Tuesday, August 30, 2011

think i'm starting to really like lists - 10 things about me

1. i'm a 'heat of the moment' kind of person
2. scared of birds
3. scared of butterflies
4. i get awful goosebumps when i get scared or hear scratchy noises
5. can't sleep with full lights on nor in complete darkness
6. have lots and lots of stuff animals - i collect
7. sensitive to smells and sounds
8. very versatile with music
9. love cold weather or turning up the a/c really high, till it's unbearable, and sleep under layers of comforters.
10. love staying up late, so i accept any late night calls...but not any early morning calls

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer things left to do:

1. clean out my old folders (cheers to re-using)
2. clean my room as a sign for a new start
3. read that pile of books i have yet to touch
4. work on my ee
5. work on my world lit 1
6. start my world lit 2
7. prep for school (put school fees and everything in my bag)
8. decide on which old bag i will be re-using unless i find a new bag to buy (doubt it)
9. shop - for clothes, bags, shoes (?)
10. update my pc
11. read that book my dad gave me in the beginning of summer
12. finish reading the books i owe people
13. watch those movies i said i will watch (though i won't get through them all)
14. go to the movie theatre at least once
15. go swimming(?)
16. the beach!
17. see my beloved
18. make Spaghetti alla Carbonara
19. make egg tarts for people to try (then feel proud of myself for doing it HAHA)
20. rinse out my dad's teapot and use the new one he gave me
21. reread sevendays for the 10th time
22. find out who my homeroom teacher
23. start working in my artbook
24. find sportswear
25. figure out what i will keep doing and stop doing
26. clean my closet and take out what i will be donating (though i did that in the beginning of summer)
27. think about boat cruise, winter formal and prom dress
28. re-evaluate myself
29. think
30. go on the swings in the park
31. create/re-create playlists for my nano on itunes
32. constantly remind and convince myself that i will not be meeting an italian mafia boss with icy blue eyes, black hair, and a light tan because of his heritage next year :(

-cries- lots to do.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

huge hole in my heart

now that my dad's gone, feel this huge hole in my heart.
i always like spending my day lying in bed, watching How I Met Your Mother or just reading some mangas and fanficitions...

i love sleeping in, especially now that school is about to start.

but today, i woke early and forced myself to continue to sleep. i woke up feeling all hot and sweaty. i woke up, but continued to lie in bed, wondering what i should do and had no motivation to do anything. i dragged myself to shower and went downstairs to eat the rest of the food my dad made. i sat down to watch tv with a pounding headache (no idea why).

everything i did seemed so boring (probably is), but i just miss my dad. my sister was out and my brother was gaming and my mom was out. things just aren't the same.

even though when my dad is here, he would just sit there, on the couch, or smoke outside in the garage and not talk to me...he was there and it was just something i liked. now that he's gone and i can do the same things, it's just so different. -sigh- i miss my dad. been years now and every time he leaves, i always feel sad and cry. D:

now that school is about to start. every day is going to be so empty and tedious. i already am feeling 'it'...the feeling i get when i'm like this. where the days go by so slow and boring, but so fast at the same time - making it empty and makes me feel like i am doing nothing and did nothing.

(thanks for calling me today, totally helped. if you didn't, i would have had no contact with the 'outside world' this entire day. would've been sulking in bed with a grumpy frown and probably cry myself to sleep).

Friday, August 26, 2011

about to board his plane

Just saw my dad off at the airport. -sigh-

Thanks so much for calling, you (if you read this). Such a sweet call, for you to check up on me to see if I was okay.
(oh, I hear the plane...maybe it's my dad's?!)
Yeah, thanks. Totally love you because you understand me this way, without much communication.

last epic moment with dad

Cole: Joyce, your egg tarts are yummy, but why is the color of the egg mixture so weird/pale?

Dad: Ah, that's because she used the eggs from a hen. If she used eggs from a rooster, the color will be different...

Cole: AH, I GET IT! It will be more yellow!

Dad & Me: . . .

(all spoken in canto)
Wonder if you caught the joke?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

keep on walking

love how i recognize these classic movies - ah, loving it! love the song by Edwin Starr

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the kobe beef sure did its job

if you know, or do not know, i LOVE teppanyaki. one of my favorite food ever! and i love eating beef when i have teppanyaki...so among all the beef i have - thin cut, thick cut, thin cut wrapped with onions and garlics/mushrooms - i love the thin cut with onions wrapped inside.

since i ordered different combos with my family, kobe beef and 'regular' beef was included because of the 3 different combos. and i just have to say, i love kobe beef. i always did, but having not eaten teppanyaki since winter break (in hong kong/china), i forgot how much i love it and kind of splurged when i was eating.

i still do not eat foie gras. no matter how good they look in the shows i watch, or not classy and 'yummy' its said to be, i refuse to eat it. haha. my sister tried it and i think she likes it.
it has always been my dad's job to eat the foie gras and oysters as my siblings and i gobble down the tiger prawns, black cod (we don't eat salmon either) and beef. although we're supposedly missing out...but hey, i'm reducing my chances of having high cholesteraol .

anyways...basically, after that yummy and awesome and luxurious dinner yesterday...im so out of shape today! Killed me just by running for 10 minutes straight at 6.5mph...or 6.0mph. I did walk for 27-30 minutes at 3.5mph while watching criminal minds (scared the bejeepers out of me!). hopefully, tomorrow will go well though i will be having an awesome sushi dinner! wooooo!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Rest day tomorrow! Was actually planning to make my rest day Tuesday, but since my sis is tired (she didn't have her 2 day break for this week) so I might as well go with her. Makes things easier.
Since it's rest day tomorrow, that means the plan to eat Teppanyaki is now moved to tomorrow. So excited.

