Wednesday, June 30, 2010

another blog about a want :DDD

Oh my gosh! I want I want I want!!!

An artist I'm following on dA is going to making a box with 5 tea bags and comes with a bonus one of Hakuoki Shinsengumi bishies! I want so badly. It looks so hawt xD Haha. Seriously, what a unique idea. -sigh- Jealous. Sadly, I won't be able to attend the Cosfest at Singapore...nor have I ever been there. Hainanese Chicken Rice! xD

Most epic, hawtest, awesomest thing I have ever seen <3 xP

(c) brilcrist

Tropic Thunder

At least I watched a movie today, though I woke up at 3 or 4 pm today. Not smart. Haha. Messing up my time before summer school! Well, I slept at 7am in the morning. Though what I did was not smart, I do not regret it.

I finished reading my book and I want a copy of it. Darn good books. HST, my friend reminded me ==''. Great, pricier things, what a great start for summer! Definitely motivates a lazy person to go on a shopping spree. -sigh- seriously, I love online shopping. You click click click and it delivers to your front door! I'm really really REALLY not a shopper o-o''. Bleh.

Once again, my house smells like Miss Dior Cherie. I'm really use to the smell. I use to be not that big of a fan, only a HUGE lover of the photo shoot, but now...thanks to my mom, I love it. I'm being way to influenced. My mom's perfume collection continues to my sister's closet do...and my brother's shoe collection. A family of collectors!

Anyways, back to the movie I watched ;D TROPIC THUNDER! I have heard from some people it was hilarious and I agree, it was hilarious. In the beginning, I found it ultra funny, a little wrong though, but yeah. The ending didn't live up to the beginning, sadly...though it was still funny, but just not as good. It was okay, the last scene was a little corny and dull...somewhat cliche, you can say...very predictable. Random serious looking guy, doing a weird dance....I've seen that before.

So I would recommend this movie to those who...don't mind crude jokes? Some parts are offending and definitely stupid...the jokes they make, but if you can look past that and ignore your kind-hearted self screaming : WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WATCHING THIS POINTLESS FREAKIN' MOVIE?!?!?, then you should go ahead and watch it!

Truly, this movie had no point, just like Land of the Lost. My sister will so not like this movie. I remember how in the theatre, my brother and I were laughing like crazy with the other people (in Hong Kong theatre!) and my sister was just like : oh my gosh...=='' Though she did laugh, she regretted watching it. -cough- she laughed the loudest in the theatre -cough-

(I apologize for the bad quality...can't find the official trailer with good quality)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Europeee~~where are you?

Lately, I am being jealous...crazy jealous!

Most of my friends or just people I know -cough- stalk -cough- are going to Paris! Europe in general!
One of them, I mentioned before, an awesome awesome awesome great great friend...she's going on her trip. -sigh- I received an email from her. She already been to Rome, Pompei and throughout Italy! She's now at Sicily and emailed me there. -sigh- SO lucky -admires-

Where's my trip? D:
Time to continue to dream~ and maybe save up! One things for sure, I'm already looking forward to Global Ed. So hoping I will make it. I would bawl if I me blog like crazy and rant on and on and on. Then I will rot in my room as IB homework flood the whole place. o-o'' A living zombie will be born in result of this. o-o''' zombie, I would like to see that. xDDD

Anyways~ yeah, some of my most admired artists are going to Paris for the convention! I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous~ I totally want to buy some art. There's one artist with awesome awesome coloring, Kaoru-chan, she's selling some of her artbooks. The Secret Garden, I think I have showed you before, it's kind of like Tsubasa Chronicle made into Alice in Wonderland. Even the cover is gorgeous and screams out Alice! Such fairy tale-like feel to it.

The other is just another fanart of TC's Kurogane x Faye stuff and it's just hawt! The art is hawt. Like pure awesome-ness!! I so want it. I wanted to preorder them, but it's just way too expensive..and with the shipping fee and at that moment, I was broke. Since they're in Europe, it counts in Euro, making it more expensive, but I regret not pre-ordering now. Since it's an original, once it's sold out, there will be none. Let me pray she has some leftovers -crosses fingers-

Some other amazing artists will be there and plus, ACCENTED EUROPEAN ANIME LOVERS ;D Muahahahahahahahaha! -evil smirk- Yupyup, ideas ideas ideas.

Cosplayers, I just LOVE taking pictures of cosplayers. Makes me high? Well, kind-ish. It's just AMAZING to see people putting all these efforts. I especially love admiring how alike some cosplayers are and how amazing they look. Their costumes ~ especially the home-made ones. I remember seeing that amazing Victorian dress the winner of a cosplay contest was wearing. She was gorgeous and the dress was just...magnificent! I thought it was store-bought or ordered online until I learned that to join a cosplay contest, your costume can't be premade and stuff. -sigh- Amazed, definitely.

Enough ranting, I shall go sulk and dream about my Europe dream~~ while waiting anxiously for my friend's email reply and watch OP fillers since it's filler-ing. Maybe a movie ;D
Yay to Mr. K for giving his movies~~!! Nayyy for the horror movies that came along...I saw a bit of Saw VI and scarred I am. Scarred for life. LIFE I SAYYY!! Gahh~ I'm high from Green Tea Frappucino Jack bought back for me. DARNNNNN!! o-o'''

Ah~ and Nicole's prom photos are on facebook for you to stalk. SHE WAS LIKE A PRINCEESS~~<33

Monday, June 28, 2010


it sucks to be an insomniac. Seriously. I can't sleep again, tonight...before a test. I cooked a midnight snack and stuff, drank milk, listened to music, nothing works. I tried reading and everything, but time just seems to go by so slow and I though: Why waste time? I should probably just get up and watch some One Piece until my eyelids feel heavy...

