Sunday, July 18, 2010

road to the nameless liberty

2:30am in the morning and even though i have tutor in just a few hours and i haven't done my homework, i still think it's worth it. i'll probable think of some excuse or whatever. i did a lot of reading, maybe that will make up for that?

road to the nameless liberty.
the best.
i definitely need to go to a live some point in my life.
gaze fans are by far the most civilized ones i have ever seen in my life. compared to the crazy kor band fans and the crazy pushing, shoving, scratching, kicking people during the marianas trench live @ ozone...gaze fans are actually...people.

anyways, after watching for almost 2 hours...i feel that i understand them more! which i feel so happy and great about. just feels like i'm teensy eensy little bit closer to gazette themselves. and watching them perform and traveling is like i'm also there. the lives seem so hot and wild and fun. definitely am missing out a lot. -sighz-

aoi is just adorable. first the tony tony chopper drawing and the cute 'oyasumi dude' seeing him run around like an idiot makes me love him more. not to mention, i realized i kind of saw his boxers-ish when kai went into the change room -blush-. kai is so cute too! definitely skilled and his french toast...haha. tempted to try making some. plus, i find it hilarious that he always loses stuff...his disease.

reita~ so coolz. bassists are always cool. uruha and his shorts! not to mention his sake >w<''' ruki! i realized ruki is only taller than me by a little bit, 10 cm or so. i love his voice. so heavenly. beautiful. hauntingly beautiful.
they're all so gorgeous.
they're like...angels sent from heaven to bring pleasure to our ears and souls. xD
i saw from a youtube commenter: 'ear-orgasm'

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