Monday, July 5, 2010

summer school, 250th entry

First day of summer school and I actually like it!
Realized I live closer to Burnett than to RHS. Well, the walking distance is definitely shorter...well, it feels most definitely shorter~

Doing sudoku and crosswords! I went to eat sushi with a friend after summer school and managed to pass by a bus stop ;D Yay~ I miss my daily dose of 24hr. -sighz-
So far, physics seems so easy! o-o''' Well, hopefully, it stays this way. I definitely don't look forward to the everyday quiz that will start on Wednesday. Darn that!

Aside from that, I think I kind of fixed my time! Yay~~!! I had something to mention, but forgot. -sighz-

Well, I made a friend today :D That's good. Though I might have scared her...ish. I hope not. x . x'' ~~ I'll probably end up hating summer school real soon. =3='''

I need to shop. D:

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