Friday, September 24, 2010


A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

Taken by me -smugface-

Have a sudden urge to become a very, very despicable least for a day. Not sure how that will turn out...

Think I'm coming down with a cold/fever?
Darn stupid brother who passed it on to me. As if the contaminated, but very yummy, Ritz cracker Samantha gave me wasn't enough. (Haha)

Today: I learned, I felt, I experienced, I moved, I worked, I spoke, I stood, I sat, I did, I didn't, I went, I saw, I heard, I thought, I realized, I noticed, I ate, I drank, I remembered, I forgot...

What was listed above, something significant happened. Well, it's not exactly that big of a deal for some of them, but's a little something. Hopefully, I'm making sense. -yawn- so tired though it's Pro-D day tomorrow -cheers-.

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