Thursday, September 2, 2010


My attempt somewhat worked? Well, now I have HORRIBLE panda eyes...which sucks. I look terribly dead and somewhat drunk. Haha. I have been trying to survive on milk tea the past few days while enduring my failure of an attempt. Now, I am drinking green tea instead, to calm myself.

Anyways, another reason for my lack of sleep is because I have been watching Forensic Heroes I again! Rewatch. It still manage to creep me out, but I'm not as creeped out by some of the cases I thought was horrifying before, like the plastic bags in the colored glass bottle one. Instead, I totally freaked out this morning by a case which I completely forgot! I believe it's probably because I was so scared when I was younger that I completely wiped it out of my mind.

Basically, the killer in this case, he/she kills these 'bad guys' who did horrible things, but the police doesn't have enough evidence to catch them. The killer is a fan of this doctor's mystery novels and he/she kills people the same way the characters are killed in the book. So when the doctor was on the scene to examine the body, he realized how the method used to kill was exactly the same as what he wrote...and yeah. ><''

Aside from that, I also did a little music stalking which I will share another time, after an entry on the amazing, legendary singer~!!

Need to pick up my reading again. D: And I need to shop!

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