as a Customer Service rep, worked at my own school in the library as a part of the union, and now I am jobless...or as Andy call it: Andy's full time girlfriend.

This year of 2013, I felt my heart being broken, I cried and relied on others, I opened up to my dad, I fought with my sister, and I love the people around me even more.  I traveled to Vegas once more and got to see the amazing "O" show by Cirque du Soleil, which I will never forget.  I began the year, living in my blanket fort for a whole semester, crawling around and having time to myself.  I began watching anime again, korean drama, movies and just...learn to change myself.

Despite all the new experiences, I know that I have more room to grow.  Kind of vomiting out thoughts all over the place, but what I'm trying to say is: 2013, I have learned to grow and that I don't need to change who I am, but just how I think and react.  I need to stop counting every little thing, learn to be more adaptive and more understanding others.  I need to change my perspective and start thinking a bit more positive.  Need to work on my temper for sure.  Baby steps, haha.

I have plenty more to grow, thus, I look forward to 2014. 2014, I will try to keep my mind more open and try new things.  Can't wait to keep travelling around and doing what I always say I want to do.  I need to clean my room! I'm excited to learn more and get closer to my friends and family...and my boyfriend.
Thank you, everyone, for being by my side (though most of you don't read this any more or at all), but I really appreciate all that you have done for me and being there. :)

Happy New Year! May 2014 be even more amazing and wonderful to you.  Best of luck :D