I'm so tired. My eyes did feel like closing, more eyelids, but yeah...twice...and I tried sleeping, but I couldn't. -sigh- this sucks.


As for my previous entry, I am still depressed about that, but I'm sure I'll get around back to it again one day. Muahahahaha~


I really want to buy a book. The Book :) -searches-


I realized I haven't watched a movie on my list yet, but yesterday, I managed to rewatch Kate & Leopold on channel 88 again! Yay! I love it so much. I won't get sick of it...I think reading a book would be better...well, online story. This isn't a movie where I can rewatch again and again and won't get sick of though...I think two or three times is enough. Yay Hugh Jackman! Where's the gentlemen nowadays? No man stands when a lady leaves the room anymore D:

Aside from that, I just had something to mention, but I forgot...gahhhh~~!!

I would also like to announce that I adore MysteriousGuitarman videos. Yesh, I do. They are so entertaining, amusing, every awesome adjective that exists, but I can't think of at the moment...haha.

Now, time for me to carry out my get-up-to-date-with-the-fans plan :D

~oh, I remember. Today's episode was SO FREAKIN' AWESOME~~~So sad, once again. Never fails to amaze me. <3 -loves- and -adores-

Ah, not to mention, I just spoiled PLL for myself. After watching episode 3, I couldn't wait any longer and decided to stalk. Who knew Mr. Fitz was German ;D hehe~ I also realized the sister's fiancee, Ren, has an awesome accent! Yay for accented doctors~<3
Episode 4 comes out tomorrow I think...or July 4th...something like that.


nightz~ or should I say, Morning~world!

Friday, June 25, 2010

the worst

I feel the worst I have ever felt, and I'm not kidding at all.
It's as if a whole part of me was ripped away and right now, I just realized it. I feel so depressed. I don't know if the choice I made was right or not. I don't want to regret...or regret even more in the future. I don't feel like myself anymore and I realized that just now, I am not myself...D:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mats II

talk about good bone structure o-o''' He made me blog another entry~ @_@ -droolz- xD

(c) SaintSazzle


As I'm rushing to learn chapter 12, I decided to take a break...haha. Art-stalking is always the most nicest and best thing to do for me to relax...and lower my self esteem!
So, while I was on my dA account, I got some notices from dA and realized I missed the deadline for this game contest! I really wanted to enter, even though I'm definitely not prepared..nor do I have the skill. I'm so sad now since I didn't even get to start and I did have an idea in my dead. Of course, I don't have the equipment to do professional coloring and stuff, nor do I have photoshop at the moment. -sighz-

I'm so depressed. If I joined and somehow managed to win, which is unlikely, I could have gotten a tablet! Haha...-dreams- Anyways, yupyup~ I shall be depressed and continue to learn about stupid tectonic plates and whatever poop is in chapter 12. I hate Semi...rawr!! Messer-upper

Here's a beautiful photograph~~<3

(c) Silence - PoorSouls

science provincial practice

Well, I just finished doing one of the practice provincials. xD
Didn't study yet, but I just wanted to know what's probably going to be on the test and study the ones I don't know instead of wasting time and energy going over things I know...and etc.. I find it stupid going through reading the whole textbook or whatever since the point is to study, not relearn everything...

Not that Semi taught us well.

Anyways, so I ended up doing okay-ish! I got 10 wrong out of 64...16 questions I didn't do. >w<''' Muahahaha~ I forgot some of the stuff ==''' And most of it was from the Earth Science part...yeah, practically most of the stuff I didn't get but whatever. Time for me to relearn..or...start learning~!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

one down two to go~

English Provincial...

I thought the second story was really sad and I wanted to cry~ got some teary eyes...but I realized if I really cried, the teachers would think I'm demented or it would make me seem 'suspicious' so I did all I can to hold in my tears.


haha, anyways, I think I did okay...not the best, sadly. My hands felt all gross halfway through Part B. Plus, I think I kind of messed up on Part B and I rushed Part C because I only had 10 minutes left. 10 minute definitely isn't enough to re-do some parts of my essay, so I just spend that 10 minutes to look over the whole thing, definitely worth it since I found some errors. I still wish I could re-do some of the stuff -sighz-

Anyhow, science on Friday! Math on Monday~ Then I will have a short little break and back to school, summer school...that is.

day 2 of feeling lonely, even though I'm part of a, I miss me friend. T ^ T She's so lucky -continues to be jealous- While I'm taking provincials and having summer school here, she's at Greece! What I would give to go to Greece.

Ah~ another thing is, after the provincials, I went to talk to Mr. Vicente and got my schedule changed. Yupyup~ I'm happy, yet somewhat sad. -sigh- Sweet & Sour. Darn you! Muahahaha~ I also left my hard disk to get more gLee~ seriously addicted! Kill mee~~ >w<'''

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

need timeee~~~

I really need some more time and the computer xP to photoshop a new banner. The current one really doesn't match the layout, and I don't want to just steal someone else's work/banner so yeah. o-o''' What should I photoshop next?
I got this current one, a city, from this manga and then I edited it a bit and yupyup~ sighz~~


I never got to mention that I make some awfully awesome waffles!! Maybe I should take a picture of it one day, but yeah~~ <3
My sister had nagged my dad about how we 'need' a waffle maker (influence from Gossip Girl, they always had these waffle breakfast thingy) so in the end, my dad bought one...over the iron xD.
I would really kill to wear some ironed clothing...seriously.

