Friday, July 29, 2011

Over D:

Today is the last day of the Hand-Clay building class I have been volunteering for every morning starting at 9:00am. It kind of helped me fix my time and made me sleep earlier and wake earlier - which is really good.
So sad. The kids are SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and now I won't see them anymore. I guess seeing the kids for 4 days straight every morning has really made me feel attached to them...though in a few weeks, I will be nothing but the creepy lady who stands behind them in the shadows, watching their every move. Haha. -sigh-
Too bad I can't take pictures. Haha. Or hug them D:

I shall list out the names so if I ever reread this blog, I will maybe remember them :D There were 10 kids: Rachel, Caris, Herman, Trevor, Ricky, Henry, Wilbur, Jasmine, Ronan (HE'S SO ADORABLE!), and Jessica.

Going to miss them. -sadface :(- This class made me realize how much more I love kids! I feel like such a pedophile. Oh my gosh. D: But yeah, while waiting for my dad to pick me up, I realized that I started considering being a teacher... =\ Based on Mr. Miller's information...I'm too scared. So harsh and troubling, the training and everything. I don't know if I can ever undergo all that pressure. Especially with the economy at the moment (don't know how it will be like in the future) and knowing that there are little places hiring teachers here, I don't know...

Anywho...when to eat dim sum with dad again. And grocery shopping. I feel like baking a cake today. :)

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