Tuesday, May 31, 2011

trying to sort it all out

okay, i have decided i really need to decide what's going on in my head..heart..head? head-heart :)

going to kind of 'go-with-the-flow' haha. let things be the way they are...with borders of course. no crossing the limits. don't go overboard so everyone is all good.
nothing weird will happen.
i'm happy and satisfied.
and when i start moaning, whining, and complaining on this blog...probably means i failed because i cross the limits myself. -- when that time comes...please comment under that blog entry and say: "I TOLD YOU SO!" or "HAH!" ...something along the lines of that.

and guess what? i have new jrock song to listen to non-stop now. thanks (im not sure if you still follow my blog or not)

Monday, May 30, 2011

haven't decided

Last night, I watched Inglorious Basterds and I still haven't decided whether it should be one of my favorite film...

I would've blogged about it while I was in the heat of the moment, except that it was too late and I wanted to get in my bed.

First of all, I would like to mention that at few points of the movie, I felt this rush of excitement even though I knew it was coming or whatsoever. Christopher Waltz acting was brilliant! He made me want to punch him in the face! I am not surprised he won and was nominated for so many awards including the Academy Awards, the Oscar, Saturn, etc. etc.

Personally, I like the end end...but I did not like the end. I think if you watch it, you'll probably kind of understand what I'm saying. It was somewhat anti-climatic for me. :\
Some of the 'ends' are expected, but I guess the brilliance that built up throughout the movie encouraged me to anticipate for more...a much more exciting ending that would make me scream out in my heart.

Anyways, I would like to warn those who have not seen it that it is actually quite bloody and gory. It was disturbing a points and creepy...some of the ideas...which causes you to have goosebumps.
Let's just say...don't eat while you're watching this...
I did not expect such...somewhat graphic scenes...and it did turn my stomach over a few times since I couldn't wrap my head around the ideas so late at night...

I recommend. :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


it's amazing how some people think that you'll always be there for them and treat you like some dispensable thing.

if you're not there people, don't expect them to always be there for you.

the term: 'friends', can only go so far when you aren't treating the opposite side like a friend. at least, pay a little more attention people not you...maybe then you'll start realizing why...

something i took a while ago..

don't know why it's so small...

Saturday, May 28, 2011


i never thought i would die a little inside like this...

oh my gosh, my heart racing like crazy!
i know i always go crazy when i read manga and watched anime, but my feelings have never been as crazily similar as it has like this... xD

so excited! xP And crazy. Oh my gosh...x . x'' think i'm going to die.
i think i'm going to use this opportunity to figure out my feelings and everything. figure out myself and what i want to do, where i want to be...now and later on.

i think i've been thinking of going on a trip for a while and my dad did mention he wants to take us somewhere. at first, i thought the Caribbean sounds nice, but now i wonder if it is the place. anyways, beautiful beaches and cool breezes doesn't sound so bad actually. i think it just need to getaway from everything...not academics.

anyhow, i shall continue to use movies as substitute for now.

thank yous for those who offer me their time and understand, i honestly really appreciate it, especially since i know a few (the 2 of you) are going through the same emotions i am.

Friday, May 27, 2011

although the past few days have been so chilled for me that I was able to watch movies and not do homework, i wish someone would understand...
i think i'm having major mood swings recently..
getting too influenced by things way to easily. not good, not good!

while i'm already complaining, i would just like to point out that people should be more considerate of their surroundings.
i think if everyone are more aware of other people and not just themselves, there will probably be one less person around them suffering depression.

even though i should be happy, i can't bring myself to become entirely happy...instead, i'm moping. and 'you guys'' inconsiderate acts aren't exactly helping me or us. so although you guys probably won't read this, i hope eventually, one of you people will realize it (which i doubt).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



weirdest timing

It's so weird and sudden, but I was having a break down yesterday. And today morning?

Well, I guess I'm feeling way better...
cramps not gone though, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, I managed to watch The Hangover during my spare when I came home and that totally cheered me up!
It was hilarious...~ and Bradley is quite good looking..ahemmm...