Anyhow, I prefer squared waffles, but we got a circular waffle maker so yeah. =3= -frowns-

Aside from that, what reminded me of it was I just made banana milkshake a second ago -sips milkshake-. So good :D Not to brag -smug- Muahaha~
Yesterday, I tried making some mango slush and stuff, but it didn't work out...isn't as good as the bubble tea slush thingy I had so yeah~ the mango mochi slush, so yeah.

The banana milkshake is good ;D
Very refreshing~ especially since today is such a hot day and I have a lot on my mind!

English provincial tomorrow and I'm actually not worried since I already tried all the practice English provincials and I did well ~ not to brag >w<'''

I want to go to the night market again, I am seriously addicted to that potato hurricane...or was it hurricane potato? Plus, I really need to get an authentic bracelet ;D Muahahahaha~! When will my sister get her N? -sighz-

I miss my great friend already~ she left on her Europe trip this morning, at 4am...well, for her 7am, since she's 3 hours ahead. Yeah~ so lucky. I will never stop envying her. Greece! Italy! Europe! -sighz- We both have such common taste! Music, anime, movies, everything! ...I miss her. D:

Monday, June 21, 2010

not worth it

well, recently, a lot of my close friends and people whom i really respect and trust told me to just forget it because it's not worth it, especially when i'm unappreciated and taken for granted. i thought about it and realized...maybe they're right...if so many people told me the same thing, there's some point to it.

i guess it's not worth it if i'm going to end up being in the same position i am now.

not to over rate myself.

i've been wondering why people befriend...

some people find that i'm really 'interesting' and is 'curious' about me i suppose...others, i don't understand.
i'm not exactly the smart type so i can't exactly help...
i'm not an uber rich person who gives everyone Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for xmas or something (speaking of that...did I mention how the Hugo Boss commercial guys are really hawt xD I love their heavy accented voice~~<3)>:D He will kill me if I break it though. o-o'''

Yeahh...I'm really confused on who is my friend or not now. It's so annoying that I sometimes wish I don't have friends. Someone told me I shouldn't isolate myself though. But I really hate all this drama and stuff that comes along in a package with friendship. I don't think friends need to fight. It brings friends closer, but to some extent.

Anyways, my sister still owes me a birthday present. Maybe I should get her to get me that Dolce & Gabbana perfume :P

I'll blog later I suppose...

(c) the oval portrait - Garih

Sunday, June 20, 2010


as usual, never fail to bring me to tears. this time, it's not because of the terrifying beauty of it, but instead...alphonse!
oh my gosh...i totally envy the bond between the two of them. somewhere inside my heart, i knew that alphonse would sacrifice himself for edward, just like how edward gave up his arm and leg for alphonse's soul. the part where the 'thing' was talking to alphonse's 'body' somewhat feels like it's foreshadowing that edward would go back and get alphonse...but i doubt it would ever be a happy ending because everything comes in a price, or so it was said. doubt edward will be able to get al's soul and body without trading in his...

the beginning did somewhat show only edward himself...i'm so afraid alphonse will just be gone like that. even though he was 'alive', it was unbearable and the only reason to keep him alive was his brother. as for edward, he worked so hard to be able to get his brother back and now that his brother gone...what would he do?

their mom is gone, his brother is gone...hoenhiem....well...hoenhiem isn't exactly a human dad...and i doubt the two of them can be 'family' since edward doesn't even call him 'dad' or anything like al.

i watched pretty little liars today.
feels like a mix of 'I know what you did last summer' and Gossip Girl.


-sigh- i feel so bored...and unappreciated, definitely.
i realized how stupid and dumb i am...doing stuff and thinking about stuff so much, not even realizing that people don't care at all.

ex. my obsession rants....i feel really sad that people don't appreciate things as much as i how deep some things could be. well, then again, it p'sses me off when people think some things are deep when they're just bs. haha.

yeah, overall, i just feel very very unappreciated. from what some people told me...some people are taking me for granted, not to over rate myself.
and the dumb thing is...the message isn't getting through my head all the time, neither are they for the 'other' people.

i don't know what's real or not. what's worth it or not. what's right or wrong.

one thing for sure is that i'm going to stop trying for now because i feel like bs and i don't want to continue to feel like bs forever...even if i'm going to be alone for this. if i am, just shows that no one in the freakin' world is listening to a single word i say.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

watching and watched

I just finished When In Rome and to be honest, I am disappointed. I actually don't like it much. At points, I find the lines corny and the acting as well. It was a nice film to kill off time, but I don't find it worth watching. Definitely not a must watch, not to be harsh, but yeah.

The main actress just seems to annoy the heck out of me for some reason. =S The model was pure scary and gross and the magic dude is blah.
I thought the film would be hilarious, but the trailer showed all the funny parts so it was pretty much...boring and dull. disappointed..

anyways, I have been watching gLee xD muahahahahahaa~ and I have to say, I do love iT~!

