Thursday, September 16, 2010

i believe...

I am quite a dramatic person. I realized I sometimes do make such a big deal out of the littlest things, but I guess that's just a part of me. Or maybe the movements of my arms makes things seem more dramatic? Haha. Yeah, I totally bombed today's test. I'm so worried because I couldn't double-check it and the fraction numbers were so's killing me. Plus, the last page, I totally rushed it and my calculations seemed so wrong...I'm scared I will make a mistake.

Oh gawsh, I feel so dizzy, my headache is really taking a toll on me.

This whole day, I've been feeling so out-of-it. Feel like I can cry any moment, especially after math. I don't think it's the math test that caused it, just I'm not feeling too well? I slept at 9pm though.

Anyways, no ToK tomorrow at least. I have to do 2 artist research for art (I'm decided which 2 to do from the 3: Dinh Le, Marisol, or Yong Soon Min). Aside from that, History write up!

Honestly, a reason why I really don't like our grade that much is there's some people who tries too hard. :S Like, trying too hard to be 'smart'. Even Mr. Miller mentioned to us before we started writing our stuff (to let him know where our writings are) that there were some people in other classes trying too hard, trying to sound smart and sophisticated. I think because of these people who are trying so hard to be smart, they sound so cliche.
Like in one day, I heard least 4 different people use the 'tree' example. They kept referring to that question where it asks us 'if a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?' that one.
I heard that in ToK and in History. Honestly, it really bores me hearing people say the most cliche things.

Anyways, enough ranting, I'm trying my best to stress relieve so my headache will go away and I can work on art with a happy face! Such a bad day.
I dropped my burger and had to buy another technically, my lunch was worth $7 + a vita lemon which is $1. Great.


  1. I've actually never heard of the tree question...O__o I hope you're feeling better now =)

  2. Thank yous.

    Oh, really? o-o'' If you were in my classes, then you would probably hear much more of it. At least you're not sick of the 'tree example' since it is quite a good one...just too overused.
    :S my class. (ToK and History)