Wednesday, July 27, 2011

over some dim sum...

Since I have been helping out at an art class (specifically, a hand-clay making class), I have been waking up early! So yesterday, I got to go yum cha with my dad and just talk to him about some family stuff. I mean, I knew some of the stuff he told me already, but it was nice to ask him the details of my heritage, which I have always been interested in.

I knew our family (my dad's side) lived in Burma (The Republic of Myanmar) before and have always loved the food there! I've never been to Burma before...but some of my aunts and my dad would cook us (my siblings and I) some of the food from there.

Right now, eating the noodles 8D Fish soup noodle. I believe I mentioned it before, but yeah. 8D
Feels like I'm in heaven!

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