Saturday, July 31, 2010

dead and hungry D:

Ah~~ I changed my layout to black again. :P
I miss the black, it was such a shock for me to change the layout to white with such light and fluffy kind of bg. Anyways, I decided to stay simple and black...until I think of an idea of what to photoshop and get my hands on a FIXED computer =3=. Stupid viruses...

anyways, last time in class (summer school...), we were talking about death...ish. Technically, 'us' does not include the whole class, just the people sitting around me. xD
I realized I will never let myself die of starvation or be burned to death. I definitely don't want a death to do with with fire. I rather freeze to death and watch my fingers turn numb and fall off than be burnt to death.

Since there's a lot of amazingly delicious food around the world, letting myself starve to death would be the saddest thing ever. I will die of regrets, most likely, instead.

Someone was saying how they didn't want to drown to death since it's supposedly a horrible feeling. So is jumping off a building because you will feel the horrible impact before you die. I remember reading somewhere that you're still alive for 10 seconds or so and then you'll die. That 10 seconds must be the worst 10 seconds of your life...

Haha, JS told me she wants to die from an atomic bomb because you won't feel it...o-o'''

Anyways, such a depressing topic. D: ish...

LONG WEEKEND! Yesh!!! I woke up at 3pm in the afternoon, filled with happiness and energy...

I spent hours and hours watching anime xD Yupyup~ life sure is great without Summer school -rants on- ! While I was watching, I could hear fireworks being set off. Feel like I'm missing out...but then again, I don't exactly regret not going since I'm not really a crowd person. Rather prefer sitting at home in my big comfy chair, drinking tea, and watching anime than pushing and shoving people, jumping up and down, trying to see the fireworks.

Yup, definitely not a crowd person...especially with my height... -frowns-

Haven't gone on msn much lately either. Well, I have been appearing offline. I noticed that msn is really consuming too much of my time and I really don't like to talk to people who waste my time. The constant flashing of orange bugs me like crazy. Especially when I'm reading manga or watching anime or just doing something important, but had to pause because of that annoying flash, and click the tab to realize that the person was just saying 'lol'. Yeah, great. =3=
--Really annoyed of people who have nothing to say to me, yet starts a conversation and then stop halfway, making me wait like...10 minutes for a 'lol' or some stupid icon face. I hate that...makes me feel so desperate to talk to them. -fumes-

Anyways, that's why I'm not too big of going on msn. Plus, I could end up spending a day talking to someone for hours and hours and take up much of my working dad. I suppose my dad is pleased that I am a msn-addict no more. :D Yay~!

So hungry D:

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