Sunday, September 5, 2010

kill me

If I was told that there will be no more anime or it's illegal to watch/have any anime, I would die. Not exaggerating. I think I'll probably die of boredom...or depression. Go insane or something.

Hmmm...I'm beginning to think I'm addicted. o-o''


I've tried really hard to be someone I'm not...didn't really work out. Couldn't really change the fact that I love anime. I can't listen to hardcore metal rock music because it kills me that I can't understand what they're saying and only hear screams (though the lyrics are good!). I still can't shop and have fun. I can't wear pink naturally! I can't worry about my's really hard for me to be all 'NOOOOOO~I got a B!'...because I really do feel satisfied with getting a B for a last minute thing while watching anime. Can't not be lazy. I still can't happily eat my veggies and drink a lot of water, even if it means good skin. Can't stop my candy-eating and crazy snack-munching time. D:

Fail. Well, I guess you're all stuck with this me. :D Muhahahahaahahahahahaha! -anime rants-

I messed up my time again. Was sick yesterday and took a nap from 5pm ish 6pm to 9 or 10pm...-sigh- My hard work..! At least I'm all better-ish. Tummy is still weird. I'll go grab something to eat.

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