Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pet Peeves 2015

I almost typed 2014...

So pet peeves.  Just now, I realized one of my biggest pet peeve...something that would trigger my mood and alter my thoughts on people too.
I know I had many in the past, but now I can barely remember them.  Maybe I got over them...or they're now insignificant.
However, what I realized that really bothers me is when people (friends & family) can't stand up for me.  Whether it's something big or small...I do expect those who are close to me to defend me and be on my least just to show I have their support.  By defending me, I don't mean they need to agree with what I think or do, but at least it shows they care for me.  (And then they can let me know what they think afterwards and I'll be okay...)

Ugh, my thinking is kind of incoherent due to the steam, but yeah.

I also realized I really can't stand people ignoring me.  Especially when we're arguing or fighting.  When they just drop the conversation and act as if I'm not even there - when I am still talking to them - it just sends me off.  I feel like, at that point, I'm not angry because of the disagreement, but at the lack of respect being shown to me.

-sigh- Just a quick rant before I go to sleep.  I really don't want go to bed angry or I won't be able to get up for work.
Family arguments really take a toll on you...mainly because you face them all the time. =_='''

At least it's long weekend, so that's good!

Good Night,