Saturday, December 29, 2012

boxing week?

boxing day has now been changed into boxing week and despite the fact that i was working on boxing day, i definitely did not miss out on the sales.
these last two days after boxing day...i ended up splurging $320 or so.
there goes my paycheque. of course, you can never forget the food that always seems to be more expensive every day.

after treating for red robin, i died.
then ate at the food court (which is probably as much as eating at a decent restaurant), my wallet died more.

-sigh- my shopaholic-ness i withheld just came bursting out.
this happens.
i don't normally shop...because of my laziness, but once i do...
a monster unleashes.

very tired and still need to resume my card making.
no time for anime catching up but i am watching 櫻桃小丸子 in cantonese :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

alone for christmas

no white christmas this year :(

Saturday, December 22, 2012

right after work, otaku mode: on

a not that long day of work, feeling so tired and just come home to my warm bed.
i love that feeling.

dressing in my home clothes.
clipping up my bangs.
tying my hair back.
sitting on my bed with a bowl of udon.
watching btooom!

feels just right. feels like me.
i miss being my otaku self.

now, with a belly warmed up by a bowl of chicken soup, i will resume my anime-ing.

it's the thoughts that counts...

i always go with the idea that it's the thought that counts...

sometimes i wish it isn't the thought that counts because now...many things don't have any thoughts in it.

and if it is the thoughts the counts...

oh, how graphic things would be on my side.

(yes, negative thoughts have been growing despite christmas is coming...actually, it's because christmas is near)

Monday, December 17, 2012

my 18th birthday!

finally, i am 18!

well, being born in hong kong, it was technically the 16th...which is why i ended up going out yesterday as well and received one of the most awesome gifts yesterday! :)
a pandora bracelet from my wonderful boyfriend who went shoe hunting with me all day, jean searching and blazer finding.

i just felt so lucky!
another exciting movie date coming up in a few hours and so i am totally looking forward to that.

just like last year,
i ended up receiving another overwhelming gift from my sister...
really can't believe it yet and don't know how to properly react to it.
a pair of ray ban glasses which is way too much for me to afford with my minimum wage and lazy don't-want-to-move-and-go-to-a-store-to-find-sunglasses-so-i-can-see-without-the-sun-blinding-me attitude. also, an awesome and oh-my-glob so wonderful LSP plushie.

LSP = Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time! More like...the best princess oh my glob. She's so lumpin' awesome!

still can't believe i'm 18...

should post more soon!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

aqualung and vacation mode

last final for me tomorrow.
in bed with pains and a headache. didn't study.
scared i won't wake up.
prepared to fail...

definitely in vacation mode already...

i don't really know what's up with me today,
but definitely not feeling like the same time, i do feel like myself.
enjoyed my day thoroughly though.
is it vacation mode or just an off day?

hopefully it gets better, but heres a song that makes you feel all these emotions:

Saturday, December 8, 2012


i swear math will be the end of me.

for some reason, i just really suck at math. can't sit through it, can't accept it. haha.
despite understanding the concepts, i just don't have that "argh" to sit and practice...which is what everyone is telling me to do.

i know it's not math's problem (harhar) and it's mine...but i do hate math.

why do i need to know trigonometry?
why do i need to know how to do these functions? rational functions? polynomial?
why do i need to be able to proof trig identities?
why do i need to fine the equation containing the points (1, 8) and (-1, 6) that intersections with the circle with a radius of 2 centered at (7,14)?

i know, math is involved in our daily lives...working at a coffee shop and counting cash when i'm at the register...i know i need to do math.

-sigh- can't really rant on because i'm starting to sound more and more arguments.
can't think properly...GAH!! -sips tea-

i know i shouldn't be obsessed because that's the point...but i want my starbucks rewards star :( need 2 more to stay green level!
once i get that gold star, and that gold card, i will be satisfied.

anyways, time to focus and practice. final tomorrow and watch me yip yip hoorayyy!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

a little bit of myself returns

i haven't really been feeling like myself since university started.

i haven't really been myself around grade 10?

i know every one changes...i feel that i have kind of closed in a little and held back.  to some, i still seem very strong headed and straight forward. very outgoing and strong willed...opinionated and some times come on too strong.
i guess that's probably the impression still for the last year of high school.

as for university,
i feel that i have closed in even more.
today, my dad told me when i was younger - a few years back - i had so much confidence. i was very outgoing...and just radiated out happiness.
do i still now?

i haven't felt like myself. i feel like this is all just a facade.
the outgoing side people see these few months were so hard...
i felt like some one else watching what i was doing. no control.

i think i have started feeling like this for a while.
no bursts of emotions any more.
no rushes of desire to do anything.
just doing. just being.
just going with the flow? in a sort of way where i don't feel like i'm controlling my body.

i'm honestly do i feel like myself again?

starting anime again and re doing what i use to do.
music does bring back some feelings to me. feelings i use to feel over music.
so here's the new nell album to share.
thank you, nell, for this amazing experience...for letting me feel...alive.

