Saturday, July 31, 2010

a blog in a while

I haven't blogged for so long, which sucks! Lately, I have been so bored...SO SO SO bored!
There's absolutely nothing to do. Anime hasn't been interesting me at all, lately. I'm not reading any new mangas, only following the 'once a week update' mangas and Claymore. I haven't found the time nor have I been in the mood to watch a movie. Like, after I get home from summer school and eat, then chill on the computer for a bit (check email and all that), there just isn't enough time to watch a movie and feel at ease without worrying that I'm forgetting to do something. -sigh-

Well, at least there's only 4 more classes of summer school left! After that, I will get to relax at home and do all I want~~ watch movies to my hearts content. Not to mention, go to the beach and just accomplish my to-do list...well, at least most of it.

I decided to blog after spending 2 hours, I believe, playing crosswords and doing sudoku. It's so nice. I miss my daily newspaper D: I've been trying to walk by the bus stops on my way to Burnett, but the ones I pass by don't have any newspaper stand. One of them have the Metro, but it's too far-ish, and might get me late (since I wake late).

I really need a getaway ~ I want to go travel, most definitely. After looking at my friend's Europe trip pictures and reading Melody's blog entry about her trip...I am jealous. REALLY jealous -cries-. I'm so bored here. D:

I've listened to this song for a year and a half now and still loving it (his eyes are just gorgeous! xD):


  1. If you still want, I can pick up a 24 on my way to school and hand it to you during the break or something. I have no problem with taking 5 seconds to take out a paper for you. :P Just tell me if you want me to.

  2. :OOOO
    tempted tempted! Yesh please >w<'' If it's convient, Ian. Thank yous so much!!!! :O
    -hugs- xD
    Do you know where my physics class is though? o-o'' Ummm..Mr. Brand is my teacher, I'm in the same class as Bowen :P

  3. teddy geiger! I don't remember where I discovered For You I Will, but same listened to it for about two years now and still love it!