Speaking of excitement...my slightly unexpected potato gratin makes me want to remake it again. Need to perfect it (look-wise) since supposedly, the taste is not bad at all. Guess because of my dish size, it looks more runny...
planning on using the extra cream sauce for some pasta for lunch! Going to be tasty.

Although it's 5am in the morning, I just had some soba. And yes, that, I have mastered for sure. I really need to go shopping. Need a new sifter, need to buy some molds, and certain ingredients like dashi stock and such.
Still considering if I should make croquettes or not...the deep frying is really making me hesitant.
Any who, I feel like my constant update of my cooking on my facebook status is annoying people. Is it? I know not everyone wants to know what I'm doing/making so yeah...
guess I should control it a bit.

One more episode of How I Met Your Mother and off to bed!
-sigh- I smell marijuana ... wonder which house is partying? Why do I keep smelling this! I seriously doubt this many skunks roam around at night...and there goes another car speeding.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sweet home alabama

"Why do you even want to marry me for anyways?"
"So I can kiss you any time I want."

a rant blog in a while

I haven't had a rant entry in a while...not that it's good to rant. Haha. Today, I found THE perfect time to go work out. Around 5:30 till 7:30pm. Normally, I go around 7:00pm, thinking there's less people since it's near dinner time, but there are quite a few. For a few times, I went around 4:00pm till 6:00pm and there are a lot of people as well.

Today was amazing. There were few people and all the empty machines! Plus, no macho men intimidating me, preventing me from using the abdominal machine...harhar. Going to go around this time tomorrow. I've tried going during the morning around 10:30am, when I finished my clay class, and there were quite a few people. There were seniors who were really serious and quite a few guys weight training...and yeah, afternoons are filled with people playing basketball and girls just sitting around, looking pretty, and checking out guys.
And that's what I'm ranting about...

As some of you may know, I am quite the picky movie crowd-er. I can't stand people talking during a movie, texting or talking on their cell just because it's the commercials. I don't like loud crunchy chewing and giggles from little girls. Don't like whispers, laughs, and random comments from people. This is the reason why I never go watch movies that just released (which is why I'm waiting for One Day to come out a few more days). Plus, I feel more comfortable crying in the comfort of the four walls of my room.

Anyways, my pickiness applies for going to the gym as well. On Friday, when I went around 1pm to 3/4pm...there these two girls that went around 2:30pm ish. And every time I go to the gym, there would always be people like them (except these two girls were the worst I have seen). These girls were on treadmills (my usual one D:) and were walking super slowly, prob 0.5mph, and took out their camera to take pictures of themselves! Yes, a camera. They actually bought a camera for the sole purpose to camwh*re. Sigh, what is wrong with the younger generations? I know they're grade eights (going to nine) since they're my brother's classmates.

Main point is, it bugs me how these girls are just going to the gym to check out guys and take pictures of themselves while looking around. As a very self conscious person, I get all weird feely when people look at how fast I run, how many calories I lost, and etc.. And I get annoyed since they're violating my privacy. I mean, if you're not here to work out, don't come. Sitting on the bicycle and pedaling so slow that a turtle will walk right by you is not working out.

Grr...taking up all the machines.

Anyways, yeah, just ranting. I was so annoyed of those two girls. Took my machine. (Haha, I sound like such a baby). And when I was done, after an hour or so...went downstairs to shower, they were outside on a chair, helping each other take photos - yes, they took turns sitting on the stupid chair, wearing their extra revealing and tight short shorts. When I was done shower and changing midway, they came in the changing room (I could hear their loud giggles all the way across the change room) to take pictures in the mirrors. Totally made me feel uncomfortable drying my hair while they took pictures of themselves and gossiped about other girls.

What's going to happen when the world in the hands of these younger generations? These kids, who go work out on the treadmill while carrying their Coach bags? These kids, who text while biking? These kids, who think Coach is actually a legit designer bag (I will rant about designers another day...haha)?

Guess I should finish my movie and go to bed. End of rant.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

this is just adorable

note: currently trying to study how to make meals instead of just desserts! looks complicated and i think i need to go shopping. -sigh- i doubt i will remember all the ingredients.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


ao no exorcist. reminds me of d.gray-man and soul eater and something else...
i love water color works.