Realized my best guyfriend is quite...girly-ish seeming. xD But he's awesome~~at times adorable. Muahahaha~ we're like...anime buddies. o-o'' I was so shocked to learn he watched 5 cm per second (kero recommendation) and yeah~~ xP He also watched girl leapt through time and some other stuff I watched. We can fangirl together! Plus~ he's just so nice and sweet :P
not to mention..a Gazette fan-ish. :D
nora-chan<33~~ xDD

anyways~ time for me to kill more time~! hahaz. ><''

Friday, June 18, 2010

axis of awesome

they are indeed, talented and awesome :)


on a gaze-thon...o-o''

gahhhh~~ mayakashi <333

[haven't seen the vending machine for a while D:]

a friday~

muhahahaha~ went to Robson...

to-do list and wish list updated~ yay! At least I did something. o-o''

Thursday, June 17, 2010


"forgive and forget"
the phrase we always hear, but the hardest to do. forgiving is hard enough and to forget, it's impossible. whatever it is, everything will have some kind of imprint in your heart. for it to be able to need your forgiveness, it must have done something unforgivable. for it to need you to forget to move on, it must have impacted you very much.

i don't think it's possible for people to entirely forget anything, nor forgive.

letting go the little things is fine. but as time goes by, the little things add up to something big and that's when it's the hardest for you to forgive or even forget.

i wish people understand how much their actions impacts another.

not everyone is capable...

not everyone is able to withstand...

not everyone will be like that person...

is it not easier for the committed to change than for the victim to forget?

"let go and move on"...
it's easy to move on, but not let go. it is easy to believe you have forgotten, you have already let go of the past, you have forgiven, you have moved on...but you haven't. it's easy to deceive yourself than to actually do...


(c) loish-Glow

the feeling of belonging

I finally feel like I belong and I'm a part of something which is awesome! xD

Summer is here, yet it just feels like another long weekend to me.
Just a few moments ago, I realized my schedule is missing chem! Gahh~ I hate our counsellors..they ALWAYS mess up something. I need chem..I really really do or it will mess up the so-called plans I have that will help me achieve that whatever-dream I supposedly have.

-sigh- If I really don't get my chem...I will be p'ssed off to the max...which won't be really pretty!
Nice way to start my somewhat summer...

Provincials, summer school and then it will be my real summer! Can't wait for my sister to drive. Movie craving...real bad. D:

Today~ I learned a secret. =P
Once again, I feel so honored and happy that I'm being trusted and treated like a friend. Plus, I'm so happy that I'm having friends confronting me about stuff which makes me feel closer to them. ><''

At the same time, I'm making more and more friends! It's amazing~ how kind people can be and how alike and relate-able I am with everybody :P Awesome start for a summer, don't you think?

(c) gwarf - am rand

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

grade 10

shockingly, grade 10 is ending. this year went by so fast and this year, i also met so many people...more like, got to know a lot of people better.

Patty is one of the sweetest and more awesomest and cutest person I have ever met. xP She's so nice and always easy to talk with. Though she doesn't go all crazy about anime like me, we're still able to talk with each other a lot about I don't know. haha. Every year, I always look forward to receiving her birthday cards that are hand-made and SUPER cute. Anyways, if Patty, you ever read this, I hope you have an awesome trip during the summer while I hunt for present. :D

Melo~melo. Melody, I'm always so tempted to call you that -looks around ><- But yeah, I end up saying Melody just incase it's weird. =P Hehe. You're so awesome! You're so unique and smart and cool! TO THE MAX! I realized this year how much we have in common-ish. Well, the movie interest, book interest and etc.. Plus, you got me into blogging and I love your blog. You're just such a special and awesome person =D Don't change, that's for sure^^. -sigh- you're so cool ><'' I don't want to seem weird fangirling o-o''' So I'll stop...[don't think I'm weird D:]

Iann~~ Haha, this year I got to know you better. You're so cool, definitely. You're pratically a pro crane-folder I'll never ever be able to be in this life time. xP Plus, you're always the pocky provider! You're such a nice person :P Quiet, but very very very smart and clever. Your poems are amazing and the macaroni border! Not to mention, your blog :D So awesome~ Let's suffer summer school in the summer - haha!

KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO. I LOVEE YOUUU SO MUCH!! I will definitely try and see you during the summer because you're wonderful and awesome. =P Just because you're Kero ^^ Enough said :)

Kitty~ So awesome getting to know Kitty more~ Our vmac (vendingmachine) moments, shizu-chan and iza-chan stuff. NEO ARMSTRONG CYCLONE JET ARMSTRONG moments and she's always the one who watches everything I suggest...more like, have seen them, and tells me all the cool animes! I love her soul eater, dgrayman, everything practically. Major number 1 anime buddy @ school. :P Muahahahahahaaha! I love you :D

Emma-san...who dresses so cooly and awesomely. Probably has the coolest style in our whole school, dresses better than most of guys at our school. Emma is like another older sister to me :P Spoiling me ><''' Library monitor buddy! Not to mention, the crazy Dino lover and my KWMS Usui fanbuddy :P Emma-san ~

I feel like I'm going to move or something o-o LOL! Of course, there are many other awesome awesome people =P
Yeah...i feel like I'm about to die or something.

Well, anyways, I won't be going to school tomorrow ><'' So have a nice summer :D Won't be signing yearbooks this year I guess. I finally decided this afterschool...I might change my mind tomorrow, but I really don't have a purpose to go tomorrow...didn't buy yearbook and I doubt my 'hags' will make much of a difference.

If you want a long and awesome comment though, I can write a wonderful comment during summer school or when I meet up with people. ^^ Anyhow, I will continue to blog, of course...since it's probably the only thing to ease my boredom.

[being Simon://
Russian sushi?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

don't speak - iNeedChemicalX

finally finally!

