Thursday, June 30, 2011

if don't know...

...i actually really like to hang out in twos. i think hanging out with just one person allows me to actually get to know the person better and spend quality time with them :)

through personal experiences, i realized hanging out in a huge group results to splitting into mini groups of people. ...all you do is attract a lot of attention (?) and take up space. haha.

terrible twos :D

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

how nostalgic!

dad woke me up about 530pm so i'm up now!

he made fish soup noodle!! i totally miss it!
this is actually one of the best time he has ever made this. normally, you suppose to use a real fish...this special fish, and then every bone is suppose to be plucked out (which takes hours!) ...
and my dad never had the patience to really learn it so he would buy one of those kind of pre-made seasoning stuff to make it.

i only get to eat this when i'm in china and the cooking lady makes it for us, along with my aunt.
--my mom would always try and invite my godmother over to have some :D

i totally love this! and this other food from our family recipe.
a few years ago, i realized they're both originated from Burma! :) since my dad's side of the family lived in Burma for some time.

just wanted to share something about me family history :D

oh and Mr. , i did go on msn...just at 3am in the morning... x . x''
i try and waited till about 7am and gave out to my sleepiness...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

finally free!

Actually spent 30 hours on my 2 labs. Probably less that 30 hours (though I already subtracted my 6 hour nap) because I did take breaks and went out to go attend my world lit meeting.
Nonetheless, the main point is that I'm officially free! No more bio labs!

I should work on my EE and World Lit though, instead of procrastinating..and end up like how I did these last 2 days.

Totally crazy about mangas...on a marathon ish now!
If you don't know...normally, I read Shoujo mangas. Shoujo is aimed towards young teenage girls where the plot takes place during middle school or high school, about boyfriends and etc.

Recently, I have been SO into Josei mangas! Josei mangas are aimed towards women in general, with a more mature and developed plot. Takes place in university or after university. About true love more, I guess!
--so so so so high now, since I just finished another series.

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer! Message me if you guys want to talk or just to say Hi!

(c) Bubble Pop - Tugbug10
ummm...hate to burst your bubble! HAHA!

A short rant:
Somewhat confused, upset and annoyed with how 'you' can just claim we're best friends or close friends or whatever when 'you' don't consider my feelings. Only time 'you' contact me? To hang out. Thanks. And to top it off, my schedule is never taken into consideration...making me seem like I'm the one distancing...

Not that 'you' will read this because if 'you' never even bothered to find this site...

I'm passing and that's good enough!

I checked my transcript last night already and to be math and bio ain't the best mark I've got...
in fact, they're both the worst marks I've ever had in my entire life...

But now, I'm at this point long as I'm passing, I'm already really happy and grateful.

Like, I don't think I can ask for any more...and even if I'm unhappy with it, what can I do? Only to try harder next year and do better than rage about something that's already printed on my transcript!

I am quite proud of my math though...
Towards the end of the term, worked hard and did practices, etc. and raised my mark. I mean, it's not good...but it's far better than what I was originally getting..

Anyways, enough about the grades.

Had my world lit meeting today! I think I will seriously be so depressed if I don't get Miller next year. D: He's awesome. Taught me a lot.
Gave me insightful feedback for my world lit...I mean, they're all valid. He's not just BS-ing. Sadly, he can't write on our world lit paper. The entire thing was verbal and I have to rely on my stupid memory to remember what he said...

I also got to see KW today! Felt so bad because after 29 hours of no sleep...I finally crashed and was half dead while we were talking. Fading in and out while drinking Milk Tea. HAHA! Slept from 6 till now. Wish I slept more, but Bio Enzyme Lab, here I come!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ah, I use to love him when I was younger...

How much things have changed, this use to be the song I really liked, as Asian as I must be. I think he's the one that got me interested in the surfer-type of guys. HAHA.

Schedule for this week:

- meeting with Miller at 2 for World Lit
- finish 2 bio labs because of procrastination
- Meet KW to eat something sweet

- hand in bio labs
- get reportcard (optional HAHA)
- install PC? -- then PS
- maybe do c/t/e tests

- think about getting my L...

- continue to think about getting my L

- steveston
- work on tutor homework

- msg about classes

and so forth...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

something interesting...

totally look forward to seeing this!

Friday, June 24, 2011

i love how my heart flutters when i watch anime or read manga and novels.

Been sooooo tired lately. My time is messed up, sleeping at 5am and waking up around 4pm. -sigh-

Thursday, June 23, 2011


seeing as how my summer is going so far, I don't think I will be going on a trip...
guess I won't be about to see you, I :(
you should come by again, some time this summer?

will be going on msn again after the 28th or something. haha...
oh gosh...I should finish my bio labs, instead of rereading skip beat! x . x''

going to seattle tomorrow...
shopping finally? I guess so. :) -- hopefully I will find something.

still need to drop off my resume at some places and find a job! @*&(*@$#$(*{#(@R

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever, Including Parents, Money, Youth, Your Room, Dress Shirts, Me, You, and the Gintama Anime

Don't know if you can guess or not, but I have started watching Gintama again (the title of this blog, haha!). Dropped it a while ago because I didn't want to watch too many anime and it was becoming finals and deadlines week!

