Thursday, July 28, 2011

even for a bit

Sometimes, I know I should just be grateful for what I have...and I am. I know that I have many things in my life not every kid does, but like every human being at some point of their lives...I want what I don't have.

-sigh- things are just so hectic..chaotic..etc. etc. and as I grow older, I notice how I always want to plan things ahead or at least know what to expect. Even if I want to 'wing' things...I end up creating some sort of plan to 'wing' things. There would always be a plan somewhere...

and at the moment, there isn't. Not only for my future, my summer, but my life right now. I have no idea what's about to come, but I really don't want to stay in this very moment 'cause it sucks.
-sigh- everything is changing. I can't even watch anime anymore...nor read manga...nor watch movies. Don't feel like myself. And it's not really the I can't physically, but for some reason...I just can't bear it. For the past few days, I have been trying to cook and bake, hoping to take my mind off things...but the lack of support really kills a chef's heart. I mean, isn't seeing people happy eating your food that makes the chef happy?
Yeah...I'm eating my own food. Thankyouverymuch.

I need a life. -sigh-

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  1. I say experience is part of life, and if diverging from your conventional lifestyle is how it comes about, then so be it. Everybody's life changes, a few years back, I played shooting games for professional teams in gaming leagues, 2 years later I basically don't game anymore. :P

    Perhaps you'll adopt cooking, or maybe it just isn't your thing and you'll turn back to anime and movies. As long as you're happy in the end. :)

    I have an idea.