Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IB art

I think probably one of my most favorite course would be IB art. I seriously enjoy it, even though we have to do research. On Friday, 2 more research pages are do...well, 2 more artist researches are due. I just finished yesterday Frida Kahlo (my first!) and yeah. Seeing everyone in class' work is so inspiring! Steal ideas was what Ms. Swanson suggested and I shall do that...if I still remember.

Aside from art, I love English! I always enjoy Miller's classes. They're so amusing and I just never seem to be really bored, I tend to listen to what he says. Unlike History.
I'm sorry, but History is like socials 10 (you guys probably understand). I ended up doodling and playing sudoku and all that again this class. Our history pretty much turned into a really shallow (no offence) ToK class...and then once again, we kind of 'wasted' time on this talking, not that I don't love discussions, but then...we have A LOT of things to do!!

Someone was saying how the Japanese people are changing history, by hiding the fact that they did such things to the Chinese people (and many others). I really disagree with that because...they're not actually CHANGING history itself, but just hiding a part of it which alters people's perspective of things (propaganda!) they're changing people's opinions and views, not actually history itself.

Everyone was all doing the whole 'deep ToK' thing...and Tony pretty much stopped the discussion with his one line. Thank yous!

Anyways, I really mentally prepared myself to suffer next year since this year will be slacked for history. Please prepare your minds too because you will be seeing a really, really horrible face next year!

I just finished the booklet of safety stuff for Biology and so I'm pretty much done. I will maybe read Dubliners later tonight, before I sleep or during 3rd block. For math, I'll probably do one or two questions and just review for the test. Supposedly, my sister said the tests aren't that bad.
-- the awesomeness of having an older sibling is their experience helps calm your times.


  1. I don't have an english teacher yet.


    Last class we didn't even have a sub, so everybody left after a couple minutes. I wouldn't mind switching my 1-1 spare for Ms.Alison's english, and getting a spare for 2-4 (which I would love). During the summer, I read over lots of my old work. I'm not sure if I'm a hard marker or if I just hate myself, but I definitely would have failed those paragraph/essay/projects. I haven't seen anybody else's work from grade 9, but Ms.Alison was more than fair for my marks.

    But yes. Mr. Miller's classes are awesome, and despite the high expectations, he will help you improve to meet these expectations.

    I'm thinking I've done more work in Bio11 than all my other courses... combined. I'm not liking standard classes. Nobody tries in class, but instead of independently screwing around, they're all over the room talking obnoxiously loud and distracting people who do want to work.

    I was hoping certificate in History 11 would be like a haven where I would still have a class with my old enriched friends, and have a hardcore break away from those morons in my other classes. But it seems after three similar discussion classes there isn't much going on here, either. Yes, discussion is an essential element in all subjects, but we need to cover material too.

    The clubs & teams I've joined are the only things I'm looking forward to at the moment.

  2. so jealous of your art class!! ><
    my schedule is so...dreary. god i'm starting to hate it already. math...T_T

  3. ^
    i am SO lost in math at times! Like today's calc thing..I started getting it, then I get lost. -sigh-

    yesh, art is salvation for me right now.
    sadly, I have 2 artist research due tomorrow!! So much work!!

  4. @ ian : I read over my gr 9 work...and they are BS. Ms. Allison was totally too easy on us. I seriously think I wrote everything so bad. Like, one or two I thought was okay, but our lyric project write-up..that was gross. I don't even want to admit I wrote them.

    I really don't like people always talking in class. Really distracts everyone and the teacher...wasting class time and we're learning a lot of stuff!

    I joined Colts that Care, Green team and library monitor. Hopefully, I can manage doing them, sometimes, SO many little kids join and they don't do anything, and everything turns out all messy and all that. =S

  5. This year I'm in Japan Club, ColtsThatCare, StuColts, Green Team, and I'm trying Cross Country. I wanted to try Library Monitors, but I heard that there were already plenty of people joining, and the same goes for First Responders. :(

    We've got a lot of 8th graders joining Japan Club, but I don't have much hope for them. That's why Alex calls them Freshmeat.

  6. Haha, chinese class, there's these 2 seniors who call gr 8 girls who comes to their school Freshmeat as well.

    You're in so many! I don't know if I'm able to handle too many clubs since Library Monitor, you have to like...have 1 hour a week and etc. Have to have devotion and sometimes, it gets boring xD So it's hard. But yeah, fun overall.

    I wanted to try cross country, but too lazy. I might go for SunRun around the end of the year or something.
    You should try for FR! It should be fun. More experience haha.