Totally died in today's provincial. Too many logs. I seriously suck at those. I probably failed it (whether it was easy to everyone else or not, I just suck at math...honestly) and I'm not even joking! -sigh- I will be happy if I just pass. Bye bye grade 12 math?
Calculus will be a fresh start for me!...please?

Anyways...THIS IS BLOG 600!! CHEERS -- I'm glad I kept this blogging up! I think I like blogging, obviously, and it just keeps me going. :)

So pumped for the summer. Need to find a summer job and need to get my L! Here's my recent obsession :

Monday, June 20, 2011

got no motivation

even though provincials tomorrow, i am still slacking. perhaps going to bed early might be a good least i will get some good night's rest, but no...instead, i am watching a movie.

though provincials are kind of 'no big deal' and is optional, i decided to take it with the intention of raising my incredibly, un-joyce-like mark up...even by just a little bit...though the mark will continue to be unbelievably low.

so grateful my dad (WHOSE BACK NOW! xD) isn't mad at me even though i'm getting such a shameful mark...
if he didn't give me support and comfort though i am so disappointed with myself, i would've gone mad, i swear. mad with depression?

so many things has happened these few days.

i give my condolences to you, if you're still reading. stay strong and talk to me whenever you need to, honestly.

my dad is back and it was father's day yesterday. i didn't do much though nicole made steak and attempted to make baked potatoes...i told my dad i was awesome though.

my fridge and cupboards are totally restocked and my tummy is full.

i have begun sleeping for great long hours, regaining the energy i have lost the past few months.

and now i'm planning what to do for the rest of the 2 months and more.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just updated my laptop with the songs in my USB -- from my old, old computer (supposedly for the PC I still have yet to install...). Now, listening to the old songs I was so obsessed with brought back some old feelings. Haha. Ah, nostalgia...what a wondering feeling......

anyways, I forgot whether I blogged this song before or not, but I just felt like going crazy over it because I heard it in one of the re-run episodes that was airing earlier. Criminal Minds -- my addiction.

Think I'm a LOTR freak...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

you know they're your true friends when they call, email, msg, and try to contact you by all means because they sense something is wrong.
you know they're your true friends when they care about you and keep their calls open 24/7 for you until you are ready to talk.
you know they're your true friends when they worry even if it is something small.
you know they're your true friends when they understand you without having to talk to you for a while, but still know something is off.
you know they're your true friends because they know you without you telling them.

thanks for being a friend.
sorry i didn't pick up, reply, and went 'missing' for a few days...needed some alone time.

it's through these times you find out who really cares.
"they've been going at it for hours!"

"surely they must've decided on something!"

Treebeard - "Decided? We've only finished saying good morning..."

"But it's already night time!"


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

don't know what to do anymore...

grade 12 almost

I know I just blogged, haha, and I should be studying math...

But I was just skimming through facebook and looking at some elementary friends and pictures, i realized how much everyone has changed.
I know I have as well, but I don't feel any drastic changes in me...instead of moving forward towards my goal...I realized midway through my process of change, I have lost my way.
Unlike my fellow friends, I feel like I have gotten myself lost and everyone has moved a couple steps forward.

So depressing to see how the people I was once really close with, move away from me. I guess maybe that's why I have been trying to re-connect with a few people I have use to talk with a lot.

Hate the feeling of seeing someone I know and pretending we are strangers because neither of us want to make the first move.

been 4 years and already, everyone has grown up. I guess I just feel a little like I have been left behind...
no motivation to move forward.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

few days left to go

almost summer.
don't exactly know how i feel about that. i have a feeling i will probably end up wasting it away, so i kind of wish i can go on vacation to somewhere.
should bother my dad about it...
Florida or the Caribbeans sounds pretty nice.

i kind of want to go to, Thailand or something. :P But that won't happen. D: was the bargain for going back to HK during the wintertime.

i think lately, i have been really, really depressed.
not the greatest timing, especially since its exam period. thank gosh tomorrow is the last one...math.

totally failed today's bio final...not even kidding. it wasn't as bad as i though, but i think i would actually do decent if i flipped open a book instead of rolling my eraser for 'A,B,C,D'
don't judge. haha.

time to study!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I've had enough. I've had enough! i'VE HAD ENOUGH!

Why don't you get it.

Why can't I stop pretending it's nothing. Ugh. When will I finally say how I feel aloud...or when will you finally understand me?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

i love mika nakashima

a beautiful love story

normally, i don't really recommend a one shot manga on my blog, but this just got me crying (though i should be doing homework, studying or sleeping).

It's a one shot so it's short. recommend that you read it. :) -- such a beautiful story. -sigh-

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011


One more game left!

