Sunday, September 19, 2010


A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

(this is really awkward..and I don't have any recent pictures ummm...please refer to the picture below...I know you want to punch it :D so do I, so do I...):


1. I do not look good in photos, nor do I enjoy being captured by a camera
2. I should be doing homework right now
3. I have 5 tabs loaded with new manga series I found and is interested in, planning on reading them while working
4. I'm not capable of drawing whenever I feel like it
5. The weather sometimes affects my mood
6. I rarely get sick, but when I's seriously horrible
7. Somewhat a risk-taker, yet when the 'moment' is gone, I'm a scaredy cat
8. I dislike my bangs and must fix day
9. My existence is pretty much a contradiction itself
10. I can't handle pressure well at wouldn't want to see that
11. Group work only works when everyone is chilled
12. Can't handle noises head hurts
13. I do not like the heat...I get all stressed and grumpy
14. I'm scared of the dark
15. Prefer random snacks over real meals, not a healthy person.

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