Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 more classes to go.

So embarassed today.

-sigh- I got a text from someone and was about to check, but I didn't realize my phone was probably unlocked during the process of being tossed into my pencil case (probably pushed open by some pen). Because of the unlock, my music started playing since I pressed the 'play' button...unintentionally and viola~

Worst thing first played Jimmy Eat World...and because of my frantic kept lagging and changed into Good Girls Gone Bad- Cobra Starship and for those who have heard of that is LOUD.

-hides in shame- The entire class was staring and not to mention...the physics teacher who was marking our quiz. -sigh- Sucks to me, definitely.

On the other hand, although I'm not depressed no more...I am quite cheery after seeing some amazing things :P Yay!

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