I finally watched Sherlock Holmes yesterday and I LOVE IT!! SOOOOOO MUCHH!! xDDD
Melody was right, it was a little hard to understand him talk...which is why I turned up the volume quite loud ;D Haha. xD

Either way, throughout the whole movie, I loved it.
Everything. Every detail of it. Of course, I love the color scheme of the movie, it's just so...mysterious. I like I like. xP I love Sherlock...he's hilarious xP -sigh- They should make more movies like these! Same for anime...=\



I called my dad last night since he's at Hong Kong and it's his birthday then =P. I feel so bad, every year, I never get to celebrate his birthday with him. He's always back in Hong Kong on his birthday. I feel like he does that on purpose so we don't waste money for his birthday. He finds it completely pointless because the money we use to buy what he earned to support us. ><''' -sigh-

At least when we went to Seattle...he bought a jacket from Polo Ralph Lauren xD

I'm totally going to save up money to buy a massage chair...seriously. For both my daddy and for me =D. ><'''

3 more days of school! Dun DUn DUNNNNNNNN~~!!! -sound effects-

Saturday, June 12, 2010

my recipe for Pillsbury dough boy pizza~

I love cheese and mayonnaise.
Even though it's just Pillsbury dough boy microwave oven pizza, I have a recipe ish thing! =D

1. top the pizza with a layer of cheese (Mozerella & Cheddar<3)
2. microwave till it's almost fully 'cooked'
3. take it out and add a layer of mayonnaise!<33
4. heat it up for about 35 seconds or so and you're done!

I usually like to do step 5 and 6! haha xP

5. add a dash of pepper
6. sprinkle some parsley flakes on top

Trying to make this as gourmet as possible<3 xP
SOOO fattening as well. Still shocked how I'm not round yet...o-o anyways~ don't judge my cheese & mayonnaise pizza =) the best ~ just that no body other than my sister enjoys it. xD

Friday, June 11, 2010

Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon

Must watch all the way...=D Hilarious...I'll never ever stop laughing xP Spare 7:42 minutes

1 minute. This is the story I blogged before about, that got me crying like crazy. =D Watch to the end. Wish you can hear the beginning~ If you're interested. Watch episode 153. The whole entire episode is funny and you don't have to watch the whole series to understand. =)

day 2

I have been trying to rap in Japanese o-o''' Felt like I had to share that xD

Missing dad day 2.

-sigh- Coming home to an empty house is definitely depressing. Doesn't help comfort the fact that I'm feeling out of it...still. Anyways, now there's nice weather =3= how unfair. My trip home was so gloomy and tiring. On the bright side though, 3 more days of school! How awesome!

I definitely failed the math mock provincial test. Something is definitely wrong with me. I end up rereading the 1st 2nd page again and again. No idea why. Nothing is getting through my head. During planning, when it took me so long to finish the Sudoku, I knew something was wrong. I never take this long to finish a sudoku, especially when it's easy. =3='''

Tomorrow, I'll probably be going somewhere with my sister so she can do her dress fitting thing. How nice. Did I mention she bought her heels already? Well, she did. It's nothing too fancy, but I like it. Don't know how to describe, but yeah. It's from Aldos, so you can totally imagine how tall they are. =='' I wobble on them. Haha.

As you can see...there are some changes. I'm hopefully going to find time to photoshop another banner to fit this white background or just start a completely new project. I need to start and finish my art projects! Plus, I need to finish up my long awaited video project. Have I ever shared my first video? If you paid attention, then you have probably seen it in grade 9 English class.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

what makes...?

What makes a blog a good blog?

What makes a person smart?

What makes a person nice?

What makes a best friend?

Who is pure?

I have been thinking about these things during the walk home. And other stuff as well, until my brother intruded with his bike and I took off...xD He was kind enough to let me ride his bike for the rest of the trip and walked/ran behind me~ these are the time where I would love him to death, despite the fact that he might get on my nerves afterwards. Haha.

I realized how hard it is to find a truly pure person around me. I'm definitely not a pure person. Pure as in someone who is completely rid of any hidden agendas in their hearts nor any hidden motivations in their actions. Nowadays, I don't find people that pure anymore. Children swear and are being corrupted (by the media and their surroundings), and everyone just seems to had something hidden...not just secret. Like, they're with you for some kind of reason...not because they want to have fun. They want something from you. Your help, your knowledge, your wealth (?),...everything, but not the inner you.

I suppose I'm thinking too much in this. =\ Imagine years later, our lives filled with people surrounding us...calculating in their hearts...watching your every moves, sucking up to you when you're high up there and disappear in a flash when you need help. But I can't forget to mention that in this situation, that's where you will find their shining bright hope, that one true friend/buddy whose there for you though you're in trouble.

A good blog. I don't really know how to blog, but from the blogs I have been following, I think blogs that updates often is a good blog. A blog that talks about your feelings and expresses you is a good blog. A blog that's sharing and allows you to relate is a good blog. A blog that inspires is a good blog. A blog that gets you thinking is a good blog.

A blog that makes you feel is a good blog.

What makes a person smart?

I don't think a smart person is someone who always get the highest mark. Not someone who gets straight A's. Not someone who uses big words. Not someone who knows everything. Not someone who perfects in everything. Not someone who everyone thinks is the 'smartest'. Not someone who compares grades. Not someone that feels sad and cries about their marks. Not someone who tries their hardest to get that 0.5 mark back on their test. Not someone who always win. Not someone who thinks they're the best. Not someone whose prideful all the time. Not someone who knows the right answer to everything.