Next game, the Stanley Cup will be in the building! <3

My heart was racing the entire last 3 minutes. I think I probably stopped breathing around the last 50 seconds.
Man, how I admire the announcers...they just...they just know how to get a girl's heart racing. HAHA!

Anywho, don't know how to express how excited I am!
Wow...I feel so proud to be a Stanley Cup baby! xP Haha~~

Aside from that, guess it's time to start my EE, huh? Nicole says she'll buy me bubble tea for celebration.
I hate how I feel like a times...especially when I don't know the opposing team. But after watching a few games, starting to get the names (of course) and the style of playing...but I just can't seem to recognize the faces!

Oh, I hear all the honking. Man, I love how NHL is uniting everyone together!!

Back to what I was saying...
I think this is really going to get
me to watch the regular seasons. The So family gotta have a hockey fan! LOl.

almost there!

about 26 minutes left till the game!
waiting so i'm reading some mangas. haha.

recently, i have been drowning myself into some shoujo mangas that my cousin left me with. she gave me an entire list of them! her favorites, haha. so i have plenty to last...hopefully.
anyways, congratz to her...she graduated from crofton a few days ago and will be heading to Ireland for uni!

also...almost summer! 3 school days left...which means 3 school days of exams.
My EE is due, bio exam, math exam, still need to talk my history quiz thing (printer malfunctioned today) and art project due tuesday.
Hating on tuesday...

overslept today, though it was a nice chilled day, the morning was a rush! -- anyways. i'm going all over the places.

dad coming back in a few days! looking forward to that. still need to talk to him on the phone so i can ask him about CDs, phone wire and battery, and some other issues.


guess what i will be watching this summer?

LOVE LOVE LOVE ~ so cute!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Although you guys may not read this...

Thank yous so much for talking to me at least once during this past weekend...or these couple of days.

I have been ranting on about something that has been getting me really depressed and I'm really grateful that you guys have been talking it out with me and cheered me up. Thanks for giving me ideas on how I should fix this up or 'ignore' this. Either way, I would just like to express my gratitude for your help.

I really needed it. And you guys were there to talk it out with me, especially since I know I get annoying and start ranting/complaining on and on...
It was probably even worse since this was something so personal.

Thank yous!

Monday, June 6, 2011

"Hey, what's her face!"

Thanks for making me hate art even more, Ms. Swanson.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

listening to non-stop

i think i want to visit Burma one day, where a part of my dad's childhood was.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


such a weird feeling, seeing my baby brother growing up! 14 already...-sigh-
makes things seem so far away..just a while ago, he was the lil' baby that listens to whatever i say (which i abuse, haha!) and in elementary, learning how to read and write.

now, he's already in high school grade 8. well, almost finished grade 8. anyways, it's a little depressing to see fast time has gone by...
i mean, when i gave him a big hug, i had to tip toe!

anyways, aside from my brother growing up another year, i also should keep up my game and start getting my work done!
totally behind schedule and final exams are coming up in two weeks.
same for my EE.

3-2 Canucks won! 2 more wins to go! Totally excited.
Still Hockey Tee hunting. I'm not yet devoted and convinced to spend $30 something to get a shirt from Jersey City, especially since I don't like the color of it, but yeah...unless i want an XXL for $27. I shall keep thinking about it...

Friday, June 3, 2011

just when...

...i thought everything was okay, it's not.
so confused and i don't get it anymore. don't know if it's me or what...-sigh-

i'm going to just leave this and give up.
i know it's not the best solution, but it's definitely going take off some tension from my headache. anyways, not like anything stable was going to work out...seeing how things were from the start. just another 'spur of the moment' thing...which is really sad.
i should have guessed, should have known...yet i just chose to not believe.

now, just dangling here..midair ... wondering what's going on on both sides...
to find that
it was just another

awful day today. maybe a worst?
i think i'm getting sick...probably a minor cold, but definitely one of the worst headaches that wouldn't go away. felt like banging my head on a metal pole or my desk...or the wall.
and this morning, felt like puking my guts out because i was hungry...and when i got breakfast, didn't feel like eating. ugh. this sucks.

anyways, much better. went to shoppers and got some relief med (thanks JK) and yeah...
hopefully will feel better for tomorrow, JACK'S BIRTHDAY!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Just recovering from my crying.

After many, many years...
Titanic still makes me cry like a baby. I still think it's an amazing film, one of the best (of course, I haven't seen many). Although I loved and enjoyed Avatar, this is still definitely James Cameron's masterpiece.

Don't know what else to say...

Painted true love perfectly. I realized I started crying right at the start of the film...even though I haven't watched this film for about 11 or 12 years.
Not just the true love between Rose and Jack, but also the bravery and courage shown by Lowe and Andrews.

Such. A. Good. Movie.

note: heard that there would be a re-release of Titanic in 3D in 2012 and read on wiki that it would be April 6th of 2012!