Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm up...early. Sipping some over-sugared milk tea, in replacement for coffee since I'm not in a coffee mood. I'm totally going to be dead for school. That nap messed up me, that 4 hour nap. I slept earlier for another hour or 2 and I'm up again. Probably will go grab a coffee if I really can't stand it during 3rd block, maybe take a snooze?

I have 2 spares! So happy. I really wish I can keep them, but I have to change my schedule, darn it. I'm filled with bitterness recently and I think the 2 spares would make me such a pleasant person to be with...but no.
3rd block spare on day 1 and last block spare on day 2, how wonderful is that? I most definitely prefer my day 2 at the moment, over my day one...even though the spare is much more useful on day 1 (time to do last minute homework/studying/sleeping).
Day 1: Bio, Math, Math, SPARE, English
Day 2: ToK, Jap, Art, History, SPARE

-sigh- My eyes eyelids aren't heavy though. My shoulder ache, but my elbows need stretching. My fingers need to move, but my wrists are sore. I should probably take another shower before I go to school in order to be awake.

On the bright side, I get my daily newspaper back! Yesh!
See you all later in Bio~
(Awake to txt Jenn before she leaves to Stratford. They're at the airport~ Lucky ducks who starts school on the 16th or whatever. D:)

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