Monday, March 23, 2015

Sick Feelings

So March is coming to an end soon and this seems like everyone around me is sick.

Surprisingly, I, who always have some sort of health issue, is totally fine.
My brother was dead the week before his Spring Break...dying at home.  My coworkers were having the coughs and all.  And the friends, half were dead in bed and the other seems to be very prone to contracting whatever is out there in the next few days as well.

Maybe it's because I'm getting healthier and going to the gym and all? Yes.  I am sticking to my goal and consistently going to the gym.  I have also gained some weight (muscle weight, I hope) and eat like a dinosaur.  Of course, after my dear papa bear left, my weight dropped since I was very upset.  Also, I started feeling like I was getting contaminated as well so I stopped going to the gym for a week to not spread anything to anyone.

Right now I actually feel like I am getting sick.  Day 2 of gym and was hoping to go later before noon on Monday to make it to Day 3, but I have no idea how it will work.

The feeling of being sick makes it feel like everything is so surreal.  Just the act of blowing my nose earlier in the washroom, I felt this weird "Whoa, deja vu? No." and this is all really silly and sound silly.  I think the whole Steins;Gate is getting into my head.  Too much time travelling for one night (4 eps of thriller intensity).

So yes, continuing, I have been just working and going to the gym.  Recenly, I have also started going back to shoujo manga as well.  Mainly collections of one shot and shorter, completed series.  I also love josei since shoujo always takes place in high school.  Makes me feel so old since I am in third year now.
Anime obsession is back again and I finally feel like the me in grade 6-8 (and maybe up till 10?).  I have also found a new obsession with Modern Family; this is a great break from the intense Steins;Gate whacky trips.  Of course, the good old Vampire Diaries and White Collar...although I haven't watched White Collar in a bit due to the other stuff.

Currently feeling gross and sick, but totally craving for some good Earnest Ice Cream...

Tomorrow's game plan? Do research.  Do some design. Go gym. Anime. Drama. Read?
Hopefully a chill day since I need one after being out this entire weekend.

Good night,


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Things Have Happened

So sadly, I haven't blogged a lot...and I just wanted to let some things out today through this post.

Lots of things have happened recently and what I really want to blog about today is my health. :(
I was thinking back on my 20 years on Earth and realized my health hasn't been the greatest.  I remember when I was younger, I never got sick...colds, fevers, or flues.
I think there was a summer I started getting a lot of nosebleeds and felt faint-ish due to the loss of blood.  After that, that it kind of just all came at me a bit.

I have Bell's Palsy elementary grade 4 or 5 once and again in grade 7 or 8.
And then I had the shingles...and not at the typical area on your back, but on my neck and near-ish my face which scared the heck out of my dad.
And now...sadly, I have an infection with my eye and is currently half-blind as I type this.

Of course, all is good, but made me realize how I really need to take care of myself.  The twenties are usually everyone's prime, but in the years when I should have been super healthy, my immune system is weakening.  My colds and fevers lasts weeks and the symptoms of my colds lasts months (you would know when you take courses with me!).

Anyways, just wanted to mope about my health.
I am still committed to going to the gym and eating more.  In fact, I eat like a pig.  Large size for pho? Yes, please.
Of course, this week, I can't really make it to the gym since I need to keep my right eye clean...and I can't wear contacts or anything so I probably can't do my running and weights routine.

Working from home to do do some apps review so I will resume that (since I woke up late/started late).