Monday, August 27, 2012


Not too sure if I should get braces, although it's not necessary.

Went to the dentist today. learned that i actually only have two wisdom teeth! lucky me :)
unlucky me, one of the wisdom teeth has some i will be needing to see a specialist.

-sigh- realized i have so many problems. health problems ish?
need to see my report tomorrow and probably, it's nothing big.

so much to do before school starts! still a little antsy about everything and orientation will be this wednesday and thursday. makes me more crazy about getting textbooks or not.
never knew i'm this big of a worry-wart...actually, yeah, i am. every beginning of the year, i feel this way.

first paycheck on sept 2nd.
wait for my excitement! already have a list of what to do with my paycheck before even getting it! hah! :)

work tomorrow so i will be watching some tudors and resting my feet before going to bed. nights

Sunday, August 26, 2012


i think the reason for my lack of activity is probably because i'm avoiding everything.

the point of this blog was really to express myself and basically everything about me.  i guess i don't want to post up lies...but at the same time, i don't really want to reveal what has been happening to my lately.
at least not all of it.

good news: i got a job!

currently reading the blog of a fellow new barista.  working at lansdowne's Gourmet Cup which is across from Langley market, near TD bank.  drop by if you want to try my coffee or awesome, less expensive than blenz and starbucks, brewed coffee.

excited for both school and work. slightly nervous about my schedule.
currently relying on sticky notes on my phone to schedule everything.  balancing orientation, work, spending time with people leaving and driving lessons.  the latter one is actually harder to handle. today, ended up feeling very ticked off at the instructor 'cause we can't synchronize our schedules at all!

anyways, guess i will be blogging more now. or try to.

toothache is bugging me. yeah, i have dentist appointment on monday -- not looking forward to that at all.

good night.

(c) coffee - emolawn

Friday, August 17, 2012

a kind of new start

well, to explain my inactivity, i guess i should let whoever still reads this (because it shows you sort of care to even make the effort to visit this blog) that my health has been kind of awful...bad. worsened than before, i guess. 
if you have ever eaten with me, you would notice that i eat little and it isn't really a big deal since i have a small stature to begin with. 
but for over a year now? it started getting worse and the last few months went a little bad
so before my daddy left, i decided to just get things done and see the doctor.  i was a little too occupied with finishing up ib and dealing with grad and prom.

so when i finally saw the doctor, it was around the end of july...which is why the last week of july and beginning of august...
i kind of died.  been busy with going to lifelabs to get tested on this and that and everything.

and now, i am on some medication and still trying to figure out whats wrong with me as well.
what causes the gagging reflex after every meal, causing me to throw up. i guess im starting to
become real paranoid.

hopefully it's nothing.

my mind has also become much more fragile and my emotions much more sensitive than usual thanks to that. cus i keep getting stomach pains and muscles under my belly hurts a lot after throwing up.
been more cranky and just...missing my dad and having his support beside me while i get tested.

anyways, nothing serious. still need to see results.

away from that,
it is kind a new start for me as i am trying to fix and change my lifestyle.
it is a new beginning as i am going to a new school with new people and doing something i enjoy and am interested in...which i think is important to make me, a negative person, more happy.

went on my super date on tuesday. swam, ate at spaghetti factory and watched the dark knight. it was perfect day and i couldn't ask for more.

also, since i've been trying to change my lifestyle, trying to save up my money and cooking almost every day now. :) cooking, not just baking!

can't wait to meet an old friend tomorrow! :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

coming and going

went to the airport a few hours ago and feeling sad a friend is leaving,
although temporary.
makes me realize during the summer, many people are leaving and many distant friends are coming.
in two days,
an old friend whom i haven't see for almost 8 years is coming back in two days.
well, i have met her once again some time during my high school career,
but yeah. it was rushed.

still in search of a job and getting less and less motivated.

realize the weather is crazy
and my fear for thunder?
still present.

have lately been torturing my body
by staying in bed all day and night.
really losing the motivation now...
sigh -- why am i like this? argh!!!

i've been thinking lately,
perhaps i should revisit my old passion.
photoshopping, pen drawing, writing, reading, photography?
i don't know. sigh -- i really don't feel like doing anything anymore.
or seeing any one as a matter of fact.
arrghh @(*&@$*&^@*&#

i miss being myself. my old self. what happened to me?

i miss my dad.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

road trip tomorrow~

to the states tomorrow!

nothing much happening other than a lot of hassling to go from the clinic to a lifelab.
been having a lot of health issues, i guess.
tests, results, medication, more tests, results and more medication.

starting to feel like a freak with three different medication.

hopefully it will ok soon.

roadtrip tomorrow. definitely psyched, but not as much as before.
in need of shoes....
realize how extreme my shoes are. either flip flops or heavy nike walking shoes or boots or heels. one of each and that's that.
haha, time to move on to sneakers and flats? perhaps. i need some boots since 1/2 of my shoes are gone...yes, i only have flip flops and sneakers. anyways, time to wait to be picked up at waves coffee shop.

ooh~ snow patrol just came on. chasing cars -- my boat cruise song alone up on the deck with nothing but a great night view and the cool breeze wrapped around me.