Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I need Contacts:

I really need to get contacts this summer because:

1. I love noodles. Foggy glasses makes people laugh and I can't see my noodles!
2. I hate the glasses over glasses when I go watch 3D movies. :(
3. Goggles over glasses during labs -- the scratched up goggles doesn't help my sight...
4. Cleaning is so troublesome...
5. Rainy days aren't my days when my glasses begin to collect rain droplets.
6. The disgusting, pathetic tan line that has begin to develop on the bridge of my nose...
7. A habit of always pushing up my glasses...
8. I'm blind when I'm swimming...
9. When I run, my glasses slips
10. I really don't like how my glasses fogs up when I eat soup noodles. I love noodles. D:

Ah, my recently 2 hours of awesome-ness has really made me more energetic! Feeling better already.
Today, taking a break! 3 consecutive days...pretty impressive?

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