Friday, July 23, 2010


I noticed how people nowadays talk. They're just talking, they're not really...speaking.
It's amazing things changed so much compared to what it was before.
Amazing, yet terrifying.

Now, you don't know whether when someone is saying something, do they actually mean it or not. When you're speaking to them, are they hearing or listening. Will they just forget or engrave it in their mind.

I always try and make sure I say what I mean. Of course, no one can resist a sarcastic remark, but yeah. So far, I think it's working out for me...speaking the what I think. Well, speaking the truth. At least, I can guaruntee that I have no spoken a lie, other than under certain circumstances -cough-. xD
And as always, I'm trying my best to keep the promises I made. Although it kills me to know I have a slight, slight chance of not being able to keep it.

What I really despise it when people say one thing and do another that obviously contradicts what they just said. I'm not sure if people are really aware of it, but they're doing it! Don't make promises you can't keep. Don't speak empty words, taking the power away from those single words.

Empty words.

They're being tossed everything. It's actually really scary.
Everything that's done so often seem so special anymore. For instance, I...myself, say 'I love you' to many people. Sometimes jokingly, as 'I love you's mean 'I like you'. Of course, sometimes...they do have meaning, but to me, 'I love you's just don't seem or feel very special. My 'I love you' isn't 'I love you' love isn't 'love'.

The same thing for my 'I hate you's.

Ah, that also applies with my hugs. Of course, unless I squeeze the person to death or hug them passionately. -awkward look- Yeah. Passionately...for example...when my dad goes back, I give the hug of love! Muahahahahaha.
Anyways, I realized how I use some of the special words/actions so much that they don't mean as much. But hey, I don't hold hands with people, that's good. That makes holding hands meaningful to me...(I link arms with people).

Anyways, such a weird blog entry for the night/morning. Time for bed to prepare for another day of Summer School Phsyics! And another quiz...[which I will fail].

Blogging about death next time...haha!
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  1. "They're just talking, they're not really...speaking." So completely agree with you...