What makes a person nice?

Someone who helps others with no other intentions. Someone who wants to help. Someone who truly cares. Someone who is always there. Someone who supports others. Someone you can count on. Someone who will help you for nothing in return. Someone who goes all the way.

What makes a best friend?

I don't think best friends are people who have to hang together every single second of the day. Best friends don't have to talk on the phone for hours each day. Best friends don't have to be in the same classes every single year. Best friends don't have to have the same friends. Best friends don't have to know each other since they were born. Best friends don't have to be alike. Best friends don't have to have the same interests. Best friends don't have to dress or look alike.

I think best friends are people who can understand you without you saying anything. Who will always be there for you no matter what, in any situation. Who will stand up for you when something happens. Who won't compete with you. Who won't look down on you in any situation. Who will support you in your dreams, wishes, and goals. Who will cheer for you when you accomplish something. Who won't judge you. Who will truly feel happy for you for whatever the reason is. Who truly cares about you. Who give you a hug when you need it. Who is able to sense your emotions without a word. Who is willing to give in to friendship. Who will know what to do in whatever situation. Who you will have fun around with. Who you laugh with. Who you won't need to constantly talk to in order to stay friends. Who won't make up excuses for reason. Who will listen to you and actually LISTEN. Who will come to you when they need to.

Who will speak their heart to you.

Definitely so out of it today and not happy. Day 1 without dad and I'm already out of it. How will I survive till the end of August? Kill me. D:

4 more days of school! Ughhh~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

computer sweet computer

I forgot to mention that the previous entry, including this one as well, is blogged on my computer!

Finally fixed - Yes, it took a while due to some...stuff. Haha.

Anyways, I'm still SO not use to the big screen, the flat and movable keyboard along with the bigger mouse, plus the better audio. xP Ah, not to mention the faster internet and just loading. HUGE space =D Yay! Virus-free~~

Due to my cleverness, I still have my old photoshop brushes along with the MVs I acquired to make videos out of. Did I mention how my 1041 songs are still here? xD Time to find the time to merge my other 200-300 songs with these ones and acquire the other songs I've been dying to acquire! My laptop has been supporting me so well<3


I left school early so I can see my dad off and I'm not feeling too well.

Sneezing, sniffly nose, and my throat is hurting a little. Symptoms of getting a cold is appearing so yeahh...I am totally prepared. x . x'' not.

Anyways, I already feel lonely now that my dad is gone. D:


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

religious...dont read and dont be offended

[Don't read if you're religious and/or will be offended by the following]

"I think God is something that People use to avoid reality. I think faith allows People to reject what is right in front of our eyes, which is that this thing, this life, this existence, this consciousness, or whatever word you want to use for it, is all we have, and all we'll ever have. I think People have faith because they want and need to believe in something, whatever that something is, because life can be hard and depressing and brutal if you don't."

"From where I sit, all Religion and Spiritual Thought are the same thing. They exist to make People feel better about living, to give them some kind of moral code, and to help them feel better about dying by promising something better when their life ends, provided they follow all of God's Rules."

"I'd rather have that than spend my life sitting in Church basements listening to People whine and b*tch and complain. That's not productivity to me, nor is it progress. It is the replacement of one addiction with another and if I'm gonna be Addicted to something, it's gonna be something I like."

I find that a very interesting point. He mentions at a part of the book how...he's addicted to drugs, crack, weed and all that so the people in the clinic trying to help him. They suggested he follow the 12 step program and try going to Church. The guy mentions how being religious is also like an addiction. So basically the passage above is him talking about how he would rather be addicted to something he likes instead of Religion and that what they're doing...isn't stopping or helping their addiction. They're just replacing one addiction with another.

"...There is no good or evil, no Sinner or Saint. There is simply what is and that is it. You can use that to be and that is enough. Don't talk about it or question it. Just let it be. Just Be."

"They say in thinking keep to simple, in conflict be fair. They say don't compare or compete simply be yourself. They say fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill, keep sharpening your knife and it will dull. They say chase after money and your heart will never unclench. Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner."

"...Tao is that which has no name and is byong any sort of name. It says that names are not necessary for that which is real and for that which is eternal. It says that if we are free from desire, we can realize mystery, that if we are caught in desire, we only realize manifestations. It says mystery and manifestations arise from the same source, which is darkness. It says darkness within darkness is the key to all understanding..."

"Number two. If there is beauty, there is ugliness. If there is good, there is bad. Being and nonbeing and difficult and easy and high and low and long and short and before and after need, depend , create and define each other. Those who live with the Tao act without doin gand teach without saying. They let things come and they let things go and they live without possession and they live without expectation. They do not need, depend, create or define. They do not see beauty or ugliness or good or bad. They just is. Just be.

"Number three. Oversteem men and people become powerless. Overvalue possessions and people begin to steal. Empty your mind and fill your core. Weaken your ambition and toughen your resolve. Lose everything you know nad everything you desire and ignore those who say they know. Practice not wanting, desiring, judging, doing, fighting, knowing. Practice just being. Everything will fall into place.

"Four. The Tao is used, but never used up. An eternal void, it is filled with infinite possibilities. It is not there, but always there. It is older and more powerful than any God. It is not htere, but always there. It is older and more powerful than any God."

