Saturday, July 24, 2010


inception. inception. inception.

it was WICKED!
I LOVED it SO much. Definitely worth $10 bucks (though I didn't pay xD Muahahaha~~a treat from a friend :P).

The sound effect was awesome, definitely. The graphics was spectacular. I did not find it disappointing...because as you know, these movies (with awesome trailers) will either turn out AMAZINGLY AWESOME or horrible...(like Knowing...that was BS. Definitely BS).
The acting was quite good as well. The Japanese samurai guy from The Last Samurai, Ken Watanabe, was in it! I love him and his movies. xD He's good. ;D

Ellen Page was in the movie and she, of couse, did well. I thought the acting was good and everything was perfect. I love everything...the effect, the sound, the plot, the layout, the theme...everything! The whole idea is just so amazing and twists your mind into knots, getting you to think. THe beginning was awesome, definitely. The Ending is so eerie and wonderful. It's so scary and haunting. I LOVE THE ENDING. I'm still thinking! A character is just so hauntingly amazing and she's the reason you doubt everything.

I think it was much well filmed than Shutter Island, of course. It was definitely better presented than Shutter Island because Shutter Island...the idea, was wonderful, but was filmed in a very confusing way (well, for some people...I thought it was AWESOME!!!<3>w<'' (Not to brag, but I'm proud of that fact! Muahahahaha~~) Anyways, I definitely recommend to watch, definitely. It's worth it. Worth it. Worth it. Worth it. I love the idea. It's so overwhelming. After the movie, I was shivering. I tried my best to talk without stuttering and I was just so..excited. So scared. So happy. So...I don't know! Hyper. I don't know. I was like...hyperventilating (is that how you spell it? Whatever. xP) But yeah. It's just me, I get excited WAY too easily. xD (Like the Prestige and Avatar and stuff.)
My heart was leaping, was thumping so hard. I was holding my breath the whole time towards the end. I forgot how to breathe!

I love how I leap into the screen, into the movie and I'm just like....SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!

Anyways, I shall stop my rant. Definitely watch, go go go!

(I now
love Joseph Gordon-Levitt <3~~Go Leonardo DiCaprio~~ xD)

I shall blog about something stupid tomorrow that I discovered last night!

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