Saturday, September 25, 2010

The best thing in the whole world...

Nothing like a nice bubble bath and tea to help relax your mind and soul.

Well, I had no bubbles so I had to use bath salt instead. I'm too scared to take one of Nicole's bath bombs...haha.

This definitely did help ease my headache a little. Hopefully, I will be better by Monday. It's going to be very painful for me if I have to wake up around 6am and go to bio @ 7am to sit there and learn about numbers, then go to math and learn about more numbers. Ah, and to a test about numbers and lines. Thank goodness I have English at the end of the day. I actually love English class, hopefully, the student teacher will be okay...=S Please don't make IB books more boring than it should be -crosses fingers- I still haven't touched the Metamorphosis...

(c) carmine-voleme

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