-AMLP / Tao Te Ching

Monday, June 7, 2010

sorry D:

it's better to not overestimate yourself and underestimate others.

it's always shocking how much you have underestimate others because you're blinded by the thoughts that you are more superior than them, even if it's not intentional.

that's just my wise advice to you all. =)

i feel so guilty earlier and even now, because of my carelessness and my forgetfulness. i really need to be way more considerate than i am now.

sorry D:

-sigh- thank God she has such a big heart to not be angry with me =D another reason why shes my friend. haha.


im STILL very overly excited that i'm a Dollars! you can kill me now and i will have no regrets. man, it's so alike. gahhhh!

anyhow, i believe i have another entry to blog, but perhaps...i'll to that tomorrow...maybe during first block? another temptations to skip half of first block is bugging me, but my concious is telling it off. save meeeee~~

actually, i have two entries to blog so i will probably blog on during class and one after. muahaha! time for one episode of OP before i head of to bed with absolutely no progress at all.

tomorrow will be last day with dad -cries-

Sunday, June 6, 2010

the anime i actually watch from beginning to end...every second of the opening and ending song.

[image on the left is Envy]
As I have probably mentioned before, I have been OP-ing so I stopped all animes and mangas I've been watching and reading...other than some exceptions. Well, also one other drama (Tam Ching Suut On xD).

I just finished another update of Brotherhood and I am so in love. It's seriously amazing and so overwhelming. I always feel the episodes are just WAY to short, but I'm still very satisfied. Honestly, one episode a week is really killing me. Gah!

Anyways, until I finished to the very last second of the episode and the ED started, I finally took a breath. I didn't realize I haven't been breathing. I was shivering, goosebumps on my arms, and my heart is racing. xD So good and exciting. An amazing anime indeed.
There are many amazing mainstreams out there, but this one is just...I don't know. I do learn a lot from. It connects a little bit of history...though of course, it's fiction so a lot of things are inaccurate. I don't know. Everything in there just seems so realistic!

This is techincally the second season or...the remake of the manga since the first anime completely went a whole different way. I love the first and second. The first, I remember crying like crazy and watching the movie RIGHT after and then crying a whole tissue box. Man, I don't think this anime ever fails to satisfy me.

I actually though Brotherhood would end up being cliche and they save the whole world...blah blah blah. 'Father' has some kind of weakness...his 'children' goes against him or they all die (like the first anime...except for Gluttony) and then blah blah blah. Happy ending. So far, after this episode...I don't feel like it's that. 'Father' just opened the Gates and is trying to engulf the whole truth and...I don't know how to explain. ><''' So good. Claymore is probably the only manga/anime I can think of that's also gutsy enough to kill of one of the main. Man, I was so shocked and my jaw hit the floor (just like right now xD this episode for brotherhood). Cutting of the head of everyone's favorite character...what more can you ask for? xD

Saturday, June 5, 2010

mochi mochi

drinking mango mochi slush again. I am addicted alright. Fresh mango<3 Who could resist? Especially on such a nice warm day like today~

Anyways, I woke around 6-7am (yes, on a Saturday) to go to the states. Shockingly, I bought absolutely nothing. My brother and dad ended up buying something. Well, my sister did get a Sally Hansen nail polish and the new St. Ives Green Tea cleanser. Other than that, yeah. I am still shocked. I actually wanted new clothes and shoes since I haven't really been shopping...

Well, then again, I'm not much of a shopper. My brother, compared to me, shops more. xD Guess he took my femininty (if that's right) from me. Yupyup~
I ALWAYS say I will shop like crazy, but end up not. ==''' Shame. I spent most of the time, hunting shoes for my sister. We didn't find anything even though we went through every store that sells shoes in the Premium Outlet...-sigh- Probably hunt downtown soon.

I realized I haven't blogged about anything serious these here goes:

If you look around, there are some really negative people. I, for one, is quite a negative thinker...yet I am positive. No idea how this works, but yeah. What bugs me is that the people who are negative, they show it so much it's affecting the people around them and just brings down the mood. That totally p'sses me off because of course, I'm happy. Trust me, if I'm being all depressed and stuff....I can rant on and on and on...but yeah...

I remember talking to some people about how our grade..the people are SO reptitive.

No...BS-ing isn't the only way to survive IB. You CAN'T survive IB by pure BS-ing. Honestly. The whole IB equal I BS is just a joke...the IB teachers have seen TONS of written work and all that...obviously, they are able to tell the difference from real quality work and BS-ing. If they can't, then any regular teachers would be able to become an IB teacher.

I hear so many BS-ing. Some BS that doesn't even make sense. Like, they just want to talk to show that they're participating by repeating the EXACT same thing in 3 different ways. So annoying. Please...
The worst part is, if the person is stubborn, they believe their BS is right...they won't even listen to your idea. The idea you have support for. No, wait, here's the problem...when they THINK they're thinking in other people's point of view or trying to accept people's idea though they're not. Gahhh! I hate it when people say: Yeah, I am...blah blah blah..but then they're not..because RIGHT AFTER they say they are....another stubborn statement comes attached with it.

Let's get this straight, I'm not saying I'm right because I don't BS. In fact, I rarely speak out in class so yeah. xD I don't share my ideas and just sit there to look stupid. That's a problem. Plus, I'm also stubborn.

Another annoying problem is say something...and share it out with people...then they would disagree with it...but after a while..they end up agreeing and saying yeah yeah...though it was contradicting their idea. Don't forget the fact that they were really really stubborn in the beginning, supporting their idea all the way, until you finish reasoning with them...and unconciously...they start agreeing with you and turn the whole 'discussion' into a situation where you were the one whose wrong and they're changing it into the case where they were the one with the idea. If that made any sense...

