Saturday, September 11, 2010


Feeling guilty for ditching, but I will definitely feel guilty and terrible for breaking a promise. D:
-sigh- Either way, it's my fault. Should have stuck to the promise from the start, then I wouldn't have to ditch. -sigh-

Trying to do last minute tutor homework, but was distracted by the NEW UPDATE OF HANA TO AKUMA WHICH WAS AWESOMELY AWESOME!!

I also realized I didn't answer 2 questions yesterday for English:
Marriage : yes or no? when?
Children : yes or no? when?


IB homework:
-Math questions / get graphing calculator / prep for quiz (?)
- ToK diagram / read that thick thick booklet
- Begin reading Dubliners (which everyone has already started)

Not too bad. :D
I feel so chilled~

Ah, please note that I have a spare 1-3 so if any one need me to buy lunch for them or coffee (in the near future), just let me know. :P

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