(white night just brings me to tears and the music video is amazing. i just feel so exhilarated).

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

loong day at work (rant)

one of my worse working experience ever...
where i ranted many times already to several people (3 to be exact).

a customer actually poured/spilled coffee on my hand (which burned even more intensely due to my awful habit of biting my fingers so my skin was peeling ish) while i was trying to help him.
sad thing was, he didnt apologize and kinda chuckled and said: "hot, isn't it?" -- which led me to assume he has burned himself as well.  my friend kind of just found him weird and a little "off".

anyways, i had a non-stop working shift.
barely time to take a sip of water and place was just getting messier and messier with things piling up, dishes to wash, empty containers and everything.
i couldn't do anything because i kept having to brew coffee and make more lattes and cappuccinos.
don't think i have every mentioned this, but the espresso machine at my workplace only allows us to make 4 shots of espresso.
small cup is 1 shot, medium is 2 shots, large is 3 shots.
i received an order where i needed to make two small lattes and one large latte (no foam).  while i was trying to make the shots, more customers came and i had to deal with the register.
i prioritized dealing with the new customers because it would make it so much easier to know all the orders and half the people are just waiting to get just brewed coffee (which in our store is self served so i only have to give them the cup.) it would make sense to just satisfy those people and hand them with a cup.

at the same time, this asian "fob" lady just kept giving me the dead sting eye as if it's my fault the place (behind the counter...not outside the shop) was getting messy and i had to deal with everything.
when i did get onto the lattes...i could make the two small lattes and handed to them.
one of the small latte was the "fob" lady's "fob" friend and she was just like "eh, wait. i ordered a large latte" as if i was  an idiot. like, her freaking large latte was on the counter, i was waiting for another shot because she ordered a freaking large one! making my life that much harder and chaotic...having to dump and clean the handle quickly and get another shot of espresso while wasting the other just for her stupid large latte.

so the espresso shot was running and i decided to deal with the single waiting customer who wanted just a brewed coffee cup and i saw, in the corner of my eyes, the dirty look she gave me while whispering to her "Fob" friend. like really? can't she see the espresso is running and i really can't control it?
while i pulled the milk in, i could hear her like rushing me....and she is the one who asked for no foam!

i honestly think she has no idea what she meant by saying: large latte no foam - other than to sound "cool". why make this assumption? because after i handed it to her, she asked me: "no foam right?" ...i mean, can't you tell by looking in the cup? (we hand the coffee lidless to add sugar)

work just sucked.

my co-worker (who worked with my for an hour)...let's not get onto her.
to summarize: we are hired the same time. she was at the back during the rush (making paninis not that it's not important...but it shouldnt take too long to put some pre-cut ham and some cheese & lettuce on it). she was fixing her hair in the washroom during another rush. and she did not help me make much of the things and just - for some unknown reason - came out once in a while and put a bowl in the dishwasher - but did not check the brewed coffee levels herself nor fill the beans. ordered me to mop and check the coffee levels. and yeah, basically acted like she had superiority over me.

note: i don't think that just because someone ask me to do something . i think this because she treated me like i was stupid and just started working (just because she works almost full time in the morning and i work night shifts usually). asking me how many shots are in the large latte as if she's quizzing me and i don't know...
why not try helping me make something next time instead of wondering why im taking so long waiting for espresso shots because i just think it's "fun" to add more shots in because after working for 3 months, i don't know what i'm serving to people.

time for more antm. i need a break from work....(hah! dreaming)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

december already!

one of my favorite months.
the month of giving and holiday cheer! i love seeing the neighborhood with lights pulled out and hung up. making the night so much better than it already is!
plus, i actually really enjoy christmas present shopping...other than the fact that my wallet dies...

this year is more special because everything will be bought with the money i earned myself!
much more proud :3

after working, learning to conserve money more (and become a bit more stingy...)
probably going to end up working more this winter break though, sadly.
either way, i'm very excited!

loving the winter clothing <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">