Sunday, July 4, 2010


another book finished. i started it...yesterday? or maybe 2 days ago...something like that. finally finished and ran out of tears as well. sure i easily cry, but was very touching and all that. i spent maximum 2 days reading this, of course...with fangirling moments, blogging, anime and all that stuff i always do. not to mention, movie and Russell Peters moments just to chill out and kill time.

i suppose i would suggest you read the last song as well. it was good. even though i had to stare at miley cyrus' face because my sister got the copy with her and liam hemsworth (if i spelled it right...his last name) on it.
this is why i HATE seeing movies or trailers before reading the book. the actor/actress' face is in my head and i can't imagine it anymore.

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