(c) laverinne

sucks to have a fever during the summer. at least it left overnight, but yeah...i really do dislike that numb feeling my legs get as a symptom of a cold/fever. especially when it feels like i'm cold in such a hot weather.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


2 hours of intense cardio. sore muscles and back. totally worth it!
beat my personal record...that's probably why i feel so much more tired today. ran 20 minutes straight at 6.0. so proud xD
was on the elliptical at level 7 for 10 minutes-ish before a break. that's a downfall from my previous. level changes really make a big difference! i could go on for 15-20 minutes at level 3, but for level 7...i die around 5 minutes.

just wanted to express the manly feeling i'm getting at the moment. just changed the toilet seat (bought from canadian tires) for my washroom. doing the other washrooms tomorrow since i'm dead tired now, but man, do i feel like the boy of the house :)
well, i know my dad drilled out the corroded washers and nuts, but i totally screwed in the new plastic ones! 8D how manly of me...while my lil bro plays his video game downstairs.

glad to put my awesome-ness to use. ever since building my desk, wardrobe, nicole's bookshelf, wardrobe and desk...my skills have been rusting. :S

time to watch another movie and look through some EE resources. did i mention i have a new favorite movie? ;D


I realized some stuff I don't like and bugs me about the relationships in our generations is how people would type all these mushy things and put it on their msn or on facebook like:
'I miss you' or 'I love you' along with pet names like: "bb" or whatever.

The world doesn't need to know that, especially when everyone knows they see each other every day anyways.

I don't know...there are many things that's starting to bug me. Maybe I don't understand how people feel since I haven't been in a relationship, but to me...it feels kind of fake. I don't find it necessary to let everyone know about your love and your feelings. For people to put it up in public, seems more like a show for everyone to see, then an actual confession of the person's feelings.
If it's sincere and truly 'awww'-ing, I'm sure people will find their way to knowing it without having the display thrown to their faces.

Perhaps my views on this will change and I might turn into a uber giant mushy bear, but for now...it seems unnecessary to me. Just a bunch of words put together for everyone to see and admire (?)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

okay, need to get my lazy butt off my bed!

Really need to start going back to my workout routine again! Took like..a 3 week break? 2-3 weeks. I don't even know anymore!

Anyways, main thing is: need to change.

After that 2-3 weeks of crazy volunteering (ish) with the art classes and maritime festival, I was totally dead tired and spend most of my time laying around since I feel like burnt bun every time I come home from Steveston (plus, that's like a 10-15 min drive from across richmond).
And to top that off, I have been baking so much and ended up eating at least half of what I made (which is A LOT) since my family doesn't eat too much sweets. Not to mention, I'm totally killing my sister's diet and she's not exactly happy with that.

Not that I will stop baking, but I guess I should really stick to this workout routine even throughout the school year. Will most definitely keep me healthy and hopefully relieve my stress. Now, time to prep...

Plus, EE...oh my gosh. I'm so doomed!

Monday, August 8, 2011

what i've made so far...

1. grilled cheese sandwich
2. baked potato with sour cream & cheese (coated with extra virgin olive oil from the start)
3. flan/custard pudding
4. sugar cookies
5. potato patties/pancakes
6. attempt at new york styled cheesecake (undercooked and i got angry - failed)
7. red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing
8. banana pound cake (just finished!)
9. blueberry muffins - added

going to let my banana cake sit for a bit to see if it's still as moist. love the smell of my house at the moment, even though it's 3am in the morning. guess it's time for bed- art camp tomorrow!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

summer-like things

screamers & dragon tats. 8D

edit: just realized my phone bill is like...$72.
think i should chill on the texting, but yeah. just added 250 texts so i guess it won't go pass the 50s now (stupid 8 dollar caller ID. at least i can reply to people though)

stupid rogers.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

not only am i a pro BBQ-er, i can also bake red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing :)

though i do need to work on my icing...

Thursday, August 4, 2011


A month till school starts...I'm so dead and so not looking forward to any of it...-sigh-
Time is passing by way too fast. Where has July gone? Seriously.

5-7 - Maritime Festival
8-9 - Art Camp
14 - Kajaks

and that's half of August already! Doubt there will be time left for enjoyment before I need to worry about my Extended Essay (which I absolutely haven't touched) and World Lit 1 & 2. -sigh- Please don't start, school.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A movie I must watch...

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess...what more can I ask for? I have been reading romance stories online recently a lot...and reading lots of romance one shot mangas as well. I now need just this to perfect my summer! Think this will satisfy me for the gr 12 year (and hopefully, I would focus instead of daydreaming and flooding my brain with more stories)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Great end to July

Had a great time today...yesterday. So tired, though I'm still up reading my cliche, sappy romance stories. =)
Totally missing Jeff already. Our little moment...8D
Now my nickname shall be Dou See (toast in canto)...lol. Hey, at least it's better than Bo Yee (Bo Auntie in canto).

so happy today. Seeing people eat the food I make (well, I barbecued ) makes me so happy! Especially since in the end, my custard pudding is finally appreciated...even though the caramelizing failed slightly.

One of the highlights of my summer :) Looking forward to August...and not to my EE..which I really should start, but doubt I will.