That ALWAYS happens. One other thing that p'sses me off and happens is when I say something...share my idea since it's a group sharing thing...and when it's time to present....the person goes BEFORE me and say whatever I just share (which was my idea) and then pratically says everything until you have nothing left to say. Yupyup. I hate those kind of people. So mousey and cheap. >= I know someone who did that one purpose and like..purposely wanted to speak first and said EVERYTHING the group planned out and the rest of the members were like...uhhhhhh.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!

who doesn't love DQ's ice cream cake? xD

so hawt and wonderful. <3

valedictory yesterday

4 hours of sitting and 1 hour + of being squished by floods of maroon-colored graduates. It's amazing to see so many people yesterday! Pratically the whole Chan center was filled with graduates, parents and friends. Cameras everywhere. The rose garden was so squishy and I lost my sister! It took me forever to find her since you can't distinguish anyone. =='''

I wore a dress. It was very uncomfortable and so not like me. No one will ever see me like that, other than Michelle, Kayla, Narada, Fizianna, Bruno and Elvis. Oh, and the graduates + their families..not that anyone notice. Annnnddd the people who were at Parker. Haha.

-sigh- Aside from that. I missed half of first block...maybe more. I went to school at 9:15am or so since I decided and bugged my dad to let me stay in. I listened and paid attention throughout the whole Valedictory while someone -cough- Elvis -cough- was gaming or listening to music. I saw someone sleeping as well. xD And yeah. Plus, I was taking photos and chasing my sister around since she was so jumpy and excited to see her friends in maroon gowns...running around with a graduating turtle and a bouqet of pink roses + lavendar or something.

So tired. Mentally and physically tired. It was funny seeing Narada and her family afterwards at Number 9 Restraunt. Also embarassing because I was trying to eat a piece of diced chicken...but my chopstick skills aren't I ended up dropping it and Narada laughed. D:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

new discovery...

Recently, aside from One Piece-ing, my sister has got me into this new drama. xD TVB drama that's airing in Hong Kong at the moment as well. It's called: The mysteries of Love (談情說案). Basically, it's somewhat like Forensic Heroes, but of course...not as intense or creepy. Not very techy and as you know...Forensic Heroes isn't as techy as CSI so yeah. xP Still, this drama is awesome! Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung are the main characters along with Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu. =)

I wonder if any of you guys know Bernice...she's from Canada! She won Miss Vancouver Pagent in 2000. xP I remember meeting her when I was younger and she was SUPER SUPER nice, which is why I really like her. So happy that she's becoming so successful. =P

In this drama, Raymond is just so perfect! The ideal guy xD.
1. He's a gentlemen
2. He's so logical and the whole smart science-loving part of him is so cool!
3. He's so nice
4. He's wealthy
5. Dresses awesomely and is quite okay looking xD
6. He went to Europe to study Science (majors physics)
Even though I don't love physics, he's so cool~! Solving crime using science.

Yupyup, I'm so in love with his character. Though the name is weird...Kingsley King. xD

And the wonderful theme song by Raymond...I don't like Tavia's hair in this one...==''' She's gorgeous, but this hair just doesn't suit her. Nor does this MV do any good to Raymond =3='' Much better in the drama. Haha:

Ed Westwick is forever my ideal guy, of course...ish. xD Who wouldn't love him?
Oh my gawsh...I think I'm obsessed with him. And of course, I'm one of those millions of fangirls who just love his famous: "I'm Chuck Bass" line and fall even more hopelessly in love with him.

(This is to be the usher for a mixer party. Allows you to socialize with the I.V league representatives...Dan was trying out for Dartmouth, so was Nate)

Leighton Meester is just gorgeous. o-o Jealous!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a tuesday that feels like a friday

I absolutely despise Science class. Almost close to hating, but not quite yet. I have no idea what's pulling me back from hating science class...maybe it's because I am quite interested in science in general?
Anyways, Ms. Semi just ticks me off every class, practically. I hate her. I can say that for sure. She obviously doesn't like me very much either and thinks I'm stupid. She totally ignores how last time, I raised my hand for 10 minutes, twice, and she completely ignored hand. And I am certain she saw it. How can you miss a hand stretched out hand that raises above the other students' heads? Especially since I remember around term 2 or so, Tony was stretching and she thought he raised his hand or something. Anyways, I do not like her.

I don't not like Ms. Semi because I'm not doing well in science because I like Ms. Wan. xD I did horrible on the math test (=[) and even when I get a devastating mark on the other math tests/quizzes, Ms. Wan doesn't judge you and treats you the same with the other students. I like her =D. xD

Need to work on my English poem. I seriously don't know how to write it. Writer's block!

I want to watch a movie! I've been saying this for 2 weeks! -sigh-
My sister has gotten her first part-time job and she's working for the first time today! Yay! xD It's not McDonald, some restaraunt called Tri-tea or something nearby Save-On. Yupyup~

I need to go job searching around the summer or I will be bored to death in the summer. Unless...I spend every hour watching movies. I won't mind that!
I still need to watch Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Matrix. I want to finish those 3 trilogies for sure. Of course, I still have some romance and some action films to catch up on. Summer movies! So excited.

I think I'll probably end up spending most of my time alone in the theatre. xD I shall prepare myself mentally for watching movies the theatre. o-o''' Realized I always watch with friends so yeah. xD

Inception (love~ I hope they don't mess it up though...)

3rd trailer (makes more sense of what the film is about)