ANYWAYS, anyone interested in making pudding with me?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

we're making history!

Won the game tonight~ meaning we're going on to the finals! xDD
Can't express how happy and excited I am...something very new. Anyhow, staying up late and postponing my nap is totally worth it. Now, I can sleep in peace!

I still wish I have that excitement everyone has on TV...I just can't seem to bring myself to scream and cheer alone...
perhaps it's the atmosphere, but for the past games...I have only been screaming in my heart and staring intensely at the screen. Very contrasting reactions.

Anyways, good night world! And Good Game Canucks!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Ummmm, was watching that 40 sec video clip of Vortex PV and I have to say, Aoi's hair is so catchy. I have been trying to restrain myself from seeing ANY pics of Aoi's new hair though I heard of his hair color change. I wanted to feel the difference of their new looks along with the PV release, but then because of a certain someone -cough- CACTUS -cough-...I ended up watching the 40 sec clip.
I can totally see how epic the pv and live will become!

Next time, I will definitely hold myself back! I wanted to see their new looks release with the PV to get the feel. :( Since I have been spoiling it for myself for Pledge, Red, Shiver, and Before I Decay.

Anyways, if I'm not wrong and blind...is Ruki in a trench coat? xD Totally my thing.

Listening to Filth in the Beauty 8DD ~~ brings back the awesome ness.~


Just a note...I watched Prince of Persia, The Tourist and Percy Jackson yesterday. Currently watching The Bounty Hunter.

Must say, I love Prince of Persia...NO ITS NOT BECAUSE HE'S HOT.............

The Tourist: I didn't really like the beginning actually. I thought it was too slow, which made the middle scene and some of the fighting scene a little rushed and I thought the boat fighting scene was a little fake and I laughed. Too much focus on Angelina Jolie's elegance and beauty...that kind of bothered me. The camera view seems to be more angled to make her look pretty...which is what made it slow...haha. I like the ending. Predictable, but if it ended another way, I would be unhappy and completely unsatisfied. Kind of knew what was happening since the beginning, the effects they're trying to achieve. =S Made it a little too obvious, but the trailer was misleading -- which is good on their part.

Percy Jackson: I actually am surprised by how nice the CG was! I expected some corny stuff. Some of the lines and parts of the plot was a little...unnatural and corny. The mom was a bad actress, no offence, but I still liked watching it! I think some parts of the plot seemed a little too forceful because they were trying to incorporate too much mythology in the movie possible. There's only 2 hours... :S so...

Great 4 day weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

up and early

to watch the game 8D

4-2 yeah yeah yeah! 1 more game and we're 8DD lol.

what a great way to make of my sunday morning :)

i realized that

trying to understand someone takes a lot. i've done it again, like last time. what's wrong with me?
not only is trying to understand someone very difficult, in fact...trying to get others to understand you is probably a harder task actually...

trying to find the person that will understand you is probably one of the most magical thing for me. i always feel this surge of happiness.

i was thinking about 'it' again...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

the game

watching the recap and highlights of the game since i missed it. i can't believe i missed it and wish i can slap myself for falling asleep.
it was like..crazy. 7-2.
i love watching the highlights...seeing the multiple goals and that beautiful sound of the horn blowing...the crowds screaming like crazy, high fiving everyone without a care of who they are. haha.

aside from that, although i think i actually had something to blog about...i think i forgot. darn.

anywho...the moon tonight it so creepy actually...

time to finish up my work!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what if there's more?

I was just thinking back on the past 'love's I had. I know I blogged about what I searched for in love...but even though I say all that, I never really applied it to my searching and the 'crushes' I had never exactly matched me, as a person.

Anyways, I mean..after watching that Wong Fu video (and did not cry! Haha), I'm trying to think more carefully.
There's only two options to a relationship: marriage and break up.
I guess that's kind of similar to what I read from a novel about not wasting time on someone I can't see marrying.

I'm just being a little depressed. Probably the music. I'm not listening to Pixie Lott, but yeah...

On the bright side...I'm still a kid, I guess. And they have been crushes, not real love. Going to save my first relationship with someone special. :D

Time to finish The House of Bernada Alba!


i think i get emotionally attached too easily :'( ...

Monday, May 16, 2011

a post in a while

I haven't blogged for a while, which isn't really like me. Been quite excited and into hockey recently. I guess I really like the Canadian/Vancity cheery atmosphere and spirits! Yesterday's game...Henrik Sedin, Bieska, and LaPierre! xD So happy. Although I was supposedly half doing my world lit, I kept getting distracted while listening to game.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing! 4-day break is coming up and I am totally going to eat sushi! Haha. Definitely a lot to do...dead lines coming up. My world lit is finished, but my art project is coming up and math test next week. I'm sure something with history and Japanese will pop up. Also, EE draft, I should get started if I want to avoid what happened last night.

This break from my blog, I have gotten closer to many people. Gotten to know a few people I knew before, better, which I'm really glad. I have also distanced from a few and realized some qualities of others I have overlooked.

Anyways, I should go shower since I feel like I still smell like the liver I blended this morning in bio.

Here's a song I have always been obsessed with since it first came out. I mean, my Joe Brooks obsession never dies.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

never gets old.


Mon - CAS due, Japanese homework

Tue - Biozone (40 pages), Bio test (Biotechnology), Math Test (Combinatorics), English presentation (THOBA), World Lit 1 draft due

Wed - Art project due, History test

Thu - Spare time to work on tutor homework

Fri - MacHomer

Thursday, May 5, 2011

feeling so confused. mood swings and everything. high one second, crashing another. not only do i need sleep, i need to figure out what's going on in my head.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what happened yesterday...

the view from my window...


is probably going to be a night I won't forget.

After finishing up my biology homework and feeling annoyed with the sirens going on for 10 minutes or so outside my room, I turned around to see if something happened nearby. Before even opening my blinds, I could see that my window blinds were bathed in orange light and I began to panic. When I opened my window, I realized that the building I always pass by (the apartment construction site), was on fire. I still don't know how I feel about it...
but all I could do was stare.

It was horrifying...especially when I realized that I could feel the heat even from my window. My house was pretty close, yet far enough to be safe from the fire. There is probably 2 rows of houses separating us from the fire...and I could feel the heat (it was as hot as when you put your hand near the pot while burning water). So I couldn't imagine how hot it must be for the firefighters.
For hours, I could see the firefighter on the ladder, trying to put out the fire. It's so sad. D:

Anyways, our neighbor experienced power outage and everything was down, including internet and everything. I got my information through the phone with a friend.
Even when I went to 'sleep' the fire was still pretty big.

I learned that a gas station blew up (which was probably the 'explosion' I saw) -- wasn't THAT big, but yeah...because of that...the fire spread more right, towards Garden City road since the left side of the building, towards no. 4, was kind of put out. It was depressing hearing the moaning of the building as it crumbled and fell...

Anyways, I'm going to do some homework and eat. Probably will still go to tutor since I missed school today. I think I got a cold...head pounding...and very tired.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I think I'm hooked.

(time to do homework!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

getting to know someone is an amazing thing. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Although Sunday is the day I rush all my homework that's due on Monday, it is also the day of the week I get about 12 hours of sleep. On Fridays, I would be so excited that it's the last weekday, I'd stay up late until whenever just because.
Even though I know I can't sleep in on a Saturday because of my tutor class, I still end up staying up late which makes my sleep hours the same as it is on a school day.

That's one of the reasons why I love Sundays.

Plus, I can slip in a movie.
Enjoyed today noon with a little Breakfast at Tiffany's. :)
It's such a nice day so I wish I can go out, but some lazy loser is taking a nap and I guess I will take the time now to drink some green tea and start on my homework or maybe...watch another movie?

Anyways